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  • Day120

    Happy Birthday / Gardens by the bay

    March 4, 2018 in Singapore

    Cemils 31ten Geburstag haben wir in einem kleinen Cafe "gefeiert" - mit einem tollen Frühstück, leckeren Kuchen und Wunderkerzen. 😄🎉

    Den Rest des Tages haben wir bei den Gärten von "Gardens by the bay" verbracht. 🌸

    Einen Indoor-Wasserfall, viele Pflanzen und eine riesige Parkanlage mit den "Super trees" gibt es hier zu bestaunen. 😍

    Natürliche Wasserfälle in der Natur mögen wir zwar viel lieber - aber es hat uns hier trotzdem sehr gut gefallen! 😊
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  • Day120

    Supertree Grove / Spectra Show

    March 4, 2018 in Singapore

    Jeden Abend gibt es in Singapur eine Lichtershow bei "The Gardens by the bay" mit Musik und vielen verschiedenen Lichteffekten. 🎇

    Direkt am Ufer bei der "Marina bay" gibt es ebenfalls eine tägliche Lichtershow - mit einem Wasserspiel. 🎆

    Im Hintergrund die Skyline und das berühmte Hotel "Marina by the sands" - einfach wunderschön! 😍✨Read more

  • Day118

    Hello Singapore ☀️

    March 2, 2018 in Singapore

    Singapur ist super modern, sauber und einfach perfekt strukturiert - manchmal kommt man sich vor wie in der Zukunft. 😁

    Hier herrscht eine sehr hohe Sicherheit durch unzählige Kameras an vielen Ecken der Stadt - die Meinungen hierzu gehen sehr auseinander. Es herrscht zwar kaum Kriminalität und man fühlt sich sicher aber gleichzeitig auch sehr überwacht ... 🤔

    In den "Hawker Center" kann man sich durch die vielen internationalen Küchen schlemmen - auch die Einheimischen trifft man dort, da es (im Gegensatz zu den Restaurants) super preiswert (und natürlich lecker 😋) ist! 👍

    Mit der U-Bahn "MRT" kommt man ganz einfach von A nach B - diese haben wir täglich genutzt.🚅

    In Singapur treffen viele verschiedene Kulturen aufeinander: Indien, China, Malaysia und viele weitere - einfach Multi Kulti.🌍
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  • Day121

    Botanischer Garten / Unser letzter Tag

    March 5, 2018 in Singapore

    An unserem letzten Tag in Singapur haben wir noch den botanischen Garten besucht - dieser ist sehr weitläufig und total idyllisch. 🌸🥀🌿

    4 Nächte haben wir ingesamt in Singapur verbracht und es war echt toll - die Stadt hat so viel zu bieten und ist einfach perfekt! 💗

    Die Preise für die Unterkünfte und Restaurants sind zwar sehr teuer aber man kann auch ziemlich günstig ein paar Tage verbringen.
    Für die Unterkunft via AirBnb haben wir nur 25,00€ pro Nacht bezahlt und essen kann man sehr günstig für 2,00-5,00€ in den Foodcentern. 🤗

    Die MRT ist auch sehr günstig und die Eintrittspreise sind absolut in Ordnung (teilweise auch umsonst).👍

    Simgapur ist aufjeden Fall ein Besuch wert! 😍
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  • Day740

    2011/2012 Singapore / Malaysia

    December 20, 2011 in Singapore

    Mit Intrepid habe ich alleine und auch Heidi und ich gemeinsam über die Jahre sicherdeutlich mehr als 20 Fernreisen gemacht. Unser allererster Trip mit Intrepid war 2004 nach Kenia und Tanzania. Danach haben wir oder ich bis heute fast jedes Jahr 1-2 Reisen mit diesem englischsprachigen Veranstalter gemacht. Anfangs habe ich die Touren direkt in England gebucht, später auch über deutsche Reiebüros und bevorzugt über Emil Dernetz in Bremerhaven.

    Dieser Trip im Dezember 2011 bis Januar 2012 startete in Singapure mit einer Gruppe und meinem Lieblings Tourgyde “JACK” und ging über Malaysia nach Bankgok. Dort habe ich die Gruppe gewechselt und bin noch in den Norden von Thailand gereist. Dann bin ich nach Sri Lanka gefolgen und habe dort noch eine schöne Zeit verbracht. In Malaysia habe ich mir beim Fußballspielen mit einheimischen Jungs den Unterarm gebrochen. Der Arm wurde dann in einem hochmodernen Malayischen Krankenhaus für kleines Geld gegipst.

    Auszug aus den tripnotes von Intrepid: From the steamy streets of Singapore to the pulsating tourist mecca of Bangkok, this adventure will see your tastebuds tingle on Singaporean laksa, heart soar while scaling Kuala Lumpur's tallest tower, spirit warmed by a cup of Cameron Highland's tea and body challenged while hiking, climbing and tubing around Khao Sok National Park. From bustling big cities to isolated islands, everything in between Singapore and Bangkok is exciting and exhilarating, combining ancient tradition and new-age impulses into one unforgettable journey.

    Wolfgang am 11.05.2017
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  • Day81


    March 5, 2015 in Singapore

    We had quite the surprise on our trip to Singapore. Ali's birthday was the day we arrived and we had already made plans to visit a friend, Mark who agreed to take us around Singapore and out to eat on Ali's birthday night. He arrived and we were excited to see him and also excited to turn the decision making over to him because we were exhausted from figuring out the last few big cities.
    He took us to a great restaurant named Jumbo's for their special Chili and Black Pepper Crabs. The surprise of the evening turned out to be when his parents Zip and Phyllis showed up from Woodstock to surprise Ali. We had a great and emotional dinner and a great next day with Mark showing us all the sights of Singapore. Zip and Phyllis had been keeping their trip a secret even to point of emailing Ali and telling her how bad the weather was in Woodstock all the while they were vacationing in Singapore, Bali and Bangkok. It made the trip very special for everyone.
    Singapore is a great city. It was probably the cleanest, most efficient city we have ever seen. No traffic, even during rush hour, easy public transit. Cheap taxies. What more could you want. :-) It did feel a little sterile though. Kind of like a really big Disney World with 7 million employees? We could definitely live here although traveling outside the actually city would be needed to realize not everyone has it this nice.
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  • Day1

    Country Number 7 - Singapore!

    July 6, 2018 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    I think we are pretty good at having a smooth and efficient journey for flights now. Our packing is down to the tee we know exactly what items should go in the bag and what items need to be worn to ensure the bag is at 7kg. The alarm went off at 4:15am, the Grab was booked at 4:30am and we left by 4:45am. Checkin and security was smooth and easy and we sat in the lounge eating our weird chocolate bread loaf that we bought the day before. It was literally chocolate bread... We thought it would be muffin like but definitely wasn't. When we boarded the flight it was absolutely freezing. The trip was so cold the whole way, I was so glad to arrive and get into some heat! I'm sure I'll regret saying that.

    Thankfully we don't need to worry about accomodation here as the lovely Amber has let us stay in her lovely apartment. And it was truly lovely. Its on the 17th floor, the bathroom isn't a wet room so I don't have to always get wet feet when I want to pee, the toilet seat isn't constantly wet from the shower, I can sit on a sofa, she has a washing machine so I can do my own washing whenever I want and she has a scale so we can finally weigh ourselves. We have both lost about 7kg! I don't remember ever being this weight, super chuffed and not even had to try!

    After we put on our washing and faffed a bit we went for our afternoon nap. We should probably start putting alarms on... We woke up at 4pm! Apart from a bit of bread we hadn't really eaten but now we were running late to see Will's ex colleagues in the Singapore office! After a quick shower and putting out the washing we jumped on the MRT and headed to his office. Honestly it was a really surreal feeling, almost as if we had never gone travelling! It was so lovely to see Wing again after so many years and Pierre was there too! I probably should have dressed a bit nicer wups... They took us to a super cool rooftop bar which looked out on to Marina Bay Sands. The views were amazing and oh my god we had wine. Wine for the first time in months!! In fact we haven't had alcohol for nearly a month. We all sat and chatted and it was just perfect. The generosity of everyone at Trading Screen is just unbelievable. Here we are 2 people who have little money, one who is now an excolleague and they didn't let us buy anything at all the whole night! Wing even bought our dinner at Mc Donald's! He and Chee Seng insisted we had to try Durian Ice cream. I must admit this was the biggest mistake of the day. For the rest of the evening I smelt of durian, I burped durian, I hiccuped durian - it was god awful!

    We then went to watch the match with Chee Seng and it was interesting to hear more about Singapores history and political state. Singapore is a really interesting country. From an outsiders point of view it seems so progressive, advanced in use of technology and education but actually when you get to know more about its history and the people rights of freedom of speech its a very different story. The land and shape of Singapore is very much man made and is still growing at a rate of 30% a year. Crime rate is possibly the lowest in the world but that is also because the severity of the consequences are so high. The same governmental party have been in power for its 50 years of independence existence. Protesters are seen as radicalists and illegal without the correct procedures and authorisation, which is generally difficult to get. Any party gathering of more than 3 people is supposed to have the correct legal paperwork otherwise this is illegal and people can be jailed for the crime. In the background it seems Singaporeans have a very old style cultural political system.

    After many drinks we decided to call it a night, nipped to the Newton Hawker centre for some fried rice and jumped straight into bed. We've not had a 2am late night in a long time... I don't think it's going to be an early start!
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  • Day3

    Last Day so we relax... NOT

    July 8, 2018 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Well today could not have been a more busy day if we tried. We woke up at 6am and joined Wing for what we thought was just going to be a stroll round a reservoir. We couldn't have been more wrong! They turned up in full sports kit and were ready for a 12km walk! I say walk very loosely here, they were definitely running in parts. We walked the Macritchie Reservoir and Tree Top Trail. It was really pretty, but tough!

    We all then headed to China Town for some well deserved brunch and to attempt to eat everything left on our must eats list. We ate Fish Soup, Curry Puff, sweet carrot cake (radish omlette) and Kaya toast with eggs. All I must admit were very tasty in particular the curry puff which was basically a Cornish pasty filled with thick chicken and egg curry, excited to come home and eat a pie. All washed down with a coffee. I'm officially done with attempting any other coffee now. I am certain that Vietnamese coffee is the only one for me and the others just screw up my stomach and taste far too bitter.

    Then being the crazy ones that we are we said bye to Wing and Andre and carried on seeing the rest of the sights. We visited Sri Mariamman Temple and the Buddha Tooth Relic temple which was completely different from the other temples we have seen and was a real hidden treasure.

    We then walked, yes walked for 30 mins, to Marina Bay Sands. We'd heard you can sneak a peak of the famous infinity pool and view if you go to to the toilet near the bar at the top. Well we did get into the bar at the top and snuck a couple of pictures then quickly declined the drinks and headed down. Our final thing on the to do list was to revisit the Gardens by the Bay during daylight. It was as impressive and beautiful as at night. We were ridiculously tired now and had done over 35,000 steps so we headed to Newton Hawkers Market and grabbed some dinner and breakfast for the early morning flight. We both still felt unbelievably sweaty from this mornings walk so instantly went for a shower before doing chores, eating dinner and packing the bags ready for the morning.
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  • Day135

    A quick stop in Singapore

    July 8, 2017 in Singapore

    I think I'm in in some sort of utopia, or maybe it's a dystopia depending on who you ask, it's certainly like something out of a novel. I landed in Singapore and immediately sensed the 'perfect' environment. Everything is clean, there is literally no rubbish anywhere, no graffiti, no paper, no gum, no mess at all. On the train to the city I noticed that you'd be subject to a 500 dollar fine if you ate or drank anything on public transport - subsequently the train is spotless, it makes London Underground look a shambles but becuase I'm not used to it, it's also slightly weird to see a place so 'perfect'.

    Singapore is next door to Malaysia and I'd heard it was an interesting place. It's not disappointing - it's a very rich city which is opposite to most places I've been on this trip and comprised of lots of Asian and Western influences. Officially the language is English but Chinese and other Asian dialects are also widely spoken. There's a lot to see in three days or so and I started with the Gardens by the Bay: a stunning public green space in the city centre. It's got these amazing man-made trees which somehow produce oxygen and look amazing in the night all lit up. The gardens are beautiful, I spent a half day just wandering around the area. Parodoxally there's a McDonald's here which kind of takes away the atmosphere a little, but it's tucked out the way, so not too bad. I confess I did pay a lunch time visit. 🍔

    Also in the Gardens are two massive undercover glass domes - one is a cloud forest with the world's largest indoor waterfall and the other is a flower dome which had many varieties of plants and flowers from every continent. The cloud forest mimics natural cloud forests from around the world - apparently it's the only place that has all the different varieties from across the globe, it was very cool.

    Looming over the Gardens is the magnificent Marina Bay Sands hotel and leisure complex - this colossal building looks like some sort of outerspace or alien spacecraft. Perched on top of three giant buildings is a huge boat-like structure which houses an enormous infinity pool for the guests lucky enough to stay here. You have to pay to go to the official viewing deck but I met someone who said just go up to the top of the first building, so I walked into the hotel lobby to the elevator. I found the view next to the infinity pool and no-one seemed to care as long as you didn't enter the hotel pool. A guard made sure of that - he sat by a barrier which gave a glimpse of the pool and watched all of us peasent non-guests like a hawk. The views overlooking the bay and Singapore harbour are awesome though. Unchallenged, I came back for a second view in the evening too - what a rebel! 😈

    The following day I went to the main shopping street but soon got bored as the prices were astronomical and I'm not really in the market for a 3000 dollar Gucci handbag, so I headed back to the marina and walked around a bit more exploring the area. After that I went to the freakily shaped science and art museum - there were two exhibitions on, one on human advances and one on future and art. The human one was fascinating but the second exhibition was very interactive and had way too many kids; may as well have been a crèche. In the evening I watched the light show in the Gardens where all the man-made trees light up - it was quite good but the show at the marina was even better. Water and light were used together to form patterns and imagery. It was pretty impressive and free - bonus!

    The next day I wandered around the Chinatown area which is probably the only part of Singapore that looks slightly shabby - it's still impossibly clean though. There's some great food there too, so I indulged in the cheap eats. In the evening I caught up with a couple of guys I'd met in Malaysia and we went to Singapore night safari, the queue was ridiculous but the safari was really cool. You got on these mini trains and could stop off and explore the different areas. Most of the punters lazily stayed on the train but we got off to have a closer look at the animals, there were lions, elephants, tigers, massive bats, giraffes, and all sorts of other nocturnal animals - it was great seeing them in the dark and I was pleased to see the zoo was well run with nice large and natural enclosures for the animals - Singapore does it right.

    I'm off to Indonesia now - the final country on this trip, I can't believe it. Hope it's a good one! 🤞
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  • Day132


    April 27, 2015 in Singapore

    Singapore was a great place to visit - it is a very modern place with lots of tall buildings, malls and beautiful, beautiful parks! We spent hours in the botanic gardens, and also saw the light show in the Gardens By The Bay (highly recommend a visit there!) We liked the great food options in the food courts, and overall the atmosphere here was very nice. We also went climbing (indoors, but fun!!!) and to a workout with Herbalife. There is lots to do here!!Read more

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