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  • Day10

    Santillana del Mar

    July 7 in Spain

    We walked around the old town of Santillana del Mar this morning. It is characteristic of old Spain. The buildings are all 500 years old and it is like going back in time to the Medieval period. We expected a band of medieval knights to canter around the cobbled street corner at any moment.

    We found a museum dedicated to the Spanish Inquisition and the methods of torture used were not only explained in vivid detail, but the actual implements were on display. It is staggering to see the cruelty that was instigated by the church against accused heretics. If we lived then we would be on the receiving end quite likely.

    The old church bells rang forth each hour and the roosters were crowing and the horses were saddled. It was a real taste of old Spain. If you are in northern Spain, do now miss this delightful village.
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  • Day85

    Irgendwo in Kantabrien

    August 1 in Spain

    Nach der abenteuerlichen Nacht fahren wir schon früh los, da es regnet. Wir kommen an einen kleinen Stellplatz in Kantabrien, bei dem Ort Cobreces. Von unserem Platz haben wir Blick auf die Kirche.
    Gestern haben wir eine kleine Zugfahrt mit einem Touristenzug gemacht, da die Fahrt umsonst war (Wir wissen nicht ganz warum). Danach haben wir noch eine Wanderung entlang der Klippen zu einem Aussichtspunkt gemacht. Es war wunderschön. Die Landschaft gefällt uns nach wie vor ausgesprochen gut. Das Wetter war so mittel. Ziemlich bewölkt, aber zum Glück kein Regen.
    Heute sieht das Wetter komplett anders aus. 35 Grad und kein Wölkchen. Wir entscheiden noch einen Tag zu bleiben und gehen an den Strand.
    Kaum zu glauben - unser letzter Strandtage nach knapp drei Monaten an der Küste.
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  • Day11

    Nach einer Nacht in einer mehr als grauenhaften Herberge🙈18 Betten auf ca 35qm voller Spark gehts weiter in Traumhafter Stiller Natur. Du kleine Bergdörfer die nur von eigen Produkten leben über das große Touristische Laredo. Mit traumhaften langen weißen Stränden. Ich merke aber je mehr ich hier in der fast unberührten Natur laufe desto krasser ist es dann die Menschenmassen in den großen Städten zu sehen. Unterwegs trifft man auch höchstens auf eine Handvoll Pilger . Bevor sich dann in den Herbergen wieder alles trifft. Ich bin so froh und dankbar diese Erfahrung machen zu dürfen. Es verändert jetzt schon so viel in mir...was braucht man wirklich zum Leben?????
    Und das wichtigste ist, das ich mehr und mehr in die Gesundung gehe
    Heute Km 233
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  • Day15

    Heute habe ich wieder ein paar Worte, aber andere wie sonst, denn ich merke es ändert sich hier zunehmend was. Ich lebe hier in einer zunehmenden Gefühlswelt die ich so in der Tiefe nicht kenne. Liebe, Herzlichkeit wo ich nur hinschaue. Bei den Einwohnern, bei den Pilgern, bei mir mir mir und in jedem Winkel das ist der Camino ❤️
    Die Etappe heute war wieder so schön und ich weiß warum ich den Camino del Northe gewählt habe!!!Auch wenn Mittlerweile die Füße schmerzen und die Schuhe dampfen...die Sonne brennt🙏🏻ich liebe esRead more

  • Day12


    July 6 in Spain

    Heute zeigte der Camino alles was er zu bieten hat🌞schönste Natur, geniale Strände, brütende Sonne starkes Gewitter und wandern in Schlamm, Gestein, Sand und Teer.
    Eine Etappe von 26 km, was eigentlich locker zu schaffen ist.Nur waren die letzten 10 km auf harter Teerstrasse bei fast 40 Grad. Die Füße haben gedampft und echt geschmerzt. Auch wenn keine Blase vorhanden ist schmerzen die Fußballen heute extrem.....aber das ist der Camino.
    Dafür gab es die Belohnung nach der Etappe mit einer genialen Herberge und einem richtig tollen essen für 60 Pilger😊
    Km 255
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  • Day10

    Heute wenig Zeit zum erzählen denn bin echt platt. Km 205 heute erreicht 💪🏻mega Stolz schon jetzt. Doch seid Bilbao werden die Herbergen immer voller. Und viele Pilger werden zurück gewiesen weil es voll ist.....später mehr❤️

  • Day22

    Picos de Europa

    July 10 in Spain

    “Picos de Europa” is Spanish for...”scariest roads ever”. 😂 We drove from El Bizarro to Covadonga. Covadonga is the site of the battle in which the Visigoth king, Pelayo, was victorious over the invading Moors. Covadonga is in the mountainous national park, Picos de Europa, and there is found the shrine to Pelayo and a modern cathedral. Covadonga is a beautiful site, and an important part of Spanish history.

    After some lunch and seeing Covadonga, we headed further south and east through the Picos to Potes. Potes is a gorgeous little village that was just featured in The Guardian’s travel we knew we had to visit NOW before it got too crazy.

    Let Maria tell you about Spanish mountain roads. They are like New Mexican mountain roads...times a billion. You know the New Mexican trick of just drawing the line at the edge of the road in a little bit when it starts to erode away? Well, they do that here...especially when the rocky cliff impedes the road...however, the road in Spain is ALREADY tiny, so narrower is just ridiculous. Oh, and there are buses...lots and lots of buses...Maria is shocked that her heart is still beating and the Audi’s side mirrors still exist.

    We made it to Potes. It’s ridiculously cute. We walked around a bit, tried some restaurants out, and took a lot of photos...we also ignored Phillipa (our navigation system) a lot. She really wants us to drive down stairs. Maria thinks she hates us, and is trying harder to get rid of us.

    Yesterday afternoon, we went up to see Potes’ main attraction...Santo Toribio...a monastery that contains the largest part of the true cross of Christ. (Stop...they had it tested...) The cross was brought from Jerusalem in the 5th century. It was held in Astorga, but after the Moorish invasion of 711, they moved it into the mountains outside of Potes. They had the entire left arm of the cross. However, under the Benedictine monks’ care, the cross was chipped away by pilgrims on their way to Santiago who wanted a piece of the cross. (Franciscan friars are telling us this...throwing shade on the softie Benedictines😂)

    Maria has to say, to date, this is the coolest relic she’s seen. It even out-shines St. Stephen’s Holy right hand.😂 When the Franciscans took over care of the relic, there wasn’t a lot of the wood remaining. They took what was left and built a cross shaped reliquary for the cross. Towards the bottom of the cross there is a cut out exposing the place where Jesus’ left hand was nailed. The guy at the entrance to the monestary told us we could enter the chapel at 6 pm for an explanation and to touch (tocar) the cross.

    Melinda: “Did he say, ‘tocar?!?!’”
    Me: “He said ‘tocar’!”

    We walked into the chapel, and Maria whispered, “front row!” And there we sat listening to who is now our favorite Catholic priest ever. He actually was welcoming, and answered our questions (ie. half-understandings) and he apparently ignored the “no photos” part of venerating the cross. Had Maria KNOWN he was ignoring this...there would be más photos. Muchos más photos! The bad part about front row? We had NO idea what “cross protocol” was. We snuck behind others and let them go first. Most kissed it. We touched it. Hugging a saint and kissing a cross was too much for one week.

    Maria here: I’m kidding, but it was a very moving experience. I, of course, am skeptical of what the wood truly is, but it is a very, very old piece of wood from the holy land that has been cared for over centuries in these mountains. It feels bigger than us, and I think it’s always good to remember that there are things bigger than you.

    We decided to return today in hopes of getting a photo of Melinda kissing the cross. Apparently you are supposed to kiss it...Jesus enters your body through lips, not fingers...obviously. Today, sadly, favorite priest wasn’t there. It was a friar who seemed less photo friendly. Melinda still only touched the cross. Maria totally kissed it.

    Maria thinks Jesus loves her and is ok that she teases a bit. He may not like her, but he loves her😇
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  • Day21

    Well, maybe not dead...but stuck...forever. Phillipa, our posh GPS voice who cannot pronounce ONE SINGLE place name on the Iberian peninsula is trying to get rid of us. Potes is where we confirmed that. We really should switch to the Spanish voice because we would understand more, but Phillipa’s incorrectness and simultaneous condescension keeps Maria loyal to her. Here in Potes there are fine “two lane roads”...some even with painted stripes! and Phillipa tries to send us down the walking paths of these medieval towns. She’s a monster.

    Okay, there are two reasonable sized roads...the rest you can walk😂

    Melinda is suffering flashbacks constantly from...well, the parking garage in A Guarda, and well, pretty much every other day we’ve been driving in Spain. Tonight she said, “No! Go back!” As Maria was following a town sign to the town parking lot😂 Phillipa, the evil GPS voice, we blame you.
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  • Day8

    When the rain comes

    June 3 in Spain

    Today was all about getting sorted for Liz's arrival - pick up the car, sort out the cottage & get food in. All well & good but it transpired, on closer inspection the closest supermarket with opening hours to suit was in Barcelona - not vastly local. Sunday trading laws here are a little different. Looks like bread & water for tea. Opted against walking to the airport - the 4 miles was walkable but the looming clouds & grim forecast suggested the airport bus would be a better bet. This did mean a massively early arrival. Had some dubious pasta to pass the time & supplement the bread & water diet. Dinky Fiat located & various bumps & scrapes documented. Time to pick up bags from the hotel & head for the cottage. On the way out spotted a Carrefour/petrol station combo - might be open. It was. Unfortunately the only ready meal available another type of dubious pasta. Better than bread & water ... maybe. Village located easily & perfectly on time. Circled round the village - passed a guy twice & we both eventually realised that he was the guy I needed to find. Quick tour & unload of the car. First impressions - very nice & peaceful ... & wet.Read more

  • Day6

    Spanish headaches

    June 1 in Spain

    There's a reason why Green Spain is green & while the UK is basking in glorious sunshine (for once) Northern Spain seems to be shrouded in a semi-permanent blanket of Mancunuian greyness. Still Monday - Thursday was all about the Spanish. 3 hour blocks of language interspersed with activities designed to integegrate & socialise in equal measure - urgh. When the rain let up that called for an escape to the coastal path - either running or walking depending how quickly escape was called for or how much head clearing was needed - language study promoted some belting headaches (not hangovers!) The bright side was the fruit - breakfast and snack time - cherries & nectarines were heavenly. Day off on Friday was miserably wet - more so. Report writing - get ahead of myself.Read more

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