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  • Day7

    Lets play dress up

    December 27, 2019 in Russia ⋅ ☁️ -3 °C

    My various scarf beanie looks

    Anne Johnson

    Well thank goodness you’re posting again . You realise you appeared to have vanished in the backwoods of Russia which caused concern to your loyal followers ! ( I also missed reading the blog .)Onwards ......

    Meaghan Walsh

    Oh I know - I got behind and then was flat out shopping in St Petersburg so that had to take precedence!! Madly trying to finish this blog before I fly to Helinsk tomorrow!

    Anne Johnson

    Looking forward to it .... name of cruise ship will be required at start please :)

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  • Day11

    Goldener Ring: Jaroslawl

    June 12, 2019 in Russia ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Wenn schon kein Kaugummiautomat auf Kischi, dann halt der Goldene Ring der alten Zaren.
    Angekommen in Jaroslawl und endlich zu Fuß unterwegs.

    Ich gebe zu, die Zeit in der Abgeschiedenheit Kareliens in Ruhe und Lärm brachte mich in der Stadt zur Überforderung.
    Lärm, drängelnde Autos, Hupen und wir haben kein Hotel.
    Im ersten wurden wir abgewiesen. Das zweite, Ibis und Check in.
    Dusche, Bett, herrlich.
    Der Weinkanister hat es bis hierher nicht überlebt.
    Na toll, Bier und Wein.. Die Tribute unserer Strecke.
    Wir füllten um, dann halt kein Glasweise Wein sondern Flaschenweise.

    Jetzt ab in die Stadt.
    Vorgestellt hatten wir uns die Städte des Goldenen Rings aber anders. Kleiner, idyllischer,...

    @Rossi, danke für den Wein, der Ausschank ist leider nicht Enduro geeignet.

    - Hupende Russen
    - Großstadt
    - Selbst der beste Wein ist nicht Endurogeeignet
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  • Day26


    July 25, 2019 in Russia ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

    Avanchinsky! 2741m high and beautiful with a lake of lava stuck in the crater, very unusual and with fumeroles and a view on the pacific and the avacha bay, just marvelous. And it was, just not until the very top for me. But from the beginning. We, that means the ones not going to Kuril lake today as in Marcel&Laura, Rebecca&Martin, Daniel, Timon, mum and me would get up at around 5:30, breakfast at 6 and then off we were at 7. Under a bit of fog but otherwise a freshly powered Volcano in sight with another one next to it we started our walk. It was wonderful. Just not my knees. They already didn’t like at all the going down I did and today they even hurt on the way up. It got worse and I know one shouldn’t think about the way down on the way up but knowing I had in total 1800m of going down I was a bit worried. Even more that I had already taken some pain killers and they didn’t work. We had a break at about 2000m and I actually decided to try it to the top but when we got into the snow field it was just painful. So I said I would turn around. I was so disappointed. Even more that Anya had to come with me since Vitaly didn’t want my mum (she decided to turn around, too) and me going down on our own because of fog. Although it was quite busy with lots of people going up and down so we were sure to be fine but Vitaly is so worried about our security that Anya had to come with us. Then the group left was one with different speeds and they now had to get all up - or all turn around in case. I felt bad. The walk down was pleasant when also quite painful but as we got the news over the walkietalkie that they all reached the summit I was relieved. We took our time going down, enjoying the gorgeous view, me still twisted if it was the right decision. Giving up not being an option normally. Being down we had a coffee and mum and me played some Yazzy waiting for the others to arrive. They did, quite later then expected because of heavy fog and a even more difficult descent. They were so tired but so happy to have been up there. The pictures looked like from another world. Just wow! We got back to our last hotel next to the airport and on the way I saw the old simple high buildings people live in and I thought that my ‘struggle’ with going up or not that volcano was just banal and I made peace with my decision. I also realized I don’t deal that well when I don’t achieve something I set the goal to, and luckily it isn’t something that happens to me often. Anyway at the hotel we met the others which had a gorgeous day as well with a lot of bears and salmons. There was big confusion about when and how we go to the sledge dog thing and in the end we got there. And actually it was amazing. There was a dance and some singing from indigenous people and it was in a wonderful place on a beautiful evening and we were so sorry that we were late. We had diner at ones family’s sledge dog shelter. They have 60 of it and they lived all up north until 2-3 years ago. They are always taking part of the big sledge race in March, 1500km with 14 dogs. It takes them approximately 21 days. They have frozen fish for the dogs to eat. Last year one guy from Moscow won and it is something they don’t want to be repeated next year. The daughter told as a lot of stories and it was just a fabulous evening to end that adventure. Vitaly somehow disappeared but I think saying goodbye is not his. We were so lucky to have him as a guide. We also said goodbye to some of the groups that either leave Kamtchatka later or go to somewhere else at another time. It is amazing how you get to like the people you are with for two weeks. As said, I’ll miss them.Read more

  • Day130

    No Paganism!

    May 10, 2019 in Russia ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    View over Bear Corner - a settlement that was inhabited since 5000 BC and was burnt down by Yaroslav in XI century. He murdered the sacred bear by his own hand, thus... Paganism is gone, heathens are not remembered, Yaroslavl is founded. Now it's considered the oldest town in Russia on Volga river, but does anyone knows the history of the place before its foundation?Read more

  • Day7

    The fashion

    December 27, 2019 in Russia ⋅ ⛅ -3 °C

    You have to love a place where you can wear fashion styles from the 60s 70s 80 and 90s and fit in!

    Unless you are shopping in a western shop the fashion (aside from some notable exceptions described below) is diabolical. Tent dresses are the go to style as well as lots of sequins.

    And then going the other way short and tight fitting is a popular look.

    Heavy makeup with lots of blue eye shadow and red lips and heavy penciled eyebrows is a common look.

    And I am seeing glitter on the cheeks and nose!

    Where they do have their act together is boots and winter shoes - fabulous! and coats.
    Lots of puffa coat styles and if fur is your thing they do it all.
    And some of the boots are built for the snow and ice but have massive heels! Gotta love the commitment!

    Also the range of beanies, gloves and scarves is impressive.

    If you are slim you could find some fabulous 60s type fashion. You just need to go through the racks but I saw some great stuff.

    The photos are sad.
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    Way Out There

    Buy a sequin outfit

    Meaghan Walsh

    I saw a fabulous full length silver number which was pretty spectacular but too tired to try it on. Very Ginger Rogers. I thought I could wander around Christmas in it! But most are tight short and tarty!!

    Mary Maroske

    Good job you didn’t go for clothes shopping-some hideous numbers there🤣


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Yaroslavskaya Oblast’, Yaroslavskaya Oblast', Oblast d'Iaroslavl, Jaroslavl, Jaroslavskaja oblast, Ярославская область