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  • Day194


    May 8 in South Africa ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    We were dropped off back at our car nice and early, so we had time for an extensive game drive out of the park. However, we still couldn't spot the elusive lion. We had time to stay longer but to be honest, we were a bit safari fatigued at this point.

    So we headed to our overnight stop in Nelspruit. It was election day in South Africa which was barely noticeable except that it curtailed our shopping trip, as most of the shops were shutting early. Everyone we've spoken to assured us that it was a forgone conclusion, with another ANC win.

    It was football, rather than elections at the forefront of our minds. Having watched the first leg loss to Ajax in our own personal bar in Swaziland, we weren't optimistic for the return leg. This pessimism turned to despair when we were losing 2-0 on the night, meaning we needed 3 goals in the second half to go through.

    Restaurants/bars seem to empty quite early, so shortly after half time it was only us and a few Ajax supporters left and even the staff asked us to settle our bills, so most of them could head home. This made our shouts of joy more incongruous with the surroundings as we scored 2 goals to make a tie of it. When we scored in the final minute to win it, I have no idea what I did. I just remember slumping on the table in disbelief, emotionally drained and there may have been a few tears in the eyes.
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