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  • Day51

    Singapur Tag 2

    November 27, 2019 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    An meinem zweiten Tag in Singapur ging ich in den Botanische Garten, welcher der erste Tropische Garten auf der UNESCO Weltkulturerbe Liste ist. Eine riesen grosse Parkanlagen mit vielen verschiedenen kleinen Themengärten.
    Von dort aus machte ich mich auf den Weg Richtung Marina Sans Bay und schlenderte durch die Straßen.
    Am Abend traff ich Ried, welcher mir ein wenig die Stadt zeigte. Wir schauten uns zusammen die Show im Garden by the Bay an und fahre danach in eine Rooftop Bar mit dem besten Ausblick ☺️
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  • Day136

    Botanical gardens

    February 13, 2020 in Singapore ⋅ ☁️ 31 °C

    I made a friend in the hostel called Natalia from Miami. We were both interested in seeing the Botanical gardens, I was especially interested as it was FREE and me bruk pocket 😂.

    We had a really fun day looking at the beautiful flowers, cracking jokes and trying to find the most inexpensive food we can eat.Read more

    Alexander Hooper

    I really love this picture

    Nicole Hooper

    Thanks daddy xx

  • Day6

    Botanic gardens and flight

    December 17, 2018 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Today was our last (half) day in Singapore and we decided to go to the botanic gardens and go to the airport later because our flight wasnt until 22:00. The flight was ten hours and we were expected to arrive in Christchurch at 12:50. We packed in the morning and left our suitcases at the hostel so that we wouldn't have to lug them around the gardens. In the gardens we looked at a few different sections but spent most of our time in the ethno botany section, the building especially due to the lovely AC. The ethnobotany was obviously very interesting as well. We headed back and ended up leaving the hostel at roughly 4ish and arrived at the airport with plenty of time, which we actually needed. The check in for luggage in Singapore is all automated where you pur in your ticket/flight details into a small machine that then prints your label for your bag and you have to put it on a conveyor belt. Xbox sensors used for kinect (even had the xbox logo) read the label and then must program a route for it because it ended up on the plane. But it took us a while to get the label because it kept on rejecting any information that we put in. Thankfully the guy there was very helpful and thankful to mum who had brought all the flight details we managed to find out that we needed a 16digit code that was only on the printed out documents. We boarded the plane fine and took off leaving the Singapore skyline behind us and the twinkle of all the trillions of lights in the city.

    Figure 1: turtles in the gardens
    Figure 2:" "
    Figure 3: ginger flower from the gardens
    Figure 4: our shadows as we were leaving the hostel
    Figure 5: the view before we took if from the airplane window
    Figure 6: more turtles
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  • Day293

    Little India and Botanical Garden

    February 15, 2020 in Singapore ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Genau wie gestern stand heute auch wieder einiges auf dem Plan 😎 Erster Stop Little India. Viele bunte Häuser und Stände zum Krims Krams kaufen aber lange waren wir dort nicht, Chinatown hat mir persönlich besser gefallen. Danach ging es in den Botanischen Garten 🌺 Dieser ist auf jeden Fall einen Ausflug wert, Eintritt ist umsonst und man kann einfach mal abschalten für einen Moment. Dort gibt es auch einen Orchideen Garten der 5$ Eintritt kostet, haben wir uns angeschaut aber war leider nicht ganz so schön wie erwartet 🙈 Am Nachmittag sind wir dann zurück zum Hotel gefahren, haben uns entspannt und fertig gemacht für den Abend. Im Garden by the Bay gab es nämlich eine Light Show, die war echt super schön und danach ging es koreanisch essen 😁 Highlight des Tages war die Rooftop Bar 1 Altitude. Höchste Bar in Singapur, im 63. Stock mit einem atemberaubenden Blick über Singapur. Eintritt war nicht ohne aber man gönnt sich ja sonst nix 😄😜 2 Cocktails waren im Eintritt enthalten 🍸🍹 und dort haben wir den Abend dann ausklingen lassen 😎Read more

  • Day1

    Singapore touring

    January 16, 2019 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Open top bus tour, to Botanic Gardens, then around the various “towns”.

    Catching the first leg, made a mistake and crossed Raffles Boulevard (well, ran across!). Didn’t think of the overpass (part of the Marina Square Mall).

    Afternoon Tea in the Mall, then by the pool and over to see the Flyer, parts of the F1 track. Had dinner with the locals.
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    Pauline and Andrew Webb

    In the Botanical Gardens - Orchid section

    Pauline and Andrew Webb

    Rain Forest - the original, preserved after Singapore was established

    Pauline and Andrew Webb

    Afternoon tea

  • Day4

    Botantic Gardens

    November 23, 2016 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Good nights sleep our double sleeping pod then the day at the World Heritage Botanical Gardens. 74 hectares and over 600 species of orchid their was a lot to see. Saw the flowers of my favourite tree (Cannon Ball tree in Sri Lanka).Read more

    Dave Warwick

    Love the buildings topped off by what looks like a boat?! Amazing place :-)

    Lyndsay McDonnell

    Unusual sleeping arrangements - rather you than me - but then I am an old fodgett!!! Would love to have seen the orchids must have been amazing. Lots of love Mom and Dad xxxx

    Tom Ralph

    Pod ,???, Y M C A is good and cheap as well, enjoy

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  • Day3

    Botanical gardens

    March 8, 2017 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    We kicked off the day with a run in the botanical gardens a world heritage site, the only tropical garden that made it to Unesco's list. In the middle of the city, this is gem even has a rainforest inside. I am amazed by all the individual gardens and the how incredibly well kept it is. It was a great way to explore the park and enjoy nature. This place is beautiful and every nature lover, fitness fanatic and yogi's playground.
    Again Singapore impress, a world class city that just knows how to roll.

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  • Day13

    Singapore Botanic Gardens

    April 9, 2017 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    I was determined to make today both start and end with flowers. A trip to the botanic gardens was a must - especially for their national Orchid garden!

    Most of the park is free with exception of the orchid garden (5$). Many runners, families, dogs + their humans, and - of course - tourists wandered the park today taking in the "beautiful" hot and humid weather of Singapore. There were even groups that gathered for prayer and (hot) yoga!Read more

    You are getting to see some really cool places!

  • Day32

    Day 32: Last day in Singapore

    July 17, 2016 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Accidentally slept in quite late this morning, and only just made it down to breakfast by 10:30 am when it closes! The only thing we really had planned for today was meeting up with a former colleague of mine from GALKAL who now runs the Singapore operation. By the time we finished breakfast it was 11am so we decided to wander over to the National Gallery and check out a modernism exhibition we'd noticed a couple of days earlier.

    Arrived at the gallery to discover that it was the last day of the exhibition so entry was free! It was called "Reframing Modernism", and compared the modernist styles of European artists like Picasso, Matisse and others with South East Asian artists from the same period. Spent a couple of hours looking at the various paintings and comparing the styles. We ended up doing it out of order as there was a large guided tour going through at roughly the same time as us, making it very crowded! So we did the second and third halls first before coming back to the third. Also very happy to see a ban on selfie sticks which are absolutely everywhere here!

    While waiting for Shandos at one point I logged on to the gallery's free wifi, and noticed an email from my colleague saying she was unwell and wouldn't be able to make the meet-up as planned. Disappointing, as I was looking forward to seeing a familiar face and having a decent conversation with someone who wasn't Shandos, but alas. At least we had more time in the gallery!

    Finished looking at the art and had a quick sandwich at the cafe before deciding to head for the Botanic Gardens. I've got this idea in my head that I'm going to visit as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites as possible while we travel, and this is one of them. In fact it's one of only I think four gardens on the list of 1100+ locations, and the only tropical garden.

    So we descended into the metro just nearby, bought some tickets and followed the trains out to the Botanic Gardens stop. I should mention here that the metro is fantastic in Singapore - trains are every few minutes and the stations cover the downtown/interesting areas quite densely. We've never had to walk more than a few hundred metres to a station, though some of the junction stations have quite long walks between platforms.

    By the time we emerged from the underground, the ominous clouds I'd noticed on leaving the gallery had turned into a full-on thunderstorm! Lots of lightning and pelting rain, so we joined a crowd taking shelter at the metro exit, right next to the gardens entrance. It took probably 30 minutes to subside, and by now it was past 4pm. Luckily for us everything stays open late in Singapore!

    Eventually the rain eased off and we wandered into the gardens, which are absolutely beautiful. I'm not a huge gardens person but the care and attention to detail were very obvious. It also seems to be a great park, full of people jogging, walking dogs and having family picnics, rather than just looking at the flowerbeds and moving on. We walked over to the Orchid Garden (the highlight apparently), paid our admission and had a wander around. Again this was excellent - lots of orchids on display in their native-ish habitats ie tropical gardens and so on. There's also a nursery where they cross-breed to create new types of orchids in honour of visiting dignitaries which we found amusing! It started with Very Important People like Kofi Annan or Margaret Thatcher, until down in the back corner there's orchids in honour of the vice-president of Laos and the Petroleum Minister for Equatorial Guinea and so on. Found a couple of "Australian" ones too - one for former GG Michael Jeffrey, and another for Dame Quentin Bryce.

    Finished with the orchid garden around 6:30pm as the sun was beginning to set, so we walked back through the park (a brief diversion at the fish & turtle pond) and hopped back on the metro into town. For dinner we had our hearts set on a local specialty - Singapore Chilli Crab. We figured it might be a little pricey, but I nearly choked when the first restaurant we looked at had a special for $70 per kilo! The next place we checked it was $120/kilo and they had a 90 minute wait! The next place we tried had crabs for $75/kg but the smallest crab they had was about 2.2kg. Our hunt wasn't going very well.

    Eventually we found a place that was doing a fixed price of $108 per crab, so we decided to just get one with some garlic bread and share it, which we did! It's delicious (and not very spicy like the name implies), but like with lobster I'm not certain the deliciousness is completely offset by the amount of effort involved in accessing the meat.

    Although we'd eaten at Clarke Quay only a few hundred metres from our hotel, we walked past a Japanese ice cream parlour and figured we'd spend our last few Singaporean dollars. Shandos had a green tea flavoured ice cream, while I went half traditional and half Asian with macadamia chocolate and lychee (in separate scoops). Finally to bed around 10:30pm after our third day in a row of 25,000 steps! Tomorrow is a bus trip into Malaysia, so not too much walking thankfully!
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    Trish Forrester

    I share your lack of enthusiasm for cracking open crab and lobster shells

    Joel Baldwin

    At the gallery

    Joel Baldwin

    At the gardens

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