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  • Day2

    Honestly GWR take note!

    September 18, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    From air con to reclining seats to your own personal radio... Renfe are amazing... leg room for miles also. And this is budget travel. £60 for 2 people for a 4hr train ride.

    The Renfe train is very good. We left at exactly 7pm as per the timetable. There is a trolley service that appears regularly serving soft drinks and snacks and a cafe car serving alcoholic beverages and a selection of snacks and warm food. Free headphones are provided to listen to the the film showing on the TV's. The train is smooth, quiet and comfortable with masses of legroom, reclining seats and fold down tables. We are very pleased with our first experience on the Spanish trains.Read more

  • Day5

    Hola Espana

    August 8, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    Die Abfahrt heute in der Früh benötigte doch mehr Zeit als gedacht. Zuerst funktionierte der Kassenautomat bei einem Franzosen nicht und dann bildete sich natürlich eine lange Schlange beim Entsorgen und Wasser auffüllen.
    Aber gut, wir kamen dann doch noch weg und schlugen dann nach dem Tanken und Einkaufen, den Weg Richtung Spanien ein.

    Die Strecke in Nordspanien Richtung Santander war sehr kurvenreich aber auch sehr schön an der Küste entlang.

    Unser ausgesuchter Stellplatz, genau gegenüber der Bucht von Santander war allerdings nicht so wie wir uns das vorgestellt hatten.
    Durch die vielen Badegäste war der doch recht kleine Parkplatz mit 4-5 Wohnmobilen und PKWs total besetzt und es war für uns hier auch zu viel Trubel - also weiter - aber wohin?

    Wir brauchen Schatten - die Sonne sticht ohne Ende - 35 Grad und kaum Wind!
    Also schauen wo es Bäume gibt - keine Parkmöglichkeiten - also weiter.
    Da, ein freier Platz mit einem Wohnmobil, welches im Schatten steht - davor haben wir noch Platz - hinstellen und Siesta machen das passt👍

    Mit dem Fahrrad erkundigte ich dann die Gegend - 500 m weiter eine schöne Strandbucht mit 3 Parkplätzen - yes da sind deutsche - gleich mal fragen wo sie übernachten - guter Tipp, etwas weiter über den Klippen kann man stehen und wird dort auch geduldet - perfekt!

    Ja so sind wir zu dieser sensationellen Stelle gekommen. Direkt unter uns mit einem kleinen Trampelpfad erreichbar ist eine wunderschöne Sandbucht - der Abend mit den Hunden beim Sonnenuntergang war einfach genial 😎

    Hier müssen wir einfach 2 Nächte bleiben und die Natur, den Strand und die wundervolle Aussicht auf das weiter Meer genießen, bevor es in die Großstadt Madrid geht.
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  • Day12

    Santander - Potes

    September 18 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Mon WarmShowers Françesco est génial, j'ai même le drois à un petit aire de guitare avant de partir. 😍😍

    Alllllez direction Santander visiter la ville; au détour de la piste cyclable j'engage la conversation avec un Espagnol. Il m'explique que la ville a été brûlé et rebâti entièrement de buildings. Il me montre les lieux les plus charmants, puis je reprends mon chemin. Un peu déçu... la suite n'est pas folichonne non plus.

    Je m'arrête manger à Terrelavega où je fais la rencontre de Bettina et son copain.
    Mon trajet futur va sûrement évoluer, ils m'ont donné des lieux magnifiques à découvrir par la suite. 😊

    Soudain j'arrive à San Vicente de la Barquera, et j'oublie toute ma matinée. Un petit coin de paradis où j'en profite pour me dégourdir un peux les jambes et me baigner. 🏊‍♂️

    Arrivé à Unquera, ou plutôt que de suivre la côte comme prévu initialement, je pars en direction de Potes sur les recommandations de Françesco.
    Du pur bonheur 40 km de descente dans les gorges Espagnols 😍😍🗻 (avant dernière image 😉)

    Fin de la journée en bivouac dans Potes sous un magnifique coucher de soleil sur la montagne. 🤩
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  • Day39

    Santander - Vino y Playa ️

    October 11, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Die vergangenen Tage haben wir in Santander entspannt. Zugegeben Santander ist nicht unbedingt das schönste spanische Städtchen, was wohl daran liegt das die Stadt 1941 komplett niedergebrannt ist, aber es gibt hier wunderschöne Strände und unheimlich viele richtig nette Bars. Ein Glas Rotwein kostet hier zwischen ein und zwei Euro - Ein Traum für einen Rotweinliebhaber wie mich ❤️🍷Read more

  • Jun11

    ...and some days it rains

    June 11, 2019 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 14 °C

    And the wind blows 20 miles an hour, and it hails a little bit... but yesterday was still another day on the Camino. When we woke up in San Miguel to steady rain, I’ll admit I thought about asking around for a bus schedule, but John shamed me into putting on my poncho and toughing it out. We fast-walked to Somo with one lovely breakfast break, then rode a ferry into Santander.

    Our ferry ride from Laredo to Santoña a couple of days ago was quite different. We followed the Camino to a beach where we expected to board a 9:00 am ferry. But there was no sign, no dock, nada! Soon there were perhaps 20 of us, some with bicycles, waited anxiously hoping to see a ferry. At about 8:50, a local woman walked up to the beach, wearing nice shoes, and John said, “That’s a good sign!” Indeed, just after 9:00, a small ferry pulled right up to the beach and we walked up the gangway. Sometimes you just have to trust the universe.

    We’re still walking on asphalt, but the N-634 has given was to quiet country lanes a small roads through green valleys with prosperous-looking homes and farms. In the coming days we should see more of the coast.
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  • Jun8

    Too Much Highway

    June 8, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    From Portugalete we first stayed in Castro Urdiales, and tonight in Laredo (obviously not the one in Texas). In order to save some miles, we had to walk these two days alongside the N-634 national highway. That’s a lot of asphalt, and too many cars whizzing by. We seem to be past that now (we hope).

    We’re back near the sea, so we’ve had some nice scenery along the way, too, as you can see from the photos. But being in a Spanish beach town on a Saturday night also means a lot of noisemaking — all night! The streets finally quieted down about 6:30 a.m., just as we were waking up!

    One last note about Portugalete: The streets leading into town from the river are so steep, there are a series of people movers on the sidewalks! Maybe the is the future of Camino?
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  • Jun13

    You'd think we would have learned?!

    June 13, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    After 2 nights in Santander (big city, 1 million people), we had a short walk yesterday to Boo de Pielagos, arriving about noon. We were staying in an adorable little albergue — maybe the nicest we’ve seen — and the owners were still busy cleaning and preparing for guests. We dropped off our packs and sauntered up the street to the local restaurant.

    Many Spanish restaurants offer a “menú del día,” menú of the day — 2 courses plus dessert and wine or water, for somewhere between €9-15. This is the kind of food the Spanish eat, not really geared to pilgrims. And after about 3:00 pm, the menu is finished and there’s not much available till 8:00 or later (when we want to sleep). So we were feeling pretty proud of ourselves for having timed our lunch just right.

    We chose our first courses (lentils for me, leeks with ham and sauce for John). The waiter then gave us choices for the main course: stuffed chicken breast, pork with potatoes, or fried fish. Ah, fried fish for John!! But just like the “calamare,” we didn’t ask any follow-up questions. So when the waiter brought John’s fish, well... see the photo below. Whole fish, all curled up and looking like something in a natural history museum. But John was a trouper, said it really wasn’t bad, and he ate most of it. Oh well, another lesson learned!

    Nice walking the last 2 days, but still unseasonably chilly and spitting rain occasionally. We’re feeling fine physically, but I think I’m getting a cold from walking in the rain. I get no sympathy, of course!
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  • Jun15

    Beautiful day on the Camino

    June 15, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    The sun shined on us all day!! And we walked through beautiful countryside, smell of fresh cut hay and eucalyptus, sounds of the bells on cows, goats and sheep. We had a few climbs that left us puffing, but nothing compared to what we’ve already done. And we had many views of the sea, as well as the Picos de Europe mountains in the distance.

    Just outside of Oruña, we passed the Church of San Pedro. Like most country churches, the entrance was locked. But just as we were about to walk away, a young man hurried up and asked us to come inside. In the shade of the portico, he offered us lemonade, an orange and a banana, “for strength.” Then he gave us a brief tour of the church.

    He asked if we were married. Then he picked up a clamshell from a small table. The two sides were decorated outside and inside, with a small painting of the church. The young man said the two halves were like the two sides of marriage, “ups and downs.” He broke the two halves apart, threaded one with green cord and one with red, the colors of St. Peter, and told us to place them around each others’ necks. It was a nice moment, and if we had arrived 5 minutes earlier, it would never have happened.

    Soon after that we arrived in Cobreces, had a nice brunch of eggs and toast, and continued walking toward the sea. We passed a nice beach, climbed a few more hills and finally arrived in Comillas. It’s also a tourist town, once favored by the Spanish nobility, and graced by several creations of Gaudí.

    As we were having dinner near the church square, we could hear bagpipes playing. We learned there’s a folk festival going on, so we spent some time listening in. If WIFI cooperates, there should be a video below —
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  • Day10

    Cornfields and cliffs

    September 14, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Today’s KMs - 22kms
    Total KMs - 181kms
    Total blisters - 5 + foot rashes (still!) and a bung ankle

    What a difference a day makes. We had an amazing morning walking out of Guemes headed for Santander. Yesterday was behind us and we had beautiful cornfields to the left and stunning coastal cliffs on the other side. The cliffs ended with a 3km walk across the beach at Somo which was a chance to cool our sore feet.

    The ferry from Somo to Santander was equally as good with beautiful views onto the city. Santander was so much more than I expected with beautiful architecture and cafes along the port. What a great start to the day.

    Things went a little south after that and the elusive yellow arrow from yesterday turned into the conflicting yellow arrow. So what happens when there are yellow arrows pointing in different directions and you pick the wrong one? Well, more walking on car roads! This time 7kms on a main bitumen road in the hot afternoon sun 😔... it’s now a love/ hate relationship with yellow arrows!

    But we made it finally into Santillana del mar which is a stunning little town which is so beautiful that many movies have been filmed here. So, we’re off now to explore it.
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  • Day9

    The elusive yellow arrow

    September 13, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Today’s KMs - 30kms
    Total KMs - 159kms
    Total blisters - 5 + foot rashes

    We left Bilbao by bus to Laredo to avoid the Camino which followed car roads through the industrial areas of the city. From Laredo we caught a ferry across to Santona a beautiful little coastal town known for their anchovies. Passing through the town we saw the bars packed with locals watching the Spain v Australia basketball game. We peaked in to see Australia miss a free throw to put the game into overtime. We still don’t know the result as we had to keep moving. We had a long day planned and the heat has picked up here.

    The Camino path is clearly marked (I’ve attached the official markers which vary depending on the region) however for the most part it is marked by yellow spray painted arrows. As you walk you look forward to finding them, sometimes on a rock, tree trunk, ruin or stone wall. They are your assurance you are going the right way.

    So what happens when one slips pass you... well, we found out! About 3 hours, 12kms, walking on a main road with cars speeding either side of you in the hot sun 🥵. We looked like amateur hitchhikers that didn’t want a lift.

    Needless to say we were hot, tired and very over walking. But we did eventually make it to Guemes, our final destination for the day.
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