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  • Day15

    Madrid to Barcelona

    April 9, 2017 in Spain

    It was up early to catch an 8.30 fast train from Madrid to Barcelona with a travel time of only three hours. The walk to the train was only 20 minutes and the sun was just starting to rise as I walked. Many people were just heading home from enjoying tapas and the coffee shops were just starting to open.

    The train was very comfortable and smooth and as I watched the fastest speed I saw register was 298km/hr. The trip was soon over and I arrived in Barcelona. A short taxi to my hotel and I was in a nice modern and surprisingly roomy single room. I headed out to get my bearings and found I was only 5 minutes walk from one of the main tourist squares. I have been pleased with the location of all the hotels I have booked so far.Read more

  • Day5

    Grupo Gravina Hotel II. Gravina 12

    April 13, 2017 in Spain

    Nice little centrally located hotel. We were given a room with a nice-sized private terrace. We were upgraded to a larger room, can't imagine a room much smaller than what we are in!


    Clean but corners, etc. a little grungy. Lots of hot water and water pressure is great. Poorly designed shower, we can point shower head right or left and move it up and down on a slider, but we cannot change the angle and it comes straight out. There is a door that stops short of the end of the enclosure, so water almost pours out onto the floor. Later: Figured the shower head out Friday morning.

    A/C working great.
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  • Day16

    Von Frankreich nach Spanien

    August 27 in Spain

    Es ist mir so unglaublich schwer gefallen, Marseille zu verlassen. Heute bin ich mit Muskelkater aufgewacht, da ich gestern über 20km bergauf und bergab gelaufen bin. Trotzdessen und trotz meines schweren Rucksacks bin ich noch über eine Stunde durch die schöne Altstadt gelaufen und habe mich mit einem Cappuccino am Hafen von der Stadt verabschiedet.
    Mittags hatte ich einen Zwischenstopp in Nîmes. Sehr schön für eine entspannte Mittagspause :)
    Ich kam mit meinen Sprachkenntnissen übrigens ganz gut zu recht. Ich habe hier also ca. zu 70% französisch, 20% englisch und 10% deutsch (mit meiner Vermieterin) gesprochen. Allerdings zum Beispiel im Nîmes hätte ich mir gewünscht, dass die Franzosen mehr englisch sprechen. Der Zugführer wollte mich wegen einer sehr kleinen Korrektur auf meinem Ticket fast nicht mitfahren lassen. Schwierig, wenn man dann nicht kommunizieren kann...

    Jetzt kann das Kapitel Barcelona beginnen und ich bin mir sicher, dass es schön und entspannt sein wird.
    Ich wohne in einer schönen, inspirierenden und vor allem sauberen WG. Ich bin im Zimmer einer Belgierin und dazu kommen eine Französin, eine Italienerin und eine Dänin. Multikulti 😊👭🏼💞
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  • Day16

    Lieblingsstadt ❤

    August 27 in Spain

    Ach Barcelona 😘
    Ich hatte einen unglaublich schönen Tag, der mir verdammt gut getan hat! Ich habe zum ersten Mal so lange geschlafen, bis es wirklich nicht mehr ging 😄 ohne Wecker, dafür mit Schlafmaske und Ohropax😎
    Dann Yoga und eine lange Dusche 🧘🏼‍♀️
    In der Stadt habe ich mich einfach treiben lassen. Es ist alles schön hier! Bisschen Shoppen, bisschen mehr lecker Essen und Trinken, ziemlich viel spazieren 😊
    Abends saß ich dann noch am Strand.
    Ich habe so unendlich viele Eindrücke gesammelt. Momente, die man nicht auf Bildern eingefangen kann ☯️
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  • Day18

    So we got up around 9am to get ready to do the hop on, hop off bus in Barcelona. Before we headed over to the main stop, we of course stopped to pick up some fresh juices & fruit again (sooooo good).

    We went over to the station & got our tickets that were good for both lines. Sitting on the top floor in the beating sun, we started our adventure. The morning we got to see all the different beaches in barcelona, the olympic stadium, the world trade center, and the sagrada familia. We wanted to go into the sagrada familia but they had no physical tickets left, we looked online but they only had tickets for 6:30. So we spent some time sitting outside enjoying the view of the building and all the detailed work. & Fun fact the Sagrada Familia is still not completed & they are still working on it. After getting back on the bus, we saw a few more sights & went back to city center for lunch.

    We met one of our australian roomates that we had all the way back in Ireland for lunch. She is traveling for 9 months across the EU, Africa, Canada, US, mexico, and back up the us where she will celebrate her 21st birthday in Vegas. We obviosuly convienced her to add Montreal to her trip since shell already be in canada.

    After lunch, we headed back on to the hop on hop off bus to do the other side of the city. Ps. Barcelona is HUGE. We went to Camp Nou Stadium but it was unfortunetly already closed so we decided we'd go back tomorrow. We went to the top of Tibidabo to get a beautiful panoramic view of barcelona.

    We went back to our place to get our bathing suits on to go to the beach to cool off. We ended up buying a bottle of wine & I bought my beach blanket that ive had my eye on since we got there. We wanted to take it easy because we knew we were going to travel the next day. So after breanna & I finishing the bottle of wine within 20 minutes, I ventured to go find more beer. Another 2 beer later, we got kicked off the beach just so that they can clean. We met 3 lovely girls from England & invited them to sit with us.

    Let me tell you, this blanket was magical. At some point during the night.... Dont ask me when, cause i have no idea. There were about 25 people around this blanket from all over Europe. (England, france, ireland, oh & also some russians)

    We swam in the ocean, drank beer & listened to music until 5:30 am (we tried to make it to sunrise...)

    The best part about this night, some guy bought all the beer for everyone. There is venders on the beach who will sell you beer for 1€ each... Which is a good price... But when they walk buy every 2 minutes... Not such a good deal. The only way to get rid of them is to try to sell the beer they just sold you back to them, already open, for double the price.

    After stumbling home at 5:30, we made it safe to our place which felt like 500000000000 degrees & slept for 4 hours.... Alllll because we wanted to have a relaxing bottle of wine on the beach.
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  • Day19

    Heat stroke or hangover?

    July 8, 2016 in Spain

    We woke up for check out & obviously I left my packing for the morning. When I woke up, I was instantly going to pass out. As if the room wasnt small and hot enough, we had to add hangover to the mix. Trying to pack was the worst things in the world. I couldnt forcus for more than 30 seconds. It took me probably an hour to pack my stuff & thats if I didnt leave anything behind.

    As soon as we were done packing, we went outside to sit in the shade to figure out what we were going to do with our bags until our bus ride later that night. We decided to bring them straight over to the bus stations via metro. Let me tell you... What a horrible effing decison. We 300% almost passed out in the metro because of the heat. All I wanted was water. According to Breanna, I was looking green.

    After leaving our bags, we took a bus to the Camp Nou stadium to do the tour. It was such an awesome feeling to have my feet basically on the feild of the biggest stadium in europe. I wish it could have been game night to experience what it feels like to have that place packed with die hard fans. We got to see the locker rooms, press conference rooms, VIP lounges, commentary booths, & so much more. It made me miss my team back home (who currently just took first place in our division 🎉).

    We did the museum part, where we got to see some unique things from Messi's career & a bunch of trophys theyve won over the years.

    As Canadians, it is our duty to find any hockey rink if were near by. We found one in spain..... What what. 🙌🏼
    It also felt so good because my body was so over heated from being in the sun all day yesterday& today. The cold air probably put my body into shock & I actually ended up walking to the garbage & puked my guts out... Dont worry, it was super low key thanks to my body guards. I felt better but still had a massive head ache & would get increasingly worse as soon as sun would hit my body. Could have been hangover, heat stoke or dehydration.. Who knows.

    We went back to the beach to do some last minute shopping along the board walk & just sat & chilled for a little bit enjoying our last few moments in Barcelona.

    We took the bus over to the bus station where we got our bus no problem. We get on, take our seats & then I realize I needed to pee sooo I get up to go to the bathroom & the bus driver comes over, starts yelling at me in spanish & slams the door in my face. I just remembering looking up at Shaunessa & going ... What? Some nice girl translated & said I couldnt go to the bathroom while the bus was stop,.. Wtf right?

    Anyways 7 hours later... We arrive in Mardid 😎
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  • Day3

    So my uncle recommended I go to this restaurant for lunch. When I find it, I see with disappointment that it's kind of really fancy with white tablecloths and cloth napkins. Now I realize that sitting alone at a fancy restaurant is just plain sad. So, like the baller that I am, I go and sit right down anyways and have myself a lovely lunch consistent of some of the best spinach ravioli I've had in a blue cheese cream sauce, a delicious octopus stew and a glorified bowl of plain yogurt with a single tablespoon sized dollup of warm applesauce(it sounded really cool in the menu...). All in all, a very enjoyable lunch, very much up to expectation(aside from the yogurt which was a kind of "this is what you get for eating at a fancy place alone" wtf moment).Read more

  • Day30

    Hotel lleo in Barcelona Monday

    September 18, 2017 in Spain

    We were on an 8:30 am time to vacate room 7112 on the ship so up at 6:30 for breakfast. Should I miss 3 great meals a day? And a bar card?
    A short bus transfer to downtown and the square plaza catalunia. After getting our bearings it was just a couple short blocks walk to hotel Lleo. Of course our rooms were not ready at 9:30am but they kept our luggage and gave us a map and we went to explore la rambla! Busy even on a coolish day. Unfortunately Paul has now come down with the cold bug. Most of us have had a day or two of it.
    The rooms are great. We overlook the street. Have come to the rooftop pool but the water is cool and now we have lost the sun. Planning tapas for dinner!

    Unfortunately Phyllis had an upsetting incident this afternoon. She was out exploring with Agnes and Cheryl, waiting for our rooms to be ready, and she was pick pocketed. They got her credit cards (cancelled - no damage), some cash and her passport. They spent the afternoon at the police department and the Canadian consulate getting the passport replaced as we leave Tuesday at noon! Fortunately they did a great job and Phyllis was able to leave with us all on Wed. Morning.
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  • Day26

    Casa Batlló

    March 17 in Spain

    Das im Jahr 1877 errichtete Haus wurde von Antoni Gaudí für den Textilindustriellen Josep Batlló i Casanovas in den Jahren 1904 -1906 im Stil des Moderisme umgebaut. Als Baustoffe verwendete er Beton, Eisen, Sandstein, Keramik und Glas und schuf ein faszinierendes Gebäude, das seit 2005 UNESCO Weltkulturerbe ist und zur Zeit einer Familie Bernat gehört.
    Während einer Audio Führung durch das Haus wird man auf viele kleine Besonderheiten der großen Kreativität von Gaudí aufmerksam gemacht.Read more

  • Day7

    Barcelona, Spain

    April 15, 2016 in Spain

    Staying at the HGL Citypark Paleyo. Not real flash. They are renovating and the room and hallway smells very badly of glue fumes. The room has a lot of street noise to and the window does not shut properly either. The room is very small with no where to put anything. No tea and coffee making facilities either :( , Apart from that the location isn't too bad.
    Had a dinner and show at the Tablo Cordobes located on the Rambler. That was really good. The food was very good and the wait staff excellant. The show was very good to.
    The journey to Barcelona was interesting. We traveled on remfe train and they had double booked our seats. I ended up finding a spair seat but Clint had to stand the last hour and a half in the entry exit point of the train and wait until we landed at Barcelona station. This was also afer we were fined 50 euro for not writing the date on our rail pass today. My lord. and the train was a half hour late to boot.
    The day started out and continued to be testing but the night at the Cordobes turned this around. Hopefully tomorrow will be much better allround. The weather is fantastic to. Now theres another positive amongst the list of intersting events.
    An excellant day 2 in Barcelona on the hop on hop off bus. There were two routes green and orange. Both take about 2.5hrs in duration for a full round trip each. What a great way to see Barcelona in such a short time. Weather is amazing again. The hotel still ordinary. The tapas in Barcelona is amazing.
    Day 3 in Barcelona has been a great day to. The weather perfect again. Walked and walked today and went back to some of the sites we passed on the bus yesterday. Stopped at a small resturant in some square and had tapas again. Love tapas. Doing a tapas tour this evening at 5 different venues apparently. We will see what that is like.1qa.
    Tapas tour tonight with Urban Adventures. Great tour. Seen some more of the city with an English speaking guide and ate way too much.
    Have decided if we get back to Barcelona that we should spend a week here to see all the stuff we want to see. We haven't even scratched the surface of what we could see here. Also, very busy time of year between March and October. People everywhere.
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