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  • Day18

    Netflix and Chill? Netflix and Chill.

    July 7, 2016 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Honestly I am about to write the most uninteresting blog post of life: you've been warned.

    So like I mentioned before, we got to Madrid after an 8 hour bus ride at around 7am, and after navigating our way through the city (like the locals we are) arrived at our air bNb. Our host, Keri waited for us before leaving for work and she is honestly a godsend. We have access to her whole apartment which we took full advantage of. And we have access to her cat, keko.

    First step: showers. In a nice shower. I have never felt so grateful to shower in my entire life. Now, I am not saying we haven't showered - we have - but the showers have been significantly sub par. This was like angels pouring water over us and dousing us with their essence.

    Ok that may be overkill but it did feel great.

    Next, laundry and naps. Then a trip to the grocery store. Then Keri came home and we chatted before making dinner (tacos). Now we are laying on the couch watching Netflix.

    Told you it would be boring. Oh well.. Much needed rest.

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    Gladys Lee

    The cat looks like it's having a conversation with you. Have fun in Madrid. Love you.

    Gladys Lee

  • Day18

    Sleep. Eat. Netflix.

    July 7, 2016 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Well, today we arrived in Madrid! With a long night behind us, we decided today would be a catch up day. We took an amazing shower, napped, and went grocery shopping.

    I'm not sure any of you realize how amazing a home cooked meal was. We made chicken tacos, and salad for supper. We also spent some time with Keri, our host. She is incredible and so accommodating. We are beyond lucky.

    Tomorrow were off to city Centre and Keri is going to meet us at night for dinner and a few drinks. She wants us to fall in love with what Madrid has to offer.

    Oh, and she has such an amazing apartment. Her kitchen is PINK.
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  • Day20

    Guppies and Cheese Burgers

    July 9, 2016 in Spain ⋅ 🌙 23 °C


    We finally went out to explore Madrid. We took a booklet from the information desks. The booklets explained some of the sites and provided two routes. We chose to do route #2 first as it was the longest one.

    We had lunch at this little restaurant on a side street. We had pasta, fries, and sangria for 6.90£. Hello amazing deal. We're pretty sure the food was frozen, but it tasted super good and not to mention that the sangria was refreshing.

    We did a little shopping - especially for the girls to find a bathing suit (maybe even for some of the stores a/c). The hear here is so hot, but in the shade the temperature is significantly different.

    Once we were done, we headed to back to Keri's. Breanna took a nap while Tay and I relaxed by chatting and watching some netflix. We finally got ready and Keri took us out. She taught us some Spanish words (not sure how appropriate they were, but perfect for the occassion). In turn, Breanna taught us sign language (and that's all you need to know about that).

    We started the night off with a "pre-drink" at the bar. We had their well known drink that is lemonade and beer mixed together. THE PERFECT SUMMER DRINK (and it was a little for 4£ 👌). After this drink we drank on the street with the locals. We headed to the "club" (they only open at midnight) that Keri knee nearly everyone at. They had great music and the girls and I danced the night away (while also pretending to only know French, or being deaf). We were awesome. We headed home after this and it is just after 5 am (Keri said this was early as bars stay open until 6 am).

    Well, I think bed is calling my name.
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  • Day21

    Time doesn't exist here.

    July 10, 2016 in Spain ⋅ 🌙 28 °C

    After a late night out and Breanna passing out on the couch, we (and by we I mean Bree and Tay) slept in. Being the terrible sleeper I am, I was up around 9:45 am convincing myself to go back to bed. I decided to shower and get ready on the meantime. Keri and I spent an hour or so discussing her upcoming festival.

    The girls and I spent some time packing before heading out to do route #1 of the booklet. We decided to do this so we wouldn't have to worry about packing later on. Keri served us some Spanish meats - AMAZING. Breanna and I really enjoyed them - thank you Keri for being so amazing to us.

    Finally around 2 we were off to visit the rest of Madrid. We saw the royal palace, place villa, the Puerto de sol, and so on. We went to St-Miguel church - were not quite sure if there was some sort of mass - but we felt inredibly uncomfortable while we were there. It was just as hot in the sun today as it was yesterday. Again we met up with our Australian friend, Phoebe. We met for supper at this cute little place. We surpringly all order something different and it was all delicious. We're getting good at choosing things (sometimes). We had a nice chat and can't wait for her to get to Montreal (end of September/beginning of october).

    By this time, it was already 10:30 so we made our way back to Keri's place. We have an 'early' wake up call got our flight to Porto. This is beyond sad as my trip with the girls is quickly coming to an end... not sure I'm ready for it. We've had the best time ever and are looking so forward to celebrating the euro cup finals.
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    K Harve


  • Day19

    Blind in one eye

    July 8, 2016 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    This morning after navigating to our airbnb like locals, we arrived at our hosts house, Keri. Let me tell you, she is the most welcoming, most friendly & the funniest person ever.

    After our experince in Barcelona, we were so happy to be here. I hadnt showered since Brussels because the shower in Barcelona was just a platform & there was no place to put the shower head & when you did shower, the WHOLE bathroom would be soaken wet.

    We instantly felt at home. We did some laundry, took a shower & most importantly took a nap. In the early afternoon, we went to the grocery store to get something to make for dinner & some elecrolytes for me because I still wasnt feeling well. We grabbed some fresh veggies & fruits & made tacos & salad. It was seriously the best meal ive had in a while.

    We decided to spend the night in just totally relaxing & hanging out with our host. We will start the adventure tomorrow morning.

    Im also feeling much better 🎉

    Good night yall xoxo
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