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  • Day84

    Beautiful Lake Lucerne

    September 9, 2017 in Switzerland ⋅

    Raining today! But even so driving further north in Switzerland was green and lush with the odd cow with a cow bell! Spent an afternoon in Lucerne. I had forgotten what a beautiful town it is. The bridges are amazing.

  • Day95

    Flüelen on Lake Lucerne

    September 9, 2017 in Switzerland ⋅

    Flüelen is located along Lake Lucerne about 40kms from the town of Lucerne. It is a nice little village and includes some outer village settlements and scattered farm houses in the valley and up the mountain sides. Where we stayed had its own restaurant - a local restaurant that needed our patronage we thought. We almost didn't get a table - it was packed! Didn't need us at all, but I enjoyed my meal - best salads of the trip! Location was good - beautiful scenery between it and Lucerne.Read more

  • Day3

    Day 2 & 3: Mountains is what we love.

    October 11, 2017 in Switzerland ⋅

    Day 2
    After our long hike yesterday we figured that we should take it easy, so after a breakfast that we assembled in front of the supermarket we when sight seeing by car. We found a gloriously beautiful via ferrata (klettersteig) but this one was high up and way to difficult to start with for Mariska. Her first klettersteig was a short course in the Netherlands and the second was a high rope parcour in Finland so we looked fort he next best thing to do, a very long zip line on the other side of the Jungfrau area. We tried to get there by car, but to get to the start of the zip- line we needed to walk a few hours also. We enjoyed the area and went to a via ferrata i found on the internet (hurray for fast mobile internet in all off Europe). We started walking up a beautifull mountain and it was an easy via ferrata and good to practise with since there is always more to learn about safety.
    The view was beautifull and after 1,5 hours we reached the top where a small restuarant was situated. So after a well deserved drink we went back to the car and this time we reached it with enough time left before dark. We drove to our next accomodation just behind the Gotthard Tunnel. It almost felt like italy with all these Italian speakers around here. We went for dinner at this Hamburger place and it said: create you own legend. Well we did that, the best burger I ever ate… And the restaurant was what we call very gezellig. Nice atmossphere very friendly staff and good music :D.
    Day 3
    The last day of Switzerland we drove back along the pass next to the Gotthard to Andermatt, where our final klettersteig would be beginning at the Devills bridge.
    It was a very steep climb and eventually quite long. It was marked as “ a little difficult” so with Mariska climbing in front I was amazed of her speed the first part. I said” don’t forget to enjoy the view” and she said: yes when this steep part is over. Her fear off heights played some part in this and honestly I have to say that she did an amazing job climbing this track without any hesitations or complaints. I am proud on the way she handled every obstacle and trusts me every time I say she can do it. Actually I think Mariska is now cured from this fear. So after our victory moment at the top and the way down, it was already 15:00.
    We needed to go to Bologna and the way to get there was taking the pass above the Gotthard and then to Italy, apparently this is a very busy road because we went from traffic jam to traffic jam. Around 21:00 we arrived in Bologna, settled the accommodation and walked to the nearest restaurant that would serve us at this late hour. Snoopy 2 was there for us ;-) we had well deserved pasta and pizza. The best tortellini if I must say.
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  • Day49

    Hospental rest day

    July 16, 2017 in Switzerland ⋅

    We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at Pension Zum Turm and spent the morning catching up on blogging and photos etc. Hospental is a quiet little Swiss town, perched high up in the mountains and postcard picturesque. We strolled around and followed a forest track for a little way - of course it involved steep climbs and descents, like everything around here, but well worth it.
    We shared a burger & soup on the terrace of the hotel next door at about 3pm and headed in to 'gird our loins' for tomorrow's climb.
    Once again Pat took some flower (and a butterfly) photos which are at: https://photos.app.goo.gl/v2L0KpzGr4Hg6N4y1
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  • Day48

    Le Bourg D'Oisans to Höpental

    July 15, 2017 in Switzerland ⋅

    We had booked accommodation in Hospental to resume our cycle touring route, and Karen and Erik very kindly drove us in to the Grenoble railway station. Finding somewhere to park campervan is always a challenge in a city, but Erik courageously pulled into the huge and almost empty bus area. We had just started unloading the bikes when a uniformed lady came over and told us (in French) that parking there is forbidden, and if we don't move immediately the police will come. Once it became clear to her that we were just stupid foreigners who didn't know any better, and that the van would go as soon as we could get the bikes and panniers out, she relaxed and indicated that we could have five minutes.
    We had worked out that we could catch a train from Grenoble at midday, change at Geneva and Visp, and arrive at Hospental at 7:13pm. It was a very scenic journey, particularly of course the Visp to Hospental section on the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn, which we had done before in 2011 to start our trip down the Rhine. We arrived in Hospental at 7:13pm as scheduled. It was a cold breezy evening in the very picturesque little town, and we warmed up by riding up the 10% grade from the station to our accommodation. After settling in to Pension Zum Turm, we went down to the restaurant and spent a large portion of the kids' inheritance on a few drinks and a very nice Hausgemachter Apfelstrudel mit Vanillesauce. We had to celebrate Matthew and Mary's success at an auction that morning. Tracey can't stop trying to speak French to all the German speaking locals who seem to speak quite good English.
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  • Day50

    Gotthard Pass!

    July 17, 2017 in Switzerland ⋅

    We had stayed two nights in Hospental (not realising what a beautiful picturesque little place it was) both to have a rest day and to avoid riding up the pass on the weekend. The extra bonus was that Monday morning was a little warmer and had blue skies. After an early breakfast we loaded up the bikes and headed up the hill. It is a very evenly graded climb from about 1490m at our accommodation to 2106m over 9km, or just under 7% grade. As we had hoped, the traffic wasn't too bad. We stopped for a coffee at a roadside restaurant after 4.2km. At that stage there was a quite strong and gusty cross/headwind threatening to blow us off the road in places. A vertiginous drop on one side, traffic on the other and a strong crosswind with panniers. That really makes you grip the bars and concentrate, but fortunately we were sheltered from it much of the time. After 6km there are two roads, the newer one which takes almost all of the traffic, and the old cobbled road, which goes for 3kms. After quite a few photo stops - the place is just so dramatic and beautiful - we arrived at the top in good shape and another cyclist took a celebratory photo of us at the pass sign.
    After good coffee and cake at the restaurant at the top we rode out along the main road to a point that we had read about where you get a great view down over the switchbacks on the old cobbled road. Wow.
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  • Day50

    Etappe 8 Arth naar Goscheneralp

    July 21, 2017 in Switzerland ⋅

    We vertrokken rond 9.00 uur weer voor t vervolg van onze toer en Weer de Bike Map route opgepakt en de fraaie landschappen en plaatsjes gingen we voorbij.Na een uurtje werd t droog en zagen we de besneeuwde bergen naderbij komen..We daalden af naar t prachtige meer van Luzern en de fietsweg liep vlak naast t meer op zo n 75 meter hoogte .De auto s raasden langs ons maar we fietsen veilig op eigen weg.De Go Pro veel ingezet met spectaculaire beelden onderweg gemaakt.In Fluelen koffiestop gemaakt en de heerlijkse gebakjes gegeten.Het begon te miezeren dus we deden regenjasjes aan en t was best lekker even het water op je benen te voelen en er zit veel zuurstof in de lucht.Enfin we toerden heerlijk door de sappige groene weidjes..langs treinspoorweggetjes .ook weer soms alleen grind.geen probleem ook daar raak je aan gewend.
    We zagen overal de Gotthard route pas staan..raar als je nu met de fiets langs die route fietst..Opeens begon de lange klim van 34 km die ons vandaag en morgen over die berg zou voeren.Gestaag moesten we flink op de pedalen..en t zweet gutste van mijn voorhoofd maar het ging verder prima. Na Wassen was t volgende doel Goschenen.We hadden een dag over en ik besloot Het Paradijs daar met elkaar te gaan opzoeken Gelukkig werd t steeds beter weer en wel een mome tje hoor als je t kerkje Goschenen ziet liggen.We hebben bij de Coop wat dingen gekocbt en ter plekke gelunched. Ferdie had ik een beetje opgestookt dat hij nu ook eens kon ervaren wat in de bergen fietsen is en hij ging de uitdaging aan om op de fiets van Jos de alp naar boven te fietsen.Met zwembroek aan en de schoenen van Jos beklom hij v t eerste een racefiets.Nou dat inklikken was een hele toer en we hielpen hem daarmee.Even proeffietsen en daar ging ie samen met Jos T.
    Jos V en ik in de auto en we filmden hun onderweg.Wat was t weer mooi..de wigmantenten stonden er weer en die Ferdie maar lekker doortrappen.Ging best goed en water in de nek gaf m weer power..Zelfs uit de auto hing ik zodat ie door kon fietsen.Iets over de helft ben ik toch ook op de fiets gegaan en gingen we met z n 3 en naar ons hotel Dammastock..Hehe dat viel niet mee maar we zijn er.
    We hadden een 4 pers kamer en t hotel bijna voor onszelf.Vreemd dat er geen gasten waren.Een stapelbed en 2 losse bedden.Wat een spullen sjouwen we telkens mee de kamer stond er vol mee.
    Kleding uitgewassen en aan drooglijn gehangen.Daarna eerst schnitzel eten en toen naar de stuwdam.Helaas was t uitzicht op de gletscher niet helemaal helder maar t was weer indrukwekkend.
    40 jaar geleden was ik hier met Jos mijn broer en op die plek weer een foto gemaakt wat we toen ook gedaan hebben.Er is niks veranderd hier.ook de
    bergkristal langs de weg nog steeds te koop.
    We ontmoeten een hele aardige kerel die alles wist te vertellen over Goschenen.Zo blijkt in de bergen hier het grootste veld te liggen met bergkristal en hebben ze daar zelfs een huisje in de bergen op 3000.meter gebouwd. Het wolkendek trok echter open zodat we toch mooie foto s gemaakt hebben oa door een verrekijker een marmot gespot..Enfin daarna teruggewandeld en gaan pitten..Prima geslapen..Morgen weer verder.
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