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    • Day 47

      Le défi a le dessus sur la peur

      June 4 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 22 °C

      Aujourd'hui dernière journée difficile, 29,5 km de marche quelques montées exigeantes.
      Au fur et mesure que l'on progresse sur le chemin nos peurs s'estompent une à une et est gagnée par la confiance,contre les blessures, la forme physique, le moral, l'attitude, les montagnes abruptes.
      Réussites sur réussites éliminent graduellement les peurs qui t'habitaient et qui nuisaient au tout début à l'appréciation d'un voyage de rêve et d'un objectif énorme à réussir.
      Il aura fallu plus de 975km de marche pour réaliser qu'il faut du temps pour se bâtir une confiance une acceptation de soi sur lequel on peut s'outiller pour prendre la vie du bon côté, rester en équilibre avec ses valeurs et ses convictions, malgré les évènements souvent insensées qu'on essaie de nous imposer.
      Aujourd'hui j'ai vu un pèlerin en chaise roulante sportive sortir du groupe de pèlerins et prendre l'autoroute le seul moyen selon sa situation de faire Compostelle quelle leçon courage et pour nous qui avons tout pour défier la vie.
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    • Day 31


      August 16, 2022 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 14 °C

      I seriously doubted we'd see any of it this year. But here it is: rain on one of the more exhausting days on the Camino. No peaks to climb, no deserts to cross, just staccato hill walking, 300 up, 300 down.

      Tonight is my penultimate night before Santiago. A short walk to the Monte do Gozo tomorrow, a night outside the city as the pilgrims of old did (the name of the town before the Monte is "Lavacolla" which translates to "wash your balls" and harkens back to a time when pilgrims had to bathe and delouse before entering town).

      Last night I feel into bed straight from dinner. The 30 days are taking their toll.
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    • Day 37


      June 23, 2022 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 57 °F

      A very old bridge
      Blue door number 2 (hmmm... now its more Jackson Pollock than Picasso)

      Lazy rainy day becomes a binging day.... Desayuno numero tres 😬

      On the other side of the town I ran again into 2 ladies from Orrison whom I last saw in Burgos.
      Finally got to ask them their names
      Yaro and Marielle from Brazil
      They told me that Manuel made into Santiago yesterday and took a selfie of 3 of us to send to him.... Stupid me should have given them my phone number to pass to him
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    • Day 28

      Santiago Mañana

      August 27, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

      This will be my last day before I will reach Santiago tomorrow! The landscape is still nice, green and you see that the whole area of Galizia is richer than Navarra or Castilia y Leon! Houses are nicer, farms modern and the weather is more like our „normal“ summer! Still a lot of pilgrim tourists on the street but really annoying are the bikers who try to do slalom around the pilgrims when shooting downhill- fullspeed! I am surprised that I don’t see more accidents!Read more

    • Day 37

      Day 37

      September 29, 2022 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 12 °C

      Well.. only one more walk to go!!!! I’m so looking forward to tomorrow and ( hopefully ) saying . I’ve done it!!!
      Today was really wet, I decided to set off an hour later than usual, mainly so that I knew I’d be able to check into my accommodation when I arrived and not have to hang around getting freezing cold..
      That side of things worked out perfectly.. I enjoyed my breakfast a bit more leisurely than usual, sorted out what I considered my best clothing options and eventually set off..
      The amount of people on the route today was unbelievable. I think I also got caught up in a massive school trip, trying to get through was a nightmare until a poor guy on a mountain bike came and tried to make his way through.. I hung in behind his back wheel ( he wasn’t going v fast obviously, but was creating space!! ) and made it through “all in one piece “
      It was again a nice route, just too busy and really wet, but all part and parcel of the experience 😀
      It’s really hard to believe it’s all nearly over, it’s gone so fast and yet it seems like an in incredibly long time ago that I was a nervous wreck in St John about to start….
      I think I had just about the best meal I’ve had along the way this evening, seriously nice food and exceptionally lovely staff…
      One more day to go……

      Today I took a start and a finish picture as it was way to wet to dig out my phone.. a few random Camino markers in the middle from places…
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    • Day 34

      Day 34: Arzúa

      October 13, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 64 °F

      We timed our departure from Melide to arrive in Arzúa after noon. With only 13.5 kilometers to walk, we had a rather leisurely start to our day—including the biggest slices of tortilla we’ve encountered on the Camino.

      Once underway, our path meandered up and down hills, past flower and vegetable gardens, plowed fields, and plenty of pastures with horses and cows.

      At one point, a farmer ran a line across the Camino halting pilgrim traffic as he coaxed his cows from one pasture to another.

      We stopped for second cups of coffee in A Peroxa, and were delighted to bump into Scott from Seattle, the pilgrim we’d shared a Tesla taxi with from Pamplona to St. Jean-Pied-de-Port at the beginning of our Camino. We hadn’t seen him since, and we’d been wondering how he was doing.

      We were soon on our way again, and we enjoyed meeting Rebecca, a pilgrim from Eugene, Oregon. It’s always a pleasure to strike up a fun conversation over the course of a few kilometers along the Way.

      Our lodging today has a utilitarian, truck stop kind of feel to it, but it is clean and has a restaurant which means we don’t have to walk further to forage for food.

      Tomorrow we’ll walk 19 kilometers to O Pedrouzo. With the forecast calling for rain, we expect our ponchos will be earning their keep.
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    • Day 40

      Ribadiso de Abaixo

      October 14, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 66 °F

      With just three days left until Santiago we started off at a bit slower pace today. As we walked by headlamp in the dark I noticed a lady walking without a light trying to follow others. At one point I looked back during a rocky downhill to make sure she could see the path and then offered to walk with her in the dark until the sun came up. And that was the kick off for a wonderful day for the three of us walking together.

      We learned Monica is a young 70 year old, newly retired nurse from Australia. She is quick to point out she is Swiss but ended up in Australia because of love "or what she thought was love". We spent the day strolling the amazing countryside of Spain, knocking out almost 17 miles, made easier because it was shared with a new friend.

      Totally out of the blue, nearing the end of this great adventure, who knew we would still be meeting new and interesting people. At the end of the day, Monica bought us beers, we met again for dinner and (hopefully) will walk out of town again tomorrow morning in the dark. Not sure who saved whom this morning but we are grateful for the opportunity to be a friend and make friends on this journey.

      2 more days of walking.
      Buen Camino.
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    • Day 39


      September 26 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

      What a pretty little village with 3 Albergues and 2 houses.
      Tonight, we are sharing a room with 68 others. The luxury of this place we can manually turn the lights out. Other places are automatic, lights don't go off until 10 pm, and there is no switch, and that's a real pain.Read more

    • Day 42

      Coffee makes the next hill Better

      July 8 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 70 °F

      And while ~30 isn't big mileage for us at this point, I think that the accumulated wear and tear is adding up. My feet are a little sore, my left achilles straight up hates me, and my knees would prefer we avoid any additional downhill.

      ....and yet I find myself happy.

      In part it is surely the amazing view that I'm currently enjoying. Corn, eucalyptus, fallow fields, country manors, and a few stands of oaks present a vibrant mosaic across which fluffy clouds make sunshine spots dance and shadows drift.
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    • Day 40

      Day 39, Ponte Campana to Ribadiso

      July 1 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

      I started off rather gingerly this morning, unsure how far I’d manage to walk and wondering if I’d need to stop after about 10km and get a taxi to our destination which was about 22km away. I was happy for Fiona and Anna to go ahead because I didn’t want to feel any pressure to keep up. Bizarrely I actually overtook them at one stage and we all stopped outside the town of Melide at a nice little cafe serving vegetarian food.
      Anna spilt off from us in Melide because she had things to do there (you have to grab the chance to stock up on anything you need in these small towns). Fiona and I set off together but before long I was trailing behind.
      It was a lovely morning, cool and cloudy first thing but still very pleasant when the sun came out around 9.30. The countryside was also pretty and the walking not too demanding - fairly hilly at times but nothing brutal.
      This is our third from last day and I’m annoyed with myself that I am not really savouring it - I’m approaching it like an endurance test. I’m constantly in two minds about the right thing to do. Should I power on (which I’m sure I can do with a bit of help from ibuprofen) despite my ankle or should I stop and protect it to avoid doing longer term damage. I will be so angry with myself if I end up with a long term injury but I just don’t want to give up on the challenge when it’s so close to being complete.
      This afternoon I was very tired when I reached our accommodation. We’ve got a pool which nobody apart from Fiona and I used and I think swimming helped my ankle a bit. I also dipped my leg in the river in the hope the cold water would be beneficial.
      So, hoping for a good night’s sleep, an early start in the morning and a sunnier disposition for our penultimate walk tomorrow.
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