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  • Day11


    July 24, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Die vorletzte größere Etappe ging von Caldas de Reis nach Padrón (19km)..

    .... verlief etwas schleppend... heute war nicht mein Tag..😕 bewölkt...relativ hohe Luftfeuchtigkeit... ich kam nur sehr schwer in die Gänge... nach dem 3. Kaffee ging's etwas besser..

    Padrón ist sehr alt...wohl geschichtlich sehr interessant...zur Kirche werde ich erst morgen früh wenn ich aufbreche...

    Ich bin ziemlich platt und müde... ich werde heute nicht alt und werde früh schlafen...und hoffe morgen läuft's wieder rund..

    Morgen geht's von hier bis nach Teó ..bis vor die Tore von Santiago de Compostela...

    Einen schönen Abend euch allen 😘😘😘

    Ich vermisse meinen Schatz.. freu mich auf den "Zieleinlauf" und noch mehr auf Samstag auf zu Hause.... hihi
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  • Day24

    O Cruceiro - Padron 18.9.2017

    September 18, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    Mein gemütliches Auslaufen gen Santiago de Compostella geht weiter. Ich sitze gerade in einem Waschsalon und sehe meiner Wäsche dabei zu, wie sie lustige bunte schaumige Kreise in der Waschmaschine dreht. Und blogge. Auch das ist Pilgeralltag. Wenn auch de Luxe. Kann sich hier nicht jeder leisten. Habe jetzt schon einige Studenten/Studentinnen getroffen, deren Budget echt auf Kante genäht ist. Da ist jeder Euro fest verplant. Zum Glück muss ich das Hohelied der Sparsamkeit in der Form nicht mitträllern.

    Deshalb habe ich mich heute wieder gegen einen öffentlichen Massenschlaf/-schnarchsaal und für eine private Pension entschieden. Einzelzimmer mit eigenem Bad für stramme 24 EUR :) vielleicht sollte ich mich jetzt weniger wie ein Pilger fühlen :( tue ich aber nicht :D

    Heute morgen ging es um 9 Uhr los, nach etwa 12 Stunden Schlaf. Müde war ich nicht mehr. Es regnete und 14 unspektakuläre KM schlossen sich an. Das wird sich in den beiden kommenden Tagen auch nicht mehr wesentlich ändern. Morgen noch mal 10 KM und am Mittwoch das letzte Etäppchen über 15 KM nach Santiago rein.

    Im Grunde ist der Camino gelaufen, die Zeit jetzt ist eigentlich schon die Zeit des Rückblicks. Wie war der Camino, was hat er mir gebracht an Erkenntnissen über meine Ausrüstung, über mögliche Änderungen für die Via de la Plata im kommenden Jahr? Dinge, die ich in nächster Zeit noch genauer überdenken und reflektieren werde. Jetzt werde ich aber noch die letzten Stunden hier auf dem Camino Portugues geniessen. Und die Wäsche in den Trockner bugsieren. Sie ist jetzt fertig.

    Und wer schaute eben noch in der Wäscherei vorbei? Lolly und Andrew, siehe Foto :) sie sind gerade in dem Hotel abgestiegen, das gegenüber der Wäscherei liegt. Typischer Caminozufall. War mit beiden dann eben noch lecker spachteln und sie machen nun ein Nickerchen, they take a nap heißt es, habe ich gerade erfahren. Ich seile mich wieder in die Pension ab, nappen kann ich auch. Ziemlich gut sogar :)
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  • Day13

    11. Etappe bis Pedron

    May 26, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    Sehr nette Etappe mit klasse Menschen bei tollem Wetter. Morgen erwartet uns die letzte Staffel. Wir freuen uns. Die Stimmung ist klasse. Den Abend mit Fußball und viiieel Wein ausklingen lassen. Schade für Liverpool aber hier feiert das ganze Land. 30319 Schritte und 23,4 km für heute

  • Day13

    Day 9 of Camino De Santiago

    September 10, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Dios Mio!!!!! Why is every day harder than the previous!!! This morning was starting out great; only a small day of 18km ahead of us. We were taking it easy, stopping at cafes often enough, meeting people along the way (I met 5 Canadian ladies who are from Ottawa and outaouais region) - everything was going great. Until. We get to our village and start looking for our albergue. We pick up our phones and start entering the address into our Google maps. Luis looks at us with a look of desperation on his face and shows us his phone. 7km. You're kidding right? It's 35 degrees outside, we have been walking for almost 6 hours and we need to keep going another 7km? If that wasn't bad enough- he goes to ask someone in a store and the man laughs and says 7km? No no it's more like 10km! 😒....

    Vanessa and I weren't saying anything - everyone was completely unimpressed and mad. After bitching it out we started walking and went straight into the first bar we saw. Nothing helps a situation like a good glass of sangria. 😍 We decided to finish this route to go to our albergue by the road and not the actual camino since it was 3km more. What. It's still walking the camino even if you're walking it on the main highway to save time! It must of been the most brutal 5km ever. The heat must of reached 40 with the humidex. Finally. We arrived. I'm pretty sure we walked 7km but any way. Once we arrived we made some drinks and went into the pool and laughed it out.

    On the bright side - only 17km to reach Santiago in the morning.. last day tomorrow. I don't know how I will feel but I think the emotions will be in the air when I see that church afar.

    T-minus 1 day. 17km.
    P.s. albergue for our last night. Please no one snore. Man I do hate shared rooms.
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  • Day27


    June 18 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 66 °F

    I walked from Caldas de Reis to Padron, mainly on a woodland track though meadows, gardens and more eucalyptus, pine, and oak forests. Mostly in the rain... classic Galicia weather. It's lush and green.

    I have a room at Hostal de Flavia, on the 4th floor overlooking Padron. This town was named after the "Pedron" Roman stone, now displayed under the altar in the Igrexa Santiago here. It was this stone, according to legend, that the boat carrying the body of St. James was moored to, before it was transported by oxcart to the site where the Cathedral of Santiago was built. Yep.

    Padron peppers (named after the town) are popular here, served roasted. They say one in ten is hot. "Os pementos de Padron uns pican e outros non." (in the local regional Spanish) They were brought from the New World (New Mexico region?) by the Franciscan monks at the nearby Herbon monastery, where they are still grown. I asked where I could get some seeds to take home, but was told they are only sold on Thursday, market day, in the square, so I missed that.

    Pictures below:
    That statue on the side of a small church is San Rochas. He is portrayed holding open his robe to show a plague sore and there is a dog next him. While he was ill, the dog brought him bread every day and licked his sore to heal him. San Rochas is the saint for people with infectious diseases and for dogs (What they didn't know was that that dog probably carried the fleas that gave him the plague. Oh well).

    The chalkboard sign was outside a "China shop" in Caldas. These tiny shops are found in towns all around Spain and carry a little bit of everything. I found needles and thread there and duct tape (cinta Americana). They are run by Chinese people, who you practically never see anywhere else in Spain. I loved this example of cultural pride and reaching out for connection.
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  • Day27

    Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis

    June 18 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 64 °F

    Yesterday. I walked with Tricia from Albuquerque for a while. She’s an interesting person; has visited and lived all over the world. Doesn’t live far from me. It was nice, but I talk too much.. I feel the urge to express every thought I have out loud. I point out what I think is beautiful and then explain why it is beautiful, in case the other person with me doesn’t appreciate it the way I do. It’s exhausting for me, not to mention whoever I am walking with. I miss what else is going on around me. I love walking alone.

    More tranquil forest paths and a great waterfall along the way.
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  • Day11

    Day 7 Rotanda to Padron

    April 21, 2016 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Day 7 Rotanda - Padron
    24km (14miles)
    A great night in an Albergue that seemed exclusively our little group. Five of the others were German and a Brazilian lad. She was a judge in her home country. A couple of the German guys were in their 70's but had walked a number of the Caminos including the Via de La Plata. Very impressive. We passed the evening speaking in a mixture of English, German and Spanish. The hospiladro eventually turned up to register us and collect the 6 euros from each of us. The evenings in the albergues are special places. All peregrinos share the love of walking in solitude or with others. There is an unique bond on the Camino. We understand the pain, reflection and just putting one foot in front of the other.
    After a great night's sleep, I was back on the Camino at 7.30am. There was no rain but it felt cool. I quickly walked 5km into a town called Caldas de Reis. A cafe con leche and a croissant for breakfast and off again. There were around 10 other peregrinos on the Camino.
    The morning was beautiful. I took my shoes off and walked in my sandals. That was a bit of a mistake as I developed some small blisters. The Camino took me through some lush forests. These protected me from the sun and sudden downpours.
    I eventually arrived in Padron at 1pm and waited for the Alburgue to open. I was the first to arrive. I have just gone into the town for a bite to eat and guess what I found.....a bar that does GUINNESS. Now that is one way to make an Irishman happy 😊
    I have 25km (16 miles) to do tomorrow to Santiago De Compostela. I should be there by lunchtime. I will book and hotel room and wait for my fellow peregrino Al Cox to join me on Saturday. We will then begin the Camino Finnistre (to the end of the medieval world). The cape's Camino marker indicates 0.00km.
    Another adventure awaits but this one has one more day to go.
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  • Day11

    Day 6 Redondela to Rotonda

    April 21, 2016 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Day 6 Redondela -Rotanda near Caldas de Reis
    38km (23 miles)
    I set off from the hostel at 7.15am. It was a very warm night particularly with fourteen of us in one dormitory. Some kind soul actually left a door to lower the temperature.
    It was still dark as I set off. It was the usual fun of trying to find the way out of the town.
    There was a big climb out of the town. Not a good start first thing in the morning but the reward was a fantastic view of the sea inlet called Ria de Vigo and a small quaint seaside town called Arcade. The route zigzagged through narrow lanes. They sometimes seemed pointless as I ended up a little further north of a main road.
    The weather was warm and DRY. It was very pleasant. The Camino followed a beautiful route through forests and vineyards.
    I took my walking shoes off to cool my feet in a stream. I decided to walk the rest of the day in my sandals. It felt fantastic. As the day warmed up, I soaked them in serveral streams. The water was ice cold and felt wonderful.
    After 19.7 k(12.2 miles), I arrived in a large town called Pontevedra. It had a very pleasant feel to it. A lot of locals wished me ' Buen Camino'.
    I decided to stop for a coffee and cake.i picked the BIGGEST cream cake you ever saw. Sorry no picture of it because it vanished in seconds.
    I left the town crossing the Rio Lerez and back into stunning countryside. The sugar rush really helped. I quickly passed the next 19km listening to Van Morrison. My feet were holding up well. I stopped briefly for a beer and some lunch in a small rural village. I got to the point at 38km where I had an option to stay in a small Albergue. I thought that I might continue to a large town called Caldas de Reis. It was a further 5 km. My feet decided to give a twinge. Based on that, I stopped at a small Albergue. There are only seven peregrinos here. The facilities are fantastic. There is nowhere to buy food so it will be a tin of sardines from the bottom of my rucksack.
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  • Day9


    May 10, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Last of the hot and dry days?

    Mausoleum en route is like a left corpse facility.

    Padron quite industrial except for one section of river plus promenade and a small old town. Hotel tucked away and quiet.

    The main church contains many interesting icons, not the least St Iago killing some Muslims and pictures of lost souls burning in hell.

    One longish day of walking left to santiago.
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