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  • Day212

    Nuit revigorante dans un "jjimjilbang"

    October 8, 2019 in South Korea ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

    Et la solution pour être de nouveau propre mais aussi passer la nuit au chaud (je me suis enrhumée lors des nuits de camping) est...le jjimjilbang ! Il m'aura fallu un petit temps pour comprendre qu'il fallait d'emblée deux "J" pour les trouver sur Depuis, je ne cesse de saouler David avec : "oh un jjimjilbang par-ci, un autre par-là ! Si on y allait ?"
    Mais je ne lai pas convaincu. Nous tombons d'accord pour que j'expérimente seule avant de l'embarquer dans cette aventure. Nous nous séparons donc pour la nuit. J'entre dans ce qui est donc un bain public coréen, en l'occurrence dans un immeuble en plein centre de Gangneung.

    A un étage, ce sont les bains pour femmes : dans le plus simple appareil, on se lave en se frottant vigoureusement, chacune assise sur son tabouret en plastique devant un "poste de lavage" : robinet, douche, seau, miroir, avant d'aller se prélasser dans des bassins à différentes températures et diverses salles de sauna ou hammam. C'est plus ou moins grand et luxueux selon le jjimjibang (et le prix d'entrée). Crèmes hydratantes, cotons-tiges, sèche-cheveux sont mis à disposition de ces dames. Chacune apporte aussi ses produits de beauté/lavage, à transporter dans un petit panier en plastique.

    Mais le Graal pour l'itinérante que je suis est aussi la salle de repos, à un autre étage : c'est une vaste pièce commune où, comme les bains sont ouverts 24h sur 24h, on peut même passer la nuit : sur de vastes tatamis on étale son matelas et sa couverture. On trouve aussi une télé, des mangas et autres livres (meme si en coréen ça m'intéresse peu...),des fauteuils massants, un bar où commander à boire ou à manger, d'autres salles étranges sur les côtés : une ressemble à une fausse grotte toute chaude décorée avec du gros sel et des étoiles de mer (?). Le jjimjilbang semble donc être le moment regression/ bien être par excellence : on dort, on lit des BD, on prend soin de soi, dans un environnement surchauffé digne du ventre maternel. Tout chaud mais pas nécessairement calme. Au cours de la soirée puis nuit, de plus en plus de gens arrivent. Crevée et un peu malade, je m'endors sans peine dès 20h30, malgré un vieux qui s'est assoupi devant la TV sans l'éteindre. Mais lorsque je me réveille au milieu de la nuit, je suis surprise de voir la salle remplie de nouveaux dormeurs ! Pourquoi les Coreens, qui eux ont une maison, viennent-ils dormir ici ? Mystère. En tous cas, j'ai pour ma part apprécié de me laver, me détendre, faire ma lessive, profiter des prises et du wifi et dormir dans ce cocon... C'est toute revigorée que je retrouve David le lendemain matin. Lui a campé dans une forêt au bord de la plage. Nous fêtons nos retrouvailles avec un petit-dej au soleil !
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    Mathilde RMX

    On sent bien la joie procurée par la douche et la nuit au chaud ! ;-)

    Aline en roue libre

    Ouiii !

    Anne-Sophie THOMAS

    Ahahah pas mal du tout ce plan dodo !!!! 😁 👌

  • Day13

    Beach and Bikes

    September 12, 2019 in South Korea ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    The hotel we are in is simple but basic. Breakfast is included but consists of bread and a toaster, cold hard-boiled eggs and strawberry jam. No butter. With that you can have orange juice and filter coffee, no sugar. It will do.

    We then head off for a walk along the beach towards the massive twin tower hotel we have seen from a distance. The entire length of the beach is edged with a boardwalk which makes walking very comfortable and pleasant. As we get nearer to the main section of beachfront we see eight women spread across the width of the sand walking north with a long pair of tongs and a large plastic bag, picking up rubbish as they go. The beach is pleasant, there are a number of the photo spots seen every in Korea, frames against a backdrop of some sort. Two of these appear to feature what we guess are local celebrities, perhaps TV soap opera actors, to have your pic taken alongside.

    We venture inside the Sky Bay hotel for a sticky and head on up to the top floor where there is an infinity pool alongside a bar and restaurant. After sitting for a while no-one comes to take a coffee order so we leave. Across the road is a large lake and alongside is a huddle of bike hire shops offering everything from the canopied four-seater family option through to scooters, regular bikes and electric assisted models. We find a place to have coffee attached to one of these and while happily relaxing with our cuppas talk to the lady about rental rates. We decide to return later in the day. First off lunch and siesta.

    We find a great place for lunch just around the corner from where we had dinner last night. We choose the pork bulgogi stew and with the accompnaying rice and side dishes find that one meal shared is plenty.

    At the arranged time we front up at the bike hire place and collect two electric-assisted bikes. The lake circuit is really lovely. There are sculptures along the way at some places, bird-watching hides at others and a huge lotus pond with a series of boardwalks meandering through the middle. All bar a few of the flowers are finished leaving the large seed pods in their place.

    For dinner tonight we find one of the famous but elusive chicken and beer haunts I have heard so much about. It was nice, it was too much and now that we have had it we probably don't need to have it again.
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  • Day12

    On the Road Again. Heading South

    September 11, 2019 in South Korea ⋅ ☁️ 19 °C

    We have chosen the rainiest day we have had so far to leave Sokcho and start heading south, but we don't have far to go. I was aware there is a national holiday around this time, what I wasn't sure of was which days to travel and which to stay off the roads but I think I have it sorted. Basically Chuseok, which is a likened to Thanksgiving, is a time when Koreans return to their families. Tomorrow is likely to be the day when most people will be traveling so I have organised it so that we won't be. We will travel a little way down the coast and spend 2 nights then travel a bit further down right in the middle of the four day break when hopefully no-one will be on the roads.

    The road follows the coast most of the way and we pull in to take a look at one of the beaches. We walk along the promenade towards the lighthouse in light drizzle. Barely ten minutes or so south of Sokcho is a temple site I have earmarked. I am expecting to see a small temple, a pavilion and a buddha. We walk up the hill from the carpark through Korean red pine forest in the steady light rain to the entrance gate. At this point we begin to get a sense of the size of the site. A gravel path leads up a slight incline towards a hilltop compound where among other pavillions and structures the bell pavillion sits. Beautifully ornate it houses a huge drum and two large bells which are roped off from public access.

    At this point a slight detour leads to a small memorial to forest fires that decimated many of the original structures (most have been rebuilt) including three mounds built solely from the roof tiles.

    Continuing along the path leads to the large standing Buddha. Here there is a smaller bell that for a small donation you can ring. Descending beneath the lip of the hilltop there is a submerged temple where when kneeling you can look up at a 45 degree angle through a glass ceiling to see the full figure of the Buddha above.

    We are now making our way down towards the cliff edge but first the pavillion housing six seated golden Buddhas, three either side of the centre-piece, a radiant, standing, multi-limbed being. There seems to be almost a hint of Hinduism about this temple from the swastika on the outside of the building to the carved stone plinths surrounding the outside with elephants at the base. None of these symbols seem very Korean to me but what would I know. A few more pavillions and a lotus pond later and we reach the small pavillion on the cliff edge. An absolutely stunning site, I'm glad we made the effort to visit.

    We are on the look-out for somewhere to have lunch when I ask Richard to count up how much cash we have left. Not enough for lunch, we search for an ATM. Find one, doesn't work. Find another, doesn't work. Ask someone who says we need a bigger town. ! Huh?

    Ok, we are headed for Gangneung so we will try there, otherwise we are going to be living off the credit card. We find a group of shops with American brands and ask. No ATMs around here. A helpful customer with a few words of English sends us 10km further on and instructs us to look for an E-mart. We spot an ATM booth on the same block as an E-mart. The ATM again does not work. The E-mart has no ATM. I go into the bank branch attached to the ATM and the young woman sends me across the road to another convenience store. Success! Thank god! We can eat, yay!

    We decide to find the hotel and check in first. We are located in a beachside area with a bunch of small hotels in a strip much like any Aussie coastal resort town. Down the road there are a bunch of eateries and we find one doing the similar noodle dishes that we had a couple of days ago, this time the seafood one is all in the shell, mussels, clams and octopus. So delicious.
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  • Day74

    Gangneung Olympic Parc

    February 16, 2018 in South Korea ⋅ ☀️ 5 °C

    Greetings from the Gangneung Olympic Park. Tonight we will watch the ice hockey game Germany Vs. Sweden. Let's go Germany!

    Viele Grüße aus dem Olympiapark in Gangneung. Heute Abend schauen wir uns dann das Eishockey Spiel Deutschland gegen Schweden an.Read more

  • Day74

    Kwandong Hockey Center - GER vs SWE 0:1

    February 16, 2018 in South Korea ⋅ 🌙 1 °C

    We lost but the game was really good at the Kwandong Hockey Center. Tomorrow we will go to the Biathlon :)

    Wir haben zwar verloren aber das Spiel war trotzdem sehr gut! Morgen Abend geht es dann zum Biathlon.Read more

    Achim Krüger

    Ich habe es auch gesehen - aber leider nur im Fernsehen. Vielleicht gibts ja morgen noch mal Metall beim Biathlon. Viele Grüße und noch viele wunderbare Eindrücke

  • Day12

    Yangyang to Gangneung

    October 5, 2014 in South Korea ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Two Korean couples invite me to their meal tent for breakfast. We eat rice, seaweed, kim chee and beef. The couples are from Seoul and camp twice a month.

    There's a cycle route that leads to Busan. Crossing a high bridge I watch fishermen. Large fish flap on the path and more are being reeled in from far below. Bringing the fish up is a two-man job with one turning the reel and the other pulling up the line by hand.

    In Hajodae I walk out to the skywalk. Down below waves are crashing over a walkway on the rocks. Voices squeal as Koreans taking selfies try to stay dry. Not all succeed.

    At the 38th Parallel the beach is packed with Koreans learning to surf. But what strikes me most are the barbed wire and lookout towers. A reminder that South Korea is still at war with its northern brother.
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  • Day13


    October 6, 2014 in South Korea ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    I take great delight in two rest days in Gangneung. My body and mind are exhausted from the riding and impressions. For the first day I watch movies in my dorm. By the second I'm ready to explore the town. It's a creative place with lots of art from seaside sculptures to statues of children playing hide and seek in a park.Read more

  • Day15

    Baekyangsa temple stay experience

    June 16, 2018 in South Korea ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    So we experienced the temple stay in Korea.

    We arrived on Saturday afternoon, We had an introduction to temple manners and a quick history of the temple foundation.

    We had dinner with the other participants. I experience drinking water from small paper pouch. I think the water melon provided more water...

    The next day, We woke up at 4:30 and participate to the morning office. We bowed to Buddha several times and chant. At the end of the office we meditated for 20min, basically until you can't feel your feet.

    Then we had breakfast. Buddhism is experience things together. So we had breakfast together, your fellow tourists, monks and high monks. We gathered food and all sat at random positions in the main room.

    Nobody was speaking. We could ear the forest music from outside. That was a great moment... Until they put actual music on.

    Someone decided to test our self control this morning....

    Music start reaching your ears, and you realize that l it is playing the bloody piano version of Titanic main theme... Yeah the one sang by Céline Dion.
    Now you try really hard to suppress that nervous laughs. Every time you lift up your eyes you see very serious faces... Except one, Laetitia, which seems to struggle not laughing too. DO NOT LOOK AT HER.

    Finally we were allowed to start eating. Good, focus on something, be serious now, think about the food, the people work that it tooks to grow it, Buddhist style.

    After the breakfast we had a tea ceremony then we headed to the upper temple where we had the Jeong Kwan cooking class.
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    Trèfle a 4

    Très impressionnant

  • Day66

    Gangneung pt 1

    February 1, 2019 in South Korea ⋅ 🌙 -3 °C

    Ik stop met werken een weekje voor mijn vlucht naar huis, en ga op aanraden van Jinny naar de oostkust van Korea voor een paar nachten.

    Gangneung is de grootste stad aan de oostkust, en ik verblijf vlak (maar ook écht) aan het strand 😎

    Een selectie..
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Kang-neung, Gangneung, 江陵市, 강릉시, Каннын, KAG