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  • Day76

    Estimem a Barcelona!

    November 12 in Spain

    We all agree that two days is not nearly enough time to explore Barcelona... everyone wants to come back at some point. We focused on Antoni Gaudí, famous Spanish modernist architect - and visited several of his sites and buildings. Gaudí is playful and reverent, light and dense all at the same time. He is quoted as saying (translation) “To do things well, first, you need love; second, the technique”. I am inspired! LaraRead more

  • Day75


    November 11 in Spain

    We got to Barcelona yesterday afternoon, from Montpellier, via train. Unfortunately, we only got to spend one full day here, and we’re leaving tomorrow at 4:30 in the morning for the airport! I love Barcelona, because it is so pretty, and has really cool buildings and parks. Also, the weather is a perfect temperature, (21 degrees C) not too hot, not too cold, which probably sounds pretty nice to all of you in Ottawa! 😄🌨
    Yesterday we went to Antoni Gaudì’s Basilica of the Sagrada Famillia, which is a giant church with lots of pillars. Then, mom and dad went out for dinner, while we got KFC and watched a movie in our apartment. Today, we took the metro and spent the morning at the Parc de Gùell, (Antoni Gaudì) and a few other places too.
    Turns out the Spanish language course I took on Duolingo did not help very much here, because the only things I learnt were food names! After a long search amongs tourist shops, I finally found Barcelona socks! Also, one last thing, on our way to the Sagrada Família, we took the metro, and there was a man who got on the metro with an amp, a speaker and a violin, and started playing ‘Despacito’!
    🎶 🍗 🚂 🛩
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  • Day76

    Escola Baldiri Reixac

    November 12 in Spain

    An elementary school located in the middle of Antonio Gaudí’s Parc Güell. Imagine having your school day observed by over 3 million visitors each year. At least the grounds are inspiring. I learned that the older students work on English presentation and conversation skills to be able to interact and share information with the tourists who walk through the park.
    (Sorry, this is a repost - Geoff)
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  • Day9

    Heute war ein besonderer Tag!! Es ist Sabis Geburtstag!
    Begonnen haben wir ihn, in dem wir eine Flasche Champagner aus Paris geöffnet haben! Nach dem Aufstehen haben wir uns haben wir uns erstmal einen Kaffee gegönnt! Kurz darauf gabs dann nach einem kurzen Spaziergang auf der Las Rambla schon die Bubblewaffeln mit Eis für uns! Danach ging es weiter in den gotischen Stadtteil und zur Meerespromenade!
    Zur Feier des Tages haben wir uns noch eine kleine Massage gegönnt. Entspannt und hungrig sind wir dann zum Abendessen in ein kleines Restaurant namens „Rasorterra“! Das Essen war einfach genial!
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  • Day6

    Food in Barcelona

    July 3 in Spain

    Barcelona is known for its amazing food. The array is extraordinary. There is the best of Spanish food, as well as a range of other influences, such as French (being not far from the border) and Italian, Greek and even north African. The Tapas scene is huge and impossible to effectively explore in a few days. We tended to eat convenience food rather than sit in restaurants, but it is evident that the range of Tapas is extensive and delicious. I was able to sample this on a few occasions but would need a few weeks to really do it justice.

    We visited the famous La Boqueria markets just of La Ramblas (the mall). This market is world famous. It is high-quality food for culinary gourmets. It is just the best culinary experience ever. I bought a couple of little paper cups of cheese and dried meats cut from the bone. These are sold as tasters for a couple of euros each. There are the best fruits and vegetables, meat, poutry and fish, cheese and tapas, coffee and fresh juice, goumet chocolates, dried fruits and nuts, spices, etc. And there are places to order the food and they will prepare it and you can eat it right there. Wow. Worth coming to Barcelona just for this place.

    But the food is exceptional. It is said that the food in Barcelona is the best in Spain. I cannot compare it with anything else in Spain yet, but I can say that it is amazing.
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  • Day3

    Gaudí überall

    October 5 in Spain

    Man kann ja nicht jeden Tag 15 km laufen – heute waren es 18! Um kurz nach 10 waren wir schon an Gaudís unvollendetem Lebenswerk, der Basílica de la Sagrada Família. Und weil wir ja schlau sind, hatten wir schon online Tickets gekauft, um nicht ewig anstehen zu müssen. Danach ging es weiter zum Park Güell. Dort fiel auf: So richtig schlau sind wir wohl doch nicht – für heute ausverkauft, Tickets erst wieder für morgen. Egal, denn was uns an Schläue fehlt, machen wir einfach mit Glück wett: Den Großteil des Parks kann man auch ohne Ticket besuchen und der Hauptplatz wird eh gerade renoviert und gleicht eher einer Baustelle. Danach sind wir noch schnell an einigen Gaudí-Gebäuden vorbei im großen Bogen zurück Richtung Hotel; aber nicht ohne (endlich) noch in einer kleinen Bodega ein bis zwei Wermut zu trinken, schließlich machen die Katalanen das so.Read more

  • Day5


    October 7 in Spain

    Den Weg zum „Hausberg“ der Barcelonesen auf der anderen Seite der City haben wir heute morgen doch mit der Metro erledigt, rauf sind wir dann aber selbstverständlich zu Fuß bzw. mit der Rolltreppe. Damit konnten wir zumindest die ersten Höhenmeter am Palau Nacional überwinden. Das Stadion der Olypiastätten von 1992 war glücklicherweise offen, genauso wie das Castell ganz oben auf dem Montjuïc. Wieder runter und zurück zum Hotel sind wir anschließend aber natürlich gelaufen.Read more

  • Day14

    Day 14 - Barcelona - Last Day in Spain!

    September 23, 2017 in Spain

    Our last day in Spain started with an unsuccessful search for the perfect breakfast! Then we relaxed for a couple of hours on the beach near our Airbnb before venturing out for a good lunch and our favorite beach. For lunch, we had a delicious green salad, shrimp in garlic sauce, and mussels in marinara sauce. Then we continued the long walk down the boardwalk to our favorite soft sandy beach. On the walk back, we decided to stop in and watch the Mountain Dew street skateboarding competition. Then, after a little rest and showers, we headed off into the crazy busy part of Barcelona for dinner. The end of summer festivities are going on this weekend and things are a bit crazy - parades, drum circles, and fireworks all over. We ended up going to a delicious ramen restaurant for dinner - not quite the typical Spanish meal for our last dinner in the country, but it was so good! We walked back and enjoyed a bit of the festivities before returning home. We fly to Venice tomorrow afternoon!Read more

  • Day2

    Kreuz und quer durch BCN

    October 4 in Spain

    Wie erkundete man eine unbekannte Stadt am Besten? – Zu Fuß! Also sind wir heute einfach mal 15 km durch Barcelona gelaufen: Über den Mercat de Santa Caterina zur Kathedrale, auf die Ramblas, zum Mercat de la Boqueria, weiter zum Hafen Port Vell, dann nochmal schnell zurück über die Ramblas, um dann quer durch die Stadt wieder an unserem Hotel anzukommen. Gleich müssen wir aber noch was essen gehen …
    Gans schön viel los – vor allem im Hof der Catedral de la Seu.
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  • Day6

    Mt Tibadabo

    July 3 in Spain

    Sam and I took the long route to our second and major destination for the day - we walked for about an hour in the heat of the summer sun. It provided a real insight into the outer suburbs of Barcelona, but the going was hard as it was hilly terrain. The hills are clearly the domain of the rich in Barcelona because some of the houses could only be described as mansions.

    We arrived at the foot of Mt Tibadabo and caught the Funicular up the mountain. This is a tram that travels up the very steep hill, similar to the Scenic Railway in the Blue Mountains, except it goes even longer.

    The effort to get to the top of this mountain was well worth it. The views over Barcelona were amazing. It is difficult to think of a city that has a better vantage point from which ti view the entire city.

    There is an amusement park on top of the mountain which has utlized the height to maximum effect by building ferris wheels, and other scary rides which a placed in a precarious point on the edge of the mountain. Sam and I could not resist going on the Ferris Wheel, which is quite a scary ride given that the mountain drops away beneath the ride.

    We then went to climb the to the church which is perched even higher on the hill. In the first level of the church we discovered a lift that was able to take us to the top level of the church. From there we could climb even higher, right up inside the highest steeple. The view from here was so spectacular it was beyond all expectations. We had 180 degree views. Not only could we see the whole of Barcelona stretched out before us in one direction, the eastern half of the view, but looking west we could see all the way to Mt Montserrat where the famous Monastery is located and all the settlements on the other side of the hills which form a natural boundary of the city. We could also look northwards and see the Pyrenees which form the natural divide between Spain and France.

    The view was spectacular. It took our breath away. I cannot remember having such a high vantage point in any other city. Those visiting Barcelona should not miss this amazing perspective of Barcelona. We stayed up there for an hour - a fitting way to end our visit to this unique Spanish city, the capital of Catalunya.
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