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  • Day17

    The long way to Friol

    September 22, 2021 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Since the Camino Primitivo joins up with the Frances in a few days, many pilgrims look for alternative routes to keep them off the Frances and its crowds while still getting them closer to Santiago. The Camiño Verde is one of those, end it goes over to Sobrado de los Monxes,, where it joins the Camino Del Norte.

    I have the GPS tracks, so what could go wrong, right? The first thing that happened was that I didn’t turn the track on and missed the turn off. So I found myself still on the Primitivo. That was actually quite all right, because I wanted to go to see a third century Roman crypt or bathhouse or sanitarium (no one knows exactly what it is), and it is accessible from either the Primitivo or the Verde. It was nice, because I walked with a couple of people I had met before.

    Santa Eulalia is an amazing site, with unrestored paintings of all different sorts of birds and floral motifs on the walls. Really wonderful.

    Taking my GPS tracks for the Camiño Verde, I followed them quite well till they took me off the road and into a grassy field where no real track was visible. To make things more interesting, a big German Shepherd started running towards me and barking. So I quickly backtracked and went out onto the road. Taking the road rather than this track would add about 6 km to the day, but I did not fancy encounters with dogs and overgrown tracks. As I started forward on the road, which Google Maps showed would take me into Friol, two more huge dogs started bounding towards me. I turned around and saw a shepherd, obviously the owner of the first dog, with his goats. I went up and asked him about how to best get to Friol, and he told me the path was not in very good condition. Lots of overgrowth, some sharp descents. I quickly made up my mind to do the roundabout road route. And luckily those other dogs belonged to an elderly couple out on a walk.

    I hadn’t exactly counted on 30 km of road walking, but I’m here and in good shape and really loved that Roman/pagan building.
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    Vira Walks

    It's great you made it to Santa Eulalia!! And a dog- and bramble-free walk to Friol sounds perfect.

    Irene Jacobsen

    What an adventure! Dogs are wonderful, but not when they're running toward you because you're too close to their turf! It's nice that you ran into people you knew from previous caminos. Great pictures. Love those painted birds.

  • Day28


    June 3 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Today we arrived in Lugo. We are now officially only 100km away from our destination Santiago de Compostela. It's a big milestone for us. Probably in 4 days we will arrive there. Much earlier than expected and anticipated. All is well, we love what we do. Most likely this won't be our last Camino.Read more

  • Day16

    Afternoon in Lugo

    September 21, 2021 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Well there was a lot for me to do. First I walked the Roman walls and occasionally felt like I was intruding into someone’s private space as their windows opened onto the path.

    Then a real splurge for lunch at a place called Paprica. I got the menu del dia but even so it cost more than my hotel room. But my hotel room is very cheap. 😁 I have walked in Galicia many many times, but I have never really tried all the seafood specialties. So I am making up for lost time.

    In the afternoon my main objective was to find a new shirt to replace my dear blue shirt, whose right shoulder has been ripped open by the backpack strap. Not surprising after ten or twelve caminos. But I went from store to store and found nothing. So I called it quits and went to a few Roman sites in town.

    Lugo is a beautiful city with a lot of life. I was talking to Joe from a cafe in the plaza Mayor and he could hardly hear me.

    Weather looks good!
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    Carm Walsh

    Who would have thought you would need to take a sewing kit on a Camino??

    C Clearly

    You only need one shirt, right?

    Lee Tolman

    Lovely blue skies Laurie! Better than the rain in France! Need to catch up on your writing? Will you be staying with my friends in Ponte Ferreira? Probably not since you're keeping to private rooms.

    Vira Walks

    Beautiful pics! Is that ahi poke? In Lugo?? Amazing. It's sad to read about your shirt - fond memories of seeing you in it on the Baztan.

  • Day16

    A short day into Lugo

    September 21, 2021 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    By 1:00 I was in my hotel and washing clothes. I will have all afternoon to enjoy this beautiful city. The walk was much nicer than I remember it, and I am assuming they have taken huge chunks off the road and put them on gorgeous little green tunnel paths.

    At about 12 km along the way, I came to a point where the arrows offered a choice to take on an extra kilometer and visit the church at Soutomerille. I had done that once before, long before there was any announcement of the option, and when I got there the whole church was covered in overgrowth. So I decided that this fancy little sign must indicate that someone had bothered to cut away the brush so the church would be visible.

    What a great decision, with several ancient chestnut trees as a bonus. One, according to a plaque, is at least 400 years old. And the church has a window that has been dated to the pre-Roman times. So it all was definitely a worthwhile detour.

    Lots of people walking these days and the weather is super. Sunny and 66 degrees in Lugo.

    I am off to walk the Roman walls before lunch. It’s about 2 km around and the walls are in tact. The guy who checked me into my hotel said they are the only fully intact Roman walls in the world. And the only ones that have free access 24/7 and no charge.
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    Kathy Vance

    The Roman Walls around the city are amazing. I read that they are a World Heritage site. What a treasure!

    Irene Jacobsen

    Beautiful pictures, all of them, Laurie. Nils and I have been enjoying your posts. The Camino is giving you peace, solitude, immersion in nature and cultural highlights. What a perfect combination!

  • Day61

    Last night in Lugo

    June 11 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Well last night was fun it made me think of Abby a bit - it had the feel of a big gray party with the whole town in on it.

    I got to go dancing and even went to a Latin night club and had a few dances which was nice but also felt sad as I missed my playmate :-(Read more

    You are seeing a side of Spain that most piilgrims done. They may hear it and groan about the interruption to sleep. 🕺💃 [Mum]

    Nicola Corna

    these Romans are crazy - to quote asterix

    Steven Dromgool

    @Nicola lol I had been thinking that a bit

  • Day58

    Fantastic Spanish fruit

    June 8 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

    Popped into this little spanish grocery and broke about 3 rules immediately there was a guy hanging around outside the door with one young guy in the shop, calling out a list of fruit while the female assistant scurried around collecting for him including getting on a step ladder to catch a pineapple that was on a shelf 2.5m high. So I was thinking he was a lazy chauvinistic pig while I collected a few bits of fruit and then the assistant said something to me and I noticed gloves, mask, guy outside now with 3 other people lined up being in the street. Covid still a big deal.

    Well the apricots and the plums were worth the wait (amazing) the apple was inedible. Figs OMG.
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    I well remember the gorgeous half kilo of fresh figs I consumed since I could nt figure how to say quarter. [Barbara]

  • Day79

    Wandern an der Küste & Schlafen in Lugo

    April 21 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

    Vormittags gab es eine kleine Wanderung entlang der Klippen an denen wir übernachtet haben. Weiter gibts zum Strand der Kathedralen, eine zwar etwas überlaufener aber bei Ebbe eindrucksvolle, ausgewaschene Küstenlandschaft.
    Nach einer ausgiebigen Dusche an einer Raststätte sind wir in die Stadt Lugo gefahren. Eigentlich wollten wir abends um die Häuser ziehen, haben uns aber mit unseren Kölner Freunden Stefan & Toni (mit Kater Tigges 🐈) verquatscht und sind kurzerhand im Bus geblieben. Lili hat endlich eine riesige Artischocke bekommen und Flo durfte Pizza und Lasagne bestellen. Nach einer Folge Germanys next Topmodel kam Mama Eva mit ihrer Ukulelengruppe noch im BR und wir konnten live zuschauen - ein hoch auf die Technik und unseren VPN-Zugang 😅
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  • Day58

    Lugo - El Romanica

    June 8 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

    well turns out they're is a big Roman festival here this weekend, they are already constructing the sets. The wall surrounding the main town is pretty amazing I can imagine it would feel pretty daunting to assail.Read more

    Will be busy with Spaniards. [Barbara]

  • Day61

    On the road again (well the bus today(

    June 11 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    So feeling better and am sitting in Estacion Autobus de Lugo to catch a bus to Santiago.

    I'm thinking one night in Santiago then maybe a service tomorrow and a sorry walk on the road again and do Finisterre this week which will get me there and back for Friday before flying to Sophia on Sunday via Lugo.Read more

    Likely to find company on the road to Finisterre/ Muxia that will help.. xxx [Mum]

  • Day21

    Past the wall

    September 25, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Today's KM's - 29.9kms
    Total KM's - 462.8kms
    Total blisters - 8

    A leisurely stroll today to Lugo. Mostly walking through gently rolling hills and forests. The day started in the dark and with thick fog until about 9:00. Only a little bit of road walking, to keep us on our toes, as logging trucks thundered by. The main achievement today occurred as we passed under the walls of Lugo and now have less than 100kms to go to Santiago.

    Lugo seems to be a relaxed place, with lots of bars and restaurants. The most impressive feature though is the Roman wall which circles the whole part of the old centre. The wall is 7m's wide, had 85 towers and 10 gates. With the way in and out of Lugo for pilgrims through 2 of those gates.

    We have some time to explore Lugo as we wait for the crazy Spanish dinner time of at least 7:30 (most don't open till 9pm). This doesn't really suit pilgrims who have been walking since 7am and are sleep deprived due to sleeping with snoring strangers. Special treat tonight though, our bunk beds are deluxe and include a privacy blind. Too bad they won't block out the snorers 😴
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    David Wong

    Good that you spent some time at a Roman Wall town, a UNESCO site. 👍

    Tim Wong

    Awesome pics!


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