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  • Day38

    Mijn net-wakker-koppie haha

    August 14 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 10 °C

    Maar de schelp staat erop. Soort van! De één na laatste dag jongens ooohh! En eigenlijk de laatste normale dag, want morgenavond zal ik niet meer opzoek moeten naar een camping, en hoef ik geen tent meer op te zetten. Dus ik ga vandaag knetterhard genieten ;)Read more

  • Day37


    August 13 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Ik heb weer een plekje in de tuin van een Albergue gevonden! En wat een aardige eigenaar. Hij vertelde dat zijn opa en oma vroeger altijd pelgrims in huis namen en dat hij daarom een Albergue is gestart. Hij vertelde prachtige verhalen over pelgrims waar hij vroeger als kind mee heeft gespeeld, maar ook over hoe stil het dit jaar op de route is.
    Ik ga lekker douchen en even wat wassen! Nog maar twee nachtjes in m'n tent 😱
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  • Day3

    Day 2 - Portomarin to Palas De Rei

    April 9, 2019 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 9 °C

    We set off from our lovely garden hotel bungalow called Casa de Maestro just as it was getting light. We walked for 24.8km to the next town on the Camino Walk. We stopped only for giant sandwiches, Galician Pie (a traditional pasty style pie filled with whatever the cook has spare) and wine. Arrived at our hotel 7.5 hours later feeling quanked (obsolete word of the day according to Google). The Casa Benilde hosts have been amazing; taking our wet clothes to dry and setting up the room so it was really cosy. Now off to find more wine, even if we have to crawl 😉Read more

  • Day144

    Palas de Rei - July 23

    July 23, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    July 23

    We walked a bit over 15 miles today, so we now have 43.6 miles to go.

    We wanted to get an earlier start this morning because we knew we had a lot of climbing today and it was going to get hot later. Morning is not my most favorite time of day, and 5:30 am is really not my thing. But, we did finally get going in the dark with headlamps. Sunrise is not until after 7:00 here.

    Both Alan and I do well climbing up and over the hills in the morning in the cool air when our legs and bodies are fresh. But, as the hours add up and the day goes on, we slow down...sometimes a lot. Today was one of those days. Everything on my body felt great, except my sore groin muscle bothered me more as the day wore on. Alan’s back was also bothering him, I was semi-limping, and then some grumpiness set in which meant walking at a distance from each other was the best thing to do by the end of the day 😂😂.

    The first thing we did when we got to Palas de Rei was go to the farmacia to get some ibuprofen. We had run out a couple of days ago. Then...stop at the supermercado to get something cold to drink and a few snacks, check in to our room, shower, wash clothes, eat some snacks, take ibuprofen, rest, eat lunch, visit with friends, rest again, then finally meet our friends for dinner. This routine is pretty much what we do each day after we are done hiking. It’s a rough life 😂😂.

    Tonight’s dinner was the last dinner with Paul and Mirabelle until we see them in Santiago. It was a really nice dinner...special time.They will go further than Paku and us tomorrow. They said they will greet us when we arrive in Santiago 💕🙂. We had the waiter take a picture of the 5 of us to commemorate the moment.
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  • Day25

    Twenty second stop - Palas de Rei

    May 23, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Portomarín -> 24km -> Palas de Rei
    Well, this place teaches us the reality of the term "Don't judge a book by its cover". There is no palace and there is no King (there is nothing here, really), however, today's misty weather made for a mystical walk along Galicia. And we had pulpo a la Gallega with a nice caña de Estrella Galicia!Read more

  • Day50

    Photos from walk to Palas de Rei

    October 11, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Just arrived at Palas de Rei and wifi so good - sent off photos from yesterday, and while it is in a good mood will quickly send lovely scenery from today...we started in a little rain which didn’t last very long...another beautiful walk. Full report later today!Read more

  • Day28

    25. Etappe: Mercadoiro - Palas de Rei

    April 17, 2019 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 10 °C

    Heute war sehr viel los auf meinem Weg. Während der ganzen Zeit wurde ich ordentlich durchgepustet und habe auch ein paar Tropfen Regen abbekommen.
    Der Weg wird nun deutlich voller. Viele haben tatsächlich in Sarria angefangen. Als eine der Ersten verlasse ich heute morgen die Herberge und mache mich auf nach Portomarín, ein süßes Städtchen idyllisch am Fluss gelegen. Mehrfach werde ich darauf hingewiesen, dass der original Jakobsweg hier sehr gefährlich zu begehen ist, aufgrund von Gefälle, Steinen und engen Passagen. Todesmutig nehme ich also den originalen Weg und muss auch etwas klettern, aber das Ende dieses Abschnittes führt direkt auf eine Landstrasse, was ich für viel gefährlicher halte, als den Weg an sich. Auch für die Überquerung der sehr hohen Brücke nach Portomarín benötige ich mehr Mut.
    Auf meinem weiteren Weg treffe ich eine Gruppe von Vätern aus Dänemark, die mit ihren 8-10jährigen Kindern seit fünf Tagen unterwegs sind. Ich schaue in lachende Kindergesichter-sie sind glücklich und haben Spaß! Und während ich nun an meine Kinder denken muss und mich gerade frage, was sie zu so einem Abenteuer wohl sagen würden, sehe ich plötzlich nur noch pink und weiß. Eine Gruppe von Japanerinnen im Hello-Kitty-Outfit ist auch auf dem Weg. Nicht urteilen, Ginny, sage ich ganz streng zu mir, jeder so wie er will und mag, jeder geht seinen eigenen Weg und vielleicht ist ja hier auch Karneval, denn als ich um die Ecke biege überholen mich Winnetou, Old Shatterhand und mindestens zehn Apachen auf ihren Wildpferden, erschrecken mich fast zu Tode und brüllen mir entschuldigend ein „Buen Camino“ zu. Ich will schon mit „Howgh“ antworten, muss kurz lachen und erwidere dann mit „Buen Camino“.
    Auf der weiteren Strecke spielen sich kleine Dramen ab: hier liegt ein Mädchen weinend in den Armen ihres Freundes, weil sie nicht mehr kann, da beschimpft jemand seine Schuhe und ich erkenne große Blasen an seinen Füßen. Ich fühle jedesmal mit, erging es mir doch am Anfang ganz genauso. Ich bin stark geworden durch den Weg. Körperlich und mental. Der Weg hat mich an meine Grenzen gebracht und mich danach wieder aufgebaut. Heute laufe ich beschwingt und mit guter Laune auf mein Ziel zu und ich freue mich so auf Santiago-viele werde ich dort wiedersehen...
    Noch 68,24km bis Santiago!
    PS: Galizien hat bei näherer Betrachtung zwei Nachteile: 1. Regen und 2. es riecht die ganze Zeit nach Gülle...
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  • Day32

    Palas de Rei 24 km

    October 1, 2017 in Spain ⋅ 🌙 18 °C

    Extrem viele Leute unterwegs, da muss man gedanklich wegblenden. Die Strecke hat im moment viele schöne Wege, jedoch endtäuschen im Moment die Ortschaften. Entweder sind viele Häuser verlassen und halbe Ruinen, oder es fehlt an schönen Dorf resp. Stadtkernen. Schade eigentlich, habe gedacht um so näher an Santiago desto ausgeputzer die Dörfer, aber das Gegenteil ist der Fall.Read more

  • Day4

    A Cuckoo Chorus

    May 9, 2019 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 11 °C

    Last night we stayed at a place called Airexe or, if you want to be a 'true blue' Galician, Eirexe - originally the county flag is thought to have consisted of the blue cross of St Andrew, one of the favourite local saints. We arrived through soft rain, past fields of lambs and goats at 4.30pm and were shown into our room (so warm and clean) to see our bags leaning against the wall - such an efficient service, and reassuring to know that my Spanish was ‘good enough’ too!

    There’s not much going down in up-town Eirexe - Chris investigated whilst I was writing my blog. There are two guest houses, one of which we were staying in, and, across the road, a bar/restaurant that also accommodates overnight revellers, sorry, travellers. A small community of chickens lives behind our hotel, directly outside our bedroom window. All of this activity is located within a fifty metre radius, just before you hit the fields at the edge of the village. There is also a church, surrounded by at least ten houses, in a side street a few metres back down the hill, but it was closed! The bar is run by a married couple - you could tell by the way they related to each other, particularly in the morning when we went there for breakfast - orange juice, tostadas, and tea. Dinner the previous evening was dropped rather than served by senora, probably due to the weight of the portions. The melon and iberico (the anticipated light starter), consisted of a whole side of ham and half a large melon. Picture attached for proof. Oh, and vino tinto. Goes without saying really.

    We decided to have an easy day today, just walking for the morning, which took us to a decent sized town (Palas de Rei) at the official end of the second stage. We booked ahead last night, on the internet, so worry free on the arrangements front. We thought we could get the blister sorted and do some washing. It has also been quite cold today, and heavy rain was forecast. We set out just before nine into a deserted landscape, serenaded by cuckoos (I have never heard so many in my life as I have heard here). It helps to stay in remote places because you are always a few steps ahead or behind other walkers, allowing peaceful progress. This was the posh bit of the route - gorgeous houses alongside brooks, with superior, sculpted grain stores, and palatial carports full of logs, and friendly handbag-dogs with tufty ears and fluffy, frou-frou tails, rather than the usual scowling Alsatian. We stopped for hot chocolate and coffee after 8km, at a cafe filled with over-managed Americans and their guide. By 11.30am we had completed the final 2km of our walk, and arrived at the bar attached to our hotel exactly one minute before our bags. Timing. Following difficulties accessing check-in (we were early) leading to a wander to find a farmacia for blister plasters, we made contact with the receptionist who showed us to our private rooms a few streets away. Again, so comfortable and clean - getting back to basics makes you really appreciate the simple luxuries. Lunch was tortilla and torta in a bar around the corner, followed by a trip to our first open church where we lit our candles and got another stamp in our Camino passports.

    Today's Achievements:
    1. Thoughtful conversations had, during easy walking
    2. Washing all present and correct - neatly folded on the bedroom chair :)
    3. Dinner planned in a bistro at the end of our street - not too far to meander home
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