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  • Day55

    Donostia-San Sebastian

    October 27, 2016 in Spain

    Although it was a 5 hour train journey from Barcelona, we decided to go to Donostia-San Sebastián in northern Spain to get a taste of the Basque culture which is very unique. The Basque people actually at one point wanted to be independent from Spain (like many regions in Spain) and continue to retain their identity with their own language, traditions and more importantly food! This is also why this city has two given names: Donostia in Basque and San Sebastián in Spanish.

    This region is well known for it's culinary expertise. We enjoyed going to typical Pintxos (pronounced Pinchos) bars where a wide array of tapas would be displayed to choose from. The selections are heavily focused on seafood as San Sebastián is located on the coast but you can also find some good meat as well. We enjoyed trying both hot and cold Pintxos like veal cheeks, octopus, and sea urchin to name a few. Everything we ate was so unique and different and definitely very fresh!

    San Sebastián reminded us a lot of California with its beaches, surfers and chill atmosphere. It was a nice stop to explore this unique region in Spain and we highly recommend it for any foodies.
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  • Day162

    San Sebastian

    August 30, 2015 in Spain

    As we arrive Suki throws up and Trav is
    holding it in as he leans over the canal. It was a transfer from hell with one of the volunteer surf camp chicks attempting to drive the van. After getting lost we made it to the city but her 3rd world driving skills and windy roads left most of the van ready to chunder. Luckily Trav realized we were only a short walk from our airbnb accommodation and we practically jumped out on the side of the road.

    We check in to our airbnb place and met by our lovely host Eva who proceeds to wrote down a dozen recommended pintxos (tapas) bars in old town. After watching an amazing sunset we stroll into old town and check out the block of pintxos bars. It's Saturday night so it's packed with people and impossible to move so we settle for a quick snack then sit down at a quiet burger bar.

    The next day we sleep in and walk a short 5 mins to the surf beach. With a weeks worth of surf camp it's time to test out our new skills. We find a place to hire 2 x 8ft long boards and hit the waves. It's a refreshing change from the subpar conditions at Moliets and in no time we're catching waves including a awesome green wave together. The swell is unpredictable and as the tide rises the waves become huge and crash right into the shore. We have some tapas and wash it down with sangria and Lambrusco before taking a picturesque stroll up the mountain overlooking the city with unbeatable sunset views. As the sun sets we walk back into Old Town to catch up with a friend we met at Surf Camp and dine at a few select Tapas bars.

    Last day so we decide to walk to the other side of the city and catch a diagonal elevator to another city lookout with an adventure park up the top. The weather has cooled down and it's a relaxing sipping beer overlooking the city. One of the attractions is a massive owl that can sit on your arm if you're willing to pay.

    A long walk back to the airbnb place to grab our bags and it starts to pour. We're saturated by the time we reach the bus station and have to change our clothes. It's a nice stay at the airport hotel and we binge watch Blacklist as we prepare for our flight to Germany tomorrow to begin our 2 month volunteering gig at a Husky Farm!
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  • Day14

    Day 14 - Biarritz to San Sebastian

    April 29, 2016 in Spain

    There is only just over 30 miles between Biarritz and San Sebastian but the first thing that strikes you is the difference in culture especially the bars, restaurant's and biggest of all the food.

    It couldn't be easier getting between the two on train. Simply get the train to Hendaye at the end of the line in France then walk 200 yards to the next platform which is Irun in Spain (these will hopefully be the last trains for a while).

    After arriving in San Sebastian to great weather it was time to have a bike around. There are two main beaches and a great old town which is car free and where all your pintxos (think tapas but don't say that here) bars are. More than 200 of them. More on the pintxos bars and trying to work out how they work tomorrow.

    A must is a walk upto the Castillo de La Mota which you can see where ever you are in San Sebastian. It offers amazing views of the city and on the way back dowm on the West side is a hidden bar which will offer you some of the best views and music you will find anywhere to have a beer.
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  • Day15

    Day 15 - San Sebastian

    April 30, 2016 in Spain

    What a difference a day makes. Cold, wet and very windy. Only good thing was the strong winds meant the heavy showers came and left pretty quick.

    I'd managed to pick up a ticket to watch Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid a couple of days ago so luckily the weather didn't have too much of an impact on the day. After a chilled morning I headed over to the ground for a few pre game beers and see what was going on.

    Not your biggest of clubs Real Sociedad. Atmosphere around the ground reminded me of a Fulham game, a family club with everyone just having a good day out. The real stars were Real Madrid (no Ronaldo sadly) who are pushing fir the title and an average game was saved for Madrid by a Bale winner in the 80th minute. Fair play to the 100 or so Sociedad 'ultras' who didn't stop singing for the entire mate and the old fella next to me who spoke to me in Spanish the whole match. No idea what he said but a lot knodding and shouting at the ref when he did seemed to do the trick.

    After the match it was time to head back to the old town to spend an website in the pintxos bars and try and work out how to order the food. Each bar varies slightly which doesn't help but basically you grab a plate help yourself to what's on the bar, order a few hot things (black squid ink risotto in one of the bars was amazing) and the barmen some how at the end seem to know exactly what you've had and everyone else. No idea how they do it but very impressive. Great atmosphere in all the bars with the locals not coming out for food until about 9/10pm the places are still buzzing with people eating and drinking well gone midnight.

    Great weekend in San Sebastian will definitely be back. Back on the bike tomorrow and can't wait.
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  • Day3

    Rota dos Pintxos

    October 6, 2017 in Spain

    O plano para jantar era fazer a rota dos pintxos em San Sebastian com 8 paragens obrigatórias. Infelizmente, chegar ao hotel, fazer check-in, encontrar um sítio para estacionar (pelos vistos lá só nos parques subterrâneos), aprontar-nos para a noite tudo isso demorou tempo e começamos tarde.
    Às 23h tudo fecha e só conseguimos fazer metade das paragens obrigatórias, em cada ponto uns pintxos e uma cerveja. Terminamos com a melhor tarte de natas em la vina:
    1. astelena (ropa vieja, foi-gras)
    2. la cuchara de san telmo (leitao)
    3. bar nagusia - ok
    4. bar borda berri
    5. la viña (5€ tarte de queijo) - ok
    6. bar goiz-argi
    7. la mejillonera- ok
    8. bar martinez - ok

    Já que estava tudo fechado fomos para o GU, um bar à beira da praia, mais para cotas e gays.
    Acabamos a noite no bataplan também a beira mar, mas para uma faixa etária muito mais baixa. Eu e o Valentim fomos para casa por "cedo", por volta das 5 porque queríamos surfar de manhã. Claro que antes das 6 os outros dois também estava na cama.
    Mas de manhã tivemos que ser arrancados a ferro da cama á hora do check out com uma ressaca gigante dos gins low cost das discotecas.
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  • Day17

    Diese Nacht hatten wir wieder Regen und noch viel schlimmer: eine Menge Feuchtigkeit in Auto. 🌧
    Früh hat der Niederschlag zum Glück eine kurze Pause eingelegt. Da konnten wir gleich einen Spaziergang über den Campingplatz unternehmen und herausfinden welche Ausblicke uns gestern verborgen waren. Der Platz hat einen Blick vom Berg auf die Küste und das Meer, mit Weg zum Strand. 🏞
    Zurück nach San Sebastián haben wir wieder die spannende Route genommen. Super Aussicht, aber auch sehr riskant: ich habe fast eine Ziege überfahren! Die kam einfach auf die Straße gelaufen, wie die Schafe in Irland. 🐐🐑
    In der Stadt haben wir uns dann auf Schinkensuche gemacht, nach einigen Überlegungen und Verkostungen konnten wir, mit einer Hinterschinkenkeule, bewaffnet aufbrechen.
    Dann gab es noch ein letztes Mal mein Lieblingsfrühstück Churros und für Stefan Toast mit Ei und Schinken, in einem urigen Lokal.
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  • Day195

    San Sebastian

    July 17, 2017 in Spain

    Die Küstenstadt San Sebastian auch "Perle des Kantabrischen Meeres" genannt, besitzt eines der schönsten urbanen Strände der Welt. Gleichzeitig gehört sie auch zu Europas wichtigsten Kultur- und Tourismusstädten.

  • Day4

    Sightseeing in San Sebastian

    July 11, 2017 in Spain

    Nach einem tiefenentspannten Start in den Tag, begaben wir uns erstmal auf die Suche nach Frühstück; mittlerweile war es 12:00. Der Plan war, mit Kaffee und Kuchen an den Strand zu gehen, dann in die Altstadt, auf den Berg und um 15:00 an der Herberge auf einen Platz zu warten..... Nun ja. Am Strand war es zu schön, unsere Gespräche zu spannend und so saßen wir um 15:00 immer noch am Strand und sprachen über Gott und die Welt. 😊🌎
    Gegen 16:00 trafen wir dann mit Sack und Pack in der Herberge ein und wurden direkt für unsere Verspätung abgestraft; streng sind sie die Hospitaleros. Im wahren Leben bestimmt auch alles Lehrer. (Fotos von der Herberge gibt es extra, das war einfach zu "spannend"....)

    Nachdem wir uns an diesem "Ort" eingerichtet hatten, zogen wir dann doch weiter Richtung Altstadt. Was für eine grandiose Stadt!! Eine wunderbare, erhaltene Altstadt, man kann sich kaum satt sehen... Schweren Herzens eisten wir uns irgendwann los und bestiegen den Hausberg wo dann wieder ein Highlight das nächste jagte. Nach der Christus Statue, von der man einen einmaligen Blick auf die Bucht und die Berge hat (atemberaubende Kulisse) würden wir magisch angezogen von den Klängen einer E-Geige. Auf einer Plattform mit Blick aufs Meer, versammelten sich langsam immer mehr junge Menschen, um von dort den Sonnenuntergang zu beobachten 🌅, während ein junger Spanier dazu auf seiner E-Geige spielte; magisch! Nur leider war es mittlerweile 21:00 (Sonnenuntergang um 21:45) und wir mussten um 22:00 in der Herberge sein, da wir sonst nicht mehr rein gelassen werden würden. Problem an der Sache: das letzte Mal wirklich gegessen hatten wir zum Frühstück und der Rückweg würde mindestens 20 Min dauern... also hieß es schon wieder Loslassen. Auf einem kleinen Platz am Fuße des Berges, gegenüber einer Kirche, aßen wir in einem -wie sich dann heraus stellte- der besten Tapas Lokale der Stadt. Es war brechend voll dort und so nahmen wir alles mit hinaus und assen auf den Stufen der Kirche, spanisches Lebensgefühl inklusive.

    Um 21:45 starteten wir durch und rannten den halben Weg zur Herberge, wenn wir nicht gerade vor Lachen, Prusten oder Beinschmerzen fast zusammen brachen. 😁 Pünktlich auf die Minute kamen wir dort unter den strengen Blicken des Herbergsvaters an. Es kam wohl nur so medium gut an, dass ich unbedingt vor der Tür noch ein Bild vom Sonnenuntergang machen wollte... aber die Herberge war fensterlos, das wäre von innen nicht wirklich gegangen. Außer mit Knastfeeling, da das einzige Fenster (im Eingangsbereich) ein Gitter davor hatte...
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