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  • Day4

    Vintgar Klamm

    September 22 in Slovenia ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Diese Schlucht ist schon magisch.
    Bereits Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts hat man sie entdeckt und auch der Öffentlichkeit zugänglich gemacht.
    1,6 km führt der Weg über Holzstege direkt am Felsen entlang. Über einige Brücken überquert man hier den Fluss Radovna. Das Wasser hat auch hier diese faszinierende türkisblaue Farbe und ist kristallklar. Es sieht wirklich so aus. Diese Farbe, der rauschende Fluss über kleine Wasserfälle, in dieser engen Schlucht, immer wieder toll, was die Natur so gezaubert hat. Am Ende findet man einen Wasserfall,
    Šum -Wasserfall, zu dem es nochmal ca. 60 Stufen hinabgeht.
    Dieser Ort ist aber auch eine der meist besuchten Sehenswürdigkeiten Sloweniens. Meine Herbergseltern meinten bereits, es gibt dort „very lot of people“.
    Deshalb bin ich am Sonntag morgen sehr früh aufgebrochen, um so ziemlich der erste Besucher zu sein. Die Schlucht findet man circa vier Kilometer hinter Bled.
    Und das frühe Aufstehen hat sich gelohnt. Es waren kurz nach neun nur wenige Menschen da. Der Weg zurück führt über die selbe Strecke oder man entscheidet sich für eine Wanderung bis nach Bed. Da mein Auto aber hier auf einem Parkplatz stand, habe ich den selben Weg zurück gewählt. Entgegen kamen mir dann regelrechte Menschenschlangen.
    Also früh aufstehen, wenn ihr diesen Ort mal besuchen wollt, damit ihr es in Ruhe vor den ganzen Reisebussen genießen könnt. Und unbedingt rutschfeste Schuhe. Durch die hohe Luftfeuchtigkeit in der Schlucht sind die Holzplanken fast immer nass. Auch wenn das wieder ein sehr touristischer Ort ist, sollte man der Vintgar- Klamm unbedingt einen Besuch abstatten, wenn man einmal hier ist. Diese Intensität dieser Wasserfarbe...
    einfach nur Wow 😲.

    Nach dem ich die Schlucht wieder verlassen habe, war es gerade mal kurz vor 12 Uhr. Die Wanderung durch die Schlucht war auch recht kurz und nicht anstrengend. Ich bin nach Bled zurück gefahren, ich hatte da noch zwei Pläne für diesen Ort...

    To be continued 😉
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  • Day314

    Hello Ali & Tom! To Lake Bled we go!

    May 6, 2017 in Slovenia ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    After not having seen anyone for 7 months, we were highly anticipating the arrival of our 2nd lot of visitors in 10 days! We returned to Ljubljana airport and picked up Vicky's brother Ali and his friend Tom just before midday. It was brilliant to see them! We'd met up with them for 4 days in Prague back in August and had a great time, so we knew we were going to enjoy ourselves during the week they were with us.

    After a trip to pick up supplies at Hofer (the continental name for Aldi), we left views of the pointed snow capped Alps behind and headed North West to Lake Bled, where Ali and Tom had booked an apartment. While we appreciate the beauty of steep sided hills, they aren't always the easiest to access in our van. Within a kilometre of the apartment we came to a low arched rail bridge with no sign to tell us how high it was. Vicky got out and eyed up the clearance as Will inched slowly forward. There was only inches to spare at the entrance and as the road wasn't straight or flat, we didn't want to risk it. A local who was recycling at the communal bins kindly offered us an alternative route (in English!), so we turned round to try this instead. On the second approach we were faced with another situation where there were only inches to spare. This time we crossed over a bridge, it's 3 foot high stone walls either side just being wide enough to allow the van passage. We decided at this point Ali and Tom wouldn't be getting door to door service!

    The view was well worth the climb. We were greeted by the owner Irena and her two children before being shown the rooms on the second floor. Inside the apartment was nice enough, but the views of Lake Bled from the windows and balcony were amazing, like something out of a fairytale.

    After granting Irena's request for a guided tour of the van for her and her children (who hadn't seen inside one before) Ali and Tom got back on board, we squeezed through the narrow bridge and were booking in at Camping Bled near the lakeshore in no time. Considering the location, the price of €9.90 per person was reasonable, although we thought €3 per night for Poppy was excessive.

    We went for a stroll up to and around part of the lakeshore, taking in the wonderful sights. The colour of the water was an alluring turquoise but it felt cold so thoughts of swimming to the sizeable island were abandoned. The air was warm but the sky overcast. Towards the end of our wander, the sun peaked out to shine a spotlight on some of our surroundings; the forested hills amongst which the lake was nestled, the terracotta roofed castle perched high on a craggy outcrop on the north shore, the barren snow capped mountains behind it and of course the picturesque chapel and bell tower on the island.

    The advantage of staying at a proper campsite is that when we returned to the van, we were able to get the chairs out and sit outside with Poppy in the mild early evening. Will put together a spag bol and we caught up with what had happened since we'd last seen the lads.
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  • Day317

    Vintgar Gorge

    May 9, 2017 in Slovenia ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    We hope you enjoy watching the short video we filmed at the gorge here:

    One of the things that shocked us when we arrived at Camping Bled was the number of GB vans. We'd parked up in between two who turned out to be British, the next day two English people, Wendy and Mary, travelling together in their own vans parked nearby and a Scottish person (we didn't catch her name) came over for a chat while we were sitting outside. She'd just returned from a walk through the nearby Vintgar Gorge and told us all about it.

    The next day, buoyed up with enthusiasm, we picked the lads up from the small train station near their apartment and headed off in the van to the gorge. At 4km away from Bled we could have walked but a lot of it was uphill and we wanted to be able to enjoy our time in the gorge without having to worry about being exhausted by the time we got back.

    We pulled up in the free car park, opposite half a dozen old modified cars with GB plates. There was a €5 pp entry charge with a sign stating this went on the upkeep of the gorge. By the time we'd walked the 2 miles of well maintained boardwalk and bridges, we could see the money was well spent and the fee a reasonable one.

    The Radovna river cut a deep course through the steep, rocky gorge. It was so steep that the boardwalk had been built on the side of the near vertical banks, for a significant portion of the walk. The noise of the rushing water was ever present as it flowed over shallow rapids, squeezed through deep pinch points and tumbled down waterfalls of varying heights and widths. The weather had turned colder and the sky was overcast much of the time, but in the spells where the sun came out and shone into the gorge,the light was filtered through the Spring Beech forest foliage. It took on a gorgeous golden-green hue that was reflected by the surface of the river. The water was so clear that in the deeper sections, the colour penetrated to the pale karst bed.

    The wildlife was great too. Birds sang at the top of their voices to be heard over the river's roar. We watched Grey Wagtails hopping around at the water's edge and Dippers diving and swimming underwater, before emerging to chew on a tasty morsel. Spotted fish rested and recuperated in eddies, ready to continue their journey upstream.

    Our journey down Vintgar Gorge ended with the stunning and powerful 16m high Sum Waterfall. We crossed over a bridge at the head of the fall before descending a steep woodland track to the plunge pool, where we were splattered with the spray.

    Making the most of Ali and Tom's last night in the apartment we returned there for a warming curry. It was too cold to sit out on the balcony but the dining room was comfortable enough and had an even better view of Lake Bled.
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  • Day316

    Canoeing to Bled Island

    May 8, 2017 in Slovenia ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    After Ali and Tom had caught up on sleep, they walked down the hill to meet us at the site. Yesterday, we'd thrown around a few ideas for activities but as the weather forecast had a high risk of rain, we'd thought it best to wait and see what the day brought before making a decision. It turned out warm and although the sky threatened a downpour, it wasn't delivering so we got the canoe on its wheels and after lunch we took it down to the lake shore, ready for a trip to Blejski Otok (Bled Island).

    The lake itself is only 2km x 1.4km so it wasn't that far to the small island in the middle. We worked out a relay system and a after a short introduction to canoeing for Tom, he set off with Vicky who dropped him on the island's south shore before returning the canoe to the mainland for Ali and Will to paddle over. Finally, Will picked Vicky and the bags up and we were all standing dry and safe at the base of the island's South Staircase, its 99 steps funneling up to the centre. We moored the canoe by the side of the jetty, where there were large gondolas with a capacity of about 20 people. We could have come over on one of these, an electric boat or even a beautiful wooden rowing boat, but it was fun to have done it under our own steam.

    There was a charge of €6 to look around the small church, its tower and museum which we thought was a bit excessive, so we enjoyed a stroll around the tree lined perimeter instead. After returning to our starting point and climbing the 99 steps a second time, we felt we'd earned a cake at the café. We'd been looking forward to the famous Kremna Rezina (Kremsnita or Bled Cake) but to our surprise the cafe didn't have any! Instead we had 4 different variations of Potica, the traditional Slovenian festive cake with fillings such as nuts, cottage cheese, carab and poppy seeds. It was nice to try but we definitely prefer Bled cake and Gibanica, the two Slovenian pastry cakes we've tried.

    After a peruse of the classy but pricy gift shop, we relayed back to the mainland. We'd been really lucky with the weather and at this point the changing clouds brought dramatic bursts of intense sunlight to illuminate the water in a carpet of silver or shine on a block of trees, making their colours even more radiant. To finish off a fantastic day Will lit the BBQ and we sat out with Poppy until the evening cooled.
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  • Day316

    Cycling and a dip in Lake Bled

    May 8, 2017 in Slovenia ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    This morning Ali and Tom arrived on bikes! Unfortunately the small hire company only had 2 bikes left; a man's mountain bike and a woman's shopping bike. Tom was good humoured about it and let 6'6" Ali have the larger of the two. Off the four of us went on our three bikes towards the town of Bled, on the opposite shore of the lake. Much of the route was on the road, but there was only light traffic and the drivers were thoughtful towards us.

    Bled isn't the most picturesque of towns, especially when contrasted against the beauty of the lake and its island. It does however have stunning views and we bagged ourselves a waterside table at the Panorama restaurant, an eatery run by the Park Hotel, the place where Kremna Rezina (Bled Cake) was originally invented. We enjoyed a hot drink and slice each. It was well worth waiting for and tasted all the better for eating it in the sun looking out over the eastern shore to Bled island and the castle towering high above the lake on a rocky cliff.

    Weighed down by the cake, some shopping and a burek savoury pastry from the supermarket, we peddled back to Camping Bled on a route that was mainly offroad. It had rained a little while we were in town and on our return journey, the light falling on the wooded hillsides added a magical quality to the valley views.

    Our cycle hadn't taken that long and so there was still time for a swim in the lake when we got back. We each took a different approach to entering the chilly water, Vicky tiptoed in bit by bit, Will dived from the jetty, Tom tiptoed in half way then dived the rest and Ali was sensible and stayed on shore! We were the only ones in the water and bemused onlookers took photos of the eccentric English swimmers covered in goose pimples. Aside from the cold, it was a brilliant location for wild swimming. Green forests surrounded us, swallows flitted above the water surface and there were nice hot showers back at the campsite!

    Ali amd Tom's apartment had a dining room and small kitchen so we spent the evening up there and Will took advantage of a proper oven to cook his homemade pizza. The view from the balcony really was amazing, with the lake below on the right and the Julian Alps straight ahead, the clouds constantly changing around their snowy summits. We sat out and watched as the daylight faded around us, the streetlights and illuminations of Bled becoming comparatively brighter, their reflections glowing on the water. We even got to see a double rainbow grow over the mountains, arching towards Bled Castle. It was a quiet spot and apart from the sound of a rare train, the chirp of crickets and the birds' evening chorus were the loudest noises. The scent of pine trees wafted in the gentle breeze and we even heard a few bleats from the mountain goats Ali and Tom had seen come down to feed that morning.
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  • Day8

    Der Fluch der Hauptsaison

    August 11 in Slovenia ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Heute morgen war das Wetter eher diesig und nach langem Programm (Frühstücken, Spülen und spielen) sind wir dann mittags auf zur Vintgar Klamm. Huiii, war das voll! Es ist nicht nur Hauptsaison mit vielen internationalen Touristen, sondern auch Wochenende mit vielen Tagesausflüglern. Und natürlich die obligatorische asiatische Touristengruppe... Beim Parkplatz hatten wir Glück (und 5 Euro passend 😉), beim Eingang jedoch weniger. Offenbar waren wir in der absoluten Hauptzeit angekommen und so schoben wir uns, zwei Kinder und den Hund die schmalen Wege und Brücken entlang. Natürlich bei Gegenverkehr. Und eiligen Überholern. Der Hund wurde also kurzerhand 3/4 der Strecke getragen und die Kinder bahnten sich ihrerseits den Weg. Wirklich genießen konnte man es nicht und ständig stockte es, weil wieder irgendwer ein Selfie machen musste 😑 Ok, Lektion gelernt - sonntags gibts keine Ausflüge mehr! Der Wasserfall am Ende war halt ganz nett, da haben wir aber mit weniger "Werbung" bzw Ankündigung schon Nettere gesehen. Der Rückweg war zwar anstrengender (weil natürlich bergauf), aber deutlich leerer. Wo waren die Massen plötzlich hin? 🤔 Egal, so konnten wir auf jeden Fall einige besondere Stellen genießen und sogar ein wenig fotografieren. Zum Glück, denn so sind wir doch positiv gestimmt aus der Klemm gekommen. Und nach 7 km hatten wir uns auch ein Eis verdient!

    Inzwischen hatte es sich auch aufgeklart und bei sonnigen Wetter gings jetzt gerade noch eine Runde in den See. Nach kurzer Eingewöhnung hat das Wasser auch eine prima Temperatur - wenn man in Bewegung bleibt 🏊‍♀️ Voll ist der See zwar auch, aber wenigstens wird man nicht beiseite geschoben 😉 Es ist halt einfach Hauptsaison...
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  • Day2

    Vintgar Klamm

    October 9, 2018 in Slovenia ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Heute haben wir lange in unserer Hütte geschlafen und wurden mit einem reichhaltigen Frühstück im Picknickkorb vor der Türe überrascht. Ja das ist Glamping!
    Dann gings los in die Vintgar Klamm. Wir haben ja schon einige Klamms (?) gesehen und die waren vielleicht aufregender und spektakulärer. Aber es war ein schöner Ausflug bei bestem Herbstsonnenschein. Und Gerhards neues Knie hält. Also steht den nächsten Aktivitäten nichts im weg.Read more

  • Day225

    Day 226: Vintgar Gorge

    September 28, 2017 in Slovenia ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Another fairly chilled out day. We both slept much better and we were up at a reasonable time, so we headed directly for Vintgar Gorge. This is a long gorge, probably 1.5km or so, with a rushing stream, steep cliffs, quaint bridges and of course some beautiful forest scenery. It's also just outside Bled, and probably the most common day-trip amongst people who stay there.

    Knowing that it tends to get quite crowded and busy, we headed off early - 9am or so, and we were in the gorge by around 9:15am. Only a handful of cars in the car-park which was a good omen! We took about an hour to walk to the far end, stopping quite a lot to take photos and coax Schnitzel along the boardwalk (he's not a fan of bridges or elevated walkways, or anywhere he thinks there's a drop-off, really). Got some great photos of the scenery, particularly since there was almost nobody around, only a handful of people coming back the other way.

    At the far end was another waterfall, not very high but certainly roaring along at a jolly old clip. Walked down about a hundred stairs to the viewing platform, took some photos then headed back up. Had a quick coffee at the cafe on the end of the walk, then headed back up the path.

    About halfway along we bumped into Shandos's parents, who we knew were probably coming here this morning as well. We'd all agreed that we'd do our own things during the day and meet up each evening, mainly because they were travelling in a group of four and we couldn't transport everyone in the car!

    Shandos's uncle was walking quite slow, so after a brief chat we left them to it. Back to the car, where we picked up more burek for lunch and then headed to the apartment. Shandos alternated between snoozing and working in the afternoon, while I did more work and planning. Dinner again at the parents' hotel restaurant; third night in a row but we didn't mind since the food was good and not overpriced (though we were being shouted).
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