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  • Day14

    Tempel & Königsgräber

    June 14, 2019 in South Korea ⋅ ☁️ 24 °C

    Heute morgen ging es mit dem Auto weiter. Der erste Stopp war kurz nach Busan an einem sehr bekannten Tempel, welcher direkt am Meer gelegen ist. Das Wetter heute war leider nicht so gut, 20Grad und regen. Aber nichtsdestotrotz sind wir zu dem Tempel gelaufen und haben einige Fotos gemacht.
    Danach ging es ca. 2 Stunden weiter zur nächsten Stadt, in welcher wir heute auch schlafen. Dort gibt es viele Königliche Gräber, welche aussehen wie kleine Hügel, aus der Zeit der Silla (57 v Chr. bis 935 n. Chr.). Ziemlich beeindruckend diese Gräber zu sehen. Eines wurde als kleines Museum ausgebaut, in dem man die Gräber, mit ihren schätzen, sehen konnte.
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  • Day11


    November 13, 2017 in South Korea ⋅ ⛅ 5 °C

    Eergisteren kwamen we aan in Gyeongju, een stad in het Zuid-Westen.

    Het is hier mooi en rustig maar ook een levendig stadscentrum.

    De parken hebben allemaal tumuli, grote ronde heuvels van zo een 12meter hoog die eigenlijk graven zijn van honderden jaren oud. Wel een mooi zicht.

    Gisteren gingen we naar Bulguksa en de Seokguram grotto. Bulguksa is een oud paleis of tempelcomplex is is wel mooi maar na zo 2 maand hier te reizen hadden we wel al wat mooiers gezien. De grotto is een mangemaakte ‘grot’ waar een grote buddha is uit gekapt meer dan 1300 jaar geleden.

    Het was weekend als we hier waren dus elke uitstap die we deden leek alsof half Zuid-Korea mee was.

    Het is ook heel erg koud geworden op een week tijd, vorige week liep ik in mijn T-shirt in Busan en nu ben ik wat verkouden aan het worden.

    Vandaag reizen we helemaal naar Sokcho in het Noord-Westen. We moeten hiervoor 7uur op de bus zitten en dat gaat echt rot zijn want we hebben niet zo lang geleden eens 2uur op de bus gezeten en hadden allebei hoofdpijn. Ze rijden hier niet zo aangenaam.
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  • Day15

    More Coast

    September 14, 2019 in South Korea ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    I am waking much earlier than Richard most mornings and today I decide to go for a walk before he wakes. The hotel overlooks a large lotus pond with an easy path surrounding it. There are a small number of lingering blooms clinging to the last warm days. On the far side there is a small war memorial containing three small planes next to a children's playground. A little further on is a small hill topped with pines encircling a pavillion. I take a short detour returning to the hotel to see if there is anywahere nearby for breakfast. Answer: not much. Richard and I return a bit later and end up with convenience store pastries and coffee.

    Today will take a bit longer to reach our destination but should still only take about two hours. We plan to take a meandering route hugging the coastline and if the opportunity allows, Richard will test swimmability.

    Our destination is Gyeongju, a historical town which was once the centre of the Silla empire and is now World Heritage listed. We are staying in a traditional hanok house very close to some of the many historical sites. What we don't realise is that there is a festival happening and traffic on our street is at a total standstill. We park where we can and will retrieve the car later.
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  • Day16

    Walking Where Kings Lay

    September 15, 2019 in South Korea ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

    I am up before sunrise and take off with my camera to explore. We are located across the road from a number of large mounds which are ancient burial tombs now set in park-like grounds. My walk takes me into a small forest and out the other side onto the street further along from our guest house.

    After breakfast Richard and I repeat my walk of this morning and this time also dive in to the old laneways that weave between the traditional houses. I have discovered that one of the symbols of the town is a horse figure so I am on the lookout for this as a figurine to add to my horse collection. So far no joy but I sure I'll find it somewhere.

    We find a lunch spot across the road from the Tombs Park. This is up there as possibly the best meal of the trip. A dish of fried thin pork strips along with a broth, possibly miso but this one is actually quite nice, and 16 side dishes plus rice. Absolutely delicious!

    Richard heads back to the room and I go in to see the Tombs Park, a large park with around 20 burial mounds, one of which has been excavated and restored so that you can enter and view the burial chamber. I approach a window to pick up a guide and end up with my own personal tour guide.
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  • Day17

    In Search of a Horse

    September 16, 2019 in South Korea ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    My walk this morning takes me past the covered bridge. Yes! There is a covered bridge. I have only ever seen the Ponte Vecchio in Florence and am only aware of the covered bridges in the US so I am keen to see it. I arrive early enough to capture it as a silhouette against the eastern sky.

    Today we decide to go further afield. Our host has given us a couple of suggestions so we head out with our maps and sat nav to find them. The first is described on the map as Holy Ground. We head up the valley for about 10 kilometres and after parking, set out on foot through gently ascending gardens alongside a running stream. We are about to turn back as my legs are starting to protest when we spot a small bridge ahead through the trees. Only a little further on there is a pavilion set against the forest backdrop. Such a tranquil place.

    The next spot on the map our host had said is beautiful. Her lack of English and my lack of Korean had limited the description to this solitary comment so we thought we'd check it out since it was nearby. We had no idea what we were looking for apart from "three-storey pagoda" and once again were about to turn back when I spot a sign directing towards exactly that. We turn into a very narrow street in a village that quickly takes us out the other side along an impossibly narrower road. At this point we are having serious doubta but there is simply nowhere to turn around. We are committed. It is only a few kilometres of nailbiting road, worrying whther our wheelbase is narrow enough not to land one side or other into a pond. We seriously scrape one side of the car along some fallen branches. At the end of the road we find thankfully a muddy, grassy patch large enough to turn the car around. As for the pagoda, there must be some cultural or relious significance that is completely lost on us. I have seen more impressive examples in garden centres. On our way back out I get out of the car to attempt to move the dead branches out of the way. These are evil branches with thorns along their length and in between the thorns is covered in small prickles. With Richard's help we shilft the branches enough to get the car through.

    Our next destination is an ancient village about half an hour away. Described as historically significant we envisioned something picturesque and huddled together. We found a large spread out site of mainly thatched and mud daub cottages intermingled with the now familiar hanok style dwellings. The heat of the the day combined with our lack of information or a guide of any kind led to our jaded interest. We stopped for cool drinks before I went off to take some photos but we found it difficult to muster much enthusiasm.

    We return to the same place as yesterday for the same lunch because we loved it so much then Richard heads off for a sieasta and I go in search of a horse. I walk up into the retail district and find nothing before stumbling on a small gift shop where the only items I find are a key ring and a fridge magnet. I am disappointed as it is such a spectacular horse and would be a wonderful addition to my other horses!

    Later in the afternoon we return to the bridge to see it in the glow of sunset. Across the road is a nice spot to have a couple of beers.
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  • Day5


    October 25, 2019 in South Korea ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Unser Weg führt uns in die ehemalige Hauptstadt Gyeongju, welche auch das Museum ohne Mauern genannt wird. Korea hat eine wahnsinnig lange Geschichte. Sie ist eine Abfolge von Dynastien, die immer mal wieder von Fremdherrschaften unterbrochen wurden. Mal hatten die Mongolen die Herrschaft, später die Japaner. Auch die Chinesen hatten ihre Finger im Spiel. Gyeongju war Mittelpunkt des Silla Königreichs und gilt heute als kulturelle Hochburg des Landes. Die Stadt ist übersät mit historischen Bauwerken, Tempeln, Palästen und Gräbern vergangener Epochen. Die traditionelle Bestattungsweise für Könige, aber auch für wichtige Würdenträger in Korea war das Hügelgrab. Die Gräber sehen mehr oder weniger aus wie große Beulen in der Landschaft.
    Im Tumuli Park befinden sich 23 grasbewachsene Hügelgräber. Bisher sind erst zwei davon untersucht worden und nur eines davon, das Cheonmachong Grab ist begehbar.
    Hier wird die Bauweise der Gräber erklärt und Repliken der gefundenen Grabbeigaben ausgestellt.
    Es gibt auf dem Gelände aber noch mehr interessante alte Sachen zum Beispiel das Cheomseongdae Observatorium. Es wurde zwischen 632 und 647 erbaut und soll das älteste noch erhaltene in Ostasien sein. Es sieht zwar unspektakulär aus, aber der ganze Bau ist nach mathematischen Prinzipien ausgerichtet. Die verbauten Steine entsprechen der Zahl der Tage in einem Jahr, insgesamt gibt es 30 Steinreihen, entsprechend der Zahl der Tage in einem Monat und so weiter.
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  • Day8

    Arribem a Gyeongju

    October 31, 2019 in South Korea ⋅ 🌙 14 °C

    Arribem a Gyeongju i anem cap a l'allotjament. És una casa tradicional coreana. La nostra habitació té un futón, un bany i una tele. Hem anat a sopar, que ens ha costat bastant trobar un lloc barat i bo. A la tornada hem mirat El Senyor dels Anells, El retorn del Rei. Sam no ha parat de plorar en tota la peli. A la Zuzanna li feia por Ella Laraña. Gollum gollum. Phehj!Read more

  • Day9

    Visitem Gyeongju

    November 1, 2019 in South Korea ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Al matí hem anat a rentar la roba. Mentrestant hem anat a fer un cafè i a menjar panellets coreans. Més tard hem anat cap al mercat i hem menjat bufet d'entrants coreans per uns 5 euros. Després he provat el Sprite de pera, hem fet un altre cafè i hem anat a visitar coses. El parc de les tombes-turonets, el parc de l'observatori astronòmic i el del pavelló amb un llac. Tots molt macos. Més tard hem passat pel barri de casetes i hem comprat el gimbap per emportar. Hem anat a fer una birra pel nostre barri, que te l'omplies tu mateix i cap a l'allotjament. Veiem X-men i a dormir!Read more

  • Day12

    Cheonmachong Tomp in Gyeongju

    May 11, 2018 in South Korea ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Nachdem aufstehen haben wir uns in Gyeongju noch die Königsgräber in einer wunderschönen angelegten Parkanlagen angeschaut. Die Hügel sind übrigens die Gräber. Es gibt eigentlich noch ein Museums Teil auf dem Parkgelände was aber leider wegen Umbau geschlossen war. Dafür mussten wir auch keinen Eintritt zahlen.Read more

  • Day24

    Sokcho - Gyengju

    November 10, 2019 in South Korea ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    De Yoo, de Besitzer vo üsem tolle Hostel in Sokcho, winkt eus na minutenlang nah... und 6 Busstunden später simmer im bitzli weniger fischlaschtige Gyengju.

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