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  • Day18

    Carpe Diem!

    September 23, 2017 in Spain

    Last night I had a wonderful dinner here in Otur. We were six, a dutch couple, Hugo and Yolanda, who were my sleeping mates in the apartment in Villademoros a day ago, and three french ladies, whom I met on the way to Soto de Luina, during their lunch break. They let me try some of their french cheese, which was actually quite nice, not too old and stinky 😁.

    We had a good time during dinner and dinner was fabulous. We took the menu del dia, which gave the option of ensalada mixta or sopi marisco as a starter. Half of us had the salad and half the soup. All of us were delighted and impressed! Wow it was delicious, and a lot. As a main meal everyone had filete de ternera (yes, even I, the forever aspriring vegetarian) It was a big and thin peace of meat, with the best taste and so mals with home- made patatas fritas, wow, everyone was again delighted. As a postre some of us had home made flan, or arroz con leche, and yes again, super! Then, coffee and then the bill....... 13 euros per person! Wow, you gotta love Spain! Did I mention that wine was also included 😁

    Yesterday's walk was nice, a lot of mud though, which always makes it a challenge...... How do I get through without getting my shoes dirty.... Hey, it keeps you busy 😁.

    On my way, I stopped in the coastal town of Luarca, Beautiful! While walking on the main square, two spanish men I have been meeting on the camino for the past two days, were waving and calling at me and they invited me for a drink. Turns out, one of the men speaks dutch and very well too! He used to have a dutch girlfriend and he works a lot with dutch people. They live in Benidorm! Salvador and Fernando, and according to Fernando they are famous there.... Hmm, I will have to look it up 😁. After my cafe con leche, I said goodbye and walked the last 7 km to Otur, where Yolanda and Hugo were already having a beer at the bar. Last night, I stayed in a hotel room all for myself, just 16 euros! Heerlijk!

    I am a day away of reaching the border of Asturias and Galicia and kind of sad about it.
    I just don't want it all to end, and unfortunately the end is in sight....... Ok..... I still have about 2 weeks to I will keep telling myself to enjoy the moment and make the most of the day! Carpe diem!
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  • Day16


    September 21, 2017 in Spain

    Super super tired, but I did want to leave a footprint, because I didn't yesterday,
    I am staying at an apartment in Villademoros.
    I have a room all to myself and sharing the apartement with a very nice dutch couple, Hugo and Yolanda.

    I really enjoyed today's walk. It is so surprising how a day can go so different from what you expect. This morning when I woke up in the albergue in Soto de Luina, I was really not looking forward to walking.
    I guess because I didn't really enjoy my walk yesterday from Muros de Nalon to Soto de Luina. I felt hansha yesterday and not at ease. The route wasn't really spectacular either and I felt kind of lonely.

    So with that in mind and the fact that the weather was going to be blah, I wasn't really looking forward to today's stage.
    Yesterday, the hospitalero of the albergue, came to explain today's stage.

    There was a choice to be made, or go through the mountains, or the coastal route.
    Ofcourse I chose the coastal, and wow, what a beautiful route it turned out to be today!!

    Yes, it did rain half of the stage, but I really enjoyed my walk todAy. Very beAutiful setting, nice views, a lot of ups and downs, not a lot of asphalt, it was good!

    And tonight I sleep alone!!!! I have my own bedroom, no one snoring ( last night was the worst everrrrrr)!
    Sweet dreams people 😘
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  • Day19

    Camino Del Norte - Day 18

    June 27, 2017 in Spain

    Aviles to Soto de Luna
    Distance 40km
    Total ascent 670m

    An enjoyable evening in the Albergue. I spent sometime catching up with peregrinos I know and meeting new ones.
    A large group of young and old decided to prepare a huge communal meal. They produced a banquet complete with wine and Sidre. Their antics added to the general chilled out atmosphere in the Albergue. People were helping others understand how the spinning machine worked to ensure that they had a chance of getting their clothes dry in time for tomorrow morning.
    Everyone seemed to be apprehensive about this stage because of the distance involved. There were only a few places to stay. It seemed the race was on for beds.
    The first peregrinos left at 4.30am; the next wave left at 5.30am. One was kind enough to shine his head torch directly into my face. now awake, I lay for a time and eventually got up.
    Nicol (Generalismo), Andreas, Bepe and I left at 6.15am. The sky was black and heavy with rain. We wandered through the city, winding our way into the countryside. The Camino markers were poor and took us onto some busy roads. This made for scary walking. I was glad to be part of this group as we really looked out for each other. Eventually, the heavens opened up with distant thunder. It was a case of waterproofs, ponchos and some even had umbrellas.
    We quickly racked up 20km before we stopped for breakfast. Our plan to stay at an Albergue was dashed late morning as we learnt that Albergue was full. It simply meant that we now had to walk 40km today. Andreas looked shocked when we told me but quickly fell in line like the rest of us and just got on with it.
    In these cases, you try to walk with a rhythm. I was singing Irish folk songs and swinging my walking piles around. The Italian guys must gave thought that I was mad. We also passed the time just chatting.
    The last two hours was torture. We were exhausted. Thankfully, the rain stopped and the sun broke through. The temperature rocketted like someone turned the oven on. Not pleasant, when you are wet, sweaty peregrino.
    Jerry, from Northern Ireland joined us for the last few kilometers into our final destination.
    We had to register at a bar in the village. As I was filling in the required register California Dreaming came on the jukebox. I burst end out laughing and was looking around for my old pal Al Cox.
    We arrived at our still being renovated Albergue. We were obviously first to arrive as we had choice of bottom bunks. This is a very important point that all peregrinos know. It is hard work trying to get up to the top bunk. It is even harder nay life threatening in the middle of the night.
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  • Day20

    Camino Del Norte - Day 19

    June 28, 2017 in Spain

    Camino Del Norte - Day 19

    Soto De Luna to Luarca
    Distance 35.5km (10 hours)
    Total ascent 370m

    Our little band of peregrinos set off from the Albergue at 6.30am. My international band consisted three Italians, one Northern Ireland , a German and me.
    The kind hospilardo gave us a complex briefing the night before on the confusing fechas (yellow arrows) and the best route to take. Unfortunately, some people didn't listen and then got angry because the hospilardo got peeved off repeating himself.
    We quickly set off up into the hills and onto the coastal route. Although, it has rained overnight and there were very dark clouds on the horizon, our first few hours were stunning on the Camino. We chatted away as we made our way up and down ancient sunken lanes, through eucalyptus forests and along lane ways. Locals greeted us with waves, beeping car horns and waving insanely at us.
    We stopped briefly for breakfast around 9.30am. We had already been walking for 3 hours. The weather took a turn. It was either absolutely glorious or lashing with rain.
    En route, we stopped near a cliff top view point called Novellana. It was stunning. Everyone's spirit just lifted. It was incredible. Here we were, a small group of peregrinos who threw themselves into this adventure and we sharing this wonderful experience. Little did we know that this was change......
    We eventually arrived in a town called Cadavedo around midday after walking 20km but descending/ascending into numerous stunning bays and back up to the minor roads. We practically raided a little grocery store for food and drink while we waited for Nicol (Generalismo) to arrive. Unfortunately, he developed a hip pain and could no longer carry on. Gerry from Northern Ireland also decided to call it a day. We said our farewells in the Albergue and carried on. Our little intrepid group now down to four.
    The weather took a real turn for the worse. It was now pocho time as rain storms rushed in from the Bay of Biscay. We had to shelter behind trees because of the driving rain.
    We eventually arrived in a small fishing town called Luarca. It is a stunning location. We were lucky enough to get the few remaining bed in the Albergue. Admin completed, we were out immediately for tea and cake (no medals) and to buy food for the trail tomorrow.

    I hope you enjoy today's pictures. It was probably my best day on the Camino in some many ways. I am only sorry to say goodbye to some great people.
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  • Day33


    June 18, 2017 in Spain

    It just doesn't get any better than this. The four of us left the apt at about 7. After a km or two, the split came. Ann opted for the lower route, and the rest of us decided to try the mountain route. About 3000 ft total elevation gain, they told us, so not a trivial undertaking.

    It was so well worth it I can't even begin to explain. What an amazing walk. The hospitalero in Soto de Luina had been kind of discouraging about this alternative, but it is well marked, never extremely steep (except for one short rocky descent) and has unmatched views over the coast.

    We are once again in an apartment for four and all of us are quire happy. Tomorrow onward
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  • Day35


    June 20, 2017 in Spain

    Good day, with a stop at 9 for coffee, and then a few hours to enjoy the former fishing village, current tourist town of Luarca.

    I am really impressed at how much of the camino has been moved off road. We had very little pavement and even though we didn't spend much time on the coast, there were lots of forest paths with occasional glimpses of ocean.

    A Brit, Chinese, Australian and American walk into a bar... surely there is a good joke here. I first met Alan as Paco and I were leaving Oviedo to return to the Norte. About an hour in, we kept catching glimpses of a guy a bit ahead of us and when we got close enough to talk, learned he thought he was on a different Camino. When we got to Avilés, we pointed him to the bus station and thought that was goodbye. Next day at our coffee break, who do we see but Alan!

    Percy is Chinese, a young guy studying Spanish in Barcelona. His English and Spanish are flawless. Though I've had many Chinese students, I've never felt comfortable asking them too many questions, but Percy welcomes them. We are all learning a lot about China. Ann, a retired school administrator, is about 7 years my senior. She is kind and calm. Her asthma keeps her a bit behind but she wants to walk alone anyway so we all just meet up at the end. There you have it, our little band of four.
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  • Day54


    May 17, 2017 in Spain

    Heute regnet es den ganzen Tag und zum Abend hin stehen wir alleine auf dem Parkplatz.
    Nach einer erfolgreichen Surfsession für Papa fahren wir einkaufen und dann weiter nach Cueva. Und wen treffen wir hier? Holger. Was für ein Zufall, hatten wir ihn doch zuletzt 1000 Kilometer entfernt in der Algarve gesehen.
    Holger hat Spannendes zu berichten. Er ist mit seinem Bus an der portugiesisch-spanischen Grenze in eine Kontrolle geraten und wurde nach Drogen und Waffen gefragt. Doch da Holger ein rechtschaffender Bürger ist, konnte er den Beamten nur seine Axt und seine Küchenmessersammlung zeigen und dufte schließlich weiterfahren. Außerdem war Holger im Krankenhaus. Er hat sich beim Surfen mit der Finne den kleinen Zeh halb abgerissen und musste genäht werden.Read more

  • Day55

    Sonne, Wolken, Wind und Regen

    May 18, 2017 in Spain

    Es gibt nicht viel zu berichten. Zwischen Wolken, Wind und Regen kommt immer mal wieder die Sonne durch. Mama und Papa gehen mit mir am Strand spazieren.
    Mittags stopft Papa mich mit Süßkartoffel-Zucchinibrei voll, der mittlerweile all meine Bodys ziert, und danach mache ich ein langes Nickerchen.
    Abends braten sich die Alten mal wieder Burger im Bus. Danach wird abgewaschen. Holger ist da etwas bequemer. Er stellt sein schmutziges Geschirr einfach nach draußen und lässt es abwaschen. Hier auf dem Parkplatz läuft nämlich eine Waschkatze herum.
    In unserem Bus stinkt es wieder fürchterlich nach Bulettenschmiede. Ich frage mich, ob Mama und Papa Hamburger nicht langsam zum Hals raushängen. Das ist nämlich ihr Lieblingsessen dicht gefolgt von Bulgur mit Hackfleisch. Davon kenne ich das Rezept übrigens schon auswendig:

    Zutaten für 2 Personen:

    350 g Hackfleisch
    100 g Bulgur
    ca. 100 ml Wasser
    2 m.-große Zwiebeln, gewürfelt
    1 rote Paprika, gewürfelt
    3 Tomate(n), gewürfelt
    1 TL Rinderbrühe
    1 großer El Tomatenmark
    Salz und Pfeffer
    Paprikapulver, süß

    Zwiebeln in etwas Öl anschwitzen, Tomatenmark dazugeben und kurz mitdünsten. Hackfleisch dazugeben und anbraten. Mit reichlich Salz, Pfeffer, Chili und Paprika würzen. Gewürfelte Paprika und Tomaten dazugeben. Wasser dazugießen und Rinderbrühe unterrühren. Nochmals abschmecken und nachwürzen. Den Bulgur hinzufügen und alles auf kleiner Stufe ca. 10 Minuten köcheln lassen. Bei Bedarf noch etwas Wasser nachgießen.

    Kann man auch gut mit Couscous machen und mit anderen Gemüsesorten ergänzen.

    Mama und Papa essen dazu einen Klecks frischen Joghurt oder saure Sahne.

    Guten Appetit und gute Nacht!
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  • Day20

    Strecke: 33km; HM: 1300m; von El Pitu nach Cadavedo

    Auch wenn wir heute die Horroretappe von vor ein paar Tagen getoppt haben wegen den Höhenmetern, muss man echt sagen wir sind ohne große Wehwehchen angekommen. Auch die Beine sind bei weitem nicht so schwer. Da sieht man Mal was auch die Strecke und der Untergrund auf den man läuft gefühlt ausmachen kann. Aber dazu jetzt noch mehr.
    Das Wetter an sich war heute nicht so gut. Immer Mal wieder leichter Regen und es waren maximal um die 10 Grad. Der Weg war zwar anspruchsvoll, aber einer der schönsten Wege bisher. Man ist kaum auf Teer gelaufen, sondern fast ausschließlich auf kleinen Waldpfaden. Man lief durch einen Ort dann in den Wald, dann bergab, dann über einen kleinen Bach dann durch den Wald bergauf und in den nächsten Ort, den man auf der Straße durchquerte. So näherten wir uns kontinuierlich wieder dem Meer bis wir bei unseren Wegen durch den Wald bei den letzten 3-4 Auf- und Abstiegen jeweils noch wunderschöne Strand und Meeresbuchten überquerten mit sagenhaften Ausblick auf die überwanderten Steilküsten der letzten Tage und das was noch vor uns liegt. Da der Untergrund auch sehr weich war aber kaum matschig tun die Füße wahrscheinlich auch nicht so weh, wie nach den andauernden Teeretappen. Auf jeden Fall war trotz des eher schlechten kühlen Wetters dieser Weg zwar sehr anstrengend aber einer der bisher Schönsten.Read more

  • Day11

    Clifftop camping near Luarca

    July 12, 2017 in Spain

    Wow, laid back camping at the top of a cliff in Asturias - famous for cider and cheese. You have to pour the cider from great height to get bubbles! Weather not great but beautiful inside space if it rains too much. Can hear the roaring cantabrian waves crashing against the rocks from Annie. Free 3hrs kids club every day to boot!

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