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  • Day51

    Santiago de Compostela

    June 11 in Spain

    Such an overwhelming mix of emotions as I first glimpse the spires of the cathedral through the mist. Joy, sorrow, relief. This was a hard camino - duro. I struggled. But it was very, very beautiful. The landscape, the flowers, the loveliest of cities, Sevilla, Mérida, Cáceres, Salamanca, Zamora. Such a journey.

    And the people. Those with whom I formed bonds of friendship and who I will see again, and those I met briefly but who showed this stranger great kindness. They touched my heart.

    Walking into Santiago on the Via de la Plata route is different to the entrance to many cities. No tramping through horrible industrial areas or endless suburbs. Instead it is a soft dirt path through farmland, then a typical Galician green lane alongside streams and waterfalls and suddenly you pop out with the view of the cathedral straight ahead. Wonderful.

    The whole of the last day of walking I found so beautiful. It is hard to believe Galicia was once (is?) the poorest province in Spain. Solid, well built, large houses, with late model cars in the drives, manicured gardens and well tended vegetable patches - all looking prosperous and well maintained. And forests and fields and - flowers.

    And so now after prayers at the sanctuary of St James, two days of reunions, fabulous seafood feasts, and far too much shopping, I start my journey home.

    Ulteía y sustraía.
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  • Day42

    40 Days

    June 13, 2017 in Spain

    My plan was to reach Santiago on Wednesday. I'd already booked a room a few miles outside town, so I could get to the cathedral early.

    But when I woke up Tuesday-- just 25km left out of 800, and feeling strong-- I knew I'd be blowing past the hotel, and completing my walk in 40 days. Something good about that span.

    I headed out under grey skies, the Camino tossing one more day of rain at me. (Who knew a sweat-laden poncho could get that smelly after a week's confinement?)

    The crowds I'd seen a few days before were gone, and for several hours I had the damp forest paths almost to myself.

    As I passed Santiago's airport, the woods gave way to neighborhoods and the clouds lifted, revealing sunny skies two hours earlier than the dramatic cathedral square entrance I'd scripted

    The temperature rose quickly as I started the climb up Mt. Joy, the site where pilgrims traditionally got their first glimpse of Santiago. The rays remained strong on the downhill, and through the long westward walk across suburbs and new neighborhoods.

    Finally, I reached the Old Town, entering the cool shade of densely packed buildings. I wound through the ancient streets-- one blind corner, one yellow arrow at a time-- knowing that the cathedral square was close by, wondering when it would appear.

    And then, a final archway and I emerged onto a massive plaza, before a giant cathedral swathed in scaffolding, but sitting there confidently, as it had for years

    I smiled, and my eyes watered a little, but it was quiet satisfaction and not exhilaration that filled me. Was this because I was tired? Because the square was uncrowded, and I'd yet to reconnect with the friends I'd made along the way? Was it mixed emotions, knowing that this journey had ended, knowing that I was stepping back into the world without the grand "This is what I'm doing next!" insight I'd hoped for?

    I didn't know. Days later, I still cannot answer it clearly. What I do know is that I accomplished something big, something difficult I'd set my heart on, something that forced me to grow far past earlier boundaries. Maybe the answers will fill that new space, sometime, when I'm not looking for them.

    Thanks for sharing the journey with me!
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  • Day28


    October 3, 2017 in Spain

    Well, I made it! I arrived in Santiago yesterday afternoon. The walk to Santiago from Pedrouzo was through beautiful woods with many eucalyptus trees. That was the first part. I also saw the sun come up over the trees, which seemed and felt like a nice beginning to the last day of walking. The rest of the route was nothing special and ofcourse very crowded. I am really a bit appalled at how the French camino is littered and the indication signs are all written or graffitied on. Echt humans!

    When I arrived at the Praza do Obradoiro, which is the plaza in front of the cathedral, there was not really a feeling ....... Some people said that I would feel happy, some said sad, some said proud etc etc... I didn't really feel anything. There was a little bit of ...... Hmmm ... Is this it.... And ....... Ok where is my hotel 😂.

    But all in all I am very happy and proud of myself to have made it all the way here, it took some doorzettingsvermogen sometimes, but I am happy that I pushed through and did the last 100 km too 😁. Now I don't have to come back 😂😂😂😂.

    Santiago is a nice city and I spent the whole day today walking through it little streets and alleys. At the end of the day, I was touristed out and was happy to meet with my dutch friends Hugo and Yolanda for dinner. They arrived this afternoon. Wow, we had a great tapa's dinner. I am really full!!!

    Tomorrow, I might take a tour to Finisterre and Muxia by bus. Let's see of I can wake up 😬
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  • Day23

    Welcome to Santiago

    October 11, 2017 in Spain

    Today (9th October, 2017) I walked the final 22km into the beautiful City of Santiago de Compostela. With tired feet and the heat of the day, the first sight of the magnificent Cathedral did not come quickly. From the Monte del Gozo (Mount Joy) where once the first glimpse of the Cathedral spires was seen by pilgrims, this early view is now obscured by trees. Monte del Gozo while being some 5km out from Santiago (and more like 7km to the Cathedral) is a large gathering place for pilgrims, who flock to the over-sized monument commemorating the pilgrimage that Pope John Paul II made here in 1993.
    The last few kilometres were slow and at times laboured, both from delaying the inevitable conclusion of my 790km walk from St Jean Pied de Port, and reflecting on how I might/should/ would feel when I arrived. Standing in front of the Cathedral for the first time was both spectacular and emotional. Stepping on to the last 'shell' of the Camino de Santiago (km zero) and removing my backpack was surreal and the sense of relief and loss of the weight must of hurt (because I had tears running down my face). Recovering my composure I watched pilgrims arriving much like me (fully loaded, sweating, and emotional to be in Santiago). Pilgrims were laughing, hugging, and sensing the significance of what we had achieved. Now it is time to get checked into my last Albergue, aptly named (and chosen for this reason) Albergue The Last Stamp (and this would be the last stamp / sello in my Credential before visiting the Pilgrims Office tomorrow and receiving my 'official Compostela'.
    "The pilgrim abandons himself to the breadth of the greater life that leads him beyond the farthest horizons, to an aim which is already present within him, though yet hidden from his sight."
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  • Day23

    Santiago de Compostela

    October 11, 2017 in Spain

    No relaxing now...up early and out of the door. It's a cold morning (a brief relief from the heat ahead - unusually hot here at present) but there are important matters to attend to. A short walk to the Official Pilgrims Office, and at 8am already there is a queue. Pilgrims in a range of attire, carrying rucksacks having just walked into the City, and those in casual clothing having arrived the day before. All smiling, talking, questioning "when did you arrive; what route did you take; did you really carry all your worldly possessions with you?"
    We are all here for one reason, the get the official Compostela for completing the Camino. From religious, spiritual, or for sporting reason. Whether done on foot, bike, or donkey (yes it has been done) all (who wish to receive the Compostela) go through this ceremony. Wait over, I am interviewed and questioned on my Camino, my credential(s) are examined, and then the Compostela is written and signed (it's all in Latin), handed to me and...that's it!
    No longer a peregrino; pilgrim; or walking the Camino, I am an inquisitive tourist seeking to see and learn more about St James, and explore the history of this City. I might even climb on the roof of the Cathedral, have a drink in the Parador hotel (once a Catholic hospital, now the finest hotel in the City and adjacent to the Cathedral) and keep walking, walking and maybe do some more walking. No putting up my feet just yet.
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  • Day71

    Santiago de Compostela

    October 12, 2017 in Spain

    Nachdäm mir gester ufemnä tollä Zäutplatz si acho, s' feins Curry hei ggässä u Cinema Alj hei gnossä, simr hüt am Morgä ufgstangä – u si erchlüpft! Äs isch riiiichtig chaut gsi u nass. Äs het Näbu gha u gägä Morgä isch diä Näbunessi u dr Tou uf üs abätropft. Richtigä Herbschtmorgä! D' Sunnä het i au derä Trischti aber äs Schouspiu bbotä: dür ihres Liecht hei d' Toutropfä glitzeret wie kostbarsti Perlä u d' Sunnästrahlä heisech dür Bletter u Escht kämpft.
    Mir si när it Stadt gloffä u hei dert ä Typ troffä, wo sit 6 Jahr am Reisä isch, mit Outostopp, ÖV, abr vorauem z' Fuess! Im Schnitt machter pro Monet 1300km – u das äbä praktisch aues z' Fuess! Krassä Typ mit viu spannendä Gschichtä.
    Witr heimr eigendlech it Kathedralä wöuä, da hättemer aber so lang müessä aahstah, dasmrsä vo ussä hei bestuunt u när witr si.
    Z' Stedtli isch o widr charmant, mit ganz viunä schmaalä Gässli u chliinä Lädeli.
    Nach Zmittag u Glacä simr de ufä Camping u vo dert uf Allariz. Morn göhmr de uf Portugal.
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  • Day38

    Tag 35 // Am Ziel

    September 23, 2016 in Spain

    Nach 3.460km sind wir am Ziel, der Kathedrale von Santiago de Compostela. Obligatorisch natürlich das Erinnerungsfoto auf dem Vorplatz. Um ehrlich zu sein, fühlt es sich nicht besonders feierlich an als wir auf den Vorplatz der Kathedrale treten. Das mag zum Einen daran liegen, dass ich nun schon zum dritten Mal, Max zum zweiten Mal, diesen Moment erleben. Primär liegt es wohl daran, dass dann doch der Weg das Ziel ist und insofern dieser Moment einfach nur einer von vielen ist.

    Am Ziel zu sein und erstmal nicht weiter fahren zu müssen ist dennoch ein schönes Gefühl, auch wenn das richtige "Fertig-Gefühl" vermurlich erst morgen Abend aufkommen wird, wenn das Rad im Keller steht und die Taschen in eine Ecke des heimischen Wohnzimmers geschmissen sind.

    Der Tag heute begann mit einem guten Frühstück und "leichter Bewölkung" laut Wetterbericht was jedoch eine deutliche Untertreibung darstellte, da wir über eine Stunde durch Nebelnäßen fuhren. Ansonsten ging es leider den ganzen Tag an einer viel befahrenen Straße entlang, man plant jedoch wohl für 80 Millionen eine neue Autobahn zu bauen die dann Verkehr verlagern würde. Für uns heute leider nicht ganz rechtzeitig.

    Unsere Unterkunft liegt knapp 10km vor Santiago. Entsprechend konnten wir heute Mittag hier noch etwas essen und dann ohne Gepäck die letzten Meter in die Stadt fahren. Erfreulicherweise direkt am Camino, auch das hat super gepasst.

    Der Plan die Unterkunft in der Nähe des Flughafens zu wählen ist leider nicht ganz aufgegangen. Grund dafür ist eine äußerst lange Schlange im Pilgerbüro. Da wir keine Lust hatten über eine Stunde Schlange zu stehen um unsere Pilgerurkunde zu erhalten beschloßen wir morgen früh direkt um 8 Uhr nochmal wieder zu kommen. Das sind dann nochmal ein paar extra Kilometer.

    Dann allerdings wahrscheinlich ohne Schlange, so dass wir statt der Stunde Schlange stehen heute morgen eine Stunde radfahren. Bei der Gelegenheit können wir dann auch gleich in der Stadt frühstücken. Insgesamt eine schwere Entscheidung, vermutlich erscheint im jeweiligen Moment die andere Option als die Bessere. Aber gut, nun haben wir gewählt.

    Heute Abend bekommen wir hier noch ein Abendessen und lassen unsere Reise gemültich ausklingen. Die Fotos von den Urkunden gibt es dann morgen.
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  • Day31

    Distance 29.7 km (809.2)
    Steps 40000 (1 129 885)
    Ascent/Descent 524/626

    Pasiekiau Santiago de Compostela. Į miestą atvykau vienas ir galvojau kad bus sunkoka rasti ką nors iš kelio draugą. Bet kurgi - jie visi čia, visa gauja, visa krūva!!! Tokio malonaus siurprizo nesitikėjau, tad visą likusį vakarą praleidom kartu. Nuotaikos puikios, kojos pasiruošusios žygiuoti toliau iki pasaulio krašto.

    Today I arrived to Santiago de Compostela! I was alone when I entered the city and I was sad a little bit because I thought it will be so hard to find anyone from my Camino. But just as I arrived to main square in front of cathedral I met almost everyone from Camino! So we spent last part of day exploring the city and sharing all stories. Mood is great so I am happy to hit the road for few days more to the end of the world.
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