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  • Day63

    Durban, Südafrika

    November 30, 2018 in South Africa ⋅ 🌬 23 °C

    Der 3 Tag in Durban, heute ist es sehr windig. Was typisch ist, wenn die kalte Luft der Arktis auf das warme Afrika trifft. Es war aber trotzdem sehr warm und wir sind noch mal am Strand spazieren gegangen, es war wieder ein reges treiben😃

  • Day27


    August 4 in South Africa ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Selbst am Sonntag ist die Stadt ungemein geschäftig. Im indischen Viertel haben alle Läden geöffnet und mit Mikrofon und Lautsprecher werden die Produkte angeboten.
    Am Beach wird trotz Verbot (Haisaison) gebadet und natürlich flaniert.
    Zum Sundowner geht's aufs Pier am South Beach.

  • Day89

    Shark Board Boat Trip

    November 17, 2017 in South Africa ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Der Tag begann früh, nämlich um 4:30 Uhr, da wir schon um 6 Uhr am Wilson's Wharf sein mussten.

    Da standen wir zeitig vor der Albatros, und wer kam nicht? Der Taxifahrer. Aber hier im Hafen gibt's ja eine Polizei, die auch Freund und Helfer ist, und die riefen uns ein neues Taxi.

    Am Yachthafen und endlich auch bei strahlendem Sonnenschein wurden wir und 10 weitere Interessierte von unserem “Kapitän“ Frank empfangen, der uns zum Boot brachte. 🚤 Nach ein paar Erklärungen ging es dann raus aufs Meer Richtung Strand.

    Dort waren die Boote mit den Männern, die die Netze kontrollieren, schon im Einsatz. Die Netze müssen regelmäßig erneuert werden, da sich dort sonst Algen und kleine Muscheln ablagern, die kleine Fische 🐟🐟🐟🐡🐡🐡 anlocken, welche dann wiederum die Haie anlocken.

    Die Männer in den Booten heben die Netze an, und wenn sie schwer sind, hat sich was verfangen und muss befreit werden. Delfine würden dadurch nicht gefangen, die seien zu intelligent, meinte Frank.

    Der Ausflug war informativ und hat riesigen Spaß gemacht. Vor allem die Fahrt mit dem Motorboot war richtig klasse, als Frank dann extra ein paar hohe Wellen nahm. Die Dünung sei so 3 Meter, meinte er.

    Dann hat er noch eine Runde durch den Hafen mit uns gedreht. Es war richtig schade, dass der Ausflug nach 2 Stunden schon vorbei war.

    Wir ließen uns von unserem Taxifahrer Joseph Stalin James (ja, so hieß er wirklich) wieder abholen und zum Schiff bringen. Breakfast war nun the most important thing, das verstand er gut.

    Und so saßen wir pünktlich zum Langschläferfrühstück auf dem Lido-Deck. 🍵

    Und der Tag war ja noch nicht zu Ende. Aber dazu später mehr ... im nächsten Footprint. 😁

    Madagaskar ist übrigens heute endlich abgesagt worden. Dafür bleiben wir länger auf La Reunion. Das ist uns sehr Recht. 👍
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  • Day14

    Von Durban nach Kapstadt

    August 6, 2017 in South Africa ⋅ ☀️ 7 °C

    Heute ging es für die nächsten paar Tage zu unserem letzten Stopp🛫 auf unserer unglaublichen Reise durch Südafrika:
    Nach ♡KAPSTADT♡, der angeblich schönsten und tollsten Stadt der Welt🌍😍
    Wir sind total aufgeregt und voller Vorfreude auf eine super Zeit mit super Erlebnissen gewesen!

    ✈ Zwei Stunden Flug, 1.200km Luftlinie und schon waren wir da!

    Nach Ankunft in der Cape Diem Lodge ging es direkt los zu einem ausgiebigen Spaziergang durch die berühmte Waterfront ⚓⛵⛴🚤🛶⚓ inklusive cape wheel Riesenradfahrt🎡💑
    Wooow😲, was für eine Aussicht!! Wie beeindruckend der Hafen⚓ war, der Blick auf den Atlantik🌊, auf das Stadion⚽, auf den "Signal Hill"⛰ & den "Table Mountain"⛰ & den "Lionshead"⛰, auf den Sunset🌅......
    Am Hafen ging richtig die Post ab:
    Afrikanische Live-Bands mit großen Holzxylophonen, Sänger & Sängerinnen, Trommler, tanzende und mitsingende Menschen überall, unzählige bunte Souvenirshops proppevoll mit afrikanischer Kunst, zig verschiedene kleine Restaurants mit köstlichem Essen! Es war sowas von toll! Haben bis in die Abendstunden alles in uns aufgesaugt!😍
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  • Day29

    Durban,South Africa

    April 13 in South Africa ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Durban, South Africa.

    On a perfect afternoon we arrived into Durban ,a harbour of great proportions ,in that it has 58 berths ,one of the biggest we have seen, with ships of all kinds .A huge MSC of 5000+ passengers manoeuvring past us ,at very close range, Sam reckoned 100mtrs, made some great viewing.! Very hot ,clear skies ,sunny.
    Our show, the first night ,was the local Zulu Dancers ,a great mix of enthusiastic performers ,some large girls, who were very agile , in pretty beaded costumes .A Taste of Africa.
    Saturday, a City Tour, which included lots of very troubled history, of almost unbelievable, demeaning, times ,sadly it’s all true ,a lot to understand, going back many years .Our Zulu guide ,very learned. A city of completely African people ,nobody else to be seen .It seems the inner city is used for markets ,lots of people with their wares ,just spread on the streets , people from the townships come in for shopping ,in mini bus taxis who all vie for the customers ,and it becomes a bit of a war, with bad driving…They polish them greatly, while waiting .
    We went to an Indian Market, that had security, and looked at lots of spices and various wares ,briefly ..A very nice centre square, with older stately buildings ,one a replica of Northern Irelands Belfast city building. Beautiful trees, one in particular with long tracts of orange berries, I need to identify. The Botanical Gardens are very special, huge old trees of all kinds ,so shady and cool ,a calla type lily of many colours, a shade house of gorgeous orchids, unusual ducks/geese, other birds . Many Families ,with children’s Birthday parties ,some white South Africans. One Family with Triplets ,little girls, so dark and simply delightful ,with African names ,for Love, Joy ,and Hope .A very proud Mother ,who , when I said “This must be a challenge…”,said..”Actually it feels insane at times…!”They were about 2.!
    Huge Sports Stadiums. Soccer, and Political meetings for the largest one, beside it Kings Park, playing that night, the Sharks and the Jaguares . The hills above, with large homes ,were all protected by electric fences. The nearby University has recently adopted Free Fees for students ,so those from outlying areas come , it seems such a great thing. Steve Biko University ,is a very large Campus.
    Huge poverty in this part of the world ,and I think you can understand when there are about 55 million people ,and only 4 million pay tax, that it cannot work. To pay tax you must earn 65000 Rd, and that is not great… So in nutshell, with 43 Parties in a coming election, making a difference ,will be a challenge. We saw some sad things ,the Market for the Herbs and Potions ,of shacks and shanties, many of the Indigenous people are healthy looking souls…one cannot change the world, especially this world…!
    Today we ventured into the Hinterland, with much delight, to see the rolling hills, thickly covered in vegetation , beautiful flowering trees, of bright pinks ,purple and orange in full bloom. So green and lush, some large and lovely homes .The Townships ,very large where the African people live, basic shanty type dwellings, water at a given point, to be carried, but no electricity, because they say, they cannot/will not pay ,so on it goes… Trying to make a difference apparently, schools being built etc… There are many more successful people , who live in good housing ,and are running the country ,of course. It is hard to put it all together really…A tangled web…
    They grow lots of eucalyptus trees, very successfully, in this excellent growing climate, chip them ,export to be made into chip board ,and imported back…We may well do the same…
    Our Journey was to The Valley of 1000 Hills ,we arrived early to our Native Village ,high on a hill over looking this simply beautiful spectacle, clear for a time, to see it in all its glory, what a beautiful place…The native huts with the amazing thatch ..a little lady lived in one, tucked away ,and was cooking raw chicken and other meat, over a very smoky , outdoor fire, with her bedding on the ground, behind her..!
    Dancing from the Zulu tribe ,and explanation of customs ,like polygamy ,the Chiefs and the King, have many wives ,and that is fine, but they are paid for in cows, cows cost a lot, so most people only have 2 or 3 wives ,hence many children to carry on the Families…They are very proud of this tradition. There is a fortune teller who makes sure the right Bride is found, they train for many years to perfect this skill..[Really].. A nice café and souvenir shop ,so I have lovely pictures..
    Later Crocodiles, many in tangled heaps, some huge ,some tiny, separate, many pens, yuk…when our lovely girl told us they incubate the eggs, for safety, I had to ask “How many do you want.!! She replied we sell them to the Farmers…. Then snakes of all kinds, the tiniest ones the most deadly ,some Tortoises ,[Humphreys relations Jo.]. and then the bigger ,roaming kinds, never sure what is what…in that field…
    So much to recall, and you will have given up reading, but we loved our day, learning so much about South we go…Sam has loved the Harbour ,and all the comings and goings of ships from all over the world, to think we saw not one, all that way across the Indian Ocean ,and now, hundreds.!
    We have many new faces, and are sailing South ,to East London. It’s a bit of a bumpy ride, after weeks of calm…but nothing too untoward.
    I am a lot better ,still coughing ,a bit, but rigidly sticking to my medication and instructions… Bye from us , on a Safari tomorrow…!
    I have more pictures to share...
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  • Day17

    Durban og Drakensberg

    March 31, 2017 in South Africa ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Planen for dagen var at se Durban, og så skulle vi køre til bjergområdet Drakensberg.
    Vi startede med en rigtig god morgenmad på hotellet. Maden var fantastisk. Derefter pakkede vi sammen, tjekkede ud og kørte ned til Golden Mile, der er en 7 km lang strandpromenade i Durban. Det er en lækker strand med høje bølger og med sikkerhedsnet til at holde hajer ude og sikre de mange surfere og badegæster.
    Vi startede med at besøge Durban Ushaka Aquarium, der skulle være blandt verdens top 5 flotteste. Det er bygget i et gammelt skibsvrag, hvilket gør det helt specielt, og der var mulighed for at blive sænket ned i haj-bassinet i et glasbur. Det fravalgte vi dog.
    Efter akvariet gik vi ud for enden af en mole og fik frokost. Der var en fantastisk udsigt over byen og kystlinjen. Vi kørte forbi rådhuset og videre til Moses Mabhida Stadium, hvor vi kunne komme op på toppen og få en fantastisk udsigt over byen. Vi kunne vælge at tage kabelbanen eller at gå de 500 skridt op. For at spare tid valgte vi kabelbanen. Som lovet var der en rigtig god udsigt over byen fra toppen.
    Køreturen gik videre til Drakensberg. En køretur på omkring 280 km og vi forventede ca. 4 timer med stop osv. Desværre gik det ikke helt sådan, da et uheld var skyld i massiv kø de første ca. 50 km. Køreturen kom til at tage 5,5 timer. Undervejs kørte vi på en gammel hovedvej igennem Valley of a 1000 Hills som er et smukt bakket område. Vi stoppede ved Nelson Mandela Capture Site, som er et monument til minde om at Mandela blev taget af politiet og sat i fængsel. Det var et flot monument, der var bygget af søjler med forskellige former, og kun i den rette vinkel udgjorde de tilsammen billedet af Mandela. Turen fortsatte og det endte med at blive mørkt inden vi ankom til vores overnatning. Vi havde bestilt en rund hytte med stråtag - i ægte afrikaner-stil.
    På vandrehjemmet var der et fællesrum, hvor der sad 9-10 andre og snakkede om alle deres rejseoplevelser. De havde alle været der et par dage allerede og kunne give gode råd om området. Der var også et køkken hvor vi kunne forberede noget aftensmad og lave os en kop kaffe.
    Dagen får 3,5 stjerner.
    Road trip: 269 km på dagen - 2.243 km i alt.
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  • Day10


    December 27, 2006 in South Africa ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Vannacht was het verschrikkelijk warm op de trein. In onze coupé hebben we dan nog een kleine ventilator, alleen in de lounche en de barwagon is er airco.
    Omdat Durban slechts 106km afstand was waren we 's avonds al op onze bestemming dus verkoeling via het raam was ook niet mogelijk.
    'S nachts werd ik wakker van benauwdheid en opende het raam, maar dat gaf dan weer mogelijkheid om de malariamug binnen te krijgen en dat is ook niet wenselijk.
    Na een goed en welkom ontbijt op naar Durban, onze gids was deze keer Alain. Gelukkig kende hij Durban goed en hij gidste ons veilig door de 3e grootste stad van Zuid Afrika. Je hoorde aan zijn uitleg dat dit zijn habitat geworden is. Het is een mooie moderne cosmopool, alle godsdiensten leven hier naast en door elkaar. Een Hindu tempel met ernaast een moskee en een christelijke of anglicaanse kerk het kan allemaal. Zelfs ten tijde van de apartheid bleef de vrijheid van godsdienst gelden.
    De meeste Indiërs die hier nu verblijven zijn Hindi, zij werden ten tijde van de suikerriet productie rond 1850 met contracten overgebracht. De Zulu's wilden niet op de velden werken maar de Indiërs wel. Zij kregen een 5-jaar contract met gratis terugreis naar India, maar velen bleven in Zuid Afrika. Zij zijn nu de grootste Indische populatie buiten India.
    Eerst bezochten we de mooie botanische tuin, maar het blijft een kunstmatige opstelling en overal eenbeetje hetzelfde, de echte natuur is indrukwekkender!
    Na het bezoek aan een overdekte markt waar Dirk kruiden kocht werden we naar de 'gouden mile' gebracht, een boulevard aan zee. We gingen sushi eten de anderen Indisch of pizza. We verkenden een stukje strand en waren blij verrast door de grote moeite die Durban doet om alles proper te houden.
    Durban wordt geleid als een bedrijf en is genoteerd op de beurs, blijkbaar werkt dit goed.
    Het was een hete dag en we reden nog even langs de haven, hier was niet veel bedrijvigheid te zien.
    Om half 4 werden we aan Ushaka Marine World afgezet, tenminste Dirk en ik, de anderen hadden geen zin om naar het strand te gaan. De zon was ondertussen weg maar de temperatuur was zeer aangenaam. Veel zwemmen was er niet bij gezien de golven zeer hoog en wild waren, maar dat was ook plezant.
    Tegen kwart voor 5 kwamen we op de terugweg Alain tegen, hij vroeg of we er iets mee inzaten om wat later te vertrekken, hij kwam juist van de trein en het busje werd gepoetst.
    Bleek dat de Nederlanders op ons busje gevraagd hadden om op een bepaalde locatie gebracht te worden, toen bleek dat ze dan een taxi terug moesten nemen naar het station wilden ze toch liever ineens naar de trein gebracht te worden. Alain zei dat ze tenslotte geen taxidienst waren, hij was er niet gelukkig mee!
    Toen we aan de uitgang kwamen begon het te druppelen, tegen dat Alain er was met het busje was het een fikse regenbui die volgens hem heel de nacht kon duren.
    Gelukkig kwamen we ondanks de file aan de uitgang van Ushaka en de drukte in de straten, nog op tijd voor de 1e dinnershift, want we hadden beiden honger na dat zwemmen.
    We kregen: cheese salad, mussels in white wine sauce, lamb shops, Apple pie with fresh Cream.
    Zoals gewoonlijk lekker en genoeg met een vriendelijke bediening.
    Nog een biertje en een mixer (cocktail) meenemen naar onze coupé want vannacht rijden we weer verder.
    Douchen en wassen gebeurt best bij stilstand want je moet je wel goed vasthouden als de trein rijdt!
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  • Day108

    Durban, South Africa

    April 1, 2015 in South Africa ⋅ ☀️ 86 °F

    Durban is an urban vacation city for South Africans and foreigners that surprised us all. It had a very beautiful waterfront that followed the beach for several miles housing nice restaurants, pools, skate parks, etc. It was very family friendly and seemed very safe. There were a lot of warnings about the city and where to walk and to make sure you don't take valuables, etc. We certainly didn't feel any of that along the beach area. The biggest danger were the sharks as the authorities only allowed swimming in certain areas that, according to some, were where the shark nets were deployed.Read more

  • Day7

    Durban, South Africa

    June 13, 2010 in South Africa ⋅ 🌙 17 °C

    After waiting so long for the World Cup, and travelling half way accross the world to watch Australia compete for it, it proved to be the most tragic anticlimax imaginable.
    Ironically, the 26 hours of being awake between our 2.30am pickup on Monday here and the time we got back Tuesday at 4.30am, were the worst 26 hours of the entire trip so far, for several reasons.
    Firstly, the cringable incompetence of the Fanatics tour group continued. I cant imagine why it was neccessary to collect us at 2.30am... some 18 hours before kick off...
    When they did so, we made our way almost to the airport before they realised they had to turn back and pick up other fans from a hotel even further away from the airport than we were, wasting a good 90minutes in the early hours of the morning

    Arrival at the Durban Fanatics HQ didnt bring any further happiness. Breakfast was terribly cooked/ smoking and took over an hour in line to get.
    95% of the Fanatics fans-base as well.. makes you want to have a shower just being associated with them... The Australian fans are loud, rude, obnoxious, horrifically unintelligent, naive, offensive, tacky and arrogant (without any justification). The fans are largely either 20-30 year old guys who offend anyone in their presence and lack any sort of dignity whatsoever (eg. walking and urinating simultaneously on their way out of the stadium), or 40-50 year old, overweight, angry, drunk, VB passionate dickheads with facepaint and yellow wigs...
    Matt and I met up with Nick & Co in Durban for drinks, and to watch the earlier games. That was fun, even though neither game was very exciting. Also met some cool locals which was good.
    The game itself was tragic to say the least.
    Both the managerial tactics, team strategy, effort, application and mental fortitude on the pitch was an utter disgrace at best.

    Starting with 0 strikers, and our best player up forward on his own, isolated and taken out of the game, was not prudent against Germany, who really gave Australia an utter masterclass. In addition to the fact that Cahill received a (harsh) straight red card, his world cup group stage is now over, and as a result, Australias world cup is likely over too.
    Over a year of waiting, and then an absolute shaming of epic magnitude to lose it all right off the bat, there was NOTHING positive to take from this game for Australia. Full credit to Germany too, who played some beautiful football.
    Then all that was left to do was drag myself back to Cape Town via painful bus and plane transport...
    What a terrible 24 hours.
    Henceforth im all for the Dutch and all for Holland.
    Next game, Italy Vs Paraguay.
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  • Day34


    July 10, 2010 in South Africa ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

    The final day, E-Day, the end, the conclusion; it was fitting enough that my final day on African soil would fall on the day of the World Cup Final.
    Somehow, it was a world cup final that included my beloved Netherlands. Up against however, the best team in the tournament, player for player - Spain.
    We awoke around 10am for a marathon period of drama, football and travel. Little did I know, that from that point, I would sleep a mere 2 hours, in the next 50+

    Our destination of choice to watch the final, was to be the Durban fanfest, the next place to be, outside Soccer City itself.
    The pre-match weather was a bit concerning. The Durban slogan for the world cup was 'The Warmest Place to be'

    It was fittingly ironic, as this was about the highlight of the city, literally. Furthermore, despite mostly being blue skies and warm enough, the day of the final saw ominous black clouds sweeping in, alongside high winds, just hours before kickoff.

    We piled into the stadium along with some 40,000 fans, for the Closing Ceremony and quick dinner. There was an impressive atmosphere in there, of which id say Spanish fans dominated support by 6-1.
    It was about the most intense nerve racking sporing occaision id ever watched, eclipsing the Hawthorn Geelong 2008 Grand Final.

    Without going into too much detail, Spain won their first ever World Cup, and Holland finished runners-up for the third time. The cons, it was obviously shattering with only 4 minutes til the lottery of penalties, Robben missed a couple guilt edged chances, and Heitinga's very soft Red card, contributed immensely to Iniesta having the space to win it

    The pros; Holland well and truly eclipsed pre-tournament expectations by a mile, and have claimed second spot, and Rank 2 in the World. Despite playing an ugly physical final, they matched Spain, closed them down everywhere, and did what they had to do. It was little more than bad luck that saw them eventually beaten.

    The trip back to the hotel wasn't without controversy. I managed to leave my mobile phone in the taxi back, and spent the next couple hours (with the assistance of our hotel manager) finding phones, and ways to convince him to get back to our hotel and drop it off. I got it back, but by the time all that had happened, i had little over an hour to sleep (depressed and distressed) before leaving for the airport to leave African soil for home.
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