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  • Day38


    August 8 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    As we headed out of Sarria, we joined a crowd of people just starting out on their Caminos. In order to qualify as a Camino and get a Compostela certificate, you have to walk at least the last 100 kilometers. Sarria is a good sized small city that is just over 100 km. limit. So LOTS of people from all over Spain join the Camino there. It’s a week or less hike that is encouraged and supported in Spain. Which is a good and even admirable thing. But to us, after wandering across the vast lonely stretches of the Meseta, it’s suddenly like trying to get out of Seattle on the Friday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend.

    We did cross an actual milestone today. We passed the 100.000 km. milepost from Santiago de Compostela (Europeans use commas instead of decimal points , and mileposts are measured to 3 decimal places). It’s so surprising that within a week we will be done walking across Spain.

    So we got to Portomarín, which is a pretty town on a hillside but along a river. Did laundry, got our dinner, started to wind up the day, and all of a sudden some really loud blues music starts up. Turns out it’s Saturday evening and the local arts commission”music in the square” program is on! Left a short video clip below. I went up and listened for a while and they weren’t bad at all. It was a really nice setting on the square next to the church.
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    great pics! [Linda Howell]

    Cherie Bernave

    You’re in the home stretch! So excited for you😎. Buen Camino 👣

  • Day46

    A change in the air

    September 26, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Suddenly it's cooler as we approach Astorga and the last of the Plains of the Meseta. Thank God that's over, I did not enjoy the Roman roads, the heat, the straight line of the way etc, etc, etc.
    So many people say "ahh but it's good for the mind,".
    I felt like I should like it but I did not. I like curves in the road, hills, ups and downs and the anticipation of what's around the corner. I don't have any major issues I need to go into my head to solve. Give me a hill over a straight flat road any day.
    Astorga was grey and rain threatened as we arrived at Siervas de Maria albergue. We were lucky and got a two bunk room so we could have the window open. We went for a, wander around and ate lunch. I had eggs and bacon and chips which came out with the eggs kind of chopped across the top of the chips and bacon in pieces sprinkled across it. The weirdest serving of a, simple meal I've ever had. The church bells here sounded like someone dropping a, rock in a bucket... Dung, dung, dung(a hint of what was to come in Galicia, the next province after Castilla y León)
    Later we sat on the terrace of the albergue and watched the thunderstorm come in then massive cannon blasts sounded throughout the town for what we do not know but it was very very loud.
    We are both feeling good at this stage no injuries, no blisters and enjoying the walking but we decided to take an easy day's walk to a medieval. Village of Castrillo de Polvazares., the streets are cobbled and it retains its medieval charm. The albergue here is tiny and is and another couple were the only people there. We had dinner at a Flores del. Caminó Pensión where they were also holding an art workshop and we got to meet the teacher and group. It was icon painting which looked very detailed. We found a small bar on the way home and sang an impromptu jam session with the locals which was fun.
    Next stop was Rabanal del camino where we went to hear the local monks sing the psalms in Gregorian chants. All I can say is give if I ever want to praise da lord I'm going to da gospel church not the Gregorian chanting church(totally depressing music), I'd even rather listen to country & Western music than Gregorian chants and that's saying something! I can't imagine God being cheered up or feeling praised by this chanting, I just wanted it to be over as quickly as possible.
    After this was Cruz de Fiero a huge cross where you stand with a stone you brought from home and throw it over your shoulder onto the massive pile that is already there. It was a bit of non place for me I didn't feel that reflective or soulful as I threw my rock. There were three coaches pulled up and lots of people clambering up the pile to get thier photo taken on the pile of rocks. Maybe some find it spiritual and meaningful but for me it was not. We moved on fairly quickly and I didn't even take a picture
    The funny part for me was as I walked the landscape changed and the track became rocky and rubbly as if I was still clambering through all of what I'd left behind with the rock that I'd flung on that pile.
    The road to El Acebo climbed higher into the mountains and there were more rocks that had to be carefully managed. My pace became that of a snail, slow and steady. I sang all the rocky songs I knew. Papa was a rolling stone, rock n roll, I wanna rock with you and so on until I saw the mountain village of El Acebo. Like Clovelly in Devon but in Spain and of course our albergue was right at the bottom. Oh well, great sunset if a bit nippy.
    I'm loving these hills and trees it's green and pretty and almost Swiss mountain like. My heart is happy.
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    Mo Godbeer

    It's getting cooler and wetter, rain on this day so ponchos were on.

    Mo Godbeer

    Storm coming into Astorga but it was lovely and cool and the colours were great.

    Mo Godbeer

    Night in Astorga

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  • Day68

    Sarria - Portomarin

    November 11 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 12 °C

    22km - Albergue municipal
    Aujourd'hui on a franchi la barre des derniers 100km. C'est bientôt la fin du voyage.
    La Galice, une terre agricole, de petites exploitations, des villages d'agriculteurs, un autre temps.
    Entre burle et soleil, fraicheur et climat idéal pour la randonnée.
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    Monique BERNARDON

    C'est joyeux ,

    Monique BERNARDON

    Avec le soleil

  • Day37

    Tijd om wat te eten!

    August 13, 2020 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Op de helft voor vandaag! En ik sta onderaan de laatste lange klim. Het is maar 12km, dus dat valt hartstikke mee toch😬🙈 Als het goed is, is het hierna alleen nog op en neer ipv al die oneindig lange klimmen die ik de afgelopen dagen heb gezien. Maar eerst dus nog even moed verzamelen en wat eten en drinken ;)Read more

    Anne Broersma

    Goed om even wat te eten en drinken. Ben je al opgewarmd? Je bent een volleerd klimmer na deze tocht. Op de foto's zie ik alleen maar die mooie lach😁 hou die vast...topper..👍♥️


    Goed bezig Femke! [Erica]

    Henny Tweel

    Kijk die lach op je gezicht. Nog een lekker stukje fietsen.

  • Oct6

    Update - Onto Santiago!

    October 6, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

    After finishing in Oviedo, I decided that my next course of action would be to go back to the Frances. I could meet up with aussie Paul, and continue from Sarria which is just a little more than 100 kms from Santiago.

    I took a bus to Astorga, and stayed overnight. Next day I went by train to Sarria.
    I started walking from there only a few kilometers per day, until Paul and I met up again in Portomarin. We should both be entering Santiago by Monday.

    Just 85 more broootal kilometers. Here are some camino frances pics.
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    Mary-Anne McLaughlin

    Great photo !

    Sylvia Thomas

    This is a great picture!

    Mary-Anne McLaughlin

    Pilgrim brothers.

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  • Day23

    Die Google'schen Wege

    May 3 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

    Die Geschichte der höhenmeter-optimierten Routenwahl ist um ein Kapitel reicher: Von Chantada nach Portomarin gewinnt der Routenvorschlag von Google mit unter 500 Höhenmetern klar gegen die Vorschläge der anderen Apps und wir folgten der Empfehlung.

    Es ist relativ warm und wir geniessen die abwechslungsreiche Fahrt durchs Hinterland. Dann werden die Wege immer kleiner und wir sehen, dass die Wege bald schon nicht mehr kennen wird - eigentlich ein klares Warnsignal 😅🤔.

    Wir gehen natürlich weiter, denn umgedreht sind wir auf unseren Reisen maximal eine Handvoll mal. Irgendwie hat sich der Grundsatz etabliert, dass wir im Zweifelsfall immer weiter fahren 😆.

    So kam es wie es kommen musste. Wir stossten die Fahrräder hoch (teils zu dritt) und aus der rasanten Abfahrt die wir erwarteten, wurde eher eine technische. Wie die Mountainbiker unter euch wissen, kann auch das ziemlich anstrengend sein 😬.
    Einzig für Nino, der grundsätzlich nicht absteigt und auch dann nicht mittrampt, wenn wir das Fahrrad zu zweit stossen müssen, war die Fahrt entspannt wie immer 😴. Schlussendlich waren es dann wieder mehr als 700 Höhenmeter - einfach auf schlechteren Strassen.
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    Daniela Gäumann

    Eusi Jungs hend sich kuggelet vor lache woni ihne vom Nino sinere 'Taktik' verzellt han.😂

    Suuri Bei



    So würdis au mache 😂

    Suuri Bei

    😂 das glaubi 🤪

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  • Day5

    Day 4. Our longest walking day

    September 11, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Started out today with a few nerves. This was our longest walking day, 11.9 miles. It really is amazing how fast it can go when you are walking and talking and hearing people's life stories.
    1. This is grain storage
    2. Ancient Celtic ruins
    3. Church from 15th century
    4. Garden of the new Manor house. Our accomodations for the next 2 nights!
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    Donna Shovak

    Really enjoying reading about your journey!

    Lucas Ineke Brandsema

    You are doing good! So you will have one day to rest in the Manor house area? Enjoy

    Char HOOVER

    What a great advanture u & Anita are on!😎

    Lucas Ineke Brandsema

    Hi Jackie,nice to see you and follow you along the way. Nice ,the weather looks good,hopefully it is not too hot to walk.Love from us both!

  • Day11


    October 12, 2019 in Spain ⋅ 🌙 11 °C

    Hey daar thuisblijvers,

    Ik ga direct met de deur in huis vallen: ik ben kapot! Elke keer wanneer je denkt:" vandaag zal het een rustig dagje zijn aangezien we maar 37 km moeten doen" blijkt opeens dat het boekje waaruit we de afstanden komen helemaal fout is! Onze eindbestemming leek steeds korter bij te liggen dan dat het werkelijk was. Na een tijd vraag je of of ze dat stadje even hebben verhuist.

    In ieder geval het is duidelijk dat ik een pussy magnet ben. Smorgens vroeg toen ik water aan het nemen was hoorde ik een miauw. En daar zat die dan lekker aan het wachten op haar koffie miss. Kat (zie foto). In de namiddag kwam er daar een zwarte kat vrijwillig zich neerploffen op mijn schoot. Jammer dat ik hel niet mee kon nemen. Het was een heel braveke tov mijn compaan die mij in deze leidensweg sleept.

    Eindelijk aangekomen op onze bestemming en in onze auberge met tax... te voet, werden we gepaard met een spaanse familie die begonnen is vanaf sarria (ongeveer 15km terug). En ze waren elkaar al aan het masseren! Mietjes zeg ik dan! Ik wou ook een massage :(.

    Maar ja doet er niet toe, iedereen doet zijn camino op zijn manier. Helaas hebben wij die genomen met weinig full option en met veel martelingen maar we zijn er bijna! Nog ongeveer 94 km te gaan! Wish us luck.

    Slaapwel iedereen en tot morgen!
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    Joke Walgraeve

    Hihi zo schattige katten! Doe het wat rustiger aan, geniet er nog van, we zijn heel trots op jullie! Je bent er bijna!

    Sonja Demiddeleer


  • Day143

    Portomarín - July 22

    July 22, 2018 in Spain ⋅ 🌙 66 °F

    July 22

    We walked past the 100 kilometers to go marker today - Woohoo!!!! When we finished in Portomarín, we checked, and we only have 94.7 kilometers (58.8 miles to go).

    We had another beautiful morning/day with a lot of climbing. I think this whole last part of this journey is climbing and descending over and over. I love going up...not a big fan of the downs, especially if they are steep. One big change today was the huge increase in the number of people walking. There are many different Caminos, and they are now merging together as we get close to Santiago. Also, many people only do the last 100 kilometers in order to get the Compostela. We are fine with it, though. We have had over 400 miles without the crowds.

    We got to walk and do some cafe time with some of our favorite young women today. One is from Rochester, NY, one is from Madrid, and one is from Denmark. They met quite awhile ago on the trail and have been hiking together. We love their giggles and their laughter. They brighten our day every time we see them.

    We also saw Sasha and Vlad today. They are from Serbia originally, but live in Boston. We hadn’t seen them for awhile, so it was nice to hike with them into Portomarín, where Pakuchan, Paul, and Mirabelle were also staying 🙂. Our friend, Andy, is ahead of us now...hoping to see him in Santiago.

    At dinner tonight, we all discussed when we plan to arrive in Santiago. Most are planning on the 26th, but Alan and I plan to arrive on the 27th. We are going to do a couple of shorter/easier days during this last 58 miles. We have the time, and our bodies will appreciate it. I know I will enjoy sleeping in a bit 🙂!

    State of our Bodies After 441 miles:
    1. Alan’s ball of his foot still bothers him time to time, but so far so good 🙂
    2. My first blister healed up right away, so my left heel decided to get one. It looks like it will go away quickly, also.
    3. Today was a great day for our backs- neither of us had any tightness at all
    4. Yesterday, I thought I was much younger than 56 and did a little jogging downhill. Today, I am paying for it with a sore groin muscle. Alan says I can’t run anymore 😂😂

    Tomorrow’s destination is Palas de Rei - 15.3 miles.
    5 more days until Santiago!!!
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    Loved these photos. Very beautiful country and smiles and laughter.

    Cynthia Huisingh


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  • Day36

    Palas de Rei - Albergue Zendoira

    October 13, 2019 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 14 °C

    Rain, rain, and more rain. Not very many pictures today as I was trying to keep my electronics as dry as possible. Mia and I arrived at our destination in a less than dry condition, her even more so than I. We have three more days of walking in the rain. Are we there yet? Now we are dry and tucked into another pod albergue but we have to venture out to find food this evening.

    Lluvia, lluvia y mas lluvia. No hay muchas fotos hoy, ya que estaba tratando de mantener mi electrónica lo más seca posible. Mia y yo llegamos a nuestro destino en condiciones menos que secas, ella incluso más que yo. Tenemos tres días más de caminar bajo la lluvia. ¿Ya llegamos? Ahora estamos secas y metidas en otro pod albergue, pero tenemos que salir a buscar comida esta noche.
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