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  • Day25

    Now photos on walk to Burgos

    September 16 in Spain

    A miracle, the photos went, after an agonisingly long time, and on the second attempt when I put my iPad near the door, not out on the alcove in our room where I had been sitting! So will have another go...not many today anyway, as the walk in to the city is not picturesque. But lovely early morning light, and the view of Burgos in the distance.Read more

  • Day9

    Eigth stop - Burgos

    May 7 in Spain

    Belorado -> 27km (+22km by bus) -> Burgos
    My ankle feeling better, we were off to Agés, from where we took a bus to Burgos. I will have a well deserved (and not forced) rest day tomorrow. Today's walk was through long forest routes that were wonderful and relaxing! Looking forward to discovering the city!Read more

  • Day26

    Photos in Burgos

    September 17 in Spain

    Will have a shot at the of the view from the castle down to the city, and the door of the cathedral in the street, and the interior with the staircase leading up to it.

  • Day10

    Rest day - Burgos

    May 8 in Spain

    What an awesome city! Never really heard of it much but had a pleasure discovering it. Tomorrow off for new adventures. It's been a week walking and this rest day did me really well

  • Day25

    Burgos - here for 2 nights

    September 16 in Spain

    Photos from yesterday didn’t upload, but at least the words did. We are now at a very comfortable, modern hotel in Burgos, but the wifi is a bit weak I think, so will write up the day first, then experiment with photos.

    It was, as anticipated a long walk - ended up being 26 kms - though despite our reading up and studying maps, we missed the route we wanted into the city, and ended up walking along a road - first a quiet country road, then a long circuit of the airport, then a straight divided road with a footpath into the city centre through an industrial area - dead quiet on a Sunday afternoon - and once we realised what we had done, we weren’t too unhappy as it was easier than the alternative industrial route we did last time which was very tiresome. We had hoped to go along the river, our best option, but once we realised we had missed a turn it was much too late to go back. It didn’t make much difference distance-wise. And we did end up along the river, but when we got more into the centre...luckily we are familiar enough with Burgos that we worked out how to walk in, and where to find our hotel was just a long hot 26+ kms!

    But first must mention dinner last night at San Juan. There is no choice of eatery, and all the hotel people ate in the dining room at the bar...we were at a table next to the other Aussies - Jodi the yoga teacher, and Michael and Claire - the father/daughter from Bonnet Bay (and Claire went to the same primary school as Jess, Liv and Ted!). At our table were 2 French walkers who spoke almost no English, so we had a hilarious time speaking French to them, English with the Aussies and Spanish with the waiter (who of course knew them all - enough for waitering anyway)...Amr was very good switching languages constantly, i was much slower getting my brain changing, but it was fun.

    So this morning everyone set out early, as we had been given a bag with food for breakfast the night before, so we didn’t need to wait for breakfast in the dining room, which is usually 7.30. So by daylight most of us went. We left around 7.40, sun rises at about 7.50 now I think, so it was rather beautiful. And the first part was very beautiful - through pine forest, fairly level, a perfect start. At the first village we stopped for a really good coffee, so all was well. Then we went along a bit and climbed quite a high alto and finally saw Burgos in the distance. It looked not all that far away, but that was in fact the beginning of the long hot part! We zigzagged down, took the unwanted wrong turn which is also marked with Camino signs, and began our long journey on hard road surface. But whichever way, it is a long journey into the city and we are very happy to be here. And to have a whole day tomorrow to wander round and see the beautiful buildings and of course the cathedral.

    Amr, surprisingly is now at the laundromat! We shed all our smelly clothes and will have a fresh start! A good feeling, and all very relaxing. When he gets back we will hit the town. Now to try to publish, and add some photos!
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  • Day26

    A day in Burgos

    September 17 in Spain

    We did hit the town yesterday afternoon when Amr came back from the laundromat bearing a bag of lovely clean clothes. This is such a beautiful city! Squares, trees, narrow streets interspersed with narrow car streets, a rapidly flowing little river and the most magnificent cathedral I have ever seen. It is a little strange to be mixing with normal people, not just walking peregrinos! So yesterday afternoon we just walked around, found familiar places, had a glass of wine and some tapas in a square near our hotel of 5 years ago. The Plaza Mayor, which is surrounded with lovely buildings and is a truly beautiful plaza sadly is being repaved and there are work barricades and barriers it is not seen to its best advantage at the moment! We ended up eating at a place we saw that had tempting food on its list, and had a fairly early night...

    Totally refreshed with a night’s sleep, and we have had a good day. Set off after breakfast to visit the Monasterio de las Huelas, not seen last visit and sounds like a jewel. It was about a 20 minute walk through quite salubrious tree-lined streets only to find it was closed Mondays...a disappointment, but we could see a little through the fence but not the good part a pleasant walk back along the river and we went to the Castillo, also not seen before. This is high above the city, even looking down on the cathedral, with a panoramic view. A hot walk up many steps, but very interesting. It is really just the ruins of the castle originally built in the XII century, and gone through many phases since. The last was used by Napoleon’s troops, and the French blew up one side before they were sent back in the Spanish war of independence....this war against the French frequently comes up in museums, paintings etc.

    On our return down the hill we had a little refreshment in a cafe along the beautiful tree-lined promenade along the river. This is such a lovely area, and we are going to return there with kindles soon. After our sugar levels restored, we finally indulged in a visit to the cathedral. Such a wondrous building...different chapels added over the centuries and everywhere so exquisitely carved and automatically get an audio guide- so much to take in....and impossible to capture in photos. It is at the bottom of the hill, and there are different levels...I took an exterior photo of an magnificent door, and found inside there was an intricate staircase leading up to it in one of the chapels (it is kept closed now) as the level of the floor was metres lower after several stages of re-building.

    So now some downtime. I can almost understand the Spanish need for a siesta, if they live in this climate...the mornings are cool and refreshing, almost too cold, then it gradually heats up with an extremely bright sunlight until in the afternoon it is uncomfortably hot and bright, then at sunset it slowly cools off and becomes cold again over night. I know that sounds normal, but each phase seems very extreme here. Last night our room was still quite hot and we went to sleep with only a sheet half on, but during the night we needed to pull up the duna...we have since discovered that the air conditioning only works when the window is closed, and we had it wide open to let in the lovely cool air!!

    The wifi is again weak, will send this off and then try photos as usual. Cathy suggests lower resolution, but they are just taken on my phone and should not be too difficult normally...and I don’t know how to change it!
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  • Day21


    May 23, 2017 in Spain

    On Sunday I walked about 25 miles so I could have an extra day in Burgos. I've enjoyed it so much, I added another.

    The city sits on two rivers, and is a lovely mix of modern and traditional. The gothic cathedral-- with El Cíd buried at its heart-- is one of the loveliest in the world. (Tell me if you'd like a link to the album of pictures I took there.)

    On my first evening here, two locals spotted me finishing dinner, and invited me to their table for a beer. That gesture, and the conversation that followed about my Camino, will stay with me long after I leave tomorrow.
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  • Day18

    De Ortega to Burgos - 16.2 miles

    October 9, 2017 in Spain

    Weather app indicated it was 39 F this morning. Another cold snap and hope it warms up more.

    Left in the dark, but with the light of a full moon to guide my way. Crossed three cattle gates and had a very nice walk until I reached an uphill, the only bad one on this part of the Camino, and I was teleported to the moon to walk on moon rocks. Take a look at the first pic and you will understand.

    As I approached Burgos, I had to walk around an airfield in the sun which was ok, but then I walked through a small community on the outskirts, then through a park that would never end. Finally reached the city and no idea where I would stay, but I saw a Camino travel business, walked in and asked for help with accommodations . Very nice man helped me, called a hostel and found a room for two nights. Had some difficulty with his directions, but got here, checked in, cleaned up, headed out for a drug store for ibuprofen and a laundromat. Got it all done and my clothes really smell nice. A very nice Spanish woman helped me with the washing machines and we conversed for a bit. We both spoke broken English and my small amount of Spanish enabled me to do what I needed to do.

    Back at the room, I am enjoying some snacks I got at the mercado and will have dinner later.

    The second pic is of a sheep correll and glad those little guys were penned up in the early am. Also enjoyed coffee twice enrout as well as two pan ah chocolates (I will admit that the French spelling is beyond me at present).

    The third pic is a bridge where I saw several pilgrims soaking their feet. As it had warmed quite a bit from the early am I was tempted, but waited to soak in the shower. Had an apple later in the park.

    Thinking about Grampa Bear as my trail handle so what do you think?

    Oh yes, I've grown tired of the beard as it looks too scraggly so got a razor and shaving cream at the mercado and will get rid of it before visiting the cathedral tomorrow.

    The Camino offers many short courses in life and we just need to be aware to learn from it. Kindness, charity and understanding as well as preservearance, independence and determination. There are many more and as many reasons to walk the Camino as there are Pilgrims wanting to walk it.

    More tomorrow as I need to take a short nap.

    Naps over, I had dinner and noticed the children playing in the park at 1930. Place is quite busy on a work night. Also some graffiti can be quite pretty as the attached suggests.
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