San Vicente de la Barquera

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  • Day15

    Heute habe ich wieder ein paar Worte, aber andere wie sonst, denn ich merke es ändert sich hier zunehmend was. Ich lebe hier in einer zunehmenden Gefühlswelt die ich so in der Tiefe nicht kenne. Liebe, Herzlichkeit wo ich nur hinschaue. Bei den Einwohnern, bei den Pilgern, bei mir mir mir und in jedem Winkel das ist der Camino ❤️
    Die Etappe heute war wieder so schön und ich weiß warum ich den Camino del Northe gewählt habe!!!Auch wenn Mittlerweile die Füße schmerzen und die Schuhe dampfen...die Sonne brennt🙏🏻ich liebe esRead more

  • Day57

    Day 56: Caborrendondo - Los Llaos

    October 8, 2016 in Spain

    Distance: 24k (1426.9/501)
    Weather: 19C, Mostly overcast
    Mood: calm
    Staying at: Hotel Gerra Mayor

    The joy of a real towel...

    The view of a real towel can really make my day now and I think I dream about large piles of multicoloured, fluffy towels every night. I recommend hostels to other pilgrims when they have towels and I nearly jumped for joy when the hotel I'm staying in tonight had four towels all for me!!!
    It's amazing how perspective changes when one is on a journey so long. The kilometers don't count as much anymore, my feet and body have grown strong. But the longing for basic comforts has increased significantly and it makes me realise what an amazingly easy and comfortable life we lead.
    Someone said that the difference between a pilgrim and a tourist is that a pilgrim thanks you. Pilgrims are genuinely grateful, because they realise the pleasure of simple things and gestures again.
    So my friends, look around and appreciate and be grateful for what you have. We lead a life of luxury and we keep forgetting about this.
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  • Day13

    San Vicente de la Barquera

    September 16, 2017 in Spain

    Another rainy day - so far, pretty wet! I was talking with a guy who said he walked for 60 days with only 3 days of rain. At this point I was at 8 rainy days out of 11. In general it's fairly warm, although today I got a little chilled, so it's not unmanageable, but it got a little old to always have wet feet. Most days were a mix of rain and sun; only one day have I been stuck inside the rest of the day after I got to where I was going. Got to outside San Vicente, sat in cafe while it poured, read paper and did puzzles. Walked into San Vicente with Danish guy named Jacob. We saw a bunch of pilgrims on the sidewalk, found that hostel was closed (bedbugs). A bunch of us rented an apartment - Jacob and I and 2 German girls on mattresses on the floor in living room, 7 others in 3 bedrooms. It turned out to be a really good situation, we ate together and connected. The Australians gave me some ideas for adjusting pack so shoulders won't hurt. San Vicente another beautiful coastal town.Read more

  • Day129

    Saint Vincent de la Barqueria

    August 22, 2017 in Spain

    Well leaving Santander wasn't as smooth as it could have been we snagged some old moorings with the anchor and then while getting rid of those the wind pushed us on to the moorings of 2 little boats that we then had to slide off the keel and rudder without snagging the propeller. 45mins later we are on our way and fortunately no one is chasing us. Result. Windy at first and sea has lots of swell we motor sail west to St Vincent we near change our minds as pilot book said OK to anchor Almanac said no anchorages but could moored on quay but we arrived just after low tide and not sure enough water in entrance channel. We risk it as its likely to take 5 hours to reach next option. I try calling on the radio but nothing we head in slowly and dont ground! Then look for moorings on quay as per Almanac but dingy comes out and wants us to secure to row of bouys so we do. Looks OK and town lovely only drawback is rowing ashore but thats OK except when tide falling as lots of current. Bouys are just in front of arched bridge and largest Estuary behind but John is OK fortunately he's still good at rowing. Here are pictures of the towns old buildings and Estuary. Also a photo of the milk dispenser cabin!Read more

  • Day129

    Santona and Santander

    August 22, 2017 in Spain

    Hello sorry its been a few days, connectivity issues, our orange data card doesn't connectivity well over here. If you are using the AIS app you will know that we have been moving steadily west. After Bilbao we sail edge to Santona and anchored in the Estuary. The originally plan was to take a yacht club moorings but when we got there there werent any, not that there were no free one but that all the moorings were gone! It was choppy and we were a was from shore so stayed on the board. While there the French boat we were along side in getaria came passed and gave us a wave. Wind dropped at night but there was a concert from a male tenor that went on till about 1:30am. In the morning we headed to Santander we motor sailed in the morning but wind died in afternoon. Photos1-4 of Santona promontory on 4 you look carefully there is a lighthouse. Photos 5+6 are the view coming into the Santander river mouth we anchored off Magdalena beach. We read our Spain guide book and the city had very little to offer except the beach so we kept costs down and didn't use marina.Read more

  • Day10

    Good day sunshine

    June 5 in Spain

    Being woke up in the night by rain didn't bode well. Foreboding clouds at breakfast equally so. Lots of fruit for breakie & a mildly optimistic weather forecast helped the mood. Decided to head to San Vincente de la Barqeura - a pretty port town with some great beaches, apparently. On the way patches of blue came & went, lasting only fleetingly. Located free car parking & headed for the visitor centre at the lighthouse - closed. Detour down to the harbour & took in the hotel quarter - no-one about, though the way the weather has been, no great surprise. Back to town & toilet quest (bus depot) By now the sun was doing it's best so the beach was calling along with food. A pleasant picnic, a safe distance away from the massive school party & ample sunshine (as it transpires too much for a certain person) Took a walk along the massive beach & managed a first swim of the year - bracing. The theory was that the coast was clear & once we went back up into the hills it would cloud over. Thus we prevaricated by way of an ice cream. Pleasingly on our return the deck chairs were of use - make the best of the sun - might not come back...Read more

  • Day14

    A relatively upbeat forecast & the option of having breakfast outside proved to be a shock to the system. Once the various courses had been negotiated (muesli, toast, fruit) we, eventually, headed for the beach. The plan being to have a couple of hours at the beach, come back for lunch when the sun was at its fiercest and then go to San Vincent for a walk along the beach. La Franca was as gorgeous as last time and only maginally busier. Plenty of basking, swimming & reading. Throughout the week the constant comment has been how wherever we were could've been Cornwall - both appearance & the changeable nature of the weather. A couple of hours in & Liz was needing a break so along with others heading off for an epic Spanish lunch we made tracks & not 10 mins had passed before things were clouding over. Back at the cottage lunch was taken outside but it was a stubborn thing (ie 1 of us) Again the stubborn streak - persevered with the walk at San Vincent despite the looming black clouds. Miraculously there was only the odd drop of rain but it was a bit blowy - kits surfers were loving it.Read more

  • Day18

    Ging den Tag entspannt an und startete erst um 10.30. Es war ja nur eine kurze Etappe über 11km nach Comillas geplant. Das sollte leicht in 3 Stunden zu schaffen sein. War auch kein Problem, trotz Blase. Leider hat sich daneben eine zweite gebildet.
    Da ich bereits vor 14 uhr in Comillas war, trank ich noch einen Kaffee. Laut meinem Buch öffnet die Herberge sowieso erst um 15 Uhr.
    Leider stimmte das nicht. Sie öffnete bereits um 14 Uhr und als ich um 14.30 dort ankam, war sie bereits voll.
    Fuck, jetzt hatte ich ein Problem. Ferien in Spanien, WE steht bevor und Comillas ist ein beliebter Urlaubsort.
    Alle Herbergen und günstige Pensionen per Telefon und Internet abgeklappert. Alles ausgebucht. Die einzigen halbwegs günstigen Unterkünfte waren 20 km zurück. Zu allem Überfluss war der Akku vom Handy leer.
    Nach 2,5 Stunden Suche u Akku laden, hatte ich ein Zimmer für 50. - o. Fr. gefunden. Allerdings im 15km entfernten San Vicente. Da es keine Busverbindung gab, musste ich ein Taxi nehmen. Nochmal 17.- Euro
    Wenigstens war es in die richtige Richtung und ich muß die 15km nicht mehr laufen. Dummerweise gehen mir dadurch zwei schöne Strände durch die Lappen.
    Ich dachte, ich mache es heute ganz clever, laufe eine kurze Strecke und bin rechtzeitig bei der Herberge. Wieder nix. Werde mich wohl doch aufs Vorbuchen konzentrieren.
    Morgen verlasse ich Kantabrien. Vielleicht ist es in Asturien etwas besser.
    Motto des Tages: Erstens kommt es anders, zweitens als du denkst.
    Auf dem einen Bild: am Horizont die Picos de Europa
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  • Day12

    Strecke: 24 km; HM: 450m; von Cobreces nach San Vicente de la Barquera

    Nachdem wir gestern den absoluten Geschwindigkeitsrekord aufgestellt haben sind wir heute nach einem guten Frühstück in der Herberge mit Meerblickterrasse Richtung San Vicente aufgebrochen. Unsere Herbergeleiterin hat uns noch auf dem Weg gegeben, das hier im Ort die Herberge geschlossen sein soll. Das blöde ist nur dass wir wenn dann nach 10 KM oder nach 33 KM hätten pausieren müssen. So entschlossen wir uns entweder knallhart durchzuziehen oder uns ein entspanntes Hotel im touristischen Ort San Vicente zu gönnen. Unsere Begleitung hatte gestern schon gesagt sie geht nur die ersten 10 KM bis Comillas mit, da Sie eh schon weiter ist wie gewollt. So starteten wir zusammen auf unseren ersten 10 Kilometern und tranken noch einen Kaffee, bevor wir uns verabschiedeten und wieder alleine losstapften. Es waren lustige 1,5 Tage aber das alleine laufen tut auch sehr gut. In Comillas haben wir schnell entschieden nur bis San Vicente zu laufen und haben uns ein, wie sich herausstellte, super geiles Hotelzimmer direkt am Meer reserviert, was auch noch sehr günstig war. Der Grund ist ganz einfach der erste richtige Leistungsdurchhänger. Füße taten richtig weh. Meine rechte Wade verhärtet und Biancas kleiner Zeh war mittlerweile eine einzige Blase, um die man sich ein bisschen fürsorglicher kümmern sollte. Das wurde getan und wir genießen das sehr große Bett in vollen Zügen. In der Hoffnung der Zeh pocht morgen nicht allzu sehr und die Füße erholen sich noch gut von den letzten beiden Tagen, gibt es eigentlich nur noch zu sagen das der Weg wieder super schön an der Küste entlang führte und es ein Genuss war Mal wieder ein, zwei Kilometer trotz schmerzenden Beinen am Strand entlang zu laufen. Die durchquerten Orte waren sehr abwechslungsreich von mittelalterlicher Innenstadt bis wunderschöne Kirchen und Orte direkt am Strand mit ihren tollen Buchten.Read more

  • Day1

    After we left Comillas I thought about Martin - that he could be around here now. So I looked out of the windows and just a minute later I saw him walking along the street. He had another 2 hours of walking to San Vicente - enough time for me to look around the beautiful town. Martin came 10 minutes earlier. We had lunch and than we walked together 25km until we found a free room in a pension in El Peral/Colombres in Princedom Asturias.Read more

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