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  • Day150

    141. Etappe: Pedrouzo

    November 29 in Spain

    Santiago so nah vor Augen hat uns heute einen richtigen Schub gegeben, so dass wir mit 33,1 km noch einmal eine Ü30-Etappe raus gehauen haben. Damit haben wir eine hervorragende Ausgangsposition für die morgige finale Etappe nach Santiago, die wir mit gut 19 km entspannt angehen können, um jeden Schritt der Zielgeraden zu genießen.
    Aber der Reihe nach.
    Die erwartet mollig warme Nacht wurde es leider nicht, da das Vergnügen einer funktionierenden Heizung sehr kurzweilig war. Trotz einer - zumindest für Daniel - kurzen Nacht und sehr regnerischer Vorhersagen starteten wir, wie gewohnt, voll motiviert in den Tag. Die Sonne ließ sich von unserer Motivation anstecken und kämpfte sich zwischendrin immer mal wieder durch die vielen Wolken. So schritt es sich leichter über die sich anfangs konsequent durchziehende Asphaltroute. Nach einem Drittel unserer heutigen Strecke gelangten wir vom Camino del Norte auf den Camino Frances. Auf den folgenden Kilometern stellten sich nun auch immer mehr Wälder und kleine Orte ein. Ziemlich erschöpft (Daniel 😉) beziehen wir unsere heutige sehr schöne Herberge und werden uns später ein verdientes Pilgermahl im Ort schmecken lassen. Und bei mindestens einer Person (Franzi 😊) wird beim bevorstehenden Zieleinlauf heute Nacht sicherlich ein spannendes Duell zwischen Müdigkeit und Aufregung ausgefochten.
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  • Day147

    July 26

    Tomorrow we walk into Santiago! Andy, Paul and Mirabelle are already there, and they are going to meet Alan, Paku, and me at the Cathedral ❤️. Being together with them at the end will be special.

    Someone told me I couldn’t really prepare for what would happen on this journey, and she was right. This whole experience has totally surpassed my expectations. I can’t even put into words how amazing it has been. 💕

    Highlights from this Stretch:

    1. The beautiful farmland with the ridiculously tall corn
    2. Renting a room for $50 and ending up with a whole 3 bedroom apartment! 😳😃
    3. Dinner at Casa Chelo - Food cooked by grandmas 😋😋 and Paku posing with the grandmas. So good!
    4. Dinner with Paku - When Paku gets into a town, he finds out where the best restaurant is and where the best wine is, then he lets us know. Thank you Paku!!!
    5. Paku running into his friend from Luxembourg after not seeing him since early on in France!
    6. Someone painted “I Will Walk 500 Miles” on a cement wall, so I figured that is the song for today’s video. 🙂

    Santiago has been the goal for so long, and tomorrow we will be there. 🙂
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  • Day27

    Ribadiso da Baixo -> 24km -> O Pedrouzo
    With the heat down, walking becomes easier. Yesterday's big storm cooled the temperatures so we managed to walk further than planned today. More eucalyptus forests were passed, which seemed to be everywhere in Galicia. Last night before the big arrival tomorrow - fingers crossed all goes wellRead more

  • Day19

    Final Countdown

    May 27 in Spain

    Arzua - O Pedrouzo 19,5km

    Heute zeigte Galicien noch einmal seine ganze Schönheit. Durch Eukalyptus-Mischwälder, keltisch anmutenden Feldwegen und Dörfer erreichten wir das vorletzte Etappenziel unserer wunderschönen Reise. Mit einem Restprogramm von 20km werden wir morgen Mittag dann Santiago erreichen.Read more

  • Day36

    Day 34. Pedrouzo

    October 8 in Spain

    Well another 27km day under the belt and only one day to go now!!! and less than 20kms too!

    Today we passed the 20km mark and amazing feeling knowing only one day left till we reach Santiago! Trust me my body is feeling every bit of the last 34 day (780kms).

    Many know that I suggested that the proclaimers 500miles was my theme song well today I saw the sign that it was the right decision!! "I will walk 500 miles".

    Well until tomorrow and my numerous posts to celebrate the completion of this adventure, Buen Camino xxx
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  • Day53

    A walk in the rain to A Rua

    October 14 in Spain

    Today we had our first rainy day, but the lovely thing was - we didn’t get wet!! That is, our feet, socks and insides of shoes stayed cosy and dry. It really was a very pleasant walk...the rain was mostly just little fuzzy droplets, and when occasionally it transformed to actual rain, it was so light it wasn’t soaking at all, plus for a lot of the time we walked through tree tunnels and under leafy canopies. So it was quite a beautiful walk! And it was clear on and off, and by the time we arrived here at 1.45 it had properly cleared up and was sunny.

    There are SO many eucalyptus trees here...some in orderly plantations, in perfect rows, and many grown up wild, self-seeded and in great abundance, mixed with the native oaks and chestnut trees. When we walked in the wet leaves it smelt like an Australian bush walk!

    So it was an easy 19 kms, undulating, and perfect walking temperature. A Rua is a tiny village. We stayed at this place last time, so we knew how to look for it (some people we talked to walked straight past, waiting for the “town”... in the last 5 years they have added a new wing of modern rooms and apartments round a pool which is where we are now...before we were upstairs in the old original stone house. Very easy and friendly, and they have a laundry so Amr is in the process of washing all our stuff before Santiago tomorrow, which is fabulous as I recall that there wasn’t one at all handy fact I think we took a taxi to it!!! So we are all clean again.

    Tomorrow we walk the last 20 kms into Santiago and spend 2 nights there. And we will meet our “family” there at 6 o’clock for a drink and dinner! We have another group at the moment we keep seeing these last few days - we are all booked with the same people, so are staying at the same accommodation and getting to know each other. Three women from Oregon, a family with 2 teenage girls from Denver, and 3 older women - 2 sisters with their sister-in-law, also the couple from Washington DC that we had dinner with 2 nights quite sociable, but we all also have plenty of downtime. So tomorrow the entry to Santiago!
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  • Day30

    O Cebreiro to Samos

    August 1, 2017 in Spain

    Beautiful walk this day to Samos, which is one of the prettiest little places on the Camino. It has quite an impressive monastery, which draws tourists. It has been harder to get a place to sleep eacnight from this point on, because many Spaniards and other Europeans walk this portion of the Camino in the summer. Including many youth groups. There's one group of 105 from Andalucía.Read more

  • Day27

    The Last Stamp

    October 6, 2017 in Spain

    When I was a young lad I collected stamps which opened up my world to far off lands and national symbols. Each day on the Way we collect at least one "sello" or stamp for our pilgrim credencial, usually from the Albergue we are staying at.

    The credencial (or passport) is proof of our trip, where we started and stopped along the Way. It is required in Santiago de Compostella if we want to receive an official document written in Latin that says we have completed our Camino.

    Appropriately enough when we reach Santiago de Compostella tomorrow we will be staying at an albergue called The Last Stamp.

    The excitement is building. Only 19.8 km to walk tomorrow morning to reach the Cathedral in Santiago and add some more ink to my credencial.
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  • Day26

    This is the end......

    October 1, 2017 in Spain

    My last night in an albergue! Yess! I am in Pedrouzo and walked about 29 KMs today. I wanted to shorten my walk tomorrow into Santiago, so I have more time to enjoy my PRIVATE room..... Did I mention that I booked a private room in Santiago 😂😂😂😂

    Today's walk was interesting! I started my walk alone, leaving the quiet albergue in Boimorte. I didn't meet a single pilgrim the first 10 kms... Just some locals and some cows on the street.
    Then I arrived in Arzua..... OMG! In Arzua, the Camino del Norte meets up with the very popular Camino Frances...... Uffffff ..... I immediately noticed, from there on I wasn't the only pilgrim on the camino anymore. Also, the camino frances has more bars and restaurants along the way and more albergues.... This town I am staying in has 8! Albergues..... Versus the one or two on the Norte.

    I am very happy that I chose for the Norte, I would not have enjoyed the Frances, too many people and no coast. Plus too easy 😂.

    Tomorrow I (and many others) will be walking into Santiago de Compostela. The route is not supposed to be special, actually some call it ugly, so I am not expecting much beauty, except at the end.......... My private room 😂😂😂

    In all seriousness though, tomorrow when I arrive, I will have to go to the pilgrims office to register. Now at the office they ask u if you did the camino out of religious reasons or other reasons. If you say religious, you get the oorkonde ( dont know what it is in english) and if u say other, you don't get the oorkonde.
    This leads many people to lie about their reason, saying they did it for religious reasons.... You all know me..... I think you know my answer to that question tomorrow.....
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