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  • Day2

    Stadshus, Gamla Stan, Kungliga Slottet..

    September 27, 2017 in Sweden

    ...oder auch Rathaus, Altstadt, Königliches Schloss.

    Meine Kamera meldete sich heute Mittag mit den Worten "der Akku ist erschöpft" 😮 Nach dem heutigen Tag bin ich das auch. Für die Kamera habe ich einen Ersatzakku, für mich hilft nur aufladen über Nacht 😉.

    Begonnen habe ich den Tag im Rathaus der Stadt. Spannend hier der Blaue Saal, der mit rotem Backstein verkleidet ist. Fragezeichen?
    Der Architekt hatte geplant, den Backstein blau zu streichen, das Rot der Backsteine hat ihm dann so gefallen, dass er auf den blauen Anstrich verzichtet hat. Man nennt ihn aber trotzdem den Blauen Saal. Hier findet jährlich das Bankett nach der Nobelpreisverleihung für ca. 1200 Gäste statt.
    Beeindruckend auch der Goldene Saal, 18 Millionen Mosaiksteine aus Gold und Glas schmücken die Wände. In diesem Saal wird nach dem Nobelpreis- Bankette das Tanzbein geschwungen. Überhaupt gab es während der
    Führung durch das Haus einiges interessantes über dieses oder andere Feste in den Räumen des Rathauses. Man kommt auch nur mit Führung in Diese. Führungen finden mehrmals täglich statt, allerdings nur in englisch oder schwedisch.
    Natürlich hat auch das Stadtparlament hier seinen Sitz und wir durften einen Blick in den Sitzungssaal werfen und vom Turm des Rathauses hat man einen tollen Blick über die Stadt.

    Next Stop Gamla Stan - tolle Altstadt mit vielen kleinen Gassen, ausgefallen Geschäfte, einfach nur wunderschön. Das Nobelmuseum findet man hier und auch das Königliche Schloss. Die Besichtigung der beiden letzteren hab ich mir gespart. Das Bummeln durch die kleinen Gassen fand ich spannender.
    Das Schloss ist an vielen Ecken von Bauzäunen verdeckt, wie das so ist, an einem alten Haus ist immer was zu tun. Und das Schloss wurde 1690-1750 erbaut, also sehr alt das Haus. Der Platz an dem sich das Nobelmuseum befindet, heißt Stortorget. Hier gibt es ein ganz tolles, gemütliches Café mit richtig leckeren süßen Teilchen, das "Chokladkoppen". Sehr zu empfehlen 👍🏻.
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  • Day11

    Stockholm City Hall

    August 9 in Sweden

    City Hall is located on Lake Malaren in Stockholm. It was built in the early 20th century. It’s built in the National Romantic style which means that it was inspired by the past. It looks medieval but was finished in 1923. It took 12 years to build using 8 million red bricks that were specially made using medieval techniques.
    The architect was such a control freak that he lived on sight for the duration of the build. If something didn’t look right he would have a whole section torn down and moved a foot forward or back. You get the idea.
    The building was spectacular on the inside. The first room you enter is the Blue Hall, which isn’t blue. It was supposed to not have a roof, so you could see the blue sky. That didn’t fly, so they placed a ship’s sail (canvas) as the roof. Since the walls were all red brick, it was thought that it should be called the Red Hall. The only problem is that the Communist Revolution had just occurred in Russia. So they didn’t want the name of the hall to be associated with Communists. So it’s still the Blue Hall.

    The real highlight though is the Golden Hall. The walls are covered 24.5 carat gold mosaic. There are at least 19000 of these gold tiles. It’s quite spectacular! The interesting part is that the architect chose a young, unknown 26 year old to design and carry out the mosaic installation. This young man wanted a good long time for he and his team to install his very complicated designs. The architect said no, it has to be done by a certain date in 1923 because that will be the 400 year old anniversary when Gustov Vasa made Sweden a Lutheran country. So it was a rushed job. There were spelling mistakes, Gustav Vasa’s head and some angels’ heads were cut off (ran out of room where the wall met the ceiling) and the Queen of the Lake ( Stockholm) looked like a goggle-eyed, lopsided Medusa. Soooooo people were not impressed when it was first unveiled. Today, people think it’s quite lovely. It was a bit of an overcast day, so perhaps it wasn’t as glorious as it would be with the sun streaming through the windows.
    In the Blue Hall, Nobel Prize Winners have their gala celebratory dinner in December of every year. Each Nobel Winner is escorted into the the dinner by a member of the Royal Family. The dinner is for 1300 people including family members, university professors, etc.

    After dinner, a formal ball is held in the Golden Hall. After a few hours it turns into a disco and the Nobel Winners let down their hair and boogie down.

    Finally we viewed where the elected members of city council sit and vote on important municipal issues. The ceiling is designed to look like a Viking long house with the a wide open area at the top that is painted blue to mimic the sky.

    Oh by the way. This is the morning that I left my camera battery in my backpack on the bus. So...... phone pics.
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  • Day46

    Stockholm - arrival

    September 15, 2015 in Sweden

    [I'm not dead! Long delay due to no internet in Berlin, plus laziness]

    After a rather long night/day of about 11 hours train rides, I arrived in Stockholm!
    First impression is a standard modern city trying to cheat its way up the beauty scale (to some effect) by having water everywhere (#1). Not really the super-picturesque place some people had claimed.

    After the train I still had enough time/energy to take a quick walk to the Stockholms stadshus (Stockholm City Hall, #2,3), a pretty brick building, right on the edge of the water (#4), and notably where the Nobel Prize banquet is held. Actually (I found out the next day) prettier than the building where the prizes are given out!

    Last pic is just a random mini-park / modern art sculpture I happened across.
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  • Day1

    Hong Kong

    July 4 in Sweden

    Did 37 kms ,nearly 60,000 and 46 flights of stairs UP and oodles down as we located the largest undercover escalator stretch in the world which only went down.
    Day 1 saw us at Lantau Island using a cable at system which was t there when Ken and I visited in 1996. Walked up series of steps to walk around the Big Buddha before light lunch in grounds of the monastery . This was out from the Ngong Ping township.
    Due to the 21 st anniversary of Hong Kong being handed back from the British (Separation Day) there were hoards of people walking by, 100s of police and photographers about which turned out to be a full blown parade with groups of various backgrounds and interests, a few bands and onlookers of course.
    Into Central area, caught ferry across to view lazer Symphony of Lights show highlighting city buildings then joined large numbers in leaving the area. Collapsed back to base After being out for most of such a hot steamy day.
    Monday was a public holiday, took a tram ride to anywhere which looped us around The Happy Valley race course. Then we headed over to The Peak, senior’s discount for return trip and not much of a wait for the funicular train ride. So MUCH development to this iconic spot includes scenic railway in progress, 5 D display a huge complex which charges to go onto top Terrace level for more extensive viewing , not very clear so we gave it a miss. Of course many commercial outlets included in this massive update. Once back to base we saw huge lines of people queuing up to just get a ticket
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  • Day2

    Stockholm - Polis, Millitär, Millennium

    September 4, 2016 in Sweden

    Heute starteten wir unseren Tag mit Sonne und strahlend blauem Himmel. Eva1 war wieder unsere Touristenführerin und brachte uns als erstes ins schöne Viertel namens Kungsholmen. Vorbei am Radhuset (nicht Rathaus), am alten Polizeigebäude und am Stadshuset, vor dem der goldene Birger Jarl liegt, der die Stadt gegründet hat.
    Danach gingen wir wieder zum Schloss vor dem die Wachablösung zelebriert wurde. Sonntags eigentlich mit Pferden, aber nur bis Ende August. Heute gab es also "nur" den Aufmarsch inklusive eines Marschorchesters. War lustig/interessant mit anzusehen... Militär ist aber einfach nicht meine Welt.
    Danach sind wir dann ins Stadtviertel namens Södermalm gegangen um auf den (Film-)Spuren der Millennium-Trilogie von Stig Larsson zu wandeln.
    Als leckeren Abschluss gab es dann heute Köttbullat (gesprochen Schöttbullar).
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