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  • Day9


    September 20, 2019 in Russia ⋅ ☀️ 12 °C

    Das ist der östlichste Punkt unserer Reise,gut erhaltene russische Stadt wo sich der Regierungsbunker von Stalin befand er war so geheim das mann ihn erst inden 90Jaheren entdeckt,Stalin war nir hier ,die Stadt war vor gesehen 1942 die wichtigsten Institutionen auf zu nehmen aus Kultur Wissenschaft und PolitikRead more

  • Day11

    Samara: City of Space Science

    June 21, 2018 in Russia ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    After a refreshing swim in the mighty Volga a cool 18' but sunny, and among lots if Russian locals soaking in the long awaited sunshine we take the free bus the Samara Cosmos.
    The FIFA Fan Zone before it goes feral and inside the Volga Hotel built in the Soviet style of the seventies.Read more

    Rhonda Dal Santo

    Love that leather slouch hat with your badge collection.

  • Day9

    Samara on the mighty Volga

    June 19, 2018 in Russia ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    An early morning walk along the embankment and an unexpected meeting of an ex- student and being invited by a class of young gym students for a photo.
    If a temporary misplacement of the travel documents didn't dampen a day nor did a temporary loss of Brownie.
    Accommodation is over priced so we change.
    At the old soviet
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    Rhonda Dal Santo

    There is akways someone you know thst yiu bump into .!!! 🤣

  • Day10

    Unwetter an der Wolga

    August 5, 2019 in Russia ⋅ 🌧 14 °C

    440 Kilometer, 11,5 Stunden unterwegs, 2 Stunden Stau

    Unterwegs fing es dann schrecklich an zu regnen. Da wir bisher nur in einer Stadt eine Straßenentwässerung gesehen hatten, erwarteten wir Schlimmes.
    So kam es dann auch. Auf den Straßen waren überall riesige Pfützen, von der Größe eher wie ein Teich. Oft waren die mehr als 10cm tief und gingen über die halbe Straße.
    Unsere breiten Reifen haben so viel Verdrängung, dass das Wasser bei erhöhter Geschwindigkeit stets nach vorne spritzt und es dazu kommt, dass wir völlig blind fahren. Vier Sekunden Blindheit mit Gegenverkehr waren das Höchste der Gefühle. Glücklicherweise ist nichts passiert.

    Besonders schlimm trifft es breite Straßen in Städten. Wir passierten eine Stelle an der das Wasser an manchen Stellen bestimmt mehr als 40cm tief war. Dadurch standen wir zwei Stunden bei strömenden Regen auf einer 5 Kilometer langen Wolgebrücke im Stau. Wer noch etwas später als wir kam oder aus der anderen Richtung, den erwartete eine noch längere Überraschung.

    Die Feldwege, um unseren Schlafplatz zu erreichen, waren mittlerweile auch schon komplett schlammig. Für die Nicht-Offroad-Erfahrenen unter euch (so wie wir): wenn die Reifen einmal verschlammt sind kann man es sich vorstellen als würde man über Schnee fahren. Hat aber alles ganz gut geklappt. 🚘
    Am Abend gab es bei starken Windböen nur ein paar kalte Snacks auf den Vordersitzen, bevor wir ins Bett fielen.
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    Elfia Fähnrich

    Kanalisation defekt

    Elfia Fähnrich

    Bauzustand katastrophal, nichts wie weg

    Elfia Fähnrich

    und keine Ersatzwischer mit

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  • Day11

    Auf nach Orenburg

    August 6, 2019 in Russia ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Der Sturm hatte sich am Morgen fast gelegt. Durch unsere Pfützenfahrt und den vielen Regen am Vortag schauten wir zur Sicherheit nochmal in den Dachkoffer. Leider war etwas Wasser in den Koffer gelaufen.
    Zum Glück war alles in Säcke eingepackt, wir mussten fast nur auswischen und eventuelle Lecks mit Panzertape abdichten. Als das getan war, ging es los in Richtung Orenburg.
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    Elfia Fähnrich

    Rohrpampen geraucht?

    Elfia Fähnrich

    russische Technik

    Elfia Fähnrich

    Gefälle von Straße OK

  • Day6

    Day 6: Goood morning Samara.

    July 26, 2016 in Russia ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Well I had better nights, I slept good because I needed it but I just couldn't unfold myself properly. I woke up 30minutes before arrival so had to freshen up in the toilet (there is nothing else anyway ;) ), pack my bag and say goodbye to my Cabin mate :). I walked out and wanted to go straight to the hotel but I had ook only this starred place on my google maps app without any other data. I figured i could measure the distance between my gps position and the star. Hurray it was 550 meters, but what direction?? Ok apparently back to the station.... some taxi drivers asked me in their russian with a word English that the adress I wanted to go was to far and i had to get in a cab... I said Njet and asked for directions, they weren't helpfull but this guy that passed by was. He pulled me away from those Cab Crows ;-) and showed me to walk around this and that to get at my Hampton hotel. Wow this hotel had it all for me. I was able to get my room directly (it was even before 9 o clock) that was nice. As was the shower and the sofa, after my social updates I went into town: wow am I getting chatty? Pictures: Babooshka, Hot Dog, Hotel, Samara Station (I had no idea until I left Samara that this was the station building, I took an underground exit and when I left took the same route back which leads to an other story ;-)) last pictures: Samara River which has more curves than you can count see for yourself on google maps :) and the Train ride log to make it complete.

    Where do I go in Samara...
    Well I went here and there not really knowing what I wanted and thus no plan. Every change in course came from a distraction or a last moment change. At the end of the day when i was almost back i looked on the map and I was almost rolling over the floor laughing. So I made a de-tour of 500 meters to finish this appropriate sign of how I spend the day. See the picture hahaha :D. Ok how I accidentaly made my question-mark? I walked to Stalin's Bunker, Looked around for this local brewery (all found on a offline Triposo app, I just didn't plan these things), went to the Wolga and follow this up stream = south in this case, then I decided to see if I could see the Samara river (more like a delta), but i couldn't. On my way back I found the main shopping street so I went for a bar. I found a nice place and with wi-fi, normally I hook up with people. But just a handfull speak English in this country so I had some laughs that travelled like 3000km to home ;-). I went back and ate fresh :p at the Subway, found out about the question mark and in the hotel lifted some weights in the gym ate pasta carbonare with a beer and chatted on Skype with my dreamgirl. Good day, good night ;-)

    Remarkable things in Samara, Russia
    First of all, every time I was without my backpack I am being seen as a local. It's not that they laugh a lot, they almost never do, but people ask me where to go, when the metro or train comes, if I have change and so on. It's all in Russian so I can't know for sure but the situation and body language helps a bit ;-). Secondly, Russians apeared to me realy helpfull and quite social when they have the change of communcating. On the street they stop their car for you, not only on zebra's, they arrange an English speaking person if neccesary and so on. This is all when it's not about business ;-), I tried to get wifi in a shop and they where not friendly, also this hot dog lady really troubled me even when i showed the picture of what i want she blurted in russian something like " do it yourself" obviously that wasn't the idea, so I walked to the next and ate my with Russian Love prepared hot dog ;-).
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  • Day7

    Day 7: Let's forget the world, go space!

    July 27, 2016 in Russia ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    In my eyes Russia always did a lot in outer space. That I came a cross something like this off course attracks my curiousity. I am an explorere and love technique so this must be interesting to me. It was Samara was one of the main cities supplying parts, materials or sub systems for the USSR rocket/ and space industry. Engines and the outer alluminum body where made here the most. Nice to learn that and more ;-). Outside I made a new friend, a good listner so a talked with him for a while, see picture ;-) he had this nice sunglasses on :p.

    Yeeeee Train part 2.
    After a nice Foot-long sandwich at Subway I went back to the hotel and did run into: Time troubles, I should and could have known, but the train would leave at 1605 it was 1530 and the lady from the hotel said that local time is Moscow time, it made no sense since local is local ;-). But well arrived at the station as I said before through the underground exit I came from and just walked to Perron 6. There was this train where I showed my ticket but nobody could speak English and explain to me that I was an hour early. I walked past these security guys and after 3 times yelling at me when I already passed I said... sorry no russian. But this guy kept on talking to me and i had to follow, to perron end to the lift and up up up we go precious , ;-). And there I stept out and the whole station made sense know, I was in this huge glassy building and I saw the International trains board where moscow time was given instead of Samara time. Cool because it was 16:00 and only had to relax for 20 min :).
    When I boarded this train with Asian, Kazachan, Uzbecki families, I hoped for a nice Cabin mate, and well I couldn't have been luckier, all Cabin's were packed with 4 people, most of them with children. I came in this Cozy cabin (but gezellig is the best word for it ) with 2 Uzbeki ladies around their 50's with all this food stored out. Olga and Irina, Irina spoke a few words English but she was very lifely with gestures which helped. I had to sit down and they were planning were my stuff should go. When settled it was apparently asked of her to fill in all the people's pasports on a document and she helped this funny big guy who seemed responsible for our Train wagon (number 13). I say from holland he say footbal and Pivo (beer). But there was none allowed but he would have joined if i had bought some. I also came asking for chips and other stuff. Well the train is still on it's way, 48 hours total to the end, and a lot happend. On this day a few Uzbekis had to board but this Uzbeki lady gave a fight for free bags before boarding the train. She propably was 1 of 2 wives of this guy she almost nocked down with her fist fight. She needed to bring 4 big bags on board while paid for just 1. The train personal was gathering around her 10 at least and finally the Russian police came. She was screaming and yelling and hitting people who came near, but with the police she did quiet down at last. she even got on board. Now it is time to sleep.
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Samarskaya Oblast’, Samarskaya Oblast', Oblast de Samara, Samara, Samarskaja oblast, Самарская область