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  • Day18

    Stockholm Adventures

    January 3 in Sweden

    Today I explored the old city Gamla Stan, visited the Royal Palace and saw the changing of the guard, went on a walking tour of Gamla Stan, went to the Nordic museum and went to the Vasa museum.

    “The Vasa ship capsized and sank in Stockholm 1628. After 333 years on the sea bed the mighty warship was salvaged. Today Vasa is the world's only preserved 17th century ship and the most visited museum in Scandinavia.”Read more

  • Day45

    Shopping in Stockholm

    September 6, 2017 in Sweden

    Although I am the second oldest person staying at the hostel, I really like it. They have everything here for the traveller and are very friendly. It is only costing $Aus140 a night - you can't get a hotel this close to town for under $Aus250 and as I said, our double room with ensuite is so big. Grace is busy this morning so Mary and I decided to go for a walk, see the city sights and do some shopping.

    I remembered that the mall has Lions in the pavement at each end so when I came to a Lion , off I went - problem is there are Lions in many places and these ones were a right angles to where I wanted to go. Nevertheless we had a good long walk. We resorted to SIRI who took us to the Nobel Prize Hall and the market outside - plenty of restaurants here.

    The photo of Mary standing near a fungi display shows only a tiny part of the stalls that are selling all types of fungi and other produce. We went into a multi story deli - you should see the size of the cuts of meat - I asked Mary to put her hand nearby so you could see their size in the photo - huge!

    Needing to go to the toilet we found a group of unisex toilets. problem was - no place for coins and certainly not for free - you had to use your smart credit card to get in - at a cost of SEK8, which is about 80 cents. I did notice a couple in one booth together - saving money I expect.

    Grace had mentioned that she wished she had a record player. We found suitable ones in the UK and Ireland, the problem was getting it to her. I took the risk that we could buy one in Stockholm - even though all the web sites I looked had only had HiFi systems at super high prices.

    We found what we were looking for in Stockholm, a record player with inbuilt speakers. Before buying we searched other stores but could find nothing. So we bought it for Grace and a second hand record to boot - all worked out well - I'm happy we were able to solve her problem.

    Grace invited us to drinks at the end of a marketing workshop at her workplace - Stockholm Music. Meet a marketer who worked on the Optus account in Australia in the 90's - very interesting. After a few drinks we headed back to the hostel with Grace.

    Over dinner Grace booked the ferry to Gotland and connecting buses - we need to be at the Central Station by 9:30am - should that be easy as we are now familiar with packing routines.

    So off the Gotland tomorrow - one of the highlights of our trip.

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  • Day19

    Last day in Stockholm

    January 4 in Sweden

    Today I had kanelbullar (cinnamon buns but with cardamom) in Södermalm, visited Drottningholm Palace which is the official residence of the royal family and had meatballs in Östermalm Saluhall (food hall).
    After taking the train back to Göteborg I was treated to homemade Semla courtesy of Britt and Fredrik.

    “Semla consists of a cardamom-spiced wheat bun which has its top cut off, and is then filled with a mix of milk and almond paste, topped with whipped cream. The cut-off top serves as a lid and is dusted with powdered sugar.”
    “Semlor are available in shops and bakeries every day from shortly after Christmas until Easter.”
    “King Adolf Frederick of Sweden died of digestion problems on February 12, 1771 after consuming a meal consisting of lobster, caviar, sauerkraut, smoked herring and champagne, which was topped off by fourteen helpings of hetvägg (semla), the king's favorite dessert.”
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  • Day3

    Besuch im Vasa Museum

    July 15 in Sweden

    Das Vasa Museum hat mit dem Knäckebrot Wasa nix zu tun, dafür geht’s um ein Schiff aus dem 17. Jahrhundert, welches beim Stapellauf im Stockholmer Hafen versunken ist und 1955 Wiese entdeckt und zu 95 % komplett geborgen werden konnte. ⛵️😉

  • Day8

    Stockholm (hit'n run)

    August 13 in Sweden

    Wir waren dann auch noch ganz kurz m in Stockholm bevor es auf die Fähre ging. Ist auf jeden Fall einen erneuten Besuch mit mehr Zeit wert...

  • Day104


    July 16, 2017 in Sweden

    Randi tried calling Europcar for us but it's closed on a Saturday..... beyond stupid.
    We figured we would just have to walk the 2km detour to go ask the man at the desk who is obviously a dick for ignoring the phones. We know he is there because we returned the car yesterday outside of open hours.
    Said bye to Randi and headed off.
    We bought her flowers and chocolate to say thanks.
    The sun was shining today!
    While walking I was having anxiety because I was prepping myself for the blow and yet still had a small hope it would be there.
    There was a man at the desk...
    he took me to the car but it had been cleaned 😩😩😩 I couldn't find it.
    The worker asked the cleaner if he had found it....
    now, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but he was a suspicious looking character if I ever saw one.
    Ponytail with tats.
    I'm gutted 😔
    We left to find something to eat. I feel a little more at peace knowing there is nothing more I could have done. I would be kicking myself if I didn't at least go check.
    As sheik as black looks I need all my possessions to be fluro orange.
    If Will hadn't have been rushing me with packing up the laptop I would have checked better - I normally do because I know what I'm like. 😔 not his fault, it's mine. Still sad.

    We walked to TGIFridays near central station - my back was dripping. Grey shirts show sweat badly.
    I had the sliders burger option and it was amazeballs.
    We went over to the station early to make sure we found the right platform in time and could ask if we needed to print tickets.
    We found it easy and we didn't - woo so nothing left to do but wait 40 mins for our departure.
    The seats were find and about halfway through the trip we found the power outlets which was great so we could use our phones without them dying.
    It's about a 5 hour train ride to Stockholm.
    I was tired and mopey so I had a nap on the table tray.
    I slept quite a bit actually but it left my neck a bit tight.
    We arrived with no issues - our hostel was only 409m away and easy to find.
    Check in was the most complicated we have yet had.
    We are in different dorms so different information was being flown about. We were each given maps to find our rooms and codes that change daily.
    It has a no shoes policy so we had to walk around in socks?
    It doesn't sound that complicated but that's because I cant remember half of it because it was too much to take in. lol
    I remember some doors only open at certain times and we were given info about where to our linen at checkout too? Idk. Too much
    It's a cool hostel though. Pretty big.
    I went to my room which was easy to find and put my bag in a locker and found a bed - top bunk - I don't mind though - I only hate it when it's a wooden frame.
    Met Will outside - he showed me his room - you have to go through a maze to get there...
    he gave me the laptop then he went and had a beer.
    He asked me to come join him in the 'party area??' So I did - the dj was terrible so we went for a walk.
    We had dinner and walked back.
    We booked flights to London for the 12th of August then we went to our own dorms. I have since booked a ferry to Estonia, and accommodation for Estonia and Latvia 👍🏼
    I finally did the schengen math and it turns out we probably can't do France with Jess - we only have 2 schengen days remaining. We have told her so we are coming up with a new plan - our London Bnb got approved though😬

    Will says we will buy me a new kindle tomorrow because he knows I use it all the time.
    I just want my old one back 😔 not to be a 2 year old but my daddy bought it for me 😔

    It's 1am. Should probably go to bed.
    We are meeting each other at 10am tomorrow.
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  • Day104


    July 16, 2017 in Sweden

    Bed was so comfy. I got too hot using my sleeping bag so I switched to the hostel sheet.
    Met Will about 10:20 in the common room section.
    We went for a walk with no real plan.
    We tried to find somewhere for breakfast but once again the ridiculous that is europe struck again.
    Once again the only 2 places available was tgifriday of McDonald.
    We went with the cheaper option... it was still expensive - more so than Norway. 😩
    I looked up the meeting place of our tour we are doing later and Will looked up shopping centers for us to buy me a kindle and him a USB wall charger for his phone.
    We found a dick smith type of place but it didn't sell kindles :( we bought Wills thing though.
    We found another shop in the shopping center - they didn't have it either but the guy knew where did and gave us directions and a street address- he even provided what number it was which I though was impressive and a little strange.
    Walk walk walk - it was called Webballen and

    THEY HAD KINDLES 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
    So $250 later 😶😶😶😶
    I HAVE A NEW KINDLE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Thanksyou Wil❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    We went and sat down in 'the espresso house' which is a really big chain here and had a drink because it was really sunny and hot. I had an iced passion fruit mint thing which was excellent and made me cold lol.
    We walked back to the hostel because I wanted to set up my new kindle 🤗🤗🤗

    Got the laptop out and had to change my amazon password because I can never remember which password I've used - it's always the same word/numbers - I hate websites that make you used a capital, number or symbol cause I can't remember which version I've used 😩
    Anyway, logged on, cancelled my old kindle so the THIEF can't use my account to buy anything but I didn't mark it as lost or stolen because I would rather the kindle continue to be used and not get throw away because it's now useless. They can read if they pay for it. Lol

    So bless the system - all my books automatically downloaded to the same page I was on 😍

    We left for our tour at 3:45 - on the way we realized we needed to find an ATM so we could tip at the end.
    An almost impossible task. We found on in the station but I am genuinely surprised not to have found one on their main shopping strip.

    Our guide had clear English but she had the biggest pointy out nippled ever and they distracted me the entire tour. It was like the mentors add. They were so thick 😂

    Our first stop was outside the opera where she told a story about a murdered king I think ( someone important lol) and told us of the free museum that displays the clothing he was wearing when shot. We plan to go tomorrow.
    We walked to a bridge that had a nice view and found the very modest Prime ministers house. It's prime location because the parliament building is opposite lol.
    We walked on through old town and came to the palace. We learnt about the Royal family and how progressive they are - the eldest, not first boy gets the throne and there are some interesting characters married in such as a reality tv star haha.
    We learnt about the palace ghost - this bit interested me the most.
    Supposedly the ghost only appears when someone is going to die and was last seen In 1920?
    Story goes the princess was very sick - the flag was at half mast but no one had put it like that so so a guard was sent up to fix it but never came back down. A second guard got sent up and found the first guard quivering saying he had see the ghost.
    The princess then died that day. They were going to bury her in the veil she was married in but her husband wanted to keep it as a token of their love.
    This woman was the current queen of Denmarks (Margaret) grandmother.
    It got passed down ....
    When princess Mary married Prince Fredrick she wore that same veil.
    I think it's cool.

    They had female palace guards and I'm not sure if I've seen that before.

    The youngest daughter of the current king/queen married a suit. He didn't want to give up his money so when they are introduced it's princess Madeline and MR Something hahahah

    There is a church we are going to try go to tomorrow as well which has every royal family member buried there - except one who is in the Vatican.

    We walked on an got shown a Viking stone that a shopkeeper liked so then transported it to there house over 500 years ago 😂
    It's engraved with cool markings - it's in honor of someone's son.

    We then learnt a little bit about Vikings.
    She made it very clear that Vikings did not have horns on their helmets and that idea came from a play or something and the idea stuck lol.
    They did drink from then though.
    In Viking law you are not allowed to steal - you are allowed to kill though and a dead man can't own anything... problem solved lol.

    It started drizzling - she talked about the Vasa ship - we will learn more when we go to it's museum tomorrow. 👍🏼

    I can see lots of magnet options 🤗🤗🤗

    We tipped 50krone - I was going to give 100 but there was at least 30 people on the tour.
    She lost money for having distracting nipples.
    Seriously though put them away.

    She was a great guide. Me and Will both agree that Martin from Bulgaria is still our favourite. He was an unintentional crack up.

    We were going to have tacos for dinner but it was shut so we found Thai - it had a buffet and I finally got some fried rice 😬😬😬
    Back at hostel now - we've showered and are now in our separate rooms.
    I now plan to read :)
    Finished book :(
    But now I get to pick a new series 😬😬😬😬

    Also I don't remember if I stated my opinions on Norway.
    Basically Oslo sucks lol. Super boring and not pretty.
    Norway itself however is divine.

    Sweden I'm unsure of so far. It's just a another city really. I generally like somewhere if I do cool shit there though so hopefully tomorrow's activities are good :)

    There are gypsies here - have seen any of them in a while.
    Like shaking a cup in my face is going to convince me to give you money. I'm more sympathetic to the silent man sitting in the corner.
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