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  • Day101

    Aus für den Jakobsweg wegen Corona???

    March 13 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 13 °C

    Freitag der 13.

    Wir erreichen Estella und viele Herbergen sind wegen Corona geschlossen!
    Die Kirche, wegen Corona geschlossen!!!

    Wir finden eine Unterkunft...die Rezeption verlassen!
    Check in per Telefon! Später kommt der Besitzer kurz vorbei.
    Er ruft für uns in der nächsten Etappe an um nach einer Unterkunft zu fragen. Als erstes wird gefragt ob wir gesund aussehen...

    Logrono wird zum Krisengebiet ernannt... Dort wollen wir übermorgen hin!

    Viele von uns brechen ab und fliegen Morgen zurück nach Hause.

    Wir wissen nicht weiter! Erstmal in eine Bar auf einpaar Gläser Wein und Bier!!!
    Dort beschließen 6 von uns Morgen weiter zu machen!

    Haben eine WhatsApp Notfall Gruppe erstellt, um auf dem laufenden zu bleiben und sicher zu stellen daß es den anderen gut geht!

    Müssen bevor wir starten in den Supermarkt und uns was zu essen besorgen, denn die Restaurants und Bars sollen alle geschlossen bleiben.

    Kurz bevor wir zurück in unsere Unterkunft wollen, erreicht uns die Nachricht das der Flughafen in Barcelona ab Morgen den Flugverkehr einstellt!

    Fühle mich wie in Resident Evil....
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  • Day186

    Camino Frances 3

    August 1, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Und wieder zwei Tage geschafft. Mittlerweile bin ich insgesamt schon ca. 120 km gelaufen und habe laut dem Hinweis-Schild in Estella noch 661 km vor mir. Estella ist der Ort, in dem ich heute angekommen bin.
    Nachdem ich gestern wieder super Wetter hatte und problemlos von Pamplona nach Puente la Reina gelaufen bin, fing der Tag heute nicht so gut an. Kaum hatte ich Puente la Reina über die schöne, historische Brücke verlassen, fing es auch schon an zu regnen. Glücklicherweise war es nur ein recht kurzer Schauer. Die dunklen Gewitterwolken in der Ferne hatte ich natürlich gesehen, aber gehofft, dass das Unwetter vor mir her zieht. Zwei Stunden später wurde ich eines besseren belehrt 😒 und es goss wie aus Eimern. Weit und breit natürlich keine Unterstellmöglichkeit, also einfach weiter laufen bis zum nächsten Ort. Dank meines Regenponcho bin ich von den Oberschenkeln aufwärts recht trocken geblieben aber in den Schuhen stand das Wasser.
    Nach gut einer Stunde war das Unwetter vorbei und die Sonne kam raus. Ich hatte noch 15 km vor mir... also genug Zeit um trocken in Estella anzukommen 😉.
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  • Day11

    Estella to Los Arcos

    April 30, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

    Hey! Hello from Los Arcos, Spain...I hope everyone is well. I left Estella at 730 am after a great breakfast of rolled up salami & ham, croissant, orange juice and coffee. My first stop was to the wine fountain located 3 km out of town. The local winery offers the wine at no cost to pilgrims. They give a 100 liters/day. Tradition says that you fill your scallop shell that you carry and drink the wine for strength for the walk. So...I did just that. The scenery was amazing today and I have a lot of photos, but unfortunately I can only post 10 photos per day on this blog. The walk to Los Arcos was around 14 Miles today which went much better than yesterday. After a couple of stops for rest and lunch, I made it to Los Arcos at around 3pm. I arrived at an albergue and the guy at the desk informed me that the only beds he had left were on the attic level and it was only a mattress on the floor. And I said, Perfect! So, 10 euro for the “bed”...use of the facilities and breakfast....11 euro for dinner at a cafe beside the church, 3 euro for a caraf of wine while I write, around $30 Not bad for all of that. That’s the great part about albergues. And Sam the Golden retriever is staying here as well! Tomorrow, most people are heading for Lograno which is a 17 mile walk. That is a long day so I may pull up short in Viana which is a walled city with a lot of cafes and such. Sometimes it is better to take the path less traveled...less crowded albergues etc. So, going to hit send on this and settle in, 9pm as I write this. Thank you for checking in!Read more

  • Day117


    June 26, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    We started walking at 5:00 am this morning to beat the heat again, which meant we left in the dark. The best part of doing that is watching the sun rise and the warm colors of light that spread over the landscape. We were blessed with just that when the skies lightened showing us a gorgeous view of Cirauqui on its hill in the distance as we walked towards it.

    We weaved our way through three towns on hills today, and during that time ran into and/or walked with different people who we have been walking with over the last weeks. We walked by olive trees, wheat fields and vineyards, and even along an old Román road.

    I struggled at the end today, and at one point an old man with s cane was going faster than me. 😳
    But, we finally arrived in Estella. Estella is almost 1000 years old!!! So mind boggling to me when I look at the old buildings and try to imagine how it was back then.

    Our place tonight (Agora Hostel) is great! Everything seems brand new. We are the only ones on our floor, and our beds are in little cubicles . Very tired now....tomorrow we go to Los Arcos.
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  • Day3

    Second stop - Estella

    May 1, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Puente la Reina -> 23.5km -> Estella
    Yesterday's enthusiasm and energy have clearly gone down. Second day was bound to be more difficult, I feel my legs in places I didn't know could hurt. Arrived at Estella - heading out for tapas and a pilgrim meal!

  • Day15

    More from Estella

    September 6, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Am so happy with the wifi after yesterday’s fiasco, that will add a few more from today. We are waiting till 7.30 for doesn’t get dark till quite late, 9 or later, so it feels early. And the sun doesn’t rise till late - can’t remember exactly, but about 8 am or so, so we get up almost in the dark, to be ready in the morning. And Amr wants me to put a photo of the big bird!Read more

  • Day15

    Today's walk to Estella

    September 6, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    We are now in the bar at our hotel having washed etc and just don’t want to leave, even to explore this rather lovely town. We did walk more than a kilometre through it to get to the hotel (off the Camino) as it is right out the other end. So we saw the huge old churches and squares and narrow streets. The town is surrounded by hills and has quite a colourful history of fending off invaders, and I think was the seat of the kings of Navarra. We are still in Navarra which is basque (until we get to Logroño which is in the Rioja) and signs are bilingual with the rather weird Basque versions before the Spanish.

    Anyway, we set off today at about 8.30 and for some reason thought it would be an easier walk than yesterday...about 20 kms or so...well, as usual it was more - Amr’s Apple Watch said 26!! And the equivalent of climbing 25 flights of stairs!! So you can believe we are a little weary now. Walking out of Puente la Reina we crossed the famous XII century bridge, and then had a lovely even walk until we saw a huge rock face and were glad we didn’t have to climb that...but we did, or the equivalent...the path went relentlessly uphill for a LONG time. We did then have a beautiful walk along the plateau, with a few more little ups now and then, and finally arrived here. Beautiful weather - cool in the morning, but hot in the afternoon, with a breeze. In the last stretch we saw an enormous bird in a field. In the distance I thought it was farming equipment, till we saw that it was moving and flapping wings a little. Amr thinks it may have been a condor, but whatever it was it was huge. Won’t put a photo as it doesn’t show properly how huge it was!

    Have not seen any sunflowers at all today, but some vineyards and olive trees, plus many fields of stubble. And we saw a large crop of asparagus!! This time we recognise it - last time the feathery leaves confused me...thought it may be fennel, but didn’t smell right.

    Anyway, it is wonderful fun, and we are recovering from the tiredness and aching bones...we even had a beer in the Plaza de Fueros on our way to the hotel, as we suspected we wouldn’t want to venture out again. Not as many walkers here as last night - a smaller hotel - so the wifi is much stronger. Here’s hoping this will upload fine, and will put some photos.
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  • Day8


    August 9, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Den Nachmittag verbringen wir nach dem üblichen Programm mit einem ausgedehnten Mittagsschläfchen. Anschließend gehe ich mit Matteo und Alice auf Erkundungstour durch Estella.
    Abends wird dann wieder gemeinsam gekocht. Also alles in allem ein total entspannter Nachmittag/Abend. :)

  • Day7

    Zariquiegui-Estella, 37 km

    May 27, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Hatte eine wirklich ruhige Nacht und davor ein nettes und gutes Abendessen. Es gab tatsächlich einen Salat 😋🥗 Wein 🍷😆 gab es natürlich auch und ein interessantes Gespräch mit einem australischen Frauenpäarchen 🇦🇺 und einer sehr netten und ruhigen Holländerin 🇱🇺 😊.

    Am Morgen dann in aller Frühe ganz alleine aufgebrochen, ich hatte ja ein ordentliches Pensum zu schaffen. Nach mehr als 9 Stunden und mehr als 37km kam ich dann in Estella an.

    Das Gute: eigentlich hätte ich nur Sonnenschein auf meinem Weg 🌞, nur die letzten 2 km kam das laut Wetter App versprochene Gewitter ⛈. Also auch hier funktioniert die Wettervorhersage nicht 😏😆.

    Unterwegs habe ich neben einem wunderschönen Sonnenaufgang 🌄, sehr schöne Landschaften und tolle alte baskische Städte und Dörfer auch das erste Eselchen gesehen 🐴.

    Insgesamt ein toller Tag, wenn auch mit Sonnenbrand 😳.

    Jetzt hoffe ich nur noch auf ein schönes Abendessen und eine erholsame Nacht.
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