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    • Day 314

      Cabrera Island National Park

      May 21, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

      On Friday the 20th of May, we all got up bright and early to see Tom, Joan and Clare off. We had a cup of tea together and then waved goodbye. It was nice to get to see them once more before we parted ways.
      All the facilities in the house were shortly made use of—showers were had and laundry was cleaned— before we went back to the boat to embark on the usual tasks. Mom whipped out the sewing machine an hour before we left the marina, and I was roped into some mosquito net making!
      We motored out of Sa Rapita marina at quarter to four that day with our sights set on Cabrera island, a national park off the southernmost tip of Mallorca. There were some high seas as we motor sailed to the island, with Margaret chained below cleaning toilets.
      A Castle perched on the rocks, overseeing the harbour entrance, was an incredible welcoming view as we pottered into Port de Cabrera. The mooring lines were prepared and we tied on to the buoy . We had a swim in the deep, deep cerulean water and ate dinner. It was certainly shaping up to be a wonderful stay.
      • • •
      We all enjoyed having a -much needed- slow start on our first morning at Cabrera Island. Later in the day we all got into the dinghy and went in to the tiny port, which was run by the park rangers. These rangers run the national park and were the people we had to apply to for our mooring permit!
      The island seemed a lovely place as we walked up to the castle on the headland. However, only one thing stopped us from completely appreciating the islands beauty — the heat! It was about 30 degrees as we climbed up the hill, making us all extremely grateful for the wind blowing strongly at the top. We sadly couldn’t go into the castle itself as it was closed for the time being, but there were some amazing panoramic views out over the bay.
      As we had brought a picnic ashore with us, we sat down in the shade of a pine tree and munched away happily. We had ice-cream and coffee in the little cafe afterwards (the only place to get food on the entire island!) got back into the dingy and away we went.
      After a few hours of chilling on the boat, we prepared to go on our next venture. We went in to the little beach nearby, with all our gear heaped in with us as we were determined to test the truth of the said-to-be-fantastic snorkelling in Cabrera. We were quickly proven right a hundred times over. All the fish in the Baleraric islands so far seem quite tame ……. but these ones really take the biscuit.
      In the shoulder-deep water, we saw mullet, hermit crabs, saddled sea bream, shoals of tiny sprat and so much more. The fish were all un afraid and almost fascinated by us, so much so that you would have several following you, only a metre behind, the entire time. It was definitely one of the best snorkelling experiences that we had ever had.
      • • •
      At about noon on Sunday we went in to the beach. Mom and Dad swam in, leaving Colm and I to steer the dinghy. Whilst the parents powered in, we set up a tarp to go over our picnic mat. The tarp was tied between a fence and several sticks with multiple pieces of twine, and I thought that it definitely showcased our potential at camping!
      A swim was much needed after such sweaty work, and the ever-curious fish certainly helped in refreshing our tired minds! We had a little picnic lunch on the beach and our sandwich crumbs attracted a new visitor. Balearic lizards! The hungry little creatures kept scurrying across the sand towards us, with hand-waving and stick-prodding doing little to slow them down. They were both extremely endearing and extremely frustrating at the same time.
      While the others hung around the beach, swimming, reading and trying to keep the incessant lizards at bay, I decided to go on a walk. The trail took me to the lighthouse on a peninsula at the bottom of the island, but sadly I couldn’t get out to it as the path was closed for the foreseeable future. (Something that I was secretly glad of, as the 32 degree heat was exhausting to walk in)
      We had one more short swim at the beach before loading up into the dinghy once more and blasting off back to the boat. The usual pre-departure tasks were undertaken and we left the harbour at about four. We had a beautiful sail through the other Islands in the Cabreran archipelago as we waved goodbye to a truly wonderful place.

      Notes: this chapter was brought to you by Ruby =]
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    • Day 312

      Meeting the Meades

      May 19, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

      This blog is written by no other than Colm O' Driscoll himself.

      We sail from Porto de Andraitx to Sa Rapita, where we are meeting Tom, Joan, Clare and the Longfordians who are staying in a house there for the coming week to celebrate Jane's big birthday.
      On the way we pass the Bay of Palma and Santa Ponsa.
      A big container ship called Roro is very kind and alters course for us so there isn't a collision.
      When get into Sa Rapita marina it is hot and every one is stinky except me - shower time.

      Soon after, I see Clare , Joan ,Jane ,Tony and Donagh walking towards us.
      We go up to their house which, conveniently, is only 3 minutes away.
      The house is very pretty and it has a pool out the front.
      It also has many , many bedrooms.

      I hop straight into the pool with Tara and Joanne ,it is very refreshing.
      Then Ruby and Tony come in for a cooldown as well.
      I teach Joanne how to dive and Ruby tries to teach us all how to flip into the water.
      After fun in the pool we spray each other with Tony's newly purchased water-gun.

      We play lots of table tennis and I am intrigued by Tony's superb racket skills.
      After a lot of ball whacking, the five squits (children) all go on a walk to look for lizards. They must have heard us coming because we find none.

      On Sunday everyone comes aboard Regal and we set sail for the nearby Es Trenc beach.
      It's a beautiful day and we hoist the headsail and Tara helms for most of the journey .
      When we get there the water is crystal clear and the breeze is slack.
      We all pop in for a swim and some poeple go snorkeling.
      We have lovely sangers for lunch and after that the titchys play board games below decks while the oldies chat in the cockpit.
      Ronan does 2 trips on dingy to ferry all the visitors on to the beach. From there they walk back along the two long beaches to get home.

      Another day, two excursions are arranged, so the group splits.
      Tom, Joan , Clare , Ruby and Margaret go on drive over the mountains to Port Soller.
      Jane , Donagh , Tony , Tara and Joanne and I go to the Caves De Drach.
      We eat hot dogs and proceed to the Caves. We go down lots and lots of steps and then I see a Stalactite and then more and more and more.
      We are in a huge cavern covered in Stalagmites and Stalactites ( A clue to know which is which is in their name. Satalagmites have a 'g' for ground and Stalactites have a 't' for top).There is a very big lake at the bottom of the cavern .
      We sit down in theatre-style seating and all the lights go out.
      Then from around the corner lights appear, they are on small boats floating on the lake. One of them has musicians who are playing songs including 'Air On A Cheesestring'.
      Then we all hop into one the boats, it was short trip but pretty spectacular.

      Our visits to the nearby beach are squelchy. Although the sand is beautiful there is seagrass which we have to walk through to go swimming. When I step on it my whole foot disappears. I really enjoy playing footy on the beach with Tony, Donagh and Dad.
      We have a delicious ice cream , I get vanilla and white chocolate flavour.

      On the day of Jane's party she and Donagh go Scuba Diving while the rest of us get everything ready.
      Tara and I go down to the boat and make chocolate delights ( the recipe is at the bottom of the blog).
      Ruby has made two cheese cakes and Margaret made caramel squares.
      When Jane and Donagh get home we have drinks and a toast in the garden followed by a gorgeous Barbecue. We give Jane her birthday cards, everybody has made one, they are very funny. After dinner we all have a great time dancing together in the ballroom ( kitchen). Ruby and I sleep over while Mom and Dad clamber over the wall and jump down on to the bins to get back into the marina.

      The next day while the Ladies go to the spa, we get some snorkels , fins and goggles from Regal and go down to the swimming platform at end of the pier.
      We go snorkeling and we do a dive competition.
      After that Ronan gets the dinghy and the bigger SUP and we all set off from the pier.
      I swim the 400 metres to the beach while Donagh paddleboards and Ronan goes in the dinghy with the kids. We have another great day but alas it is the last. Everyone flies home the next day leaving the crew of Regal behind to solider on in Sunny Mallorca.

      Recipe for chocolate delights

      . 200g chocolate bar

      . Nuts (chopped)

      . Raisins (chopped)
      Melt the chocolate , put the nuts and raisins at the bottom of 6 bun cases .Then pour the melted chocolate on top of the nuts and raisins. Let cool , and then gobble them up.

      PS. Chocolate delights are an idea of mine.
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    • Day 4

      3. Arbeitstag

      October 9, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

      Heute hatten wir einen mega strengen Arbeitsplatz 😇 Ganz früh am Morgen um 8.45 wurden wir mit dem Car abgeholt und nach Palma zum Katamaran gefahren. Wir schaukelten vorne im Netz übers Meer, schauten in den blauen Himmel, konnten Schnorcheln und bekamen ein Barbecue. Das ist doch ein super arbeiten 😂😂😂Read more

    • Day 9

      Eine Schifffahrt die ist lustig

      August 21, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

      Es ist ungewohnt ruhig an unserem üblichen Deck mit der Bar. Macht aber nichts, wir müssen ohnehin Kraft tanken, um unsere lange Etappe heute zu absolvieren. Unsere Fahrer nutzen daher die Zeit, um sich zumindest ein bisschen auszuruhen und an einem kühleren und noch ruhigeren Teil der Fähre ein bisschen hinzulegen. Wir vertreiben und die Zeit derweil mit ruhiger Musik bei der Bar. Zeit für mich, um einige weitere Beiträge nachzuholen, zu denen wir zeitlich kaum noch kommen.Read more

    • Day 81

      Bye, bye Mittelmeer

      October 25, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

      Nun ist es so weit: Wir starten von Mallorca in die Karibik!!!
      Das Auslaufen aus dem Hafen Mallorcas war immer etwas Besonderes, denn hier war immer der Startpunkt einer neuen Reise mit neuen Gästen. Es war jedes Mal eine Fahrt ins Unbekannte mit vielen spannenden Ereignissen. Doch diesmal war das Auslaufen noch tiefgreifender, denn es warten nun komplett neue Destinationen auf uns, eine ganz andere Kultur, klimatische Unterschiede und andere Arbeitsabläufe sowie viele, viele Übersetzungen, da die Guides fast ausschließlich Englisch sprechen.
      Dennoch freuen wir uns alle sehr auf die neuen Herausforderungen und die richtig coolen Ausflüge!
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    • Day 101

      Der letzte Monat

      August 15 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

      Hallo Ihr lieben,

      Im den letzten Monat hat sich gar nicht so viel getan. Ich hoffe natürlich das es auch allen gut geht. Wir sind unsere gewohnten Routen gefahren. Nur das ich zum ersten Mal in Marseille und Cagliari rausgekommen bin. Ich habe mir zusätzlich überlegt ein Crosstraining zum Concierge gemacht, für einen möglichen folge Vertrag.Read more

    • Day 1


      September 21 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

      Fahrt zum Schiff ging trotz Stau recht flott, ebenso dauerte der Check-In nur wenige Minuten. Auch meine Kabine war tatsächlich schon fertig, obwohl die offizielle Aussage 15 Uhr war! Hatte ich mich gleich an die wieder ein wenig aufs Ohr legen 🤭Read more

    • Day 9


      September 29 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

      Hier ein Bild vom Auslaufen aus Marseille!
      Weiterhin mein Lieblingsrestaurant, das Brauhaus, wo ich jeden Abend gegessen habe!
      Dann noch ein Bild von der gestrigen Queen-Show im Theatrium!
      Um 22:15 h habe ich dann an einer Weinprobe in der Vinothek teilgenommen, bei der die 4 Weißweine allesamt mein Geschmack waren, die drei Rotweine und ein abschießender Dessertwein deutlich weniger!

      So, wir legen gerade in Barcelona an und bleiben bis morgen Nachmittag
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    • Day 9

      Goodbye Mallorca

      August 21, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

      Wir haben pünktlich um halb 9 am Fährparkplatz eingeparkt und checken ein. Die verbleibenden Stunde nutzen wir für ein gemeinsames Frühstück am Terminal, bis sich unsere Fahrer in die Autos setzen dürfen. Die beiden Beifahrer hingegen stellen sich in die lange Schlange zu den Sicherheitskontrollen an und werden zu Fuß an Board gehen. (In Barcelona war dies einfacher, dort konnten alle Passagiere sitzen bleiben.)
      Ordentlich gefilzt begeben wir uns also an unserer gewohntes Deck mit der Bar.
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    • Day 8

      Guten Morgen Layla

      August 20, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

      Hatten wir erwähnt, dass dieses Lied unsere gesamte Rallye begleitet hat? Bereits bei Abfahrt war klar: das wird unser Song. Nicht zuletzt durch die entsprechende Beklebung am Schumacher Fahrzeug. 👍😁

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    Palma de Mallorca, Palma, ميورقة, Горад Пальма-дэ-Мальёрка, Палма де Майорка, Πάλμα ντε Μαγιόρκα, Palma de Majorko, Palma Mallorcakoa, پالما د مایورکا, Palma de Majorque, פלמה דה מיורקה, Palma di Maiorca, パルマ・デ・マヨルカ, პალმა, Пальма-де-Мальорка, 팔마데마요르카, Palma de Mayorka, Maljorkos Palma, पाल्मा दे मायोर्का, Пальмæ, پالما, Palma de Maiorca, Пальма, Palma de Majorca, Palma di Majorca, Majorka, Палма де Мајорка, பால்மா தே மல்லோர்க்கா, ปัลมา, پالما، مایورکا, 帕爾馬

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