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  • Day29

    Leon - Day 3

    October 20, 2017 in Spain

    Dark and cloudy this morning, and the party goers that were celebrating last night until who knows when are still tucked away somewhere, but not where I can hear them. Most bars close at 2 am so there must be a lot of folks on vacation.

    The first picture that I added is one of the illuminated cathedral taken last night. Quite dramatic I think.

    Just had a very comfy cup of coffee followed by juice and another crossant which completed my early morning breakfast. Will need another in an hour or so as my appetite is returning and I have miles to go. Oh yes, the pizza I had last night was probably the best ever. The crust was thin, soft and chewy and the ingredients were excellent. Ate the whole thing (so proud of myself for being a little piggy) and it must have been 14 inches or so. Would have taken a picture, but then we know what a pizza looks like and there are better things to record and share.

    Been trying to figure out how the Spanish can eat so late, and eat out as often as they appear to do. What do they do with the kids? Given all the bars and restaurants, and the absence of motorized traffic people must live downtown, or at least very close by and can walk to shops, etc. Also wonder how the bars, etc. make money as there are bars everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. Well, I'll give that some thought when I have nothing else to think about.

    Just returned from a mercado with a quart of OJ and some dried fruit. This will suffice until an early lunch.

    My visit to the cathedral was inspiring. Construction began in 1253 on the site of an older house of worship. Amazing structure and a marvel of artistic and building talent. I've included several of my favorite pictures for your enjoyment.

    For being an off day and an "off the feet" day, I've been walking a lot. Wanted to capture another picture or two of the Roman walls that encircle the old city. Modern Leon is outside the Roman walls and it is interesting how they integrated the old walls into modern building as I am certain that there are laws pertaining to the preservation of antiquity...however, they have the same issues we do with vandals defacing relics with paint. Too bad.

    Leon was a good stop for a couple of days for me to recoup my strength and energy. My appetite appears to have returned with a vengeance and now I can understand how the bars make money...the pilgrim's of course. Lots of hunger and thirst. Plus we do not drive vehicles, only walk, so the environment is cleaner.

    By the way, Leon is one of the few cities in Europe where tapas are "free". No extra charge! How about that! A free meal that is free. Of course, one first has to travel to Leon for the free tapas. (Always a catch).

    I went across the ally for a pilgrims menu, but was told no. They were not serving and the impression I got was that no pilgrim meals even though there was a sandwich board outside. Anyway, my roomie, who is from England, suggested a heavy sandwich shop just down the street so I tried there. Really did not want to wait until 8 pm for dinner (just finished and it is 5:15 pm). Reminded me of a Subway and the chicken and ham hot sandwich was delicious. The bread, though not soft like a subway, was much softer than the traditional bocadillo I had been getting. That, plus a nice salad and a Coke, will keep me happy until tomorrow.

    Hope you enjoy the pictures. I've a 12 miler tomorrow and the weather looks to be ok for walking (as if I have a choice).
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  • Day23

    León Hostel

    September 9, 2016 in Spain

    My home for two nights, conveniently located above a chocolate shop.

    Tomorrow I'll meet up with a few people that I met at the start of my journey. Looking forward to seeing them again and swapping stories.

  • Day28

    Leon - Day 2

    October 19, 2017 in Spain

    Ahhh, I sit here at a local restaurant enjoying a coffee, large orange juice, and a crossant with ham and cheese. Yummy. It is chilly this morning, about 38, but no rain is expected.

    Leon has quite a Roman influence with their initial presence around the time of Christ. Two city walls were built, one in the first century AD, and the second in the third century AD. Good examples remain of both walls and they remind me of Hadrian's Wall in northern England. There is an excellent museum here pertaining to the Roman influence and the mockup of a barracks is a spitting example of an albergue. Seems like the Romans continue to have an influence on the Camino. Current excavations continue to reveal more information about that part of Leon's history.

    I walked around the old city and it's historical sites this morning except for the cathedral and I'll save that for tomorrow.

    The Basilica of San Isidoro was quite nice, but I really liked the wooden carving in Iglesia Ntra Sra Mercado...and the narow, curvy and winding streets. One could get lost without a map and if not for the many watering holes, die of thirst and malnutrition before being found. Hey, this is a really cool place to hang out for a couple of days.

    Also of interest is the Casa de Botines. Looks like a fairy castle.

    More pics tomorrow as I've maxed out for today.

    I'm chilling out for the rest of the day as one purpose of taking a couple of days here was to rest and get ready for more walking. Plan to have a pizza tonight at a place recommended to me by Thomas, the young German pilgrim that I met what seems like many days ago now. He found a place that serves fantistic pizzas so I'll try one. I'll add that where I'm staying is called Globetrotter and the "dorms" remind me of a new Pullman sleeper car. Double berths with a very narrow walk space. Nice, quiet, and the facilities are just across the hall. Oh, I do like this trip.

    Excellent pizza. Until tomorrow.
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  • Day29

    Leon to San Martin, 16 miles +/-

    October 20, 2017 in Spain

    Well now, it's Saturday, and my favorite restaurant was not open as early as yesterday so I left sooner than I wanted, and on an empty stomach. Hooked up with several other pilgrims as we tried to find the arrows in the starlight walking several miles on pavement, sidewalk, etc. as we navigated through the industrial part of West Leon. Went up a few hills with a very cool breeze blowing into my face. Had on my jacket zipped to my neck, gloves, and used the chin strap for the Tilly or it would have been a UFO flying into the sky.

    I did find a bar that was open early on for a coffee and a piece of potatoe pie, then later, an open mercado for an apple and a snickers bar. That was tasty (the snickers, then the apple to clean the choppers).

    A good bit of the walk was along the highway, or just off it so the scenery was not the more enjoyable woodsy scenes that remind me of the mountains, but did enjoy one brief instance that the camino took me through a canopy of autum leaves.

    Noticed a couple of cute photo ops and captured them. The last pic is of my room in the albergue - all for 20 euros, and dinner tonight at 7 consisting of chicken and rice.

    Had lunch along the way at a rest stop. A burger with a piece of bacon, two pieces of processed lunch meat, fries, salad, and a coke. Way too much food for me, but I did a good job with it.

    The last few miles I walked with a South Korean that spoke pretty good English. He could not have been older than 25 and was enjoying his first camino. Had a huge pack, but with the temperature forecast to be 35 at 7 am tomorrow, probably smart of him to pack all those clothes. For myself, I'm looking for another fur lined something. Guess I'll have to wear everything I've got as it is not expected to rise out of the 40's until I arrive in Astorga. Thinking about stopping over there for a night as I have the time and there are more Roman ruins to investigate as well as the cathedral.

    As I write this, it is 4 pm. I am sitting in the restaurant area so I can get wifi, and enjoying a cup of warm coffee as it is still chilly outside, too chilly to sit in the sun.

    Dinner was quite enjoyable with others from around the world to share the meal with. More tomorrow.
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  • Day9

    Tag 8 = Zwangspause

    June 16 in Spain

    Heute morgen bin ich früh los, da die erste Etappe gleich 18 km am Stück waren ohne Pausemöglichkeit und Brunnen. Also bin ich um kurz nach 6 aufgebrochen. Und hab da schon gemerkt das meine Füße eigentlich nicht bereit sind für diese Etappe. Aber der Geist war willig also Augen zu und durch. Die Etappe zog sich wie Kaugummi und nahm kein Ende und meinen Füßen ging es immer schlechter. Musste alle 3 km Pause machen.
    Nach 19 km angekommen im nächsten Ort (Religos) ging wirklich gar nix mehr! Lichtblick dort war, dass ich Fernando wieder getroffen hab und der sich so gefreut hat mich zu sehen, dass er mir ein Armband gemacht hat zum Schutz auf dem weiteren Weg und das es mir bald besser geht! Wenn die Menschen überall auf der Welt nur ein klein wenig so emphatisch wären, wie sie es hier auf dem Camino sind wäre wahrscheinlich die Welt ein klein bisschen besser. Nichts desto trotz musste ich vernünftig sein und hab mir ein Taxi nach Leon genommen und bin hier ins Hotel. Hab erst mal lange geschlafen und dann die Stadt erkundet mit der Touri Bimmel Bahn, weil zu Fuß ging ja nicht. Morgen gehts es auch erst einmal mit dem Bus nach Astorga um meinen Füße zu schonen. Denn die Etappe dahin soll auch nicht ohne sein. Mpfff Zwangspause fühlt sich blöd an!
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  • Day55

    Meseta Pics Continued

    September 27, 2016 in Spain

    Pic #1 "hobbit house" in town outside of Terradillos
    Pic #2 another sunrise
    Pic #3 Arco San Benito as we pass through Sahagun
    Pics #4-5 nothin' but sky, sunflowers and wheat fields as far as the eye can see
    Pic #6 bridge over Rio Porma in Puente Villarente

  • Day2

    you're kidding, right?

    March 26 in Spain

    wie heißt diese Woche grad? ahh! semana santa.. ja logisch eigentlich, wenn man der Bibel mächtig ist.. ich hingegen weiß nur, dass sich Harry Potter mittlerweile (naja fast) genauso oft verkauft hat und hab mit der Bibel ansonsten wenig zu tun.. darum überfordern mich die örtlichen Festivitäten fast schon.. Jesus in sämtlichen Lebenslagen wird aufgebahrt vor mir her getragen, von Männern Frauen Kindern UND Babies in schwarzen Kutten und schwarzen Kapuzen.. dazu schrägste Livemusik und Tapas.. Cerveza und Tapas..
    ab morgen wird gewandert.. besser is das 😊
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  • Day24


    May 19, 2017 in Spain

    An extra night in León gave us time to wander, visit the doctor and rest our feet. Tom successfully completed some mini surgery on his blisters & I've been taking antihistamines. Apparently, allergies transcend country lines. 👣🤧

    We stayed in the most fanciful apartment called the purple dog, it makes me want to theme my next vacation rental as the pink octopus. 😂🐙

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