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  • Day28

    Good evening from Triacastella, Spain. I left O Cerbreiro this morning around 730 am. It was a painful morning albergue wise as many many people were trying to get ready at once. But, $8/night...guess you have to take the good with the bad. The walk today was a lot of uphills and downhills. The downhills are actually worse. The day ended with a 4 mile long decent into Triacastela. And, to top off a trying afternoon, I got in late and the only bed was in a shitty albergue but hey, it’s a roof, a bed and a me, that’s about it. The tent came close to coming out of the bag again. I am in a four person room with a Spanish couple in their 60’s...they speak no English so no conversation. I current am in a cafe/bar in town having dinner...The Galician specialty of Octopus, bread and of course, red wine. Plus, I get to use their WiFi as there is none at the albergue. I am starting to have issues with my left is pretty inflamed and is becoming an issue for the last couple of days especially in the afternoon. It took me a long time today to reach town and because of it which creates more issues like bed availability because you arrive into town late. Oh well, no one promised me that it would be easy. I am around 80 miles out currently. That is it for now, I hope this finds everyone well!Read more

  • Day141

    Triacastela-July 20

    July 20 in Spain

    July 20

    Today was a misty, foggy morning followed by a beautiful afternoon and evening...kind of chilly, but so nice for hiking. It was great to not be a big sweat ball 😂 We walked through many tiny hamlets that consisted of just a few farms and other buildings and had to yield to a few cows at times (and a bull).

    The farms and hills surrounding Triacastela are just beautiful, AND our dinner tonight was amazingly good! Most of the time the restaurants offer a 1st course, 2nd course, dessert, wine and water for a set price. Last night’s was 10 euros for each of us, and tonight’s was also 10. But, tonight’s was (as Paku Chan would say) ATARI - very, very good! Alan was going to have octopus 🐙, but the call of a good steak swayed him.

    Somehow, all of our people ended up in Triacastela tonight, so we were able to meet for dinner -so nice and great company. 🙂

    Tomorrow, we hike to Sarria. We have another good climb to do tomorrow and then a bunch of down. We have about 83 miles to go.
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  • Day141


    July 20 in Spain

    July 19

    With the threat of thunderstorms, we started walking at 5:30 am with our headlamps. Finding our way in the dark takes some concentration to make sure we don’t miss an arrow pointing the way and, at one point, we had no idea which way to go. Thankfully, some other people walked buy that did, so we were on the right track.

    Today started out with a lot of walking on pavement, and that is really hard on my feet. We wanted to go 10 kilometers before we stopped for breakfast, but the surface we were walking on was at a constant slant and it was really hard on my left foot. So, we stopped for breakfast sooner, then stopped again after 10 kilometers so I could put some Fisio Cream on my foot and Achilles, and then again after 20 kilometers for a snack.

    The last 8-9 kilometers were straight uphill which, even though was hard, felt much better for my foot and my back. It is easier on my body when the terrain changes. I think today’s stage was the hardest, physically for me. It took 8 hours, and we did a bit over 18 miles.

    Once we found our place to sleep in O’Cebreiro, we didn’t do much except try to shower, eat and get some sleep. The food ended up being comically bad and, since our room was above a cafe/bar, sleep was difficult 😂. Our Japanese friend (who is a chef) taught us the word he uses for really bad food. He called it “hazare” He claims he will find us an excellent “atari” restaurant in our next town. 🙂

    We head to Triacastela tomorrow...only 13 miles, so a bit shorter.
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  • Day22

    La Laguna de Castilla -> 23km -> Tricastela
    We are officially in Galicia - the last region of the trip! It's amazing here, the views from the hilltops we were on today - great. Many ups and downs, was not always easy but always beautiful. Arrived in Tricastela where we are enjoying princess like life in a beautiful albergue!

  • Day28


    June 26, 2017 in Spain

    Relatively short walk down the other side of the mountains today. It was foggy and wet but it was great to see a change in the weather after days and days of mega hot weather 😊
    Getting and closer to the sub 100km mark... Scary stuff!!
    Also, wishing my Grumpdad a very very happy birthday today and a huge big hug 😘

  • Day62

    Dinner, Sky & Sunset

    October 4, 2016 in Spain

    Tues, Oct 4 in O'Cebreiro

    Pics #1-2 modern day pilgrims don't lack for much out here in the way of food; pic 1 is the first course, ensalada mixta (there are usually 4-5 options to choose from) & pic 2 was my main course; a dessert of local cheese with honey was the 3rd course . . . incredible
    Pic #2 pilgrim family; we don't always walk so much together, but tend to meet up in the evenings

  • Day62

    Heading Toward Galicia

    October 4, 2016 in Spain

    Left the Castilla region and started heading into Galicia. Beautiful! Pictures can't come close to what I've actally been seeing, but I'll post some of them nonetheless.

    Oct 2: Ponferrada to Villafranca, 25 km
    Pic #3 me from our albergue terrace with a bit of Villafranca in the background
    Pics # 4-5 dinner that night had extra entertainment from a local dog who was quite charming as he tried to beg for food. He wasn't homeless or underfed, he just knew how to work it.Read more

  • Day62

    Villafranca to O'Cebreiro

    October 4, 2016 in Spain

    Mon, Oct 3, 30 km

    This day was pretty tough - long and very uphill the final 10 km. We officially left the Castillo region and came into Galicia today. Things are starting to green up!

    Pic #1 leaving Villafranca
    Pic #2 friendly Camino kitty with Ben (from Germany)
    Pic #4 these cows out here have to be some of the prettiest I can remember seeing

  • Day18

    Tag 17 geschafft

    June 25 in Spain

    Heute morgen bin ich sehr früh gegen 6.00 Uhr los gelaufen. Von O Cebreiro nach Triacastela waren es dann 21,39 km. Und ich hätte Wetten können, dass auf der Strecke gleich ein Hobbit vorbei kommt. Wie aus dem Film die Strecke und zum Glück auch viel im Schatten. Es ging vom höchsten Punkt auf dem Jakobsweg mit 1500 m nun runter auf 665 m. Also sehr viel runter aber auch immer mal wieder hoch. Aber meine Beine wollten mich tragen und unterwegs hab ich noch nen kleinen Kurs zum richtigen am Berg wandern von einem Franzosen bekommen. Damit ging es dann noch besser.
    Nachteil ist jetzt gerade, das der Reiseführer recht hatte, denn seit heute morgen ist der Weg mehr als Voll! Wirklich voll! Denn wer die letzten 100 km läuft bekommt in Santiago auch die Compostella und viele spanische Studenten können die für ihr Studium nutzen um bevorzugt zu werden bei der Platzvergabe. Ich hab heute das aller erste mal in 2 ersten Herbergen keinen Platz mehr bekommen! Weil alles voll ist! Was lerne ich daraus, ich muss nun anfangen am Morgen die Herbergen zu reservieren, denn ab Sarria soll das Ganze noch voller werden! Jetzt sind es nach Santiago für mich noch 131,32 km. Verteilt auf 9 Tage sind das also im Schnitt nur noch 14,59 km pro Tag. Aber morgen muss ich noch mal durchziehen denn bis Sarria sind es knapp 25 km und dazwischen gibt es kaum Herbergen die ansprechend sind. Vielleicht mach ich einfach noch mal ein Tag Pause vor Santiago.
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  • Day14

    Today after 25kms and 8 hours of mountain climbs we descended down and down into Triacastela. The excellent guidebook says to congratulate myself on a job well done, the pass into Galicia has been overcome and from here on the mountains soften in severity. Well that's great news, because today was tough on my feet. Two badly bruised toes and walking in my sandals may demand a shorter day tomorrow.

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