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  • Day8


    July 21, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Heute bin zur ersten Etappe 5.35Uhr aufgebrochen..insgesamt 16km bis nach Vigo wo ich gerade gemütlich am Yachthafen sitze und mir mein 2.Frühstück gönne...

    Die ersten 10 km waren ging fast nur bergauf..Steigung teilweise bei 15 %...wo ich dann irgendwann oben war wurde ich mit einer tollen Aussicht über Vigo belohnt..eine grösser als gedachte Hafenstadt...
    Anschließend ging's zum Glück bergab... und ich bin zur Kathedrale Santa Maria hier ganz in der Nähe... und hab mir meinen nächsten Stempel abgeholt...

    Nach einer kurzen Pause gehts weiter nach Redondela..11km liegen noch vor mir .. bis später 😘
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  • Day10

    Day 6 of Camino De Santiago

    September 7, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Is this walk done yet? Today was hard. Not in km - because it was a small day with 20km. But mentally. It's hard going from town to town not necessarily knowing where you're sleeping, what time you're arriving or whether or not you'll have the physical ability to get the kms done. On top of that it decided to get hot again and it hit 30 degrees. I reapplied SPF 60 a few times during the day and still managed to get burnt. It doesn't help that I'm not sleeping super well. Last night's hotel was so sketchy and gross I barely got 5 hours of sleep.

    On the bright side, the most beautiful views I have seen thus far. Now this is what I had in mind when I decided to do this coastal route...

    I think I have a little over 100km left to do. Too tired to count. 5 days left. More than half way. It's getting there.

    P.s. Misty - maman s'ennuie. 😭
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  • Day22

    Pride goeth....

    November 6, 2018 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 11 °C

    This post is retrospective. After reading Kirsten Harley’s recent exploits I feel like a complete fraud, but there needs to be some explanation of the gap in my footprints.

    A wonderfully fulfilling, if wet, day yesterday, and a peaceful warm night in my little room over the restaurant, I set out once again in the rain. Altus on, umbrella up.

    Not far into the day, before the first coffee stop, I completely failed to see the pavement had a bite out of it (for garbage bins, I think) and wham! Down I went - twisting as I fell - landing hard on my right knee and arm. Two women came rushing to my aid and helped me up. No major damage but a knee that did not feel very happy. Certainly not to walk. So a taxi was called and carried me into Vigo where I spent a day resting, icing and elevating my knee.

    Dramatic views of Vigo.
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  • Day16

    Isla Cies

    September 13, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    So today was my last day in Galacia region as I board the plane to Barcelona soon. It was a beautiful day on this remote island with my friends who I will dearly miss. I was lucky that the camino brought me such great people and a great experience. I am sure I will see them again some day - maybe in Canada! Bye bye Galacia!Read more

  • Day17

    Baiona to Vigo

    May 30, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Today the breaksfast by far was the best we have had on our trip. For the first time in 2 weeks I saw a fried egg. All these days for breakfast it has been continental, other than when we stayed in Afife where we were served scrambled eggs. All the other days it is cold meats, cheese, cereals, and cake and bread. So it was nice to see a western buffet style breakfast.

    On a hill far away was not an old ruggard cross but a large statue of the Virgin on the Rock. It is a marble statue with the virgin holding a boat in her hand. Parts of it is made from marble, the crown is made from porcelain.

    After a walk on the castle walls and turrents it was bye bye to our stay in a castle and back to being poor pilgrims on foot. Today we were walking around the city of Baiona for most of the time. Meaning it was so spread out, and was around a very large harbour. It was a beautiful city. The beaches were so soft and white it must be a paradise for sun lovers in the coming summer months.

    We had decided last night that every one and half hours or so we would take a break. So we took longer breaks today. Our pace seems to be dropping, but from now on there is only one more day that we have a walk of over 20 kms. Seems as if the time is going by so quickly. Due to the fact the last 3 days have been such long walking days I have not caught up on updating my journal. I needed my beauty sleep more than writing my journal. Today our walk was 21 kms. 3 days of over 20ks each day, I my self cannot believe it.

    Today had booked an apartment so that we coukd catch up on doing our laundry. The owner was a lovely person. She even took us to the super market. My plan had been to cook a meal of rice and curry and have it in the apartment. That was so, so nice to eat a home cooked meal after all this time of eating out. Yummy.
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  • Day16

    Oia to Baiona

    May 29, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    After having a fresh orange juice which was the only thing worth having for breakfast I was on my way. It was going to be a long day on my own. After yesterday which had been a long day our plan was to start early , and try and get to our destination early on in the day, and also try not to walk in the heat of the afternoon sun. With this in mind we requested breakfast for 7.30am. Well when I woke up it was 7.50am and Shyama was yet fast a sleep. I was out of bed and dressed and in the restaurant so fast my feet must have had wings. We were the only ones who were having breakfast. Took a breakfast tray for Shyama. When I left the accomodation it was 10.00am so much for leaving early.

    It had rained earlier on, so it was good we had slept in, one might say a blessing. Shyama was having a rest day, and we were going to meet at our hotel in Baiona later on that afternoon. It was lovely to be alive, I had a spring in my step, the rain had made everything look fresh, and the coast line I was walking on was dotted with villages. Unlike the previous day I was on path ways most of the time, and now and then came on to the main highway PO 552. It was much easier to walk on the dirt track , than on the road. Ones feet had started to feel the pounding on the road, as opposed to the cushioning on the dirt. A young lady passed me, and an hour or so later I passed her. Only because she has stopped for a bite. She was young, she was taller so she was faster. Also she did not stop for photos like this human. Toilet stops, Bon Camino to all those you pass, or who pass you, looking out for snakes in your path, you were in the swing of things.

    I stopped to watch a stone carver at work. he had drawn out what he was going to chisel out on the rock, and he offered to give me a stamp for my passport. By now you like to have stamps that are out of the ordinary. The square boaring ones, were ones that you no longer wanted on your passport. Then the young lady who had been playing tag with me caught up, and slowed down to talk. She had 3.5kms more to go, so we taked as we walked and hey presto the time and distance just goes by. After wishing each other Bon Camino I carried on, I had a further 10 or so kms to go.

    I stopped on the rocks off the beach to have my lunch which was fresh orange juice watered down and an orange., when a crowd of pilgrims I had passed earlier on at a cafe came by. One of the guys was on his own, and he was walking ahead of the others. So when he waved, I waved and offered him a piece if my orange. He happily had that, and he carried on. I stayed for a while as I wanted to air my feet, and also enjoy the scenery.

    Then a little while later after I had been walking again I had to make a choice. Either just follow the main road, or go on the Camino route, which was up a mountain. So I thought I will be brave and go up the Camino route. At this point I could not see any of the others who had passed me a short time ago. Once on the mountain path, I was worried, mostly about the creepy crawly ones. I had my trusted walking stick, since seeing the snakes the previous day, I had this in my hand all the time. It was hard work climbing, some times the way was not marked properly, and you hoped you were on the correct path, and other times you wished you would see a pilgrim and then you hoped it was not going to be an ax murderer, that was going to come out of the wood, so to say. Once I was quite high I could see the others who had passed me had gone on the main road. I was on my own. Honestly Colin you cannot call me a chicken anymore or a scary cat, I was so darn brave walking up there over the saddle and down the other side. I met no one, no human, no snake. Thank you audio story books for keeping my mind occupied. This is the first day I had listened to one on my holiday. I had downloaded so many, but had not wanted to listen till today. Normally listening to audio stories, or praying or meditating is what I do when I walk.

    I was so happy to come back to civilisation. And then finding our accomodation was not hard, as it was a 16th century castle. I was able to see the fort from far away. So with the help of a lady and then a gent I got to the hotel. It was very grand. You felt you had entered a 5 star hotel which had the old world grandure. Shyama was as happy to see me, as I was of her. Walking buddies reunited.

    The hotel which had been built in the sight of the castle incorporated some part of the old castle. It was lovely. So was the jacusy and sauna we both went too. My weary body just melted in the water. In Spain sista is from around 1.00 to 4.00 pm or so. They start work at 10.30 and then finish for the day around 9.00pm.

    Since coming in to Spain, my phone had given up the ghost. So all today I had no Google maps nor phone. Golden rule of having some form of communication had been broken, but I live to tell the tail. So first order of things was to go to a Vodaphone shop. Much to my dismay been though Mr Handsome had told me in Portugal that it would work in Spain, apparently that was not the case. So got a new sim card as I needed that to have Google maps handy at all times.

    After that we did some retail therapy, and then some dinner. I had two starters and one of it was fried green chillies. These were not spicy at all, but they were really nice. It was a first for both of us. I was glad to hit the bed. Walking in the sun, and over the mountain was hard, but I had concurred some fears. I was very satisfied with my achievement, even though I was tired. 22 kms was what I had walked today on the Camino.

    The hills in the far distance of the main photo, was what I climbed over to get to Baiona.
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  • Day15

    Caminha to Oia

    May 28, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Up early, as we had to have breakfast and be at the dock by 11.00am. Well talk about dinning in a stately manor house. The decor, the furniture, the cutlary, the china were all centuries old. OMG it was just so lovely. This gent had his own little chapel off the library. The library had a fire going, as did the dining room. I wished he could have adopted me. His family had owned it since the 1850's and it showed.

    Got to the dock and the boat guy was there. He had a stamp for our passport. Good job he asked for our passports if not I think the authorities at Santiago might have had an issue with our walking authenticity. One minute we are in Portugal, the next in no man's land, and then we are in Spain. All in the space of 5 minutes.we cross the river Minho. In Portugal side there was a dock, but when it comes to Spain, the boat which is one with an out board motor just lands on the sea shore and you jump off the boat on to the sand. There's is a photo of our lonely Boardman heading back to Portugal. It cost us euros 5.00 for each to come over.

    Our welcome dignitary in Spain was a snake. That was something that I certainly had not worried too much about. From then on it's right there in the fore front of your mind Thank you very much. Walking along the Spain's coast line was different as it did not have the wooden walkway. But it was between over grown under growth and scrub. So out came my trusted weapon of choice. My handy walking stick. I want to live as much as the snake. So when we met as long as he went in the opposite direction to us we were all going to live happily ever after. I wished and hoped he had my same sentiments.

    Finally we came to a village. It was right on noon. Our walking speed is approximately 4kms an hour. So we had walked a long distance in our mind, but actually it was only around 4kms. But as we had not seen any cafes on the way it was best to get our lunch here. We stopped at the first cafe. By now I would get my phone out, and try and translate words so both parties understood each other at cafes especially. When I put inthe word rice the waitress says Paella. Fantastic. That and lemon juice ordered we were sorted. Well what a dish that was. It took a longtime to come, but it had to be the best in the world. My mouth waters thinking about it. Yum.

    It was a very long long day. Over 22 kms in all. Some of it on path ways, some on the main highway, some on over grown paths, and the coast at this stage was rocky. The houses were few and far between. The only good thing was if you needed a toilet break, you could go on the side, as there was no others in the vicinity. We only met one other person, and that too on the main road.

    After a long long day we got to our accomodation. Going out to have dinner was an effort. But luckily it was two doors next to the casa we were staying at. The Sangria was ok, not the best. Dinner was a need, more than a desire to eat. Bed was a desire that was an absolute necessity. Point of interest is that the main pillow in Spain is a very long one. It goes across the bed. It is narrow, but long. Useless bit of information.
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  • Day18

    Vigo to Vigo

    May 31, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    The apartment we stayed was great. Mainly due to the fact we had been able to cook and get all our washing done and dried. Also it always helps when the local lady had been so friendly. Need to give her a 5 star rating on

    Had to zip off the long trousers to be shorts as it wad drislling when we left. It steadily got worse. Had to put on rain coats and back pack cover on to keep it dry.

    The later half of the walk was past the port and then ship building area.

    Arrived at the hotel just on 12.00. Now waiting in the reception to go to the room but their not ready yet.

    Thought of you Shan when I saw this guy making humungus bubbles. Peggy and Shan used to do this when she was little. Thought you might like it, so took a photo just for you. 😊

    This afternoon we have been doing some retail therapy. Hmmm... won't say anymore about that,as Colin reads this post every day.

    On our ambling back to our hotel the penny dropped. In order to get the Compostella which is the certificate one gets for compleating the Camino each pilgrim need to have 2 stamps on the passport each day in the last 100 kms, of the walk. So back to the hotel to make sure that we were now under our 100kms. And yes now we are down to 93kms. I had been to the cathedral this afternoon, while Shyama was having a massage, and it was closed at that time. So a quick check with the receptionist at the hotel and he said there was evening mass around now. So quick rush to the cathedral and mass was just ending, the priest as as very nice, he gave us the stamp,one down, one more to go.

    On the way we had enquired at a few restaurants if they would give us a stamp if we had dinner. But none of them were doing it. But just out side the church there was a taparia. They did give the seal. So that's where we had our dinner. Now we are sorted for today.

    We think our young people in NZ have a drinking problem, well it is Thursday evening and you should see the crowds round a pub or taparia. The last photo is the crowd that has spilt out of the pub. The crowd was already out of the pub this afternoon when I went to the church this afternoon.
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  • Day94

    Vigo, Spain

    May 1, 2017 in Spain ⋅ 🌙 11 °C

    Got off the ship twice today. The first time I explored a bit more. There was the remains of a carnival but almost everything was closed. All the rides were there along the water but everything was covered up. Only a few food stands and one ride was open. I mostly just exported along the waterfront because everything was closed since it was the afternoon. I then headed back to the ship. My friend Jackson was finishing work so I headed back to the ship and went out a second time with him. It wasn't too long until I started work so we just walked to a nice place I found along the waterfront at the opening to the harbour and then back again.Read more

  • Day221

    Vigo, Spain

    April 8, 2018 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 12 °C

    A great day out in Vigo. It was Fiesta de la Reconquista which celebrates the reconquest of Vigo, by popular uprising, on 28 March 1809 during the Peninsular Wars. All the locals were in period costumes with amazingly detailed stalls set up everywhere. It was huge. We then found a candy store which I said I was just going in “to look”. We however left with a bunch of candy and Jackson’s very first kinder egg. He had never even heard of kinder eggs before. We had fun once we got back to the cabin and had our kinder eggs. Jackson said the chocolate was a bit to sweet (I had no problem finishing it for him) but we had fun with the toys. I got a little teenage mutant ninja turtle and he got a kind of bowling thing with a cat and mice.Read more

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