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  • Day144

    Palas de Rei - July 23

    July 23, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 64 °F

    July 23

    We walked a bit over 15 miles today, so we now have 43.6 miles to go.

    We wanted to get an earlier start this morning because we knew we had a lot of climbing today and it was going to get hot later. Morning is not my most favorite time of day, and 5:30 am is really not my thing. But, we did finally get going in the dark with headlamps. Sunrise is not until after 7:00 here.

    Both Alan and I do well climbing up and over the hills in the morning in the cool air when our legs and bodies are fresh. But, as the hours add up and the day goes on, we slow down...sometimes a lot. Today was one of those days. Everything on my body felt great, except my sore groin muscle bothered me more as the day wore on. Alan’s back was also bothering him, I was semi-limping, and then some grumpiness set in which meant walking at a distance from each other was the best thing to do by the end of the day 😂😂.

    The first thing we did when we got to Palas de Rei was go to the farmacia to get some ibuprofen. We had run out a couple of days ago. Then...stop at the supermercado to get something cold to drink and a few snacks, check in to our room, shower, wash clothes, eat some snacks, take ibuprofen, rest, eat lunch, visit with friends, rest again, then finally meet our friends for dinner. This routine is pretty much what we do each day after we are done hiking. It’s a rough life 😂😂.

    Tonight’s dinner was the last dinner with Paul and Mirabelle until we see them in Santiago. It was a really nice dinner...special time.They will go further than Paku and us tomorrow. They said they will greet us when we arrive in Santiago 💕🙂. We had the waiter take a picture of the 5 of us to commemorate the moment.
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  • Day25

    Portomarín -> 24km -> Palas de Rei
    Well, this place teaches us the reality of the term "Don't judge a book by its cover". There is no palace and there is no King (there is nothing here, really), however, today's misty weather made for a mystical walk along Galicia. And we had pulpo a la Gallega with a nice caña de Estrella Galicia!Read more

  • Day50

    Photos from walk to Palas de Rei

    October 11, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Just arrived at Palas de Rei and wifi so good - sent off photos from yesterday, and while it is in a good mood will quickly send lovely scenery from today...we started in a little rain which didn’t last very long...another beautiful walk. Full report later today!

  • Day32

    Palas de Rei 24 km

    October 1, 2017 in Spain

    Extrem viele Leute unterwegs, da muss man gedanklich wegblenden. Die Strecke hat im moment viele schöne Wege, jedoch endtäuschen im Moment die Ortschaften. Entweder sind viele Häuser verlassen und halbe Ruinen, oder es fehlt an schönen Dorf resp. Stadtkernen. Schade eigentlich, habe gedacht um so näher an Santiago desto ausgeputzer die Dörfer, aber das Gegenteil ist der Fall.Read more

  • Day45

    Modern pilgrims

    June 7, 2017 in Spain

    I have seen a fake monk walking barefoot (look at me!) and a guy on a unicycle (I'm a pilgrim but I'm different). This guy managed the beard and habit of a Franciscan mendicant, but couldn't get the shoes right.
    These people got out of their van at the edge of town in front of me and walked about 1500m whereupon they got back in their vehicles. I continued walking down a little lane to a remote church to get a stamp and was amazed to find the 2 vans 50m away disgorging their passengers to collect their stamps. Later I found people who had electric bicycles as part of their package tour to enable them to do the same thing.
    I watched one lady who appeared to have a full pack take her lunch and her jacket from it without disturbing the shape: she had rolled a piece of foam mat into a tube to fill out the shape!
    Not too many zip-on legs but a little too much Lycra for my taste: if you need to buy it by the acre you should probably reconsider your fabric.
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  • Day34

    Day 32. Palas de Rei

    October 6, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Well we are getting so close now!!!!!!

    Today was the first rainy day and it was amazing, so beautiful. After walking early in the morning and watching the world wake up, seeing the rain freshen up our surrounding was beautiful.

    But we arrived cold, wet and tired. We shower and rested and now time for some blue cheese macaroni before a movie in bed to end the day.Read more

  • Day18

    Palace of the King

    October 6, 2017 in Spain

    Here I am entrenched and settled in Palais de Rei, and it's small mercy I can't find anything to complain about. Unless you count sore feet, tired legs, and missing the important people / person in my life. The walking covered about 23km today, and passed quickly. Out the door in the dark at 7.15am and following a small procession (or as I described it; a mass exodus) Two stops for essential refreshments and feet rests saw me arrive in Palais de Rei at 1.45pm and, as has been my habit, I selected a small Albergue on the way out of town (along the Camino route). Tonight has me in Casina di Marcello and only 14 beds. Tonight I will participate in a 'shared meal'. Only those who are sleeping will have the host Marcello delivering his famous Italian style family dinner (€10).
    Palais de Rei, Palace of the King, is owed to the last Visigothic king to rule Spain. Witiza had a brief rein, from 700-709, and he was only 14 when he was anointed. The family ruled all of the Iberian peninsula from Toledo and it wasn't until 701 that Witiza came to Galicia, likely to Tui; his migration was prompted by both a Byzantine invasion and the spread of the plague from Constantinople (no no not all those pilgrims spreading their germs!). Witiza's reign was short lived but his namesake village here on the Camino remains. For the record (and accuracy) he was, in fact, a co-ruler with his father...but 'Palace of the Half King' lacks a certain attraction.
    Well having showered, laundered, it is time for a snooze before dinner. With about seventy kilometres to go, there's a notable increase of the 'tourist pilgrim'. Minibuses and coaches "dump" tourists (minus rucksacks and walking boots) onto the Camino, sello's (stamps) are collected in "pristine" credential's and off they go towards Santiago, dust free and absent of any ache except the derrière from sitting too long on their arses!!
    I firmly hold the view that everyone's Camino is unique to themselves. Some carry their packs, others have it transported ahead, but with 'day sacks' they walk the stages. Todays bus locusts have annoyed me. They are fakes and they did not deserve (or receive from me) the curtesy of the shared greeting Buen Camino. I passed them today with contempt.
    Tomorrow is another day, and the Camino de Santiago is coming to its beautiful conclusion. Emotions are subdued and people are speaking in terms of the "end", but surely it's only the beginning. "When you go through inner obstacles, you are more YOU than who you started to be. YOU are more than you remember being." "The pilgrim abandons themselves to the breadth of the greater life that leads them beyond the farthest horizons, to an aim which is already present with them, though yet hidden from their sight."
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  • Day28

    Mercadoido nach Palas de Rei

    May 4, 2017 in Spain

    Die Strecke heute war sehr anspruchsvoll, aber einer der schönsten Abschnitte. Nachdem wir jetzt nur noch etwa 65 km bis Santiago haben, liefen heute viele neue Pilger mit, die nur die letzten hundert Kilometer machen. Von den anderen, kannte ich heute fast schon jeden. Ich traf sogar Leute von der ersten Woche, und auch die beiden Radfahrer von vorgestern, die gestern nur eine kurze Tour hatten und dann vorhin plötzlich neben mir herrollten. Ein sehr cooler Tag und in der Herberge, sind auch ganz viele bekannte, also wird der Abend wohl etwas länger werden ;-). Die erste richtig witzige Sache gerade, war der Kampf mit einer Französin um den Trockner, den meine Waschmaschine um ein paar Sekunden nur knapp für sich entscheiden konnte. Wir standen davor, konnten kein Wort vom anderen verstehen und feuerten unsere Waschmaschinen an. Und so kann selbst Wäsche waschen Spaß machen :-DRead more

  • Day32

    Plas de Rei

    July 20, 2015 in Spain

    Härbärge mitt i stan. 25 km trevlig vandring med många medvandrare. Det lugnade ner sig mot slutet. Nu är de flesta härbärgena fram till Santiago Compostella fullbokade. Anna har sett till att vi har någonstans att bo under resten av tiden.

  • Day50

    Walking to Palas de Rei

    October 11, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    A longish walk today - 25 kms - and again a lot of up and down...I had forgotten how hilly Galicia is!! Nowhere is flat. But again it was gorgeous scenery, which made up for the effort. And from now on our days are shorter distances...yesterday and today were the longest in this section...I think we had a few long ones early on. Anyway, we are here, showered and relaxing in the bar of this very pleasant “hotel”. It’s not really a hotel, but a complex...there are outdoor spaces with playground, and the accommodation is in rows of almost cabins...sort of lines of rooms...all beautifully equipped - great shower (very important). We were here 5 years ago, but it was raining when we arrived I seem to remember.

    Today we were so lucky. It did rain as predicted starting in the night, and we woke to raindrops and a wet scene. And it was dark - the sun doesn’t rise till 8.50 now, so with clouds it seemed dark longer, and we didn’t start walking till about 8.40, with ponchos and a light drizzle. This only lasted a short while, and finally we took off the ponchos (they had conveniently dried by then) and had a lovely walk. Again the Camino seems to go uphill from the towns which are by a river (Sarria and Portomarín anyway) we walk high in the hills, and today only a few dairy farms, often in wild land with wonderful views, and little villages now and then. Today I spotted eucalyptus trees....I remember this from before. They are in plantations, in neat lines, and I wonder why. Is it for the timber?

    One memorable thing from today, with our new batch of pilgrims, we saw a baby being pushed in a stroller along the Camino...I don’t know how far they planned to go, or how long the baby would tolerate was sleeping when we saw them..I think they were French. And another great thing was that just before we got here we stopped for a Cola Cao and OJ and Judy and Dorothy, our Canadian Camino family, walked up and so we walked with them for a while till they reached where they were staying. Lovely to see them, as we knew they were nearby, but you don’t always bump into people. Also Jessica was at our hotel last night, so we had a catch up with her too. All good. As we only have a fairly short walk tomorrow, and because we are now about a kilometre out of town, tomorrow morning we plan to see this town before setting off, and then head to our next destination which is Melide.
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