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  • Day11

    Astorga to Rabanal del Camino

    October 1, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 61 °F

    Hello from another small town in Spain. Thank you for all of your “likes” and comments. Tonight I find myself in Rabanal del Camino. I left Astorga at around 730 this morning in the dark. The walk here was around 17 km’s or 10 miles or so. I arrived around 2pm. I stopped at an albergue and asked if I could sleep in the field outback but the Spanish lady who owns or runs the place led me to my own bungalow. I think that she understood that I didn’t wish to be in a bunkroom but didn’t want me outside in the cold. It is getting down to 35-40 degrees at night here now. It is pretty sweet at only $17....a queen bed and my own bathroom and shower.....rustic but still pretty sweet. I have been spending my evenings and walking some days with two Australian women, Chris and Deb. They are a lot of fun and Deb and I have a bantering relationship as she is a retired nurse. Another Australian guy...Barry...who is a vineyard worker from Southern Australia was also in the mix tonight. I seem to run into and have lunch or dinner with a guy from Bar Harbor, Jay and his Australian friend Theresa from Australia as well. Tonight was dinner and a mass of Gregorian chants at a great church here in town. Rabanal del Camino is one of the nicest towns I have stayed in on the Camino. It is getting late here...lots of hills tomorrow....thank you for checking in!Read more

  • Day24

    Hospital de la Órbito-Rabanal del Camino

    May 12 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    36 Km de marche. C’est très exigent. Nous avons passé par la ville d’Astorga. Une ville magnifique avec sa Cathédrale. Il reste environ 250Km pour arriver à Santiago.

  • Day5

    Santa Catalina de SAMOSAS

    April 29 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    ... so finde ich sollte der Ort eigentlich heißen, so viel wie ich auf dem Weg dorthin und Vorort gegessen habe 🥐🥖🥪🍜🍰🍷 Noch in Astorga selbst habe ich die schöne Außenfassade des Bischofspalasts und der Kathedrale bestaunt (ich war nämlich zu faul und kniepig um auch reinzugehen). Auf dem Weg aus der Stadt heraus kam mir eine Nonne entgegen, die mich auf spanisch zutextete, sodass ich wortwörtlich nur Spanisch verstand 😖 Es störte sie anscheinend ganz und gar nicht, dass ich sie nicht verstand und letzten Endes drückte sie mir einen Pilger-Anhänger in die Hand. Ich schließe daraus, dass selbiger mir Glück für den Weg bringen soll. Sehr aufmerksam von ihr 😇 Ich schleppte mich dann mit schmerzenden Füßen ins nächste Dorf, um mein Grundnahrungsmittel zu mir zu nehmen: Kaffee ☕️ Dort traf ich auf eine nette Irländerin 😊 Gestärkt durch den Kaffee und mein geschmiertes Brötchen humpelte ich dann in das heutige Etappenziel.
    Vielleicht haben ja einige von euch das Buch von Hape Kerkeling gelesen. Ich habe nämlich Gerd und Schnabbel 2.0 getroffen!!! Er heißt tatsächlich Gerd und ihren Namen habe ich auch tatsächlich vergessen, also heißt sie weiterhin Schnabbel. Ebenfalls deutsch. Ebenfalls sehr gesprächig. Ebenfalls in der 3. Lebenshälfte angelangt. Gruselig. An meinem ersten Tag kam ich bereits nicht drumrum mit Schnabbel zu sprechen, da ich beim Dinner neben ihr saß. Und jetzt tauchen die beiden erneut auf! Ich war total fassungslos, dass die beiden genauso schnell laufen wie ich und das schon seit 5 Wochen! Letztendlich aßen wir sogar zusammen, was erstaunlicherweise wirklich nett war (vielleicht lags am Wein 😉🍷)
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  • Day27

    Rabanal del Camino

    September 13, 2016 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 52 °F

    I'm sitting wearing just a towel while all my clothing is in the washing machine. I'm taking precautions against carrying bedbugs. I saw one this morning in my room, and found four bites on my leg.

    The woman at the albergue here has been wonderful; spraying my backpack with bedbug spray, loaning me a nice large towel to wear, and getting my clothes in the wash.

    Fortunately I arrived here about noon, so have plenty of time to get this taken care of.
    So, I guess I'm getting the full Camino experience! And to top it off, it rained for most of my walk today.

    But it was a short day, just over 13 miles. And I found that the rain poncho/coat that I made works great - especially paired with my umbrella. 😀
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  • Day34

    Rabanal to Acebo - 17.5 kms.

    October 25, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 39 °F

    A shorter walk today, but in the plan as it was mostly uphill and downhill, but more uphill. The trail made it challenging with large potatoes, eggs, softballs and just about everything else imaginable to walk on. Glad I only did about 10 miles or I would be exhausted.

    The scenery made it worthwhile though as I love the mountains and the views were very pretty. Could have been on the Blue Ridge Parkway except there are no wind turbines there yet. Perhaps in the future, but not now.

    First stop was a very small village for a glass of orange juice, then onward and upward as they say to the Cruz de Ferro (you should recall the scenes in The Way when all left something to release themselves of some of life's burdens). When I arrived I noticed a pilgrim (nationality shall not be mentioned as I am on a pilgrimage) walking all over the site taking numerous pictures. History suggests this to be a holy site where pilgrims leave a symbol of their burden that they want forgiveness for.

    So I continued and passed a structure that I can only figure missed the local zoning ordinances, but who knows.

    In the distance is a destination that I should reach tomorrow and I believe it is Ponferrada. I'll be sure when I arrive.

    A couple of interesting memorials that I captured. One could be an LL Bean boot advertisement, but I doubt it and the other, well, you make the call.

    Wish I could attach two more, but the limits of technology.

    I found a very nice and new albergue. For 45 euros, I got a private room with a shower in the room, dinner and breakfast. My laundry is being done by the staff as they only have the one washer and dryer so that will be done shortly. Dinner at 7 PM.

    Interesting how we develop habits and how quickly we do that. For example I can pack my backpack without looking as I know where everything goes...

    (it all goes into the big hole in the top...fooled you!). I also unroll my sleeping bag each day regardless of the arrangements (private room or albergue) and feel right at home (well, not quite like home, but you get the message). Rather sleep in my bag as I know that it has been sprayed with anti-bug juice and I should be safe from critters that roam at night.

    So here I am waiting for dinner and a stupid rooster thinks it's 5 am. What is wrong with the Spanish barnyard animals? Everyone knows that roosters cockle-doodle-do at daybreak and rest their voice the balance of the day. I'll probably sleep through my usual wakeup time with this rooster messing things up. His clock is really off.

    Dinner was delicious. A nice salad, chicken for the main course, then fruit for desert.

    Tomorrow, on the road again.
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  • Day24

    Rabanal del Camino

    June 22, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Love love looove the tiny village I stopped in today, called Rabanal Also, I saw the start of some mountains!!
    The albergue where I am staying serves afternoon tea at 16:30 and we all ate together and had a group yoga session before bed. Love it ❤
    Ready to hike up a hill tomorrow💪
    Namaste 🙏

  • Day29

    To the hills

    May 31, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 64 °F

    Heading west from Astorga the road rose, as I continued leaving the plains of Castile behind. I'd planned a fairly easy day to set myself up for tomorrow's climb to the highest point on the Camino, and a visit to the famous Cruz de Ferro (Iron Cross)

    The albergue where I ask for directions to my hotel had a good vibe to it. I was happy to return when my hotel host wasn't around to greet me. Happier still to stay in a comfortable private room for half what I expected to pay.

    When I heard about a Vespers service being sung in Latin, I jumped. It seems like a fitting ritual before tomorrow's climb. While I didn't share the beliefs of many in attendance, I was moved-- both by the atmosphere, and a connection I felt to pilgrims who'd sung these same words a thousand years before.

    I left the small church to capture a few evening photos, enjoy a huge plate of pasta, and chat with a pair of Aussies I met several times along the way. Then I headed off to bed. Tomorrow would start early, and be a big day...
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  • Day33

    Astorga to Rabanal 12 + miles

    October 24, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 61 °F

    Decided not to return to the restaurant where I had a late breakfast yesterday. There was an all you can eat opportunity where I spent the night and they lost money on me. Quite a spread. I had lots of oj, ham, tomatoes, other breakfast meats, some stuff I could not recognize (and I did not try it as 12 miles is a ways to go with an upset system), cheeses, toast and jam, and if course coffee. Very nice and I was pretty full when I danced in the street with my warm clothing on. Worked perfectly and I was warm as toast. The stocking cap under my Tilly perhaps looked strange, but then we are all camino friends. The expression works on the Camino as well as other places...what happens on the Camino stays on the Camino so if I look like a poorly fashioned pilgrim, so be it. Nobody should know except those I wish to tell.

    Walk was a gradual uphill climb and it will get worse over the next couple of days as the Camino crosses the mountain range. Yes, the Pyrenees is not the only mountain range to cross. The Cantabrian Mountains also pose an obsticle and must be crossed. One of the pictures I attached is a long range view of what's in front of me. Fun? Yes, I'm having fun and enjoy the challenge.

    Scenery changes by the mile. Old churches, fields full of pumpkins, and parents biking the camino with their children. Dad had one and mom (in front) had the other and most of the time the kids were peddling.

    Notice the guy taking the picture (in the lower left corner) of the long range view. Recognize him? Ahhh, come on, surely you recognize the famous author and world traveler. Well, you'll just have to figure it out 'cause I ain't telling. So there.

    Found a comfortable place in Rabanal and am relaxing as I write this. Dinner is at 6 PM so that is nice. Bedtime by 7:30 and no grass to cut.

    Dinner consisted of two fried eggs and three large pork chops. Lot of food and should be good to go in the am.

    Ran across a guy from California that I met on October 1. Thought he looked familiar, but his hair was longer (so is mine). Pretty neat to reacquaint with folks from the past after all of these miles.

    Tomorrow I walk to Acebo. Tommy tells me they have the best breakfast on the Camino.
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