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  • Day146

    Melide - July 24

    July 25 in Spain

    July 24th

    We only walked ten miles to Melide today and will do another short day to Arzúa tomorrow. Some of our friends made it to Santiago yesterday, and Andy made it to Santiago today 🙂. Some more will get there tomorrow, and Paul and Mirabelle will get there on the 26th. The end is so close now!

    Highlights from today:
    1. Sleeping until 7am
    2. Four cafe stops along the way today
    3. Seeing families hiking with little kids
    4. Watching Alan enjoy fresh 🐙 octopus
    5. Amazing dinner with Paku
    6. Groin muscle is fine now 🙂
    7. Little heel blister is gone 👍🏻

    Only 34.5 miles to go!
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  • Day17

    Blowing in the wind

    May 25 in Spain

    As Seixas - Melide 15km

    Bei trüben und extrem windigen Bedingungen ging es heute einen kleinen Stich hoch auf 750Hm. Die Vegetation änderte sich schlagartig und hatte den Charme schottischer Highlands. Danach ging es wieder bergab und wir erreichten gegen Mittag das Etappenziel Melide. Hier endet offiziell der Camino Primitivo. Für die letzten drei Tage heißt es nun "Augen zu und durch" auf dem kommerziellen Camino FrancesRead more

  • Day81

    Irgendwo in Galizien

    July 28 in Spain

    Über die Park4Night App haben wir einen Bauernhof entdeckt auf dem man übernachten kann. Die Besitzer kommen aus Holland und sind mit ihren fünf Kindern ausgewandert. Sie haben im Garten zwei Zelte für Pilgerer aufgebaut, da der Jakobsweg an dem Hof vorbei geht. Heute sind leider keine Pilgerer da. Wir essen mit der Familie Abend und genießen die Stimmung. Der Hof ist mit Liebe gestaltet. Es gibt einen Außenküche, eine Toilette und eine Dusche, also ist alles da was man braucht. Wir können uns auch an den Strom anschließen.
    Die Fahrt hier her war auch ein Erlebnis. Galizien haut uns Landschaftlich um! Alles ist so grün und überall sind Tiere auf den Weiden. Es ist wunderschön hier.
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  • Day32

    Melide.... nur noch 53km

    June 21 in Spain

    Ab heute zähle ich rückwärts..... es sind noch 53km übrig, dann hab ich Santiago erreicht.... das Ziel aller Pilger. 🤗

    Der Weg heute (31km) begann holperig.... der Herbergsvater hatte verschlafen und somit kamen wir nur verspätet los, wir waren eingeschlossen.

    Gegen 7.30 Uhr ging's dann endlich los.... die Strecke war wenig anspruchsvoll und daher ging's relativ zügig voran..... da wir ja mindestens 2-3 Stempel pro Tag benötigen, um die Compostella zu erhalten, wird an jeder Kirche angehalten und gestempelt.

    So gegen 16.00 Uhr 🕓 kam ich in Melide an..... eine nette Herberge, diesmal wieder im Bett. Die obligatorische Besichtigung der Kathedrale ⛪ erfolgte und dann trafen wir uns alle zu einem Bier 🍻 und den einen oder anderen Licor 43 con Leche 🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃..etwas was ich regelmäßig erstmal den Barkeepern erklären 🤔 muss, bevor ich es bekomme. Ich ernte dann immer ein mitleidiges Lächeln😏

    Am Abend wurde dann Pulpo 👾 egessen, ein Muss wenn man in Melide aber nicht mein Fall, also nichts für mich. 🙈🙈
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  • Day51

    Walk to Melide

    October 12 in Spain

    A good shorter walk today, 16.4 kms, and no noticeably strenuous ups and downs. Still the pretty scenery and tree tunnels. And the weather has been kind!! Just cloudy today, and a cool wind...we had jackets on all the time..very pleasant. And we have gone back to wearing shorts, now that it’s not so cold and could is much preferable to have wet legs than to have wet pants. But we may be lucky..tomorrow is an even shorter day and rain is not expected to start till the afternoon...

    So now we are at Melide, a busy small town. Checked into our hotel and all clean and washing done. Checking in is always a mystery...sometimes they want one passport, sometimes 2 (and they write all details, DOB etc), and sometimes no passport required...and it’s not dependent on the higher status or category of hotel as far as I can see...! Today was a one passport day. Yesterday was no passport...once they had our name, we were ticked off and given a key and times for dinner and breakfast, and wifi code! Truly a mystery!

    One bad news..last night I had a bedbug....only one soon as I felt the itch I knew and turned on the light (had not yet been asleep so hadn’t been dark for very long)...and a search revealed only the one...any others had not yet had a chance to come out from hiding...anyway, we are now prepared and got our silk sleeping sheets, left the lights on and slept with eyeshades, after spraying the beds and bags..and leaving everything zipped up. No further problem, and in fact slept well as took a phenergan for the reaction! We told the hotel in the morning without any song and danceso they can decontaminate the’s a really nice place and well run...this is just the hazard of these places where people come through each day, and have sometimes also stayed at not so good albergues and picked them up. Meanwhile I have an itchy and large reaction on my thigh and we are paranoid now and want to keep using the silk sheet bags and leave on the lights.

    Had fun walking today...we have got used to the larger number of people, and some are fun. There is a group of Irish who are always chatty and lovely - it was an Irishman who took the photo of both of us yesterday in the trees. And today we got talking to an Italian couple...they are a Camino romance - they met a few weeks ago at Puente La Reina. Judy and Dorothy had been walking with them yesterday and told us about them, so when we saw them today we got chatting and continued the story.

    We arrived at Melide fairly early, so stopped and had a little lunch - pulpo and a glass of Alberiño, followed by a coffee and Cola Cao. It is my favourite hot chocolate...they just fill a glass or cup with hot frothy milk and give you the sachet to stir in. While there we talked to a Spanish young woman we had seen on and off, very friendly and knowledgeable, and found out she was a guide for a group...was herding people, and gave them meeting points (this was one of them) as obviously they all walk in their own time...quite a job. She was Basque and worked for a Basque travel company.

    So now we are relaxing..not keen to go out on the town. Amr says it is Spain’s National day, but there is no visible sign that we have noticed of revelry! Maybe life on the Camino just continues as normal...they feed and house us! I think this wifi is good, but will do photos separately.
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  • Day34

    The Hordes

    October 7, 2017 in Spain

    What a difference we have seen since arriving in Melide, where the Camino Frances, the most popular Camino,joins the Primitivo. That's where we saw our first "all things Camino" gift shop, and where I saw a Camino magnet with my name on it (literally, Sara - Camino de Santiago. Of course I got it). Coming out of Lugo we started to see frequent pristine distance markers about every five minutes. Since Melide all of them had the plate with the distance pried out (these were taken for souvenirs, I assume) and graffiti all over the markers and walls. It was usually entertaining graffiti, with little thoughts about the Camino or names of people who have been on it. One group that signed many markers was "Las Enfermeras Raras (the strange nurses). There are also many more people on the Camino and in the hostels, although there are correspondingly more hostels and we have not had any trouble finding places to stay. The weather has been beautiful though hot and sunny, so the last couple of hours in the afternoon can be somewhat challenging. We are all doing well and are excited to be almost to SantiagoRead more

  • Day26

    Feliz Cumpleanno

    October 5, 2017 in Spain

    On this fine day in Manitoba, Canada a beautiful baby, now woman, was born. Happy birthday Coleen.

    Greetings from around the world are being sent your way from family, old friends and new Camino friends.

    Have a great day mi amor.

  • Day37

    It's a Wonderful Life

    October 5, 2017 in Spain

    Today's celebration started with a rock picked up along the Camino, soon followed by a video of last night's bunkmates singing Happy Birthday. Another rendition was sung by Jesus and Paulo's troupe when we met at a breakfast stop. I was presented with handpicked walnuts by a smiling elderly Spanish man and lots of Happy Birthday e-mail messages - many of which were orchestrated by my best friend and love of my life, Scott. Thanks to all who participated! I've had a truly wonderful day.

    Supper was a Pulpa Feast - octopus!
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