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  • Day335

    Arriving in Sweden! Country #9

    May 27, 2017 in Sweden ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Today was Day 7 of our big trip to Sweden and there were 403km left to Gothenburg. The sun rose early and the day grew hot quickly. Fortunately the blown air in the van provided relief once we got going.

    We skirted around Copenhagen, through the 4km Drogden tunnel under the sea, surfacing at the artificial island of Peberholm before climbing up on to the 7.8km long Øresund Bridge, the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe. Funnily enough it is a lot shorter than the 18km road bridge we took yesterday, but it was still a cool experience, especially when we entered Sweden while still on the bridge! It was one we payed for, the toll being 720DKK or £90!

    Sweden is the 9th country we plan to tour. There were a few changes we noticed when driving along the motorway; the different road signs, the many red painted barns and a few red houses sitting on the edge of fields, we even saw a couple of classic wooden windmills.

    Denmark's motorway rest areas had been relatively frequent and well layed out with good facilities. It seemed a long time before we came accross one one in Sweden and when we did it was packed. There weren't any van services as there had been in Denmark and there weren't many marked bays, so people made up their own system (to give them credit it was a sensible one). Picnic tables had been provided, but there was a lot of noise from engines and people shouting to make themselves heard. The area looked grimy with litter so we stayed in to eat lunch.

    We saw a few IKEAs and there were a lot of McDonalds, KFCs and Burger Kings along the way. We'd been worried about the cost of living in Sweden so were pleased to find a Lidl and to discover that the prices weren't too exorbitant.

    There is often a lot to take in when entering a new country and our Lidl shop was our first experience of brushing shoulders with the Swedes. Many seemed taller than we were used to and it was a very quiet atmosphere.

    There was beer, but no wine or spirits; these are only sold at government-run shops. All the cans and bottles had deposits included in the price and there were machines where you could return them at the entrance. Alongside the beer, which was all under 3.5%, there were energy drinks, with signs telling us that only those of 15 years or older could by them. The cigarettes in the cabinet by the checkout had a minimum purchase age of 25.

    Country specific products included giant circular crispbreads and pitta-like breads packaged up and sold as an ordinary loaf. Something we've not seen in Lidl in any other country was a sweety pic'n'mix counter! It brought back memories of the Woolworths shop at our summer holiday destination in the 1980s and 90s, Stranraer in SW Scotland.

    We found home for the night at an elongated car park, quite near the road and some woods in Ängelholm. We'd done 166km but felt shattered.
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  • Day336

    Exploring Ängelholm

    May 28, 2017 in Sweden ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    There is a video of us exploring Ängelholm on VnW Travels' YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/f-SiioONtSw

    There were just 225km between us and Gothenburg so we decided to give ourselves a break and stay 2 nights at Ängelholm. The afternoon we arrived was warm, so we set out walking along the well signed trails through the woods to the beach. The sun filtered between the tall tree trunks and full foliage. Tiny white, star shaped flowers sprinkled the floor which was soft and springy with fallen needles. The gentle smell of the pines infused the air but there was a good mix of coniferous and deciduous trees. The only downside were the mosquitos who bit us if we stayed still for more than a few seconds! After about half an hour the path became considerably sandier and we emerged to low dunes covered with spiky marram grass. Down some wooden stairs and we were on the beautiful sandy beach, scattered with sun bleached shells. The water was clear and there wasn't even a hint of the smell of rotting weed this time. Will enjoyed his swim and Vicky had a good paddle. Evening was coming on so instead of braving the mosquitos in the woods we made our way back along the beach and up the quiet road. We even saw a slow worm slithering away at the side of the pavement and a red squirrel scampering along low branches, just a few meters from us, its rich rust coloured coat almost glowing in the evening light.

    The following day we took the tandem along the cycle tracks to Ängelholm. It was a good sized town but we again noticed that quiet atmosphere we'd picked up on when shopping yesterday. There was a feeling of space with a pedestrianised central area and while there were a few decorative touches, such as a fountain, planters with yellow and orange pansies and a small town park on the outskirts, you got the sense things had been designed with practicality and purpose in mind. We didn't need anything but we took a look round the government-run off licence, the only place allowed to sell alcohol stronger than beer. The drinks were nicely set out and every one displayed their country of origin. The cheapest wine we could find was £6 a bottle so we were very glad Will had cut down significantly on his weekly intake!
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  • Day7

    Rüblikuchen im Nebel

    December 28, 2018 in Sweden ⋅ ⛅ 4 °C

    Ausgeschlafen und nach einem herrlichen Spaziergang bei frostiger Luft und Sonnenschein zünden wir heute unseren Bulli mit der Aussicht darauf, Freunde aus Berlin, die in Hjärnap mit ihrer Familie ihren schwedischen Traum von einem Häuschen in der Natur verwirklicht haben, zu besuchen. Kaum sind wir gestartet, wird der Wald zu einem Mysterium, denn dicke Nebelschwaden lassen die hohen Fichten zu wahrlich monströsen Ungetümen heranwachsen. Ich mag diese schwere Melancholie, die sich mit dem Nebel in unserer Welt einnistet. Jedes noch so banale Ding wirkt plötzlich rätselhaft, und es scheint, dass sich das Vergessen im Nebel personifiziert. Vielleicht ist es der eingeschränkte Blick auf die Dinge, der so faszinierend ist, da die Berechenbarkeit endet und man nicht weiß, was danach kommt. In unserem Fall ist es Nieselregen und echtes Schmuddelwetter, das kaum sind wir von der Autobahn abbogen, so plötzlich verschwindet, wie es gekommen ist und sogar der Himmel etwas Hellblau zum Besten gibt. Selbstgebackener Kuchen von Valerie erwartet uns neben ihrer der fast vollständigen großen Familie und zwei Hunden. Der Rüblikuchen ist ein Gedicht, der nach 3(!) verzehrten Stücken einen Spaziergang erfordert, sehr zum Vergnügen von Mopsi, der endlich mit ein paar Spielkameraden durch den Wald jagen kann. Die Zeit verfliegt mit interessanten Gesprächen und schon sind wir wieder auf der Route mit der Empfehlung von Xenia an Bord, in Vejbystrand unseren Schlafplatz zu scouten.Read more

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