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  • Day665


    April 22 in Spain

    With another 140km under our belts we arrived at the town of Liérganes. It was Sunday and Sunday in Liérganes meant market day. The high street was packed as we crawled past stalls and shoppers towards the car park, becoming increasingly pessimistic about our chances of finding a spot. We were right to be worried, half a dozen vans, lorries, a coach and many, many cars filled the place we'd hoped to spend the night, as well as the surrounding streets. The service area was thankfully still free, so we backed the van in and took our time filling and emptying, whilst keeping an eye out for anyone leaving. Fortunately a car vacated its space and we were able to nip in before anybody else.

    After lunch we took the short walk past the train station and accross the river to the bustling market. Perusing the goods proffered under the arched branches of Plane trees, we found many things to interest us; food stalls sold cheeses, hams, eggs, processed fish, fruit, veg and honey as well as dried goods. There was a specialist tea stall where we found some cardamom for Vicky's chai and a dried fruit stall where we bought pineapple for our museli mix. Unlike many markets, there wasn't any sellers of street food, probably because of the multitude of cafés lining the pavement. We treated ourselves to some delicious cream cakes at a pasteleria (cake shop) and took them back to the van along with an ice cream for Vicky.

    As the day progressed, the car park remained busy and the occasional intercity train rumbled into the terminus, departing with a high pitched 'peep' of the whistle. As the light faded the clouds darkened and a thunderstorm broke over us, the sky illuminated with electric flashes of light and the air wrought with peals of thunder.

    Come morning, the day visitors had departed, leaving just the lorries and vans to slowly make their way to destinations new.
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  • Day2

    Early start - lessons due to start at 8. Breakie was only due to start at 7.30 so that was 30 mins of face filling - a little torment thrown in for good measure - vast swathes of cakes, donuts & pastries, eggs & bacon etc - all not an option. Basic survival Spanish & pronunciation upto 11. Suprisingly no headache. Off for lunch en-masse. Along the way keeping eyes peeled for candidate bars for match night viewing. On arrival the tutor collored the waiteress & though I don't know I reckon it was along the lines of don't you dare speak English to them...
    Huge 3 course lunch - avoided the wine but the richness of the food was likely to cause a headache. If that didn't being sociable in the treasure hunt was going to do for me. All schools were split up & given clues to find around Santander, a number of which involved speaking to locals. All well and good if you have someone a little more fluent - we did not. Our stronger speakers opted out due to mobility issues... cue some really bad conversational Spanish which relied on their English. Despite this & a colleague being a Manc it was a pleasant walk exploring the town. Needless to say we didn't win. Got soaked on the way back & dived in the bar. Most groups did this some more extensively than others. Opted out of the evening tapas - headache...
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  • Day3

    Things started to get a little intense - talk of prepositions, adjectives & sentence structure. That said at least it wasn't the advanced group looking at subjunctive and imperative verbs. Anyway a late start meant a short run was possible - a vain attempt to clear my head. Cause of said roughness was unclear - rich food yesterday, odd eating times, lack of sleep from being woken up numerous times or nerves (big game) who can say but the run didn't help vastly & it rained. While out pondered how to ask for a room change in Spanish. Got back & went for it. Made myself understood, initial response of room number - ✔ & then it went downhill from there. She ended up speaking English. I tried. Not a problem moving rooms. Having a bike in my room - big problem. That sorted off to lessons. As stated - hard work. Opted out of the big lunch option - sarnie, strawberry picnic by the sea option & the sun came out. Back for the methodology session - posh way of saying games, songs and stories you can use to teach Spanish. Then to the main event - bar had been located - went early to bag prime spots. Great football, allbeit epically stressful. Too much beer consumed, got told off for being too rowdy & got free snacks oh & Liverpool beat the champions elect to get into the semi final of the European cup.Read more

  • Day4

    Spanish & octopus.

    April 11 in Spain

    A full day of lessons through till 8 looked like hard work at tge best of times let alone with a hangover. An early start wasn't ideal either. Battled through gamely - verbs & adjectives don't help a headache. Downtime was hindered by torrential rain. Tried translating the local paper's match report but that hurt my brain a bit too much. Eventually honework was set & the day was done. Into town for food except everyone had eaten so just me - had some octopus liberally coated with olive oil & paprika.Read more

  • Day5

    Sunshine at last.

    April 12 in Spain

    Morning run, though not Ipanema, was the closest so far - beachside run with some hint of sunshine ... promising. A late final lesson (11.30) left time for a little relaxing in the sunshine & little walk along the beach. Following another verb frenzy there was the obligatory sociable meal which was tolerated - went for the light options to see if that helped - my stomach rather than my inherent anti-social instincts. Got ripped off & still insisted on leaving a tip - clearly my influence didn't carry any weight. Had a little walk around Magdalena Peninsula - admiring the views & the former royal summer residence.Read more

  • Day6

    Back on the bike

    April 13 in Spain

    Formal lessons done (until next time) things were a little more relaxed. A rather grey run along the beach suggested the weather wasn't going to be upto much. The plan was to take the bike out & check all was well - the rest were off for churos which would have been nice but deep fried donut type stuff wasn't an option. An short losener around town taking in some of the sights and the local stadium. Obligatory club shirt bought, headed back via the supermarket & beachside picnic. Pondered next option - the sun was trying it's best & the forecast suggested rain was very unlikely so decided to explore the local coast to the west. The nearby lighthouse offered a nice coastal walk. From there it was 7 miles to a little cove that was supposedly nice. A couple of miles in a the first drops (sporadically) began to fall. Decided to push - how bad could it get? Another little coastal walk and by the time I got back dark clouds were looming & the spits & spots had become a light drizzle. Time to hurry back & it was a race I was to lose. Not by much though - a mile or so off. Dried up & ensured I missed the Flamenco lessons. Had a really nice fish menu of the day.Read more

  • Day8

    While having paid flights & accomodation all sorted should mean a certain sense of gratitude, having to hang round till 9 for a meeting didn't help my mood. In said meeting being told the feedback form couldn't be emailed didn't help. They got a rather curt level of feedback. Said my farewells & so began a week of lumpy cycling & rather rough & ready Spanish. Getting out of Santander wasn't the easiest nor most picturesque - industrial estates & shipyards aplenty. 18 miles in & I found myself merely at the opposite side of the estuary & pondered whether there was a ferry. Also began to wonder at what point shops would close on a Sunday. Pushed on - bound to come to more urban areas. Except I didn't. Water wasn't the problem - going along the Camino meant frequent water fountains / taps. Just after 1 came upon a very shut looking supermarket which happened not to be at all. Thankful for small mercies, stocked up & pushed. A couple of nice coastal cycle routes offered a little flat. Rain prompted lunch. Experienced a couple of resorts neither of which inspired - both very high rised - Laredo had the nicer beach & a nice old town but the rest was pig ugly. Castro Urdiales didn't have a great beach but seemed a little less over developed but still wasn't great. For all the cycling along the coast there was very little sight of the sea. Not great. That said the way the coast was treated @ the resorts I was glad to be staying in the country. Wasn't so happy when it became apparent the limited dinner options. Host was very hospitable - initial conversation reasonably understood & then he went off on one & I didn't have a clue. Still negotiated breakie from 9 to 8 so that isn't bad.Read more

  • Day7

    Scorchio or so it seemed

    April 14 in Spain

    Woke up to the sound of rain and this wad supposed to be the sunny day of the week. The morning involved a market task - the thought of treking into town to wander round a market didn't really, in the rain - even less so. Chunnered a bit but made the bus journey & participated. Once completed the entire group bar me & the apprentice headed out on coach trip up the coast. I was looking at doing a little more warming up for the main event. Mike was looking at watching the match. It be rude to leave him on his own so arrangements were made & off I went on my bike - bit further down the coast. Sat nav was doing some strange things bit made it to the Liencres Dunes wildlife park. Stunning beaches & an epic downhill to get there - Not good. Had a little mooch about & then found a cycle path down the coast. Maybe I could avoid the hill. As it turns out - no. But a little off road might have done it - not an option. Headed back for some late lunch & then to find the match. Easily done - same place as before & poor Mike ended up trying to keep up with someone who was drinking coke & water. Only one way that was going to end. Thankfully the boss turned up to take care of him & I could scoot off to pack. Got back & did a token bit of socialising & it transpires I'd got burnt - sunny but the wind was lethal.Read more

  • Day6


    September 9, 2017 in Spain

    Liendo - Noja - 20.2K.
    Beautiful leaving Liendo, up and over a big hill but I knew it was coming. Just in outskirts of Laredo when the skies opened. Packa was great but I got soaked from mid-thigh down. Rain stopped and I had coffee in town. Walked 5K along beach when it started raining again, very windy. Got the ferry to Santona, changed into Keens to let my socks dry. Walked out of town, another downpour. At least now I know that my feet are comfy with both sets of shoes even when wet. It finally stopped raining, but I had to climb a pretty big hill, completely muddy (clay) and slippery, a little scary but with poles and care I made it. Beautiful views of water the whole way. Walked into Noja on the beach. No pilgrim albergue so I stayed in a youth hostel. It was weird and I didn't like it. I was assigned to a room with 2 other women, perfectly nice but it felt isolated. The hostel is a little way out of town and it continued to pour on and off which was restricting. But only 10 €. I went out for usual egg dish, ice cream. One of these days I'll get a real meal! Doing about 12 miles a day which seems about right.Read more

  • Day57

    Day 56: Caborrendondo - Los Llaos

    October 8, 2016 in Spain

    Distance: 24k (1426.9/501)
    Weather: 19C, Mostly overcast
    Mood: calm
    Staying at: Hotel Gerra Mayor

    The joy of a real towel...

    The view of a real towel can really make my day now and I think I dream about large piles of multicoloured, fluffy towels every night. I recommend hostels to other pilgrims when they have towels and I nearly jumped for joy when the hotel I'm staying in tonight had four towels all for me!!!
    It's amazing how perspective changes when one is on a journey so long. The kilometers don't count as much anymore, my feet and body have grown strong. But the longing for basic comforts has increased significantly and it makes me realise what an amazingly easy and comfortable life we lead.
    Someone said that the difference between a pilgrim and a tourist is that a pilgrim thanks you. Pilgrims are genuinely grateful, because they realise the pleasure of simple things and gestures again.
    So my friends, look around and appreciate and be grateful for what you have. We lead a life of luxury and we keep forgetting about this.
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