Plaza de San Marcos

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  • Day2

    Leon at night

    September 7, 2021 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    I’ll bet I have walked through Leon at least seven or eight times. Many Caminos intersect here or near here— The Francés, Madrid, Salvador, and Vadiniense are the ones that come to mind. But when you’re walking through, you have to go to bed early, and you don’t get to see the city at night.

    So, since I am taking a jetlag day tomorrow, which I rarely do, I thought I would spend tonight walking to some of my favorite monuments to see them lit up. Gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, those are just a few adjectives that come to mind. Since I slept a few hours on the plane, I’m really not too tired, so carpe diem. Beautiful buildings are beautiful at any time of day, but at night they are really special. Even a favorite little cheese store looks magical.
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    Vira Walks

    The cathedral is splendid! Hoping your jetlag day is a joy.

    Carm Walsh

    beautiful photo and architecture.

    Carm Walsh

    everything is so clean; I remember when we were in Germany in 2003, how all of the streets and sidewalks were so clean. Impressive!

    Nuala Wanders

    Stunning! I'll be spending two nights in León next month. I like the idea of a night-time ramble.

  • Day58

    Mansillas - León

    November 1, 2021 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    18km - Airbnb
    Petite étape pour arriver à Léon, étape de repos.
    L'entrée dans la ville est assez courte et agréable.
    Je retrouve des compagnons arrives la veille, retrouvailles et ripailles.
    Je profite de ma journée de repos pour me rafraîchir la barbe, laver du linge, me faire masser...Read more

    Monique BERNARDON

    Profite bien de cette journée de repos à Léon qui a l'air d'être une très belle ville !

    Monique BERNARDON


    Monique BERNARDON

    Bon appétit

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  • Day10

    10. Tag: Porto🇵🇹- Leon🇪🇸

    September 20, 2021 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

    Nach einem wunderbaren Frühstück im Hotel mit Blick auf den Douro beginnen wir den Tag mit einem Besuch der 4. Brücke Ponte Maria Pia. Dann weiter zum Castello in Guimaraes. Unterwegs kurzer Stopp in einem portugiesischen Supermarkt. Toll was es hier alles gibt. Sogar Wein im Trinkpäckchen😄! In Braga besichtigen wir den Wallfahrtsort Bom Jesus do Monte und Picknicken dort im Park. Weiter Richtung Spanien und Übernachtung in einem Hotel Rural in der Nähe von Leon. Und dort ist es dann passiert: wir haben einen Platten! Wir haben dann den Reifen gewechselt - Dank Falk wussten wir ja wie es geht 😊- und mit Hilfe der Teams 112 und Friedensdorf konnte der kaputte Reifen erst einmal geflickt werden. Drückt uns die Daumen das jetzt alles glatt geht.
    Bei einem wunderbaren Abendessen in einer Cueva haben wir den Abend ausklingen lassen.
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  • Day24

    Recuperating in León

    July 22, 2021 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 81 °F

    Don’t give up
    Be proud of how far you’ve come!
    Learn the language
    Absorb the culture
    Elevate the sausage foot!
    “Resting is strength” -Lisa❤️

    Sooooo I took a day to rest my leg in the gorgeous city of León. I love it here. I could live here forever. For two days I’ve rested, iced, elevated, contemplated, cried, pouted, thrown pity parties, and visited the hospital. My ligaments are very unhappy that I walked 290 miles in 20 days. Ok, I get that. I asked too much of my 44 yo somewhat lumpy body. I spent time making amends with my body and showing the respect it deserved.

    I am separated from my Camino family now and that has also been an unexpected sadness. When planning a solo trip, I had no idea how important the connections would be with other peregrinos. We hold hope and love and laughter for each other along the way. We may not see each other all day or sometimes for a few days but we eat together in the evenings when we can and we walk with each other when someone needs support. I feel alone, together…and it’s been magical.

    The other night, I KNEW THE MOST SPANISH at the dinner table!!! It felt amazing. In previous trips,to the more touristy places in Europe, there has always been a plethora of people who speak English. Here, that is not the case. It’s respectful to try to speak as much Spanish as possible. At the beginning of this journey, it felt a bit helpless to not be able to communicate but today, I navigated by myself and asked for help in Spanish several times along the way. I made it to my bus.

    Yes, I’m on a bus today. I decided to modify my journey in order to make peace with my body. I am taking a bus 30k (19 mi) forward. I will stay at a Buddhist-like, zen albergue surrounded by gardens, yoga, wonderful food, dogs, cats, and other peregrinos. Tomorrow I will return to the Camino and modify my days to under 20k and at a much slower pace, until I feel healed. This pace/rate may mean another bus ride in the future and I will consider that when the time comes.

    The Camino. The way.
    Every peregrino who travels the Camino does it there own way. That’s what makes it THEIR Camino. I am finally understanding this and I am proud of MY Camino. I have 305km (190 mi) of magic and beauty ahead of me and I will treasure every fucking precious moment of it!!

    PS if I don’t stop shoving my face with bread, pastries, and fried tapas, I will certainly be a bit lumpier upon my return!! I ate healthy cereal today…I’m such an adult. The end.
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    Naila Lundstrom

    What a journey you are on! So proud and inspired by you always! 💞

    Kerry Bear

    Yay for the bus!


    Wow. A badass with a shitload of wisdom - you fucking rock! [Tessa]


    Beautiful city!

  • Day3

    Jet lag day in Leon

    September 8, 2021 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    I had a really nice day in the historical center of Leon. I visited the cathedral with its stained glass windows, which are in my opinion the very very best. I also went to San Isidoro, the Romanesque pantheon where all the Leonés kings are buried. Amazing XI C paintings all over the ceiling -last supper, Cristo Pantocrato, a sweet 12-panel depiction of the months of the year, just beautiful but no pictures allowed. But it wasn’t a totally touristic morning. I also had to buy fruit and yoghurt for my walk and my Spanish phone card.

    In the afternoon my friend Rebekah, who lives about 80 km from here, drove over for lunch. It was really really great to see her. After she bought 500 candles for her little church in Moratinos, we went to a very delicious Japanese restaurant. Reb had to head home during a rain, and I ducked into the Leon municipal museum, which covers human habitation in Leon from the very beginning, starting a hundred thousand years ago.

    WhatsApp works extremely well for free video and audio phone calls. When the wifi is weak, the video fades out but it’s been great so far.

    Sunrise is late— not till 8 am. I am glad I have my headlamp because I am programmed to leave early. 35 km tomorrow and there are a few ups and downs. Since I haven’t walked since 2019 it remains to be seen how much of my Camino power I’ve lost. Tomorrow will be the test.

    Early to bed and early to rise. Can’t wait to walk tomorrow!!!
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    Marlene Elder

    Hope you have a great first day walking!

    Kathy Vance

    Where are all the people? Looks heavenly!

    Nuala Wanders

    Wishing you well with your first day of walking! I bet you're as strong as ever.

    Lynn O'Hara

    Oh, how I envy you! Is it very hot?

  • Day2

    Made it to Leon

    September 7, 2021 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Well I wouldn’t say I had the best of luck today, but I am here in Leon and very happy about that! The flight from Madrid arrived early, and we zoomed through immigration. Then there was no wait at the health check where they looked at my vaccination card and then another tiny line to show the QR code. This is a breeze, I thought. About a half hour from feet on the ground till I exited the airport.

    Then my luck took a turn for the worse. I got on the intra-airport bus to go to the post office in Terminal one so I could mail my duffel bag up to Santiago. When I got there, I learned the post office was closed because of Covid. Oh well, I headed back to Terminal 4 to get a cup of coffee, but first I checked about my bus at the ticket office outside. There I learned there was an earlier bus leaving three minutes later, but there was no time for me to change my ticket and get on it.

    Then I learned I could not get back into the terminal without a boarding pass. So I had a two hour wait at the bus stop without being able to get my first Spanish café con leche. At least I was outside. But don’t think I could take off my mask because the regulations require one inside and out in urban areas.

    Amazing what a shower can do. It’s a beautiful city and I’m glad that I’ll be here all day tomorrow when a friend who lives about 50 miles away comes to see me.
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    Edward Slifer

    My sister just arrived in Spain this morning. She and her daughter are doing an abbreviated (2 week) trek. This is their first time. Safe travels!

    Kathy Vance

    I am so very excited to be by your side as you do your trip…”virtually” by your side. 😉

    Jill Hill

    Laurie, you have no idea how happy this makes me. Buen Camino. It will be a treat to walk along with you, virtually!

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  • Day31

    Angekommen in der Meseta Norte

    May 11, 2021 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    Mit der Fahrt nach Hospital de Órbigo und dann Léon, sind wir in den nördlichen Teil des kastilischen Hochlands (Meseta Norte) eingedrungen. Die Landschaft ist viel flächer als in den vergangenen Tagen und geprägt von Landwirtschaft. Wir geniessen die Fahrt und die Abwechslung.

    Für einen der wenigen nennenswerten Anstiegen springt dann noch spontan ein Bauer von seinem Fahrrad und hilft uns mit schieben 😅. Einfach so, weil er der Überzeugung war, dieser Stutz sei zu steil für uns 🙃. Wir bedanken uns vielmals und er kümmert sich wieder um seine Reben.
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  • Day28


    July 29, 2021 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 10 °C

    We made it out of Leon early today. The main Camino route for today followed next to the freeway most of the way, but an alternative route through the countryside was also available. We gladly accepted the extra mile and a half penalty for a more tranquil days walk.

    We will have one more day of walking through flat country to Astorgia tomorrow, and then we start up into the hills. We will bid the Meseta goodbye with relief and look forward to seeing more interesting countryside and less wheat.

    We stopped do a break around noon. The restaurant had a long table all set up for a group, with wine bottles already opened and everything. Before we left, a group of maintenance workers from I think the highway department came in and sat down there for lunch. Another example of how they do things differently here, and it’s fine.

    We made it the 17 miles to Villavante in mid afternoon, but unfortunately, our backpacks didn’t. The pension we stayed at in Leon didn’t call the backpack forwarding company. The people at the place we’re staying at tonight are really nice and offered to drive back to Leon to get them, but the pension reception desk is already closed for the day. The forwarding company says we should have our backpacks by 9:30 in the morning, so a later start than usual and sweaty clothes tonight. Very minor bummers that will have no overall significance in life.
    UPDATE: The owner of the pension, Mercedes, who is a wonderful person and a force of nature that will not be denied, did indeed, without telling us, drive in to Leon with her husband and somehow (no questions) got access to our previous pension and recovered our belongings!

    We’re looking forward to Astorgia tomorrow. It’s considered the chocolate capital of Spain. We’ll see what that turns out to be.
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    Super that she collected your packs. Good people everywhere [Bob]

    Julie Tasakos

    What a wonderful thing for her to do!

  • Day22

    Etappe 21 Mansilla- Leon

    October 4, 2021 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Leon wir kommen!
    Das war heute unser Ziel, ca 20 km. Nachdem wir letzte Nacht erst sehr spät in den Schlaf gekommen sind und das lag nicht am Wein, sondern an dem viel zu kalten Zimmer!
    Alles was unser Rucksack so hergab zogen wir im Schlaf an.

    So verließen wir ca 7.30 Uhr unser Bett, denn Hotel zu sagen wäre mehr als übertrieben!
    Es war eisig kalt, dazu dieser Wind, sodass uns jeder Schritt heute schwer fiel.
    Aber mit jede Stunde wurde es besser als sich die Sonne dann endlich blicken ließ .

    Unsere Strecke war heut anfangs mal wieder interessant, durch Wälder, Wiesen oder mit der ein oder anderen Bekanntschaft auf vier Pfoten.
    So vergingen die 20 km heute rasend schnell.
    Je näher wir aber auf Leon zukamen, umso mehr ging der Jacobsweg wieder an der Straße entlang.
    Schon von weitem sahen wir die Kathedrale.

    Leon ist eine weitere Großstadt auf dem Weg nach Santiago!
    In Leon angekommen, begrüßten uns im ersten Café eine große Gruppe Pilger welche uns gleich auf einen Bier in ihrer geselligen Runde einlud.
    Da sagten wir natürlich auf keinen Fall nein.

    Fix unser Hostel gesucht, welches wir einen Tag zuvor vorgebucht haben!
    Ein wirklich sehr schönes sauberes Hostel, mit kleinen Schlafkabinen und heute haben wir ein reines Mädchenzimmer!

    Geduscht, Bett bezogen ging es direkt in die City!
    Leon ist eine wirklich beeindruckende spanische Stadt und bietet einiges zu sehen!
    Leon ist bekannt für seine gigantische Kathedrale, welche wirklich unglaublich schön ist! Einzigartig sind darin die Glasmalereien.
    Man könnte tatsächlich hier noch einen weiteren Tag verbringen.
    Da das Laufen allerdings schon zur Sucht geworden ist, werden wir das wahrscheinlich nicht machen.

    Wir bestaunten die bunten Fenster in der Kathedrale und trafen hier auch Kevin wieder, den wir lautstark in Empfang nahmen. Er uns auch. Erst nach den bösen Blicken unserer Mitmenschen wurde uns wieder bewusst, das wir in einer Kirche sind. Ups!

    In ganz Leon gibt es heute ein großes Volksfest. Grund hierfür ist der Beginn der Schulferien. Der Spanier den wir danach fragten sagte uns aber auch: „die Spanier finden jeden Tag einen neuen Grund zum feiern!“

    Leon ist voller Leben, es gibt viele Einkehrmöglichkeiten und somit machte so eine Stadttour auch noch nach einem Pilgertag Spaß.
    Wir genossen den Trubel um uns herum. So kehrten wir in die ein oder andere Bar ein und gönnten uns ein Bier, ein Wein oder einen Irish Coffee welcher uns aufwärmte.
    Zu unserer Überraschung gab es hier zu jedem Getränk automatisch eine Kleinigkeit zum Essen dazu.
    Das ist praktisch,
    praktisch all inclusive.

    Später stürzten wir uns noch ins Getümmel und besuchten das größte Foodtruckfestival Spaniens und freuten uns noch Bekanntschaften zu treffen.

    - 22,25 km
    - 158 Höhenmeter
    - 487,77 km Gesamtstrecke
    Wir sind bis auf die Knochen verfroren aber trotzdem bester Laune .
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  • Day42

    Herbst in Leon

    October 14, 2019 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 10 °C

    Jetzt hat uns der Herbst doch noch eingeholt. Leon war mit nur 5° unser bisher kältester Stop, aber ich hab mich trotzdem gefreut meine Bommelmütze endlich nochmal auszupacken! Leon ist eine der netten spanischen Städte in denen man zu einem Getränk gratis Tapas dazu bekommt, weshalb wir uns hier das Kochen gespart haben und uns stattdessen durch die unzähligen Tapasvariationen probiert/getrunken haben....Read more

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