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    • Day 729


      March 3, 2022 in Switzerland ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

      Long trip. Very different. Dubai airport was almost empty, more people waiting in Geneva arrivals hall compared to travellers. I think the world will take a long time to get back to people travelling as they used to.Read more

    • Day 3


      April 1 in Switzerland ⋅ 🌧 10 °C

      Kurz hinter Bern beginnt die französische Schweiz. Das erste kleine Highlight folgt als ich nach einem Tunnel plötzlich den Genfer See erreiche mit Bergen im Hintergrund. Passend dazu scheint die Sonne auf die Weinberge.
      Der erste Eindruck von Genf: voll mit (lauten) Autos. Überall vierspurigen Straßen durch die Stadt.
      Genf ist der Sitz vieler internationaler Organisationen, aber touristische Sehenswürdigkeiten gibt es nicht viele. Das Spektakulärste ist eine 140m Wasserfontäne im Genfer See.
      Am nächsten Tag besuche ich das Museum des Internationalen Komitees des Roten Kreuzes (IKRK). Die Ausstellung ist gut gemacht mit viel Interaktion und Audioguide.
      Die Hauptthemen sind die Arbeit des IKRK bei Naturkatastrophen, der Familienzusammenführung nach Kriegen und die Genfer Konventionen, z.B. Besuche bei Kriegsgefangenen.
      Direkt nebenan ist ein alter Palast der Vereinten Nationen, allerdings geschlossen.
      Den Rest des Tages spaziere ich durch einen botanischen Garten.
      Es gibt sehr viele internationale Restaurants. Ich entscheide mich für Mongolisch. Das Gericht Tsuivan ist ähnlich zu Pad Thai. Dazu probiere ich mongolischen Tee. Der besteht aus Milch, grünem Tee und Salz. Schmeckt wie warme Milch mit Salz statt Honig. Mal was anderes.
      Bevor ich abreise besuche ich am nächsten Morgen noch schnell das Museum des CERN. Am Vortag war es leider geschlossen.
      Die Ausstellung zum größten Teilchenbeschleuniger der Welt ist interessant aber nicht sehr umfangreich (nur ein einzelner Raum). Ich lasse mir viel Zeit und bin trotzdem nach einer Stunde durch. Man darf sich aber nicht beschweren, denn der Eintritt frei.
      Ein neues, großes Besucherzentrum ist gerade im Bau und wird leider erst später im Jahr eröffnet.
      Danach geht's gleich zum Bahnhof und Richtung interlaken zu den hohen Bergen.
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    • Day 31

      Geneva Day 2

      July 19 in Switzerland ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

      I have to start by saying that when people say Switzerland is expensive, they are NOT playing around. First, the hostels out here are the most expensive that I’ve paid for (Zurich will be 90CAD per night😭😭) I couldn’t find a meal for less than 15CHF (= 23CAD). My dinner and lunch each cost that much, and it was so sad. My lunch was a “smoked salmon sandwich” which was smoked salmon, butter, and lettuce on bread 😭😭. My dinner? What seemed like a microwave steak (which was cold when served) with some potatoes, salad, and a wedge of cantaloupe 😭😭. It’s tough out here. At a pub that I went to later, a long island was literally 30CHF (= 46CAD!!!!!) ISNT THAT INSANE. I did not get the long island btw. Sooo yeah I spent a lot of money today. Will be making as much use of the free breakfast here as I can. One thing that I will complement Switzerland on is that their water is DELICIOUS!! After drinking weird tasting water for the past month (bottled water included) this tap water is soooo scrumptious and cold and refreshing.

      So my day started with none other than the free breakfast which is nothing special, but is free 😝. After I went out to walk around and explore. I was feeling a bit groggy so I took a nap in a park LOL- but side note, everyone does that here, and I was not concerned for my safety at all. Honestly, Switzerland is the place that I have felt safest so far, maybe it’s because it’s just rich people who live here 😭 Anyways, I read a bit of my book before going to explore some more. I walked across the Mont Blanc bridge over to the old town, which is exactly what it sounds like. I did a lot of wandering before realizing that there isn’t even much to see out here. I did some research on free things to do around Geneva, and found myself in the “Maison Tavel” which is a sort of museum that documents Geneva lifestyle. It was kind of like a house, and showcased household items and furniture common to locals throughout history here. I thought it was cool, there also was like a big 3D map of Geneva at the top which was cool. After that I headed over to the next free thing, the art history museum, which I was reeeally excited for because 1. Free and 2. I haven’t been to an art museum in Europe yet!!! And i’m a sucker for art. This museum was huge and beautiful and never ending. There was soo much art, and thankfully, there were some English descriptions so I could understand some things. It was really interesting to see some of my Art History knowledge from school overlap with what I saw!! Made it even more captivating. I spend probably an hour and a half looking at the artwork, then went to the courtyard, where I took another nap in a comfy chair😭😭😭 I don’t know why I’m so tired today. After I got that sad excuse for a smoked salmon sandwich (they could have at least put cream cheese) and I walked over to a fountain to finish my sandwich. After, I walked close up to the huge water pump thing. “The Geneva Water Fountain.” It sprays the lake water up to 140 meters which is kinda wild. From certain angles it made a rainbow which I loved. After, I just walked home where I met new hostelmates- which was nice because last night I came when everyone was sleeping, so I couldn’t meet anyone. Funny thing, I had been in a group chat for some dinner and drinks tonight, and my hostelmate- Annabelle, ended up being the person that organized it! So, after a shower we went down to the place, where you have to pay 2 francs just to enter the area (main beach area). I had that sad steak an a tiny 8 franc (12.27CAD) aperol spritz, and the group headed to that pricey pub shortly after. We played some games of darts, which I really sucked at, and lost every game😭 we called it an early night and went back to the hostel.
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    • Day 99


      July 7, 2018 in Switzerland ⋅ 🌙 23 °C

      This is a sweet town! (-But it was so hard to leave Chamonix!!!! We were all wistful. Boys made some friends at paintball last night and were invited to stay on for a BBQ after. Great mums to chat with. The boys had such good fun with their new French mates and exchanged emails. Didn't want to say goodbye. Wish we could have met them earlier in our stay! Sweet.).

      Switzerland is famous for clocks, cheese, knives, chocolates, banks, and remaining neutral. Home to the European UN HQ and the European Red Cross HQ, Geneva is definitely a bit 'quiet.' On the 'Top 5 Things To Do' tourist brochure, the #2 best thing was the 'flower clock' (a small hill of flowers with a clock in the middle). We had actually already passed it on an earlier walk without realising it was the second best tourist attraction. Whoops!

      The lake (biggest in Europe) is impressive and I imagine it will be a site for many walks. The chocolate shops will also get a visit from me! And it's quite fun to people-watch. Geneva seems a bit of a melting pot. So, it will be lovely to have a few quieter days before saying Ciao/Adios/Au Revoir/ Auf Wiedersehen to Europe!

      TUESDAY- Today we make our way to London and will stay over at Heathrow before catching our flight to NYC tomorrow. Geneva was full of pleasant surprises- free 4-hour Geneveroule bike rentals which allowed us to explore at leisure, as well as some great beaches to play in, complete with floating docks, floating rock climbing towers, and a restaurant with a massive floating table so you can still eat while in the water.
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    • Day 10

      Genève: city of sparrows

      August 14, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

      Not too many disagreements about naming Geneva, although "City of Money" comes a close second. Apartment in fantastic location; 20 minute walk from station across bridge at base of the lake, in full view of the Jet D'eau. Wonderful lakeside marina, gardens, parks and eateries. Spent our 36 hours here relaxing, strolling and sunbathing ... And wishing we were millionaires! Lovely city surrounded by mountains and lake, and teeming with gorgeous people and - did we mention - sparrows!Read more

    • Day 1

      La Rade et Jet d'Eau

      January 8, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ ☁️ 2 °C

      Started my day with the Geneva water front with a lovely walk along the La Rade! This included seeing the Jet d’Eau, literally a jet of water, pretty accurate when it’s 140m water fountain. The walk gave beautiful views of the new and old side of the city, a really lovely start to my time in Geneva!Read more

    • Day 2

      Popolino a Ginevra

      August 19, 2022 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

      Prima tappa di questo viaggio è Ginevra
      Lui è Popolino e ha deciso di seguirmi in questa avventura ❤️
      Un giro veloce per la città e poi si riparte di nuovo tra qualche ora

      A dopo

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