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  • Day99


    July 7 in Switzerland

    This is a sweet town! (-But it was so hard to leave Chamonix!!!! We were all wistful. Boys made some friends at paintball last night and were invited to stay on for a BBQ after. Great mums to chat with. The boys had such good fun with their new French mates and exchanged emails. Didn't want to say goodbye. Wish we could have met them earlier in our stay! Sweet.).

    Switzerland is famous for clocks, cheese, knives, chocolates, banks, and remaining neutral. Home to the European UN HQ and the European Red Cross HQ, Geneva is definitely a bit 'quiet.' On the 'Top 5 Things To Do' tourist brochure, the #2 best thing was the 'flower clock' (a small hill of flowers with a clock in the middle). We had actually already passed it on an earlier walk without realising it was the second best tourist attraction. Whoops!

    The lake (biggest in Europe) is impressive and I imagine it will be a site for many walks. The chocolate shops will also get a visit from me! And it's quite fun to people-watch. Geneva seems a bit of a melting pot. So, it will be lovely to have a few quieter days before saying Ciao/Adios/Au Revoir/ Auf Wiedersehen to Europe!

    TUESDAY- Today we make our way to London and will stay over at Heathrow before catching our flight to NYC tomorrow. Geneva was full of pleasant surprises- free 4-hour Geneveroule bike rentals which allowed us to explore at leisure, as well as some great beaches to play in, complete with floating docks, floating rock climbing towers, and a restaurant with a massive floating table so you can still eat while in the water.
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  • Day10


    June 17, 2017 in Switzerland

    It was transition day today, John and I had finished our cycling tour and Wendy and Sharon were arriving into Geneva today. We packed up in Albertville and headed to Geneva airport, arriving about 1.5 hours before the girls. We were all together by about two pm then headed to the hotel and then out for a bit of lunch. Quite afternoon catching up and looking around. We had a lovely dinner out under the trees at a nearby restaurant, great creme brûlée, and then an early night as we were all pretty tired.Read more

  • Day2

    Geneva day 2

    June 9, 2017 in Switzerland

    Well that was interesting! Had some drinks in a bar nearby and they were quite good. We then wandered up to a restaurant near where we were staying to have dinner, waiter gave the impression that he spoke and understood English and the menu was also in English, we were wrong. 2 glasses of wine turned into a bottle, I ordered a veal steak. Came out as a small roll of veal stuffed with spinach on a potato pancake with fries. John had risotto. The food was lovely just a bit weird looking. We had a good day, went wandering this morning and saw some of Geneva's sights, including the reformation wall. This signified the time that the Christian church divided into Protestant and Catholics. The wall contained the Mayflower edict, that people could choose their religion and the bill of rights from the 16th century. Then after lunch hired a couple of bikes and rode around the lake for a couple of hours. Odd things seen today a couple of brightly coloured cows and an unusual way to use designer jeans. Off to the French alps tomorrow.Read more

  • Day1


    June 8, 2017 in Switzerland

    And so it begins, John and I have arrived into Geneva where we will be for a couple of days before we join our cycling tour. The plane trip was long but it is beautiful here, lovely sunny day. We strolled around the lake foreshore, stopping for a beer or 2 and to soak up the ambiance and look at Mt Blanc peering back at us over the nearby hills. Enjoyed a lovely dinner just up the road from where we are staying. Wendy and Sharon will be pretty happy when they. Arrive next week, our accommodation is smack bang in the middle of a very fancy shopping strip.Read more

  • Day9


    June 16, 2017 in Switzerland

    Well it has come to an end. This was the last cycling day of our trip and it was a great finale. We started the day going up a little climb called the Lacets de Montvernier which translates to the Laces of Montvernier and lace up the mountain they did. Short but amazing, see photo below. We then moved on to the Col de Chaussy, a lovely climb with a fantastic decent. Then onto the main climb of the day which was the Col de la Madeleine a famous Tour de France climb and a brute of a climb, making you work right till the last metre! It was tough and hard work but the views from the top were amazing. We have had a great week of climbing and downhills but my muscles need a rest. Strangest thing seen today, a giant pinecone!!! Of to Geneva tomorrow to meet up with Wendy and Sharon and onto our next adventures, yippee!!!Read more

  • Day12


    June 19, 2017 in Switzerland

    Well here we are, last morning in Geneva. Didn't get a chance to write last night so this it...a day late. If we were able to order up the weather what we're getting is pretty much spot on. Not a cloud in the sky, nice gentle breeze, 28 degrees. Can't say that Geneva is special enough that I'd come back...we walked a fair bit of it yesterday...it is pretty by the lake, easy enough to get around but not a whole lot to see. We started yesterday struggling to find somewhere open for breakfast.Sunday means everything is closed. Only cafes were open, but then quite late. A lot of tourists were wandering around a little aimlessly. We did stop in at the local church that had impressive archeological site excavated underneath it. After mid day drinks by the waters edge we found a great Thai restaurant for lunch and then headed out to the Untied Nations for a look. It turned out to be a bit further out than we thought, caught a tram half way, and to be honest a little underwhelming when we got there. I think we probably spent all of 15 minutes there before jumping on the tram again. You can't actually get close up to the building, security gates all locked and cameras on. Maybe it's a Sunday thing? There is a plaza out the front with water jets spraying and a large 3 legged chair sculpture. Ended the day with drinks and dinner in a restaurant precinct quite near us.
    Today we leave Geneva. We have to go back to the airport to pick up the car and then we head to Zermatt, a town in the Swiss alps, apparently close to the Matterhorn. We can't take the car into town, we catch a train up. We're spending 2 nights there on our way to Lake Como for a week. If this weather holds it'll be spectacular. Challenge for today: find a pharmacy that will sell me something for my head cold
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  • Day29

    Geneva, Switzerland!!

    April 16, 2015 in Switzerland

    Mum found out how close we were to Switzerland (only 43km) so we just had to go!! Another country! It was a bit rainy and the city was pretty normal-looking but the lake was nice and the big fountain was cool. There is a mixture of old and new buildings side by side. Mum & dad had cheese fondue for lunch, they could hardly walk afterwards. We went to a nice park and science history museum too.

    Nannie is much better, she has all tubes out and breathing normally!! We are so glad. She will get her strength back gradually now.
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  • Day14


    July 9, 2017 in Switzerland

    Off to Geneva this morning. We farewell our little apartment in Paris early and head to the airport. As a footnote, I don't recommend Air France. Firstly they don't include your baggage in your ticket and secondly are quite pedantic about individual bag weights even if as a group you are much lighter than required. Geneva airport is a bit weird in that it has a Swiss side and a French side. Therefore two sets of customs etc. Now to pick up the car from French side. Yes well um! Not an easy task as Toni discovered and staff at airport not that helpful. We eventually got there though and picked up a nice little Peugeot 308 wagon. Just got all the luggage in the back. By the way 6 speed manual and you change gear with your right hand not left. Driving on the right and changing with the right at the same time. I didn't know my left from right for a bit. Just about mastered it now though. Our hotel was in a great location right near the transport hub, restaurants and other facilities. The drive down to Geneva from airport is easy and provides you the first glimpses of the Swiss country side and lifestyle.Tomorrow we're in for a science lesson, off to CERN.Read more

  • Day72


    September 13, 2017 in Switzerland

    Where - Geneva, Switzerland
    Weather - mostly fine

    Our first day i Switzerland was spent in centre of the United Nations, Geneva. We parked the car on the outer suburbs of Geneva and caught a train in. We were fortunate to find someone at the bus stop who could speak English and was able to show us how to purchase bus tickets from the machine. Seemingly simple tasks become quite difficult when you cannot read / speak the language. Then an elderly gentleman spoke to us (in either French or German) but immediately switched to English. I think he was a bit lonely and just wanted someone to talk to. He let us know that 80% of people who live in Geneva are foreigners, not Swiss.

    So what is Geneva like? Much the same as many cities. Quite attractive as it has a large lake and is surrounded by mountains. There is a large water jet and there is also a floral clock which apparently has the largest second hand in the world. Of course there are larger clocks, they just don't have a second hand. Geneva is mainly known for being the seat of many organisations such as the United Nations, World Health Organisation, Red Cross and UNICEF (and probably others). We did a couple of bus tours and saw the main highlights.

    We shall spend almost a week in Switzerland, mainly around the Swiss Alps.
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