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  • Day23

    Al meer dan 2000 km rook

    August 9 in Russia ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Al sinds we Novosibirsk verlaten hebben is het super heiig... de zon is vaag zichtbaar in een oranje of rode gloed. We hebben inmiddels 2600 km afgelegd met de trein. Nog 400 en we zijn in Chita onze eindbestemming van de treinreisRead more

    Petra Terpstra

    wat een impact al die bosbranden, ik las dat er meer dan 250 waren. Gek lijkt me, om er op zo'n manier getuige van te zijn. Hoop dat het bij rook blijft voor jullie

    Eric Terpstra

    ja was gek. in Chita geen rook, maar in Jakoetsk waarschijnlijk wel :-(

    Petra Terpstra

    ja, ik had het al gelezen dat juist daar ook bos branden waren.... hoop dat die inmiddels onder controle komen! Voor de gezondheid ook niet zo best al die rook....

  • Day24

    Decembristen in ballingschap

    August 10 in Russia ⋅ 🌧 20 °C

    In een houten kerk uit eind 18e eeuw bezochten we een museum over decembristen, een beweging van progressieve adelen die in december 1826 het Tsarenbewind wilden omverwerpen. Dat mislukte en velen werden naar Siberië verbannen. Een wandelreis van meer dan een jaar. Sommige vrouwen gingen ook mee, ondanks dat ze mochten hertrouwen van de kerk.Read more

    Anneke Palsma

    Bijzonder dat je hier binnen mocht fotograferen. Is dit al een n Siberië waar je nu bent?

    Eric Terpstra

    ja al ruim in Siberië Het begint al in Novosibirsk wat Nieuw Siberië betekent!

  • Day96

    Plastic pollution

    June 14, 2019 in Russia ⋅ 🌫 21 °C

    "No, we don't want a plastic bag." As it did in Japan, this sentence causes much confusion in Russia. Sometimes not only confusion but also inconvenience. We learnt to weigh our fruits and veggies in the supermarkets, but little did we know that they will be weighed again at the check-out. It's a bit of a nuisance if all your apples, carrots and who knows what else are rolling around freely in the shopping cart. You should have seen me with 10 different price tags sticking to my fingers, trying to give the cashier the right one for the goods she was trying to balance on her scale....
    And once again, we're short on words on how to explain why we don't want a plastic bag. Stupid language barrier. But working towards a waste free world is simply too important to us to give in. (To avoid disturbed supermarket staff we seem to have to shift to street stall sellers. Better for the local economy anyways. Or pickled veggies in glass.) If it really can't be avoided, we reuse the bags as often as we can.
    At many of the campsites we stay at, we realize just how weird our refusal of plastic bags must be for the locals. Trash everywhere. Bottles, cans, bags, you name it. No one seems to care. If you park by a remote lake in the forest and you're surrounded by 200 beer bottles and just as many cans, it just spoils the wilderness experience. In addition to simply being bad for nature! And while we used to pick up litter in Australia (look up the "take three for the sea" campaign), we don't even know where to start here. We don't have enough room to take that much trash. And we wouldn't know where to throw it away either :(.
    So we do our bit of at least leaving nothing but footprints and move on. Sometimes, if the amount of litter is manageable, clearing up the site as well.
    But then we pass garbage collection points in the villages and smaller cities, as well as a dump site and understand the problem a bit better. The dump site is in the middle of forests and marshland and the way the garbage is dealt with, is being dumped there to rot. Some piles are smoking, suggesting the waste is being burnt. No one seems to care if toxic waste reaches groundwater or toxic gases are released into the air. Maybe I'm exaggerating and I don't know enough. But it just seems so wrong!
    Russia seems to have a long way ahead in terms of its waste management. Hopefully, it will get there fast. Prohibiting and putting a fine on littering might be a good start. In the meantime, we'll try to keep our impact as low as possible. And find words to explain why it is important.
    (Mind you, our campspot tonight is almost spotless. These places exist as well!)
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    Gabriele Gaaß

    Can you explain why so few people worry about plastic pollution? It' s terrible!


    In russian пакет (bag)не (not)надо(need)

    Johanna Buss

    @gabi: totally agree. But people need to be aware of the problem to care. Today I simply handed the salesperson at the fruit and veggie stall my jute bag. @unknown: I'll try that sentence, too, thanks!

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  • Day24

    Houten huisjes van Chita

    August 10 in Russia ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

    Veel is al weg en vervangen door betonnen flats. Sommigen zijn monument verklaard....heel kleurig

    Petra Terpstra

    zien er inderdaad monumentaal uit. Mooi hoor

    Eric Terpstra

    sommige ook behoorlijk vervallen....

    Anneke Palsma

    Prachtige kleuren

  • Day9

    Travel dirt

    April 1, 2018 in Russia ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    While we stopped at Ulan Ude for 48 hours of washing, the train did not. This one is noticably dirtier than the last. There's no ageing filter on the photo - that's just the window.

    This provodnitsa - Olga - is a more assiduous vacuumer than Pavel on the previous train, and spends much of the time between stations polishing heating ducts and bringing us clean cups. But the paper towels in the loos ran out last night, and there's no sign of new stocks being brought on board at the stations. Still plenty of loo paper and soap, though, so I haven't needed to dig into my personal supplies yet.Read more

  • Day96

    One day in a nomad's life

    June 14, 2019 in Russia ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    The day to day life as an Overlander is not always super exiting and there’s a lot of routine daily chores. Hence, I wanted to describe how a regular day so far looks like for us.

    1. Waking up around 6:30
    2. Tom crawls down from the roof and stars making coffee. The setup now is a hand grinder, the Bialetti coffee maker and the Cola can burner with white gas
    3. Jo turns Hans from bedroom to living room
    4. Yoga
    5. Breakfast: depending on the temperature either Muesli, porridge or bread
    6. Planning where we’re headed on that day
    7. Fixing stuff if something’s broken and checking that the car’s alright
    8. Filter drinking water from the next source of water. Current setup is a 0.1 um filter for big stuff and bacteria plus a charcoal filter for heavy metals
    9. Turning Hans from a living room into a car
    10. Driving for a few hours
    11. Every third day we’re shopping for groceries. Oats, rice and lentils are big on the menu.
    12. Looking for a nice spot to stay for the rest of the day
    13. Turning Hans into a living room
    14. Cooking dinner. Preferably on a camp fire to save up fuel, otherwise we use our Coleman dual fuel stove
    15. Washing up and putting everything back where it belongs
    16. Have a beer around the camp fire
    17. Turn Hans into a bedroom
    18. Go to bed around 10pm for an episode of whichever show we’re hooked on at the moment
    19. Sleep and repeat
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  • Day25

    Schaakpark Chita

    August 11 in Russia ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    Ze hebben overal in Rusland zogenaamde schaakparken. Toen wij er langskwamen was het rustig *(en alles was nog nat van regen die afgelopen nacht viel)

    Anneke Palsma

    Duidelijk te zien hoe populair het schaken daar is. Wat mij betreft een prima voorbeeld voor het stimuleren van deze mooie denksport

    Eric Terpstra



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Zabaykal’skiy Kray, Zabaykal'skiy Kray, Transbaikal Territory, Zabaikalie, Taka-Baikalian aluepiiri, Kraï de Transbaïkalie, Transbaikal, Забайкальский Край