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  • Day644

    Valverde del Camino

    April 1, 2018 in Spain ⋅

    The land on today's journey changed back to that red ochre earth that plants find difficult to colonise and consequently it bakes under the hot Spanish sun. The town of Valverde del Camino provided a free aire with services, on its outskirts next to a small patch of allotments and opposite a field of lush grass that a tethered spotted horse was doing its best to munch through. We'd passed a great number of horses on the drive and several more were ridden by the van during our stay.

    The Valverde aire seemed to be most popular with the Brits who made up the majority of vans. Our neighbours were friendly and mentioned that a section of the Via Verde was accessible from the other side of town. We'd hoped to cycle on this well known route when we were with Cath and Paul, but the stretch we were within reach of had closed for restoration. We decided to take the tandem for a short spin and once we reached the tarmaced track we were very impressed. Built on land originally intended for a railway, gradients were minimal, which suited us well! We were both enjoying the ride but after a while the tendons on the sole of Will's foot began to ache; something he recognises as a sign to stop or risk tearing them. Unfortunately as we turned around the gear cable came out of its connection, so we needed to spend 10 minutes fixing it. All the same, when we got back to the van we'd had a fun time and were very happy we'd managed a short outing on the Via Verde.
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  • Day10


    January 4 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Almayate-Huelva ca. 350 km
    mit Sightseeingtour durch Sevilla😂👍

    Heute haben wir einen Fahrtag eingelegt mit Ziel nahe Portugal.
    Wir sind weitgehends mautfreie Autobahn nach Sevilla gefahren, wunderschöne Strecke durch abertausende Olivenbäume und sehr gut zu fahren.
    Eigentlich wollten wir Sevilla großräumig umfahren, aber leider war ein Stück Autobahn gesperrt und keine Umleitung und trotz Navi landeten wir mitten in der Stadt Sevilla. Die viertgrößte Stadt in Spanien zeigte sich von seiner besten Seite. Wir wurden direkt an ein paar schönen Sehenswürdigkeiten vorbei gelotst, so quasi „Hopp on Hopp off“
    super gut. Wir stehen jetzt auf einem kostenlosen Platz in Huelva unterhalb von dem Monumento Columbus (Christobal Colon). Dazu gehört ein sehr schöner Park.
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  • Day90

    Jour 51 - Départ pour le Portugal

    August 17, 2016 in Spain ⋅

    Marie a été incroyable... Elle nous a fait des tortillas jusqu'à notre départ! Nous sommes partis reposés, douchés, rassasiés, joyeux...
    Une vraie maman!

    Sur notre route pour le Portugal, nous sommes passé par Almonte une toute petite ville où il y avait une PISCINE!!!!! On a eu la meilleure pause dej du voyage!!!Read more

  • Day90

    Jour 51.2 Un joli jardin et des figues

    August 17, 2016 in Spain ⋅

    Nous nous rapprochions d'Ayamonte... Nous nous sommes dit que si nous voulions demander un bout de jardin il n'était pas trop tard!
    La première maison que l'on croise est à vendre alors nous continuons dur un chemin... Nous sonnons à la seconde, la dame nous répondvqu'ils sont sur le point de sortir diner... Elle nous demande de patienter pour parler à son mari... Il nous propose de camper dans le jardin de la maison à vendre dont ils ont les clefs du portail!
    C'était parfait! Il y avait l'electricité, de l'eau et un magnifique figuier avec plein de figues mûres! 😛
    Xavier a essayé de se faire une douche... Géraldine s'est amusée à courir après les éspèces de lézards qui ne sont pas des lézards🐊 pour les prendre en photo et cueillit des figues pour le dessert... 😁
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  • Day91

    Jour 52 - sur la route du Portugal.2

    August 18, 2016 in Spain ⋅

    Toujours en direction d'Ayamonte nous avons croisé des paysages assez incroyables en Andalousie...
    Nous avons pris une voie verte tracée par la voie d'un ancien chemin de fer 🚂
    Géraldine aime bien les chemins de terre mais Xavier préfère l'asphalte... Il remarque une route paralèlle à la voie verte, toute lisse, toute neuve qui borde une culture de citronniers! Alors Xavier, ravi, l'empreinte... Se rappelant la mésaventure dans la culture de pêche où nous étions restés prisonniers (voir jour 38) Géraldine lui crie "Fais gaffe de ne pas te retrouver sans sortie!!"
    Mais Xavier ne l'a pas entendu... Et au bout d'un moment, les deux routes se séparent... Géraldine n'appercevant plus Xavier, crie son nom! Xavier lui répond depuis une petite colline: "Je suis devant toi... Avance on se retrouve plus loin..." Géraldine file et Xavier part à la recherche d'une issue... Pas un portail ouvert, un chemin de sorti... Xavier ne veut pas faire demi tour... Il passe ses sacoches par dessus un portail qu'il escalade ensuite avec son velo... Il continue pour retrouver la voie verte mais cette fois son chemin est bloqué par une rivière qu'il doit traverse... Le voilà de retour sur la voie verte... Il pédale à toute allure et au bout du chemin, il apperçoit Géraldine heureuse de le retrouver... 🍋🙋🏻🚴💑

    Et pour finir nous avons pédalé jusqu'à 23:00 et fait une centaine de kilomètres... Nous étions fatigués mais demain nous serons au Portugal!!!
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  • Day9

    Made it before the hail

    April 30, 2018 in Spain ⋅

    A lovely days walk again, through the Sierra Norte National Park, filled with wildflowers and lush green grass. The park does have private landholdings, strictly regulated, so they can graze their livestock and maintain buildings, but not add or change land use. Also a day of animals - I walked past sheep, horses, donkeys, cows, ducks, the black pigs from which is made belotta jamon, and saw hares, eagles and storks.Read more

  • Day181


    October 13, 2017 in Spain ⋅

    OK so yes we stayed a long time anchored near Olhoa and although it was peaceful and free the reason we stayed was my toothache. It had been getting worse so on the Monday I chose a surgery and made an appointment sadly I needed root canal work but the abscess needed treatment first. After a couple of tries we established that as I wasn't going home in the next 2weeks I would need treatment locally so I decided there was as good as anywhere and signed up. So after four different painful appointments it was all done and on Friday morning we could leave. I would like to go back and explore again when not in pain as would be lovely to kayak around and see a little more. We did on an appointment free day take dinghy around the visible bit of the lagoon and watch a large cargo ship nearly run over a bunch of sailing dinghies, there was a lot of horn blowing. On the same day we also went across the island and did a little bit of wave jumping and falling over in the Atlantic surf. That's when John lost his watch and I found the lovely shells.
    Like I said we left Friday morning and headed for the Rio Guadiana on the Portuguese/Spanish border, we had hoped to go to Tavira but they are doing work on the Marina at the moment so we were advised to avoid it. The day was calm and sunny but we had to be about 3miles off to avoid shoals and fish farms but there wasn't a lot to see anyway
    Ayamonte Marina is on the Spanish side of the river and almost empty as they put up their prices a few years ago and locals haven't forgiven them yet, but it was clean and secure with a number of foreign boats including some Brits so we had a natter as you do. We decided that evening to join in the Spanish trend and go walking around town on a Friday evening though on reflection we didn't really dress up enough. We were also surprised at the number of Irish people that were around, there must have been a big time share drive at some point. On Saturday we wandered around a bit more and then took the ferry to Portugal, Vila Real de Santo Antonio where there was a market, not fruit and veg but pottery, scarves, jewellery, slippers leather goods, the Portuguese town was very different to the Spanish which was small narrow streets, it was grid iron with wide cobbled promenades lots of plazas and everyone and their mates was out and about but not as much English being spoken. We managed to buy john a new watch, which is still working!
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  • Day187

    Isla de Canela

    October 19, 2017 in Spain ⋅

    Well we had some interesting moments while on the River Guardiana, that first afternoon there was 1british yacht a Moody that was swinging around a heck of a lot and it turned was dragging his anchor around, he bumped a wooden boat in front a couple of times and was then out in the middle of the channel with anchor down and engine going, not sure what he was up to then. After about an hour he motored up river anchor still down and faffed for another hour before settling. That evening on the low tide we saw a lot more birds and some other fish possibly trout trying to breathe air jumping repeatedly out the water. After a quiet night the next morning we rowed to the towns and walked up to the 2castles but they were closed, views from Spanish side, which was a lot higher were very good, then coffee and as tide had turned we rowed back for lunch then launched kayaks to go upriver with the tide, we scrumped some apples and pomegranates. John has not deseeded a pomegranate before! When we got back to the boat the wind had picked up and the wind with the tide appeared to have caused us to drag our anchor but it had re secured. We moved back to our original spot for the evening and the wind died away.
    There was a little rain but not much over night and next day we spent doing boat stuff I was sanding and varnishing John replaced a load of deck plugs that evening we headed to a place called the beach bar where we had been told people gathered on a Tuesday evening. It was a little odd with imported white sand on a bend on a stream that was damned to keep tide up but very nice for a coffee and a beer only problem was the return boat journey we had to do in the dark as we hadn't thought to bring a torch nor had we put on the boats anchor light, but we made it ok.
    Early the following morning I woke with a start I could the anchor dragging quick up and on deck but no we were where we were supposed to be so what was the noise, then I noticed behind us and still heading down river the same British yacht that had been dragging before, am just glad he missed us and our anchor on his way past. There was a torch light but no noise of an engine we couldn't understand what he was doing? The next morning we could still see him he had stopped drifting just a little further down having miraculously missed everyone on his impromptu journey.
    We headed off back down towards the coast we saw a lot more birds waders as it was a falling tide and stopped off at a disused pontoon by a golf resort, we had a little mooch on shore but couldn't get far. GNR aka guns and roses or the Portuguese marine police visited us but all was good they loitered on the pontoon for about 2hours which was disconcerting but OK. Wonderfully quiet night with almost 12hours sleep and in the morning there were cows, cattle egrets, spoonbills, herons, plovers, terns and more only metres from the boat. We left on the low tide not realising just how low it was there was 1foot under the keel as we came off the pontoon, and headed only a short distance along the coast to a marina village so we could shop wash recharge etc before continuing on tomorrow.
    First three photos are of our anchorage last night four and five are of what we think was a practice for a fuel spill which was happening as we came down the river and 6 is what the plotter was showing us as we came down apparently we were on dry land.
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  • Day183


    October 15, 2017 in Spain ⋅

    About 20miles inland up the river is Alcoutim on the Portuguese side and Sanlucar on the Spanish, our pilot book said the river was not too be missed so here we are. It is very peaceful but the wind has picked up as it said it would and we and everyone else are swinging around a fair enough bit but if things go as expected wind will ease tonight and we will go off in the kayaks to explore even further up the river tomorrow. We saw a lot of herons and egrets on the way up as well as large mostly white jellyfish with short stubby tentacles. The other thing of note is that the forecast says there may even be a little rain tomorrow which would be lovely to help cool things down.Read more

  • Day394

    Day 395: Donana National Park

    March 16, 2018 in Spain ⋅

    Donana is a national park on the coast about an hour from Seville. We'd skipped it last time as it didn't sound that interesting, and we weren't really sure about how much we'd push for world heritage sites at the time. But now our situation is quite different, so into the car we went.

    It's a large wetlands area that's very popular with bird watchers as it's an important stop for migratory birds. We drove down in the morning and headed for one of the visitor's centres. Unfortunately you can't actually go into the park without a guided tour, and none of the operators I spoke to were running tours on that day. So we had to make do with essentially looking over the fences.

    The place we stopped had a 3 kilometre hike around a large loop, with several lookouts and bird-watching hides to stop at, which we did. I actually found it quite fascinating, once you sit there in silence and just observe the birds coming and going. It's almost impossible to film with an iPhone camera though, since I don't really have much zoom to speak of.

    We did the walk, then headed down to the coastline to a sand dune area that is also covered by the park. Here you can actually walk in to the park, though the boardwalk was largely covered by sand from the dunes and it felt quite easily to get lost. Also a thunderstorm was blowing in and Schnitzel was alone in the car, so we finished our filming and beat a hasty retreat.

    Stopped in the nearby town for lunch, where I had an okay hamburger and Shandos a salad. It felt a bit odd here, since it was an enormous developed beachfront area that was largely devoid of life. It actually felt like a lot of it had been developed just prior to the GFC, since many places were unfinished or up for sale. You see that a lot in Spain, and I think in many ways they're still recovering.

    Last stop for today was the town of El Rocio, a sort of Andalusian cowboy town. The roads are all dirt, with whitewashed terraced buildings in a small village sort of thing. It feels very authentic, even though most of the buildings are early 20th century. Very much like a cowboy town from the American south west. Quite cool. We hoped to sit on the river front here and have an ice cream, but nobody was selling them despite the heat! Eventually some guy managed to dig a couple of Magnums out of the freezer and sell them to us.

    Back to Seville!

    Rested up in the afternoon before walking over to our favourite restaurant from last time, La Azotea. It was about a 15 minute walk since we're on the other side of town here, but it was definitely worth it! Amusingly, we managed to order basically the same thing as last time too - pork cheeks in red wine sauce, oxtail meatballs, and prawn & leek rice paper rolls. All extremely delicious, and topped off with a chocolate fondant!
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