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  • Day49

    Werkstatt in Serbien...

    August 5 in Serbia ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    ...wir fuhren dann durch wunderschöne Landschaften...sattes Grün, hügelig mit vereinzelten Felsnadeln und grandiosem Weitblick. Es ging Richtung Guca und dann weiter nach Kraljevo...dort hatten wir uns einen Stellplatz nahe einem Restaurant ausgesucht.

    Bei einem kurzen Stopp war mir aufgefallen das der Hennes wieder Diesel verliert...nix dramatisches, aber wir wollten das wenn möglich reparieren lassen...aber es war Sonntag und so wie wir das sahen waren alle Werkstätten, dann eben Morgen, am Montag. Also gingen wir noch was einkaufen und weiter...Stellplatz suchen einem kleinen Industriegebiet sahen wir eine Spedition wo noch jemand an LKWs schraubte...also hin...

    ...und mal wieder kam es wie es kommen musste...Gili und Milan ließen alles stehn und liegen und widmeten sich unserem Auto...schnell war klar, die Dieselrücklaufleitung war undicht. Eigentlich kein großes Ding, aber unser LKW ist aus England und dort haben die Leitungen und Verschraubungen andere Maße...

    Gili und Milan sagten das Morgen die passenden Ersatzteile da wären...ok, wir haben Zeit...

    Schnell wurde uns erklärt wir könnten hier auf dem Hof schlafen...und alles dürften wir benutzen...die Dusche, der PC, Fernseher, Aufenthaltsraum usw...

    Milan fuhr dann mit mir noch zum Supermarkt und wir holten noch etwas Bier... geselliger Runde saßen wir dann zusammen in der großen Werkstatt und palaverten bei Bier und selbstgebranntem Schnaps...zwischendurch halfen wir bei einer Reparatur eines LKW...

    Die Nacht war auch ruhig, obwohl wir auf einem LKW-Hof standen....lediglich ein LKW ist heute Nacht gefahren...
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  • Day47

    Auf der Alm in Serbien

    August 3 in Serbia ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    ...dachten wir bis jetzt die Bergwelt wäre rauh, dann hatten wir uns getä wurde es rauh...hohe Felswände taten sich auf und die Straße hart am Abgrund...unten im Canyon der wilde Fluss...vor uns unbeleuchtete Tunnel und hohe Brücken...atemberaubend

    Wir dachten schon wo bleibt die serbische Grenze...aber da war sie 10 km hinter dem Grenzposten Montenegros.

    Auch dort keinerlei Probleme...und weiter gings durch diese spannende Landschaft...

    Leider wurden die Straßen auch wieder schlechter, aber das kannten wir ja nun zu Genüge...von daher alles Gut. Wir wollten heute noch ca 100 km ins Hinterland, an einen Bergsee auf 1200 m...laut Navi etwa 4 h Fahrt. Die Strecke dort hin teils übelste Piste, teils nagelneu...immer rauf und runter und das oft sehr steil, aber der Hennes, die alte Bergziege, hat das mit Bravour gemeistert...😉

    Das Schild "Camping" verwies uns auf eine kleine Offroadpiste...und so fuhren wir mit 5-10 km die 5 km...oben angekommen war dort aber kein Camping, zumindest nicht im klassischen Sinne...lediglich eine kleine Alm. Der Bauer kam dann auch nach mehrmaligen Rufen und gestikulierte wir könnten uns hinstellen wo wir wollten...alles klar, das passte...

    Unsere Nacht war sehr ruhig, aber leider wollte der Bauer am Morgen 7€ pro Nase...das war definitiv zu viel für einfachstes Stehen ohne Wasser, Strom und Toilette...aber was nützt es, zahlen und fröhlich sein...weiter geht's
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  • Day39

    The Iron Gates

    October 7, 2017 in Serbia ⋅ 🌧 9 °C

    Until the point we reached Serbia we could hardly imagine what it would be about. One thing we've noticed quite from the beginning was the way Serbians are welcoming us in their country (yes, that started right behind the border crossing). People passing by are waving at us and quite a few of them do speak German what makes it a lot easier for us to decode Cyrillic letters.

    Not only the people, but also
    the landscape has impressed us. Especially the section around the Iron Gates where the Danube passes through a narrow long gorge.
    From the little-used road alongside the river we obtained several panoramic views over the gorge - paired with sunny weather we enjoyed perfect days (and one day passed through 21 (!) tunnels along this brilliant road).

    For unknown reasons, we are meeting more and more other cyclists compared to the weeks before - a French guy cycling to Greece, a couple from New Zealand cycling all around Europe, a German women cycling to Istanbul, another one cycling to the Black Sea, a Serbian couple enjoying an extended weekend trip, a French couple cycling the Danube up to Vienna with backpacks on their bicycle racks.

    Right now we're staying in a cosy guesthouse at Bojan's place in Negotin, decided to take a rest day, enjoy tasty tea and pastries and wait for the rain to pass. Tomorrow, we're going to continue our journey and probably reach Bulgaria :)
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  • Day14

    The Balkan Express

    June 17, 2018 in Serbia ⋅ 🌧 19 °C

    The Cyrillic alphabet is used throughout Bulgaria with very few concessions in English. Accordingly, in Sofia station only numbers are an indication of where you should be and when. The train departure board indicated that my train number was leaving at platform 4 so I made my way there only to find it deserted. The only passengers I could see were a couple of Norwegian backpackers on platform 5, so back down the stairs and along the underground passage and back up the stairs I eventually found my train there. The International Balkan Express consisted of only two carriages, both filthy, littered and covered in graffiti. There appeared to be only 6 passengers on board this once per day international train, so why reservations were essential was beyond me. I eventually found a seat at a window with minimal graffiti which I could actually see out of. Looking around I wished I had packed the G Tech vacuum cleaner Mum had bought us, to freshen the place up a bit. The toilet had no lock, seat, toilet paper, soap or towels and was already blocked before we left Sofia. I can safely say this is the dirtiest train I have ever had the misfortune to travel on. Given there were no catering facilities again on this lengthy journey, I had fortunately stocked up with provisions including what looked like a 4 pack of Greggs sausage rolls mounded into one, with the sausage meat cut up into bits. It was filling if nothing else.

    Again we were stopped at the Bulgarian border for passport checks, and the Border Police ordered passengers to stay in their seats while they searched the whole train - luggage racks, toilets, even ceiling panels and electrical equipment areas were removed by screwdrivers and meticulously searched. A similar procedure took place a little later at Dimitrovgrad as we entered Serbia. Two of the other passengers turned out to be train buffs from Dublin (one of them a driver on the Maynooth-Dublin train, Jennifer) who were excited when the Bulgarian engine shunted off and was replaced by its Serbian counterpart.

    As the train meandered across Serbia at a leisurely pace, the scenery became more mountainous and dramatic, and for a while followed the scenic route of a muddy, brown river. The heat rose, and by early afternoon the smell in the compartment had deteriorated. A Serbian couple a few seats in front fortunately managed to screw open a few windows. She then proceeded to strip off her top half standing in her bra for a good 10 minutes enjoying a cigarette (yes!) before fanning herself and putting her top back on. She had clearly never heard of deodorant.

    Serbia is not included in the list of countries where you can benefit from using your mobile phone at the same rate as your agreement allows in the UK. Neither was I offered the same deal of unlimited calls, texts and data for £4.99 by o2 as you are in some other countries. At £2 per minute per call, the phone would stay off until I got WiFi.

    Eventually, 11 hours after it left Sofia, the Boggin’, sorry Balkan, Express limped into Belgrade, Serbia. I was never so glad to disembark.
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  • Day15

    Belgrade, Serbia

    June 18, 2018 in Serbia ⋅ 🌧 20 °C

    The 2 star Bristol Hotel in Belgrade where I was spending two nights is certainly faded grandeur. A bit tired and run down, it still exuded a certain old fashioned charm. And at a total of only £28 for two nights including free WiFi and breakfast how could I complain? It does have have a remarkable history, built in 1912 it is said to represent the pinnacle of Secessionist architecture in the city. Apparently at one time it was the centre of fashionable life in the whole of the former Yugoslavia, and previous guests have included members of the Rockefeller family and the British Royal family.

    I set off on a walking tour of the city. A bit down at heel in places, Belgrade reminded me a bit of Glasgow - lots of lovely buildings but you had to seek them out. A climb up to the Belgrade Fortress rewarded me with fabulous views of the confluence of the city’s two great rivers - the Sava and the Danube. Ah, the Blue Danube, or as my Big Granny used to call it, the Blue Daniel. A circular tour on the No. 2 tram helped me get my bearings. I had a delicious Serbian lunch sitting outside - pork chops with a creamy, mushroom sauce. When a thunderstorm arrived in the afternoon, I sought refuge in the beautiful Hotel Mockba (Moscow) where I enjoyed afternoon tea. It’s a hard life, but someone has to do it!

    The Church of Saint Sava is one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world. Although it is bigger than the one I saw yesterday, the Alexander Nevski Cathedral in Sofia, the interior is quite unfinished, and I much preferred the Sofia version.

    Well, I have walked my feet off today. Belgrade may not be my favourite city, but perseverance paid off and I enjoyed seeking out some of its treasures.
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  • Day9

    Cloudy Belgrade

    August 14 in Serbia ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Belgrade has turned out to be one of the best stops so far. We wish we had another night here.

    The apartment we had for the night was gorgeous and the shower was simply fantastic. Our host, Borjan, was really nice. He picked us up from the train and even drove us to the other station so that I could buy tickets. Tonight he is going to take us to the station and he’s storing our luggage for us so that we can go out without the burden of lugging around our bags.

    Belgrade is a beautiful city, and the fact it’s a cloudy day means we aren’t sweating 😅 It’s lovely to not be pouring in sweat for a change.

    We visited the fort overlooking the Danube and St. Michael’s Cathedral, which was simply stunning.

    Tonight we are supposed to be taking to night train directly to Ljubljana, but if it’s as slow as the last one, we may skip Slovenia and go straight to Zagreb. Let’s see how it goes...
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  • Day8

    Still on the train...

    August 13 in Serbia ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

    We were supposed to arrive almost an hour ago, yet we’re still 1 hour from Belgrade on what had to be the slowest and hottest train in the world.

    It has a disgusting toilet and no aircon too, with no running water in the toilet to neither flush nor wash hands. 🥵

    We stopped at Nis for about 40 mins so people could refill water bottles.Read more

  • Day34

    Berlin of the Balkans

    October 2, 2017 in Serbia ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    The fact that we came up against the town sign of Belgrade almost 20km before our hostel in the city center, made us aware of the size of this city. Novi Grad (the new town) welcomed us with new buildings made from steel and glass while on the eastern side of the holy river Save, the old fortress at the outlet into the Danube and a mixture of a few remaining pre-war and concrete buildings are dominating.

    We did not expect too much of the Church of Saint Sava, one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world, as the inside is still under construction. However, the outer appearance of it (inspired by the Taj Mahal?) and even more the crypt are impressive. We can hardly imagine how it will look like when it is finished and provides space for more than 10,000 people.

    Rakija enriched with honey sweetened our days walking around, exploring the fortress and discovering delicious food in the countless bakeries - and for some reason, Belgrade, 'The White City' reminded us of Berlin.
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  • Day37

    Zugreise nach Belgrad

    June 19 in Serbia ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Heute verabschieden wir uns von Montenegro. Wir sind begeistert von diesem kleinen vielseitigen Land mit seinen wunderschönen Landschaften, die wir auf der Bahnfahrt nach Belgrad noch einmal bewundern dürfen. Es geht durch insgesamt 254 Tunnel und über 243 Brücken, wir durchqueren das Dinarische Gebirge und sehen tiefe Schluchten, leuchtend blaue Gebirgsflüsse und kleine Bergdörfer. Bald sind wir auch schon in Serbien, wo die Landschaft immer flacher wird. Auf der 10-stündigen Fahrt freunden wir uns mit dem Kanadier Xavier an, mit dem wir uns das Abteil teilen. Er bereist auf eigene Faust alle Balkan-Staaten. Unsere interessanten Gespräche und die fantastische Kulisse machen die Fahrt sehr kurzweilig.

    Belgrad empfängt uns mit schwüler Luft und einer Armee von Mücken, denn die Endstation der Gebirgseisenbahn ist nicht etwa der Hauptbahnhof, sondern ein etwas abgelegener Park. Von dort aus würde die Tram direkt zu unserem Hostel fahren, doch da man die Fahrkarte bar bezahlen muss und wir noch keine Serbischen Dinar haben, müssen wir den nächsten Geldautomaten aufsuchen. Dieser liegt ca. 2 km entfernt. Die Steigung, die feuchte Hitze und unsere schweren Rucksäcke machen den Weg dorthin zwar etwas beschwerlich, doch werden wir von einem Meer von blinkenden Glühwürmchen begleitet. Ein tolles Schauspiel.
    Nachdem wir wieder flüssig sind und einen netten Taxifahrer gefunden haben, der uns noch gleich einen kurzen geschichtlichen Abriss von Belgrad gibt, geht es ab in Hostel, wo wir uns von Xavier verabschieden. Wir schlafen schnell ein, da es am nächsten Morgen schon weiter nach Wien geht.
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