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  • Day116

    108. Etappe: San Sebastian

    October 26 in Spain

    Bei spanischen Klängen gab es heut morgen Frühstück - daran musste ich mich erst noch gewöhnen! Um 8 hieß es dann los gehts, noch im Dunklen 🙈
    An der ersten großen Kreuzung traf ich direkt einen anderen Pilger, der nach den Zeichen suchte - gemeinsam fanden wir mehr oder weniger gut irgendwann den Weg raus aus der Stadt und rein in die Berge. Der Weg ging etwas steil, aber schön entlang der Küste mit einer tollen Aussicht - ab und zu - denn der Nebel ließ uns Pilger nicht immer so weit blicken. Viele Wanderer und Mountainbiker begegnete ich auf dem Weg und leider auch wieder so manchem Jäger.
    Nach San Sebastian ging es dann mit der kleinen Fähre für noch nicht einmal eine Minute zum anderen Ufer. Nach dem letzten Anstieg und einen Spaziergang am Strand erreichten wir heute die Jugendherberge.
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  • Day50

    Day 50: San Sebastian

    April 6, 2017 in Spain

    Another UNESCO free day today! Not that I'm looking forward to them particularly, but they do tend to take up a lot of time! We hung around in Bilbao for a while at the apartment before setting off around 11am. Today we were heading eastwards towards the French border, and the famous seaside resort town of San Sebastian. First stop was a lookout over an island called San Juan de Gaztelugatxe.

    Beautiful little spot, overlooking a tiny with a monastery and a dramatic man-made bridge across to it. Considered walking down and across to it, but the cliffs were quite steep and neither Schnitzel nor I felt super up for it. Settled for the viewpoint instead and a couple of pintxos at the nearby restaurant.

    Back on the road for the 90 minutes across to San Sebastian, which for the last hundred or so years has been a hot-spot for rich European vacationers and fancy restaurants. Apparently it has more Michelin stars per capita than anywhere else in Europe! All very expensive places though, so we'd be passing on that but hoping the cuisine has trickled down to more affordable places!

    Checked into our apartment with no problems, and we've got a great spot high on the cliff above the bay. Since the beach view apartment was unoccupied for tonight, they let us upgrade for a tiny charge which was nice. Enjoyed the view briefly before heading out to meet our local guide at 4pm.

    Shandos had arranged for a "locals on tap" tour around the city through Intrepid, and after about a 25 minute walk around the bay we met our guide Tomas. Although not a native here, his wife was from a nearby town and they'd lived here for a few years. We walked around for an hour, him explaining the history of the town and the culture of Basque country, as well as showing us some great places to eat.

    After he departed we crossed the river to the ocean beach where quite a few people were out surfing! Hard to believe, as the water must've been very cold. Air temperatures are around 15 degrees, though it feels quite nice in the sunshine. Lucky for us, Thursday is "pintxo poté" night; essentially happy hour where you get a drink and a pintxo from the bar for 2 euros at most venues. So we cruised around and visited a whole bunch of places picking and choosing!

    The most common thing here seems to be creamy mashed seafood (crab, codfish, octopus etc) on a slice of baguette bread, but you can get plenty of other things too. The most unusual things we had were octopus stewed in squid ink (delicious, and surprisingly sweet), and I had the "first ever" pintxo created, known as the Hilda after a Rita Hayworth character. It's a skewer with an olive, an anchovy, and a pickled chilli pepper. Tomas had recommended it even though I don't like olives, don't like anchovies and don't particularly enjoy pickled chillies either, but it was actually really good! The anchovy was totally different to what I expected, crunchy rather than the stale crap from a can I've had in the past.

    Last stop for the night was a place where they bake giant cheesecakes on the tables in front of you, so we had a portion (three large slices) along with coffees before staggering back home very full. Just in time to discover how high on the cliff our apartment was - 241 stairs up, I counted! Then up a short shallow hill, another 15 stairs into the building, plus of course another 20 stairs inside to our room. Feel the burn!
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  • Day45

    Back to San Sebastian

    May 23 in Spain

    Today we have our big drive up to San Sebastian to meet up with Pat. After a muesli breakfast in our room we checked out of the hotel and headed off in the car. After a couple of times around the block to even get out of the hotel precinct we found the motorway. Of course we then missed a turn off and found our selves on the wrong motorway. After a bit of arguing with Mrs Google Maps we finally got back on track and headed north. As for the trip down, the drive is quite magnificent. Great roads and superb scenery all the way. With the 120kph speed limit the kms flew past. We took a diversion about half way into a town called....where we found a cafe in the plaza.
    Arrived at the Hotel Leku Eder in the late arvo and checked in. It is a delightful place set high on a hill a couple of kms out of town and with great views. After a bit of a rest we set off to pick up Pat from the bus station. Got him back to the hotel then after a cup of tea and a chat we sent him off to bed. The stress of the last few days finally caught up with us and we collapsed into bed absolutely shattered. Zzzzzzzzzzz
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  • Day46

    San Sebastian Day 1

    May 24 in Spain

    A bit slow getting going this morning, but after breakfast in the hotel we headed off in the car to explore the coast. Took the coastal route west from the hotel along a narrow and twisty road along the cliff tops. Very pretty and spectacular. Arrived in a little village called Getaria where we had lunch and a walk around town. After a drive back to the hotel and a rest, we caught the bus into town for a bite to eat. Tried to find a proper meal, but finally settled on pinxtos and a beer in the old quarter. Quite a buzzy atmosphere with all the people at the many bars. Bussed it home again about 9:30. San Sebastian is a large town which comprises a new and old part. It is built on two beautiful bays/beaches, La Concha being the main one. The bay is protected by a curving high headland and Santa Clara island in the entrance to the bay. There is an opposite headland below which the old town nestles very gracefully. The town is overlooked by a statue of the Sacred Heart and a fortified castle.Read more

  • Day47

    San Sebastian Day 2

    May 25 in Spain

    Slow start again but finally headed off into the countryside in the car for some exploring. First visited a cider museum where we learnt all about the local cider history and industry. Moderately interesting; the best part was when they serve you a cider from the barrel. The lady explained that when the new cider is ready everybody gathers and the barrel spout is opened releasing a jet of cider into the recipients glass 6 feet across the room. Well Pat was the first recipient in our group and he did quite well catching the cider, except for the bit on his sleeve!!! We then tried some from another barrel and discussed the merits of each. Then we tried 3 more apple based apperitifs and by then I needed some breakfast....
    Then off to find a place recommended by the tourist office which was a greenway up along a valley. Again we managed with the help of poor instructions and misreading of maps to go in entirely the wrong direction. Two hours later we found the place and went for a nice walk along the river. Lovely scenery in which Pat managed to get into almost every photo. We also saw many wild strawberries again. They are unbelievably pretty and apparently quite common. Very new and delightful for us though.
    For dinner went down to an area closer to the hotel where we managed to find some pretty ordinary food but enjoyed our little walk around.
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  • Day48

    San Sebastian Day 3

    May 26 in Spain

    Big storm overnight with lots of thunder and lightning (all very frightening!!) We started the day by taking the car back to Avis. Just before we left the hotel, a bus slipped off the wet roads just down the road and caused a big back up of traffic. It cleared quite quickly and we got going in the car. After dropping it off we walked the length of the promenade into the old town. The sun came out and Lou and I decided to walk up to the castle fort on the headland. Pat was not up to it and stayed in town for a bite to eat. It was quite a walk up to the top of the hill but worth it for the view. Caught up with Pat again at the bottom of the hill and went off for a pinxtos and beer lunch.
    That night we could not be bothered going back into town so we ordered in some Thai. Not bad.
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  • Day2

    28km - Albergue

    July 1, 2015 in Spain

    We made it to an Albergue. It was filled with pilgrims. At first we couldn't even go to showers because too many people were waiting to take a shower. So we first went to the city.

    We walked 27.78 km. Not much but we hadn't had much sleep. I only had 3 hours sleep and my dad didn't sleep at all. Average moving speed was 4.4 km/h

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  • Day134

    San Sebastian

    December 7, 2016 in Spain

    Wir kommen gut voran. Gestern Abend haben wir uns auf einen Campingplatz bei Ciudad Rodriguez gestellt. Die Tür war offen und haben wir uns einfach an den Strom geklemmt. Um 7.00 Uhr ging es weiter ohne zu zahlen, da noch niemand da war. Wir fuhren bis San Sebastian. Eine wirklich schöne Stadt im Borden des Landes. Mit Dem Funkcuöar fuhren wir auf einen Hügel, von dem man den Ausblick über die Stadt und den Atlantik genießen kann. Weiter ging es über die Grenze nach Frankreich wo wir übernachten.Read more

  • Day13

    Ein fantastischer Ausblick

    August 10 in Spain

    Nach der Schule ging es heute gemeinsam mit einer Schulkollegin und ihrer Mama auf den Monte Igeldu. Von dort hat man einen ganz tollen Panoramablick auf die Stadt!
    Nachdem die beiden aber spät dran waren, ging ich inzwischen zum 'Peine del Viento', einem Kunstwerk von Eduardo Chillida, das in der Region sehr bekannt ist. Für mich ist das definitiv einer der schönsten Orte in ganz San Sebastián: Die Skulpturen, der Ausblick, das Meer... Echt atemberaubend!

    Mit der 100 Jahre alten Funicular ging es dann gemeinsam auf den Berg. Auch von dort hat man einen tollen Blick. Am Gipfel ist außerdem ein alter Vergnügungspark, der echt sehenswert ist. Vom Aussichtsturm konnte man gute Fotos machen und wir waren dort ganz alleine!
    Zu Fuß ging es dann wieder Richtung Stadt. Ungefähr eine halbe Stunde braucht man bis zum Strand von Ondarreta. Anschließend ging es für mich mit Caro zur Pintxo-Tour in die Altstadt. Es war ihr letzter Abend und wir wollten unsere Schulliste mal testen... Allzu weit sind wir nicht gekommen, aber es war trotzdem ein lustiger Abend :)
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  • Day11

    Es könnte besser sein...

    August 8 in Spain

    Heute hatte ich einen richtigen Durchhänger... Der Sprachkurs war solala, vor allem der Vokabelteil ist so richtig mühsam! Und dann der Surfkurs: Die Wellen sind so richtig hoch und ich komm nicht einmal richtig hinaus. Dazu kommt, dass mir von dem heftigen Geschaukel immer recht schnell schlecht wird...
    Also hab ich es einfach aufgegeben! Es ist einfach nicht mein Ding, es macht keinen Spaß und mir ist die ganze Zeit nur schlecht... Und irgendwie kann das ja nicht der Sinn der Sache sein?
    Was solls', ich habs probiert und mich wirklich bemüht und das ist was zählt...
    Bei Telepizza gab es wenigstens ein Highlight die Tage für mich: Die 'Burgerpizza'. Das ist eine Pizza, die mit einer Pizza belegt ist:) Dazwischen ist Faschchiertes, Tomaten und Gurkerl (die sie sich meiner Meinung nach aber sparen könnten :D)
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