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  • Day44

    Islas Cies

    August 24 in Spain ⋅ 🌙 21 °C

    The Islas Cies are picture perfect; an enormous white sand beach, clear water and forested hills and yet I am disappointed! These Islands have been etched in my memory for 15 years with a heavy dose of rose-tinting since I was only married a bare week when I here last.
    What I am most excited about visiting, when we first land on the Island, is the Lagoon. I rush everyone off the beach (sweetly) and head toward the lagoon of my memory - where we had sat in shallows many years ago as clear fresh water bubbled underneath us. In its place, we find an insipid green tidal lagoon protected by a perimeter fence. I am indignant that I can’t exactly recreate my honeymoon memory and that I am no longer allowed to pollute the fragile ecosystem with my sun-creamed behind.
    After some coffee and cake I start to see the ridiculousness of my feelings and I take in the beauty of the islands anew - This is a spectacular place and we swim, sunbathe and snorkel realising just how lucky we are to be here.
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    Mandy O'Leary-Hegarty

    lovin the posts Margaret and missing you loads. kids look so grown up since I last saw them. Enjoy the adventures and keep safe x

    Margaret Meade

    Great to hear from you Mandy! I miss seeing you and all the gang xx

    Susan Ronan

    Mag, I love your stories, it's like I'm there with you (I wish) ❤

  • Day571

    Vigo - We go ganz schnell wieder!

    September 15 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Mehr muß man nicht sagen. Die Stadt wirkt langweilig, der Stellplatz ist es definitiv.
    Zum Glück habe ich den Nachmittag mit einer total lustigen Frau im Chiringuito verbringen dürfen und so die örtlichen, leckeren Biere probiert. Lecker. Sowas von 😋😋😋...

    Zudem hat sie immer versucht, meine Hunde mit an den Strand und somit ins Wasser zu nehmen. Das sie damit bei Meca auf Granit beissen würde, war mir klar. Die geht keine 5 Meter weg. Allerdings ist Selma auch prompt zurück gekommen, nachdem sie bemerkt hat, das wir nicht mitkommen. Da war ich aber so was von stolz...
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    Wir haben zwar kein leckeres Bier aber dafür Ouzo im Tiefkühlfach..... [mama]

  • Day45

    The plan and the way it plays out

    August 25 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    The plan today is to get up early before it gets too hot and see the spectacular views from Monte Faro. After that we will all go to the beach for snorkelling and picnicking. The weather forecast says its a perfect day.
    We wake up to heavy fog but are undeterred, confident it will burn off. It does and in we row in and land on the beach - it pays to confident we say. We are no sooner down the length beach when the fog descends again. 3 of 4 remain optimist, I row back to Régal. My 3 mates have a great fun walking to the top of Monte Faro. At the top they study the poster of what can be seen on a clear day - It feels like Slea head or some other scenic spot in Ireland.
    They return to the boat for a rest before our excursion to the beach. The wind has increased as well as the roll and chop. The forecast says nothing about wind and so we delay going to the beach until things calm. An hour later the wind is stronger, gusting to 22knots and so rowing to the beach is not an option. The prospect of a good night sleep at anchor look unlikely so we up anchor and head for Bayona. The wind and chop is on the nose and we are in full oil skins. I see 32 knots at one stage on the wind reader and we certainly feel it.
    I say to the kids that it is likely people are sunbathing in Bayona, of course they don’t believe me. Sure enough when we turn the corner into the bay everything calms - there we are in our full wet gear looking at bikini clad holiday makers on the beach.
    We second guess ourselves that maybe things might have settled in Islas Cies but we are still glad we didn’t hang around to find out.
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  • Day10


    August 8 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Wir waren gestern so begeistert dass wir gleich einen Tisch für heute bestellt haben - gut so aktuell ist es Sonntag, 23:20 und es warten immernoch acht Leute auf einen Tisch.
    Unsere etwas Burschikose Bedienung / Chefin hat uns ins Herz geschlossen.
    Zwei Abende ohne dass sie ein Wort englisch spricht - ein Fest
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  • Day99

    My birthday in a monastery

    August 29, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    So, today is my second day at the Camino de Santiago. It is actually my birthday and it is strange, because - I think - since I am 15 I always have celebrated or at least experienced my birthday at midnight the day before.
    Not here at the Camino. We went to bed yesterday at 23.30h.
    The Camino today was very pleasant. Again nice scenery along the coast. A good lunchbreak with good food at a restaurant, where we were served local Spanish food with squids and paella.
    Then we passed by a beach and we looked really like from a different world with our pilgrim backpacks among all the surfers and half naked people at the beach. I called a monastery to reserve a place to sleep, but the guy at the phone told me not to arrive after 19.00, otherwise they would be closed. So after a quick swim in the breaking waves and ripcurls, we just bought a bottle of Portwine and almost had to run steep uphill to arrive in time. On the top of the hill, we got rewarded at the church/monastery with a perfect view of the coastline and beaches.
    When Jorge, the guy who let us fill in the registration form, has seen my date of birth he had to smile. Later he gave us fresh grapes and fruits, what was really good. A bit later a girl from Poland arrived and she wondered how be were carrying the heavy bottle of wine uphill. We invited her for a glass and I explained that it is my birthday. Now - big surprise: it was her birthday too!
    We shared some food and wine and were chatting about life and the Camino. She also has drawn her dream on paper and I gave her some sketching advices.
    Good night! In 6 hours we have to wake up to be ready for the next 30 kilometer.
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    Karolina Sz

    One of the best birthday ever! Camino style :)

  • Day8


    July 21, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Heute bin zur ersten Etappe 5.35Uhr aufgebrochen..insgesamt 16km bis nach Vigo wo ich gerade gemütlich am Yachthafen sitze und mir mein 2.Frühstück gönne...

    Die ersten 10 km waren ging fast nur bergauf..Steigung teilweise bei 15 %...wo ich dann irgendwann oben war wurde ich mit einer tollen Aussicht über Vigo belohnt..eine grösser als gedachte Hafenstadt...
    Anschließend ging's zum Glück bergab... und ich bin zur Kathedrale Santa Maria hier ganz in der Nähe... und hab mir meinen nächsten Stempel abgeholt...

    Nach einer kurzen Pause gehts weiter nach Redondela..11km liegen noch vor mir .. bis später 😘
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  • Day22

    Pride goeth....

    November 6, 2018 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 11 °C

    This post is retrospective. After reading Kirsten Harley’s recent exploits I feel like a complete fraud, but there needs to be some explanation of the gap in my footprints.

    A wonderfully fulfilling, if wet, day yesterday, and a peaceful warm night in my little room over the restaurant, I set out once again in the rain. Altus on, umbrella up.

    Not far into the day, before the first coffee stop, I completely failed to see the pavement had a bite out of it (for garbage bins, I think) and wham! Down I went - twisting as I fell - landing hard on my right knee and arm. Two women came rushing to my aid and helped me up. No major damage but a knee that did not feel very happy. Certainly not to walk. So a taxi was called and carried me into Vigo where I spent a day resting, icing and elevating my knee.

    Dramatic views of Vigo.
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    Robyn Smith

    Oh Jill, What colour is your bruised knee now?

    Bill Cowan

    Hi jill. Nasty. Looks like the colour of thunder - a fall or twisted??

    Bill Cowan

    Sorry I read on

    Margie Mccarthy

    Oh so sorry Jill- looks really awful!

  • Day16

    Isla Cies

    September 13, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    So today was my last day in Galacia region as I board the plane to Barcelona soon. It was a beautiful day on this remote island with my friends who I will dearly miss. I was lucky that the camino brought me such great people and a great experience. I am sure I will see them again some day - maybe in Canada! Bye bye Galacia!Read more

    Linda Lacroix

    Very nice Sof. What an adventure and luck to find nice people lots ke them. Safe trip to Barcelona xxxooo


    Glad u r having fun and making lots of good memories. Can't wait to see more pics. Xxoo Doreen

    Lucie drouin

    Glad you are enjoying yourself. Continue your adventure and be safe. Xoxo

  • Day10

    Day 6 of Camino De Santiago

    September 7, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Is this walk done yet? Today was hard. Not in km - because it was a small day with 20km. But mentally. It's hard going from town to town not necessarily knowing where you're sleeping, what time you're arriving or whether or not you'll have the physical ability to get the kms done. On top of that it decided to get hot again and it hit 30 degrees. I reapplied SPF 60 a few times during the day and still managed to get burnt. It doesn't help that I'm not sleeping super well. Last night's hotel was so sketchy and gross I barely got 5 hours of sleep.

    On the bright side, the most beautiful views I have seen thus far. Now this is what I had in mind when I decided to do this coastal route...

    I think I have a little over 100km left to do. Too tired to count. 5 days left. More than half way. It's getting there.

    P.s. Misty - maman s'ennuie. 😭
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    Linda Lacroix

    Hang in my beautiful daughter. You are almost there. You are strong and will finish the walk. I still wish I was there with you so that I could encourage you. I miss you so much and love you lots. Have a extremely good day 7!!!!

    Jetset 2018

    You r almost done!! You will be so proud after!! Hopefully you will find nice places to stay in!! Have a great day tomorrow!! Love you and miss you! Xo


    Bravo Sophie. Ne lâche pas même si la fatigue et la solitude s’emparent de toi. Tu seras tellement fière d’avoir fait ce parcours une fois terminée. Profite des beautés du paysage et dis-toi que c’est une expérience enrichissante et inoubliable. Je pense à toi. Anne, l’amie de ta mère.💚😘🌹🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

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