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  • Day16

    The drive to La Santa

    March 8 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Oh what a drive! We left our charming Delta Hotel after a lovely breakfast of Iberian ham, cheeses, fruit, yogurt and delicious bread. As with last night, we had the dining room to ourselves and they turned on the English adult pop when we walked in! Another cloudless day, about 17 C; a good day to drive.

    Our 5 hour drive to Tortana was pretty uneventful. Good roads, only one toll for a tunnel, through rugged, rolling hills. The main agricultural products seemed to be oranges and fruit trees, just starting to bloom. Our first sign of trouble was that the GPS did not recognize the address we had, the name of the hotel, or any other information that we had. The tourist office in Tortana closed just before we got there so our only option was to ask various residents for directions to La Jardine De la Santa. No one spoke much English but we all used hand-signals. We did finally find the hotel after asking a woman walking on the street, a bar tender and a patron in a bar, a group of 10 high school students, and a man cleaning the tombs in a cemetery!

    The hotel, a renovated nunnery was very high on a hill near a town called Aledo. Tortana was only the mailing address (like trying to find Streetsville with only Mississauga as the location). We finally found it by trying every choice on the last traffic circle.

    But it was worth it! The convent is a beautiful old building set in a garden in a valley. Tory and I walked 1 km uphill to see a statue of Jesus and a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside. The path was lined with the stations of the cross and the bells in the tower rang at regular intervals. Just lovely.

    Tomorrow, we do our final leg of driving to get to our timeshare on the Costa Del Sol.
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  • Day17

    The Costa Del Sol

    March 9 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    We started out a bit worried as, once again, the GPS did not recognize any of the information that we had on the timeshare resort. We drove through an ever changing landscape; fruit trees in rocky fields, dry river beds, several tunnels through the mountains, fertile valleys and even glimpses of the Sierra Nevadas with snowy peaks.

    Trying to learn from yesterday, we stopped at a big hotel in Mijas to get directions. The woman in reception was very helpful and drew us a map of where to go. The communities on the Costa Del Sol are very dense with lots of small roads to endless condo buildings. But with only one additional stop for directions we got to the Club Calahondo.

    We have 2 two-bedroom units. Tory’s brother, Charles, is joining us for a few days so they will make good use of the second bedroom. The units are smallish but clean and well appointed. A trip to the Mercado (and 77 Euros later), we were too pooped to go back out. Dinner of wine and pizza was just perfect.
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  • Day22

    Different Paths

    March 14 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Today the group went in different directions.
    Tory, Roger and Charles drove to Gibraltar and the Delaney’s walked the boardwalk for a few kilometres. We regrouped in the evening to share stories then went to dinner.

    Their trip to The Rock was a big success. They left their car at the border and hired a cab to take them to the top, the caves, the monkey spa and the tunnels. They enjoyed it just as much as Brian had the week before.

    Our walk was quite pleasant but not half as exciting. The boardwalk extends as far as the eye can see in both directions.

    Dinner at Bogarts was a lovely experience. Within walking distance, the only problem we experienced was trying to find the front door! Fortunately our gracious waitress saw us out the window and came to our aid. Waiting for the paella to cook, we shared tapas and wine.....yummy. Coincidentally, the guitar player we met on our previous outing appeared to serenade us again.
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  • Day23

    Slow Day

    March 15 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Everyone had a late breakfast (too much wine last night) then Charles left for Portugal today. In the afternoon, Brian volunteered to drive Tory and Christine to a large department store, El Corte Ingles that they had been lusting to visit. Our finicky GPS surprised us and we arrived in good time. Brian suggested we meet in 1.5 hours and Christine reluctantly agreed. The timing worked out but the store was a bit of a disappointment; too pricey. Tory did buy some clothes for the grandkids in a discount section.
    Dinner was leftovers and anything left in the fridge, as we leave tomorrow.
    The pictures were taken from our balcony.
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  • Day5

    GACHE Day 2 - Mijas Olivos

    June 12 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Cold & overcast to start.
    Par 3s rolled over to sextuplet on 12th. €18 to Chuck, though Andy made a 2.
    Andy 39 (60 total)
    Chuck 35 (64 total)
    Phil 32 (59 total)
    Brenda 20 (44 total)
    Some good golf despite the chilly conditions: Brenda wearing a fleece.
    Olivos is best Mijas course.

  • Day626

    Fuengirola. Happy 15th Poppy!

    March 14, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    It was Poppy's 15th birthday today! Of course we gave her lots of fuss and a few extra sweeties. Before we started this tour back in June 2016 there were many points where we doubted she'd get to start it with us, but touring life seems to suit her exceptionally well and in some respects (such as her incontinence) her health has actually improved. She gets the excitement of visiting so many new places just by stepping out of the door and to have long rests with us close by, knowing she only needs to peek out of her Poppy hole (a cupboard we have given over to her bed area) to see what we are up to.

    Close to last night's stopover was a petrol station offering free services if you bought fuel. The water and emptying points were in a van washing bay. This bay had something we'd only seen in Spain; a raised platform on three sides, allowing you to walk around and wash the roof without having to be on the van itself. With the restrictions on washing vehicles in aires, we'd been unable to do it for a long time and the surface was getting slippery when wet, increasing the risk of an accident when Vicky climbed up to strap or unstrap the canoe. We spent a quite a while getting it clean, filling and emptying and by the time we pulled out there was a queue of 3 other vans waiting to use the services.

    Our surroundings as we journeyed along the coast towards Málaga gradually became more built up, the high rise hotels overlooking the sea progressively taller and closer together. There was so much concrete and we were increasingly glad of our decision to just pass through, instead of parking up and looking round. It is strange, you'd think that after spending so much time in rural escapes, we'd have an appetite to delve into the urban jungle, drawn by the bright lights, culture, architechture and choice of eateries, shops and bars. However we found quite the opposite here, we observed with a mild interest but felt no compulsion to go exploring. There was a brief respite at one point where we drove alongside Parque de Málaga with its well watered grass and plethora of green palms and squawking parakeets. Perhaps if we'd given it the chance we would have found more places we liked, but it wasn't on the cards today.

    Málaga blended into Torremolinos, the only major difference being the dual language Spanish /English signs now had English as their primary language. Casinos, more hotels, souvenir shops and advertisements for real estate and golf clubs assailed our eyes with Irish bars, Union Jacks and beauty salons aplenty.

    Before hitting Marbella, we found respite for the night at a crescent shaped car park overlooking and with access to Playa las Doradas, a beach made up of dark sand, stones and inset rocks. It was 25m or so off the highway and separated by a concrete cordon and drop in the land, so it was easy enough to shut the traffic noise out. Poppy loves playing on the beach so we took her down for a quick game and she had some beef gravy over her dried dogfood for tea that night. All in all it was a good day for her. Happy Birthday Poppy!
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  • Day19


    March 11 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    After another twisty drive up a mountain, we got to the lovely village of Mijas, famous for its donkey wagons. We parked the van and wandered the picturesque town. The photos say it all.
    Dinner was another adventure. Tory and Christine had spotted a restaurant on the water they wanted to try. We set out in the van and after many wrong turns parked in a MacDonalds over flow lot near where they thought the restaurant to be. We walked about a kilometre along the boardwalk in the dark and came to the place they thought might be our destination. Not about to explore any further, the men decided to stop and eat. Two days later, we walked the boardwalk only to discover the same restaurant was right below our hotel!Read more

  • Day20


    March 12 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    We thought yesterday’s drive was a challenge but we were wrong. Today had more twisty mountain roads coupled with a harrowing trip through the town up a narrow cobblestone road that was almost vertical! Thankfully we found a good parking lot near the “I” and set out to explore a unique city divided in two by a very deep gorge.

    The bridge area was crowded with picture takers but the rest of the walk was fairly quiet. This city is known for its location on cliffs and also for its history of cave dwellings. A few of them have been preserved and we stuck our heads in for a look. Christine’s and Charles’s lunch of lentil stew at an out of the way little restaurant was a highlight. Upon our return, Charles used the Internet to find a lovely restaurant (La Taverna) for our dinner. The waiter couldn’t be more helpful or gracious and the Tapas were the best we had had. The evening finished with all of us singing with the local guitarist......too much wine at dinner?
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