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  • Day38

    Vaughan Town 2, Barco de Avila

    June 8, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 59 °F

    Week 2 of Vaughan Town completed. Another wonderful group of Spaniards, volunteers, and staff got together to have a life-changing experience. We found it very heartwarming to have such a close connection with so many people in such a short period of time. There were volunteers from Australia, Canada, England, Sweden, and the US, (and Wales in the first week). The Spaniards had to decipher all those accents and ways of speaking, and it was amazing how much they improved in just 6 days!

    Anglos are encouraged to do a presentation if we want to. Dean presented information on the Buffalo Roundup in Custer State Park and I led a line dance. Everyone seemed to enjoy both activities!

    Note: Barco de Avila is known as a region for growing organic legumes. We ate some during the week, cooked with chorizo, and they were delicious!
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  • Day31

    Vaughan Town, El Barco de Avila

    June 1, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 64 °F

    We’ve spent the past 6 days volunteering for Vaughan Town, an English Immersion program for Spaniards. We’ve met such wonderful people: the participants, the staff, and the other volunteers. It’s very impressive how dedicated the Spaniards are in their efforts to improve their communication in English! We had a great time and made many new friends.

    As volunteers, we spent time talking one-to-one with each person, had meals together, participated in group activities, and practiced telephone communication as well. In addition, there was an entertainment hour every evening, composed of skits, presentations, and music, in which we all participated at some point. We got to see some real Spanish dancing, and Dean was involved as part of the “Spice Girls” band. We even received certificates at the end of the program!
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  • Day31

    El Barco de Avila

    June 1, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 64 °F

    The area is beautiful: snow-capped mountains, a river, and a small town with a castle and church topped with nesting storks! With as many storks as we've seen, it's hard to believe they are protected. They are messy and people don't want them building nests on their chimneys, so places are provided for them to nest.Read more

  • Day33

    Avila: A Walled City

    June 3, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 54 °F

    We drove from Segovia to Avila, about 1 hour away, to see this old walled city for a short walk-around. The medieval walls are completely intact. We had fun seeing the precious children dressed up for their first communion. It is great to see people involved in these historic buildings as a part of family traditions, and keeping them alive. There was also some kind of civic ceremony involving a band and officials in the town square.Read more

  • Day19

    3500ft up and the little car did well

    June 2, 2018 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 64 °F

    And the old driver wasn't too bad either!
    I think we must have climbed at least 2,500ft in the rain with steaming roads ...good practice for the. Pyrenees.
    N B This post is one day late as it covers Fridays trip from the Castle Estremoz to El Barco d'avila. The N110 we are following is a spectacular drive on great road surface. We passed through Elvas which is a world heritage site...see the amazing aqueduct...also the town is a walled city. The hotel at El Barco didn't look so great but it's location is lovely....Roman bridge and castle surrounded by mountains. Also on this route we followed the cherry growing centre of feeling very sick from my 1kilo purchase!Read more

  • Day56

    Day 56: Avila

    April 12, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Another day, another World Heritage site! After our hotel breakfast we checked out around 10:30 and got back on the road. Short drive today, only about an hour to the south-west as we headed for the old town of Avila. This place is mainly notable for the enormous medieval walls still surrounding the town, so we decided to check it out.

    Had a bit of difficulty parking at first as there were lots of people around, but managed to find somewhere eventually. Wandered into town and started exploring, though neither of us felt particularly taken by the place. The walls are very impressive and in great condition, though the cleanliness of the stone and perfect condition made it feel a bit fake, weirdly. And that plus the hordes of tourists, people selling fairy floss and balloons etc made it feel almost like a theme park rather than a historic place. Alas.

    We had a good look around and filmed some stuff before stopping for some tapas on the main square. Checked out the various parts of the city before returning to the car and driving to our accommodation. We'd actually booked into a small hostel for the night and it was quite nice; only six rooms so not the usual hordes of drunken backpackers. There was a group of 8 Chinese priests which was a little odd! It also made me realise we've seen almost no Chinese tourists at all in Spain.

    Headed back into the old town for dinner and things had quietened down a fair bit, which was quite nice. Walked over to a market square rather than the main plaza, and as expected the venues here were aimed more at locals than tourists. Shandos had a fish dish while I had a chicken club sandwich.

    Back to the hostel and off to bed!
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  • Day65


    October 6, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Grossi Nöiigkeit: dr Alj isch upgradet wordä! Är het churzerhand nöii Batterie bcho. Itz loufter wines jungs Rehli.
    Dr Wäg uf Ávila isch bezoubernd! So ungloublech schöni Landschaftä u hübschi Stedtli zwüschinä. Mir chöi nur stuunä!
    Ungerwägs simr no gah iichouffä – Sirup kennesi hie nid. Wemä nach Sirup fragt gits Caramel- oder Ärdbeersauce fr über Desserts odr Honig. U wemä mitm spanischä Wort fr Sirup (lut Google-Übersetzig) geit gah fragä, bchunntmä iigleiti Frücht. Zum Glück si d' Spanier so mega hiufsbereit (Telefonjoker Ehemaa, wo Änglischlehrer isch) u humorvou, da isch z' Übu grad haub so chlii.
    Augemein isch sehr z' erwähnä, wie ungloublech offä, fründlech u äbä vorauem hiufsbereit d' Lüt hie si! Da wird eim grad warm ums Härz bi so viu positivä Begägnigä.
    Churz vor Ávila heimr eigendlech ufnä Camping wöuä, dä het abr leider scho zue gha. D' Mannä vo dert hei üs när auerliebst uf spanisch erklärt, wo dass dr nächscht Camping isch oder wo dass mr härächöi. Auso simr uf Ávila inä.
    Dert hets leider gar keni Campings odr so gha, o nid ir nöcherä Umgäbig. So simr haut ufnä Steuplatz (odr Parkplatz, niemer weiss) ohni WC u Duschi. Mir hei üses Znacht ufem Trottoir gmacht u üs dert haut es eigets Plätzli iigrichtet. Paar irritierti Blickä heimr kassiert, abr mitr Dunkuheit vor Nacht, het o ds abgnoh. Im Alj heimr no dr 2. Panem-Fium gluegt u hei ner gschlafä.
    Hüt simr, wüumr so nöch vodä autä Muurä vo Ávila hei übernachtet, zimlech früeh gstartet fr ds Burgstedtli gah z' luegä.
    Chuum dür z' Stadttor inächo, simr scho zur grossä "Catedral d' Ávila" cho.
    Die isch riesig! Sie umfasst mehreri chliini Kapällä und ono es Chloster. Dert isch d' Teresa von Ávila gsi, odr Santa Teresa de Jesús, wisise hie nennä.
    Dr Rundgang dür die Kathedralä isch miteme Audio-Guide kommentiert wordä. Sehr spannend u informativ gsi! Am Schluss heimr no ufä Turm chönnä, wo ono gfüehrt isch gsi. Dert heimr bspw. d' Wohnig vom Glöckner chönnä gah luegä. Und z' oberst heimr ä wahnsinns Ussicht über ganz Ávila dörfä gniessä – wunderschön!
    Speter simr no ines kuuls Beizli gah Burger ässä, z' Stedtli mit sinä charmantä Gässli gah erkundä u när zum Alj.
    Am Aabä simr los uf Salamanca u dert ufnä Camping.
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Provincia de Ávila, Provincia de Avila, Avila, Abila, Província d'Àvila, Ávila, アビラ

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