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  • Day11


    November 28, 2017 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Heute sind wir in der früh mit dem Zug nach Fangliao und von dort mit einem Shuttelbus nach Kenting. Der Busfahrer hat uns dann sogar direkt bei unserem Hostel rausgelassen. Nach kurzer Suche haben wir es dann auch gefunden. Ein sehr schönes Hostel das aus einzelnen Bungalows besteht.
    Nach einer kurzen Erholungspause sind wir erst zum McDonalds essen und dann aber auch direkt an den Strand. Baden und in der Sonne bräunen... Und das im November.
    Um 4 sind wir dann wieder zu unserem Bungalows. Ein Bier und eine Dusche später sind wir auch schon auf den Nightmarket um etwas zu essen. Der ist hier deutlich teurer und touristischer, aber auch schön.
    Morgen geht's wahrscheinlich ins Meeresbiologie Museum. Gute Nacht
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  • Day12

    Kenting Tag 2

    November 29, 2017 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Heute waren wir in der früh in einem Meeresbiologie Museum, dort haben wir uns die einheimischen Fische, aber auch die Fische aus aller Welt in unzähligen Aquarien angeschaut. Einige der Aquarien die größten Asiens.
    Danach haben wir was gegessen und haben dann eine kurze Pause gemacht.
    Abends wollten wir uns dann den Sonnenuntergang am Strand anschauen, leider war es dann jedoch bewölkt. Dann noch schnell duschen und wieder einmal über die Kenting Street laufen auf der Suche nach Essen. Heute war da zum Glück weniger los.
    Abends noch Zigarre und Bier, so kann man beruhigt einschlafen.
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  • Day10

    Südlichster Punkt Taiwan

    May 8, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ 🌙 26 °C

    Nachdem wir gestern Nacht erst um Dreiviertel 3 wieder im Hotel waren haben wir heute früh mal ausgeschlafen. Leider wurden wir „morgens“ (um halb 10) vom Regen geweckt, welcher sich auch den ganzen Tag immer mal wieder geäußert hat.
    Nachdem wir gemütlich gegessen hatten (heute gabs mal kein Taiwan Essen) ging es mit unserem Mietauto weiter in den Süden bis an die südlichste Spitze der ganzen Insel. Dort führte ein kleiner Weg mitten durch den Dschungel bis ans Meer. Einige Tiere haben wir auch gesehen, unter anderem wunderschöne große Schmetterlinge, Eichhörnchen (die ihr Nest gebaut haben) und Krebse.
    Abends sind wir bei uns um die Ecke nochmal an den Strand gegangen, an welchen aber Baden verboten ist wegen sehr starken Strömungen. Danach ging es nochmal über einen Nachtmarkt zum Essen und Kleinigkeiten shoppen.
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  • Day12

    Meer & Geburtstag feiern

    May 10, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ 🌙 25 °C

    Am heutigen Tag ist nicht sehr viel passiert. Robin hat heute Geburtstag und wir haben viele kleinere Ausflüge gemacht. Als erstes wollten wir zu Dünen fahren und dort etwa genießen, da wir aber recht planlos losgefahren sind kamen wir an einem Park an, an dem man Eintritt zahlen musste. Nun gut wir sind rein gefahren ohne zu wissen was dort ist, hat sich aber definitiv sehr gelohnt. Das ganze war dann eine kurze Busfahrt am Meer entlang, mit einem chinesischen Guide (welcher auch kein Wort Englisch konnte).
    Nach der Busfahrt und vielen Fotos sind wir weiter zu einem Surferstrand gefahren und danach endlich zu den Dünen.
    Am Abend sind wir wieder sehr lecker Essen gewesen, im gleichen Restaurant wie gestern. Nur der kleine Unterschied war, im ganzen Laden kein Asiate, nur Europäer. Genauer gesagt Iren, welche alles Hochzeitgäste sind und wir. Sogar die Mitarbeiter haben Fotos und Videos gemacht von uns.
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  • Day11

    National Forest Recreation Area

    May 9, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ 🌙 23 °C

    Heute hieß es Regenponchos an und raus in das Naturschutzgebiet. Mitten durch den Dschungel ging es über schöne Wege zu verschiedenen Aussichtspunkten. Auf der kurzen Wanderung sind uns sogar Affen begegnet (letztes Bild), Schlangen haben wir bis jetzt noch nicht gesehen. Das Wetter hat sich jedoch dann schneller gebessert als gedacht.
    Nach einem guten Mittagessen wollten wir zu einem Wasserfall. Dort angekommen stellte sich aber heraus das fast kein Wasser vorhanden ist. Jedoch blieb eine sehr abenteuerliche kurze Wanderung nicht aus. Für mich war diese nicht sehr angenehm (Höhenangst).
    Am Abend waren wir sehr lecker essen, Teppanyaki (Japanische Küche).
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  • Day16

    Rain, rain, go away and don't come back!

    October 10, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Well the weather has defeated us again. It rained ALL morning. Our plan to see the North East of Taiwan just isn't possible with this bad weather so after a lot of deliberation we decided to head south to a place called Kenting. It wasn't the easiest of places to get to but it's the southern most part of the island and the weather is generally good so we went for it!

    After a bit of confusion with buying our ticket we missed our first train but after that it was pretty straight forward, 2 trains and then a bus ride and we arrived for 6:30pm. Let's just say our moods were not great during the travel as we were both so gutted (and soaked) about not going to the North, but ah well. I can hear you say, "Well you could have just sucked it up and and gone in the rain", but it would have just been horribly miserable!! Once we got on the bus the sun was shining and our moods got better. We made the right decision!

    When we arrived the bus dropped us off about 20 mins from the hotel and when getting off I saw a small girl carrying a pizza box. It was a sign, tonight was the night for our Taiwanese Pizza. For those that are new to the blog we've had one pizza in each country and its been fun! We ordered a seafood pizza and although not the best or biggest, it was super popular and hit the spot.

    We then walked along the main night market strip to our hotel and let's be honest it's a sin to walk through a night market without getting anything so we bought what I can only describe as an open, sweetened beef sandwich with sweet potato crisps covered in molten cheese. We sat on the street with a beer from 7-11, eating our sweetened burger watching everyone passby. I wouldn't get it again but it did fill us up! So one thing we have found bizarre here is although they are crazily safety conscious, they have a really busy night market on the sides of the highway with pedestrians crossing aimlessly and trucks and coaches passing at 60kmph.

    Finally we made it to our hotel and upon check-in the owner apologised as she had given our room away, so has upgraded us to a suite. Obviously we were so angry by this... Ugh... not!! WINNING!!! We had a double bed each, a sofa area and ensuite. What a perfect end to a rough day 😊 It was only 9pm but as soon as I put my head down I was fast asleep while Will watched Xmen on the TV haha.
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  • Day17

    Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

    October 11, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ 🌬 28 °C

    "What a difference a day/ sleep makes". We both slept like there was no tomorrow and fully made the most of our suite. At about 10:30am I popped downstairs to extend our booking, in hope they will let us keep the room for the same price. But I think we had our luck and they were fully booked up! So we quickly packed and found somewhere else to stay that was just a minute walk down the room. Not quite as cheap, beautiful and roomy but still an ensuite with a fridge, kettle and tv. We weren't expecting to check in so early but amazingly we could which was perfect.

    For brunch we had sausage and rice bento box from 7-11 and then hired a bike from our old hotel for half the price of everywhere else in the town. Today we planned to do various site seeing spots but to be honest I'm so sick of eating rubbish food so we went to a local town to a supermarket to buy cereal, milk, fruit, snacks and sandwich stuff so we don't have to eat out 3 meals a day for a couple of days. Oh and we bought a couple of different fruity beers which they don't sell at 7-11 so we thought we'd try them. By the time we got back it was around 3pm, so we had a cereal lunch and Will had a noodle pot. We didn't have any bowls or cutlery so let's just say we had to improvise. We had cereal out of plastic water cups and Will ate his noodles using two free toothbrush ends that we got free with the room 🤣

    Then we jumped on the bike and went for a coastal drive. It felt about 100 degrees with a gale force wind. The views were really pretty but as usual a few of the must see places had a cost attached so we didn't end up seeing the lighthouse. On our way back we saw a cloud iridescence, which is a rainbow in a cloud!

    In the evening we agreed to meet Alex who was now in Kenting at sunset the Guanshan view point. We were running pretty late but arrived just in the nick of time and guess what you had to pay to enter! We decided not to pay as the sunset wasn't great and Alex hadn't made it in time either. It was now getting really windy.

    For dinner we met up with Alex and Bianca in Hengchun and went to a veggie buffet (it was OK, but not great), we tried shaved ice which is a huge craze here (again it was OK but probably wouldn't get it again) and our usual fried chicken (yum).

    Then came the reason we all came to Kenting, the ground on fire on Chuhuo National Scenic Area. We all joked about how rubbish it was going to be and the flame will probably be the size of a tea light but it was actually really lovely. We sat around, drank beers and chatted about all our travels. It was such a nice evening. The wind suddenly turned up a notch so we got back on our bikes and drove home. The drive home was about half an hour and we were both holding on to dear life the whole way. The wind had really picked up and it was tough but we got home safely. Will treated himself to a bubble wrap waffle when we arrived 😊
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  • Day18

    Sheding and Cruising Down the Coast

    October 12, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ 🌬 28 °C

    It absolutely down poured all night, but luckily by the morning it was dry, crazyily windy but dry. Today the plan is to visit Sheding Nature Reserve and then go for a coastal drive along the east side.

    Sheding Nature Reserve was small but pretty, we walked the whole reserve in the morning, through the coral gorges, up the decking to see the coastal views and it was really peaceful. This whole area, in fact the whole of Taiwan, used to be completely under water until an earthquake formed the island. This has resulted in coral reef gorges within the reserve. They were very impressive. It must be butterfly season at the moment because they reserve was full of all kinds. It was really beautiful, unfortunately some of them were struggling in the wind! At the top we had our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before heading back to the bike and beginning our coastal drive.

    Luckily it wasn't as windy as yesterday and we were able to go much further round the west coast. We stopped at a couple of view points and ended up in Jialeshui. This must be surfer heaven! The waves are huge here. We sat for a while just watching all the surfers of all levels. In all honesty it was a good laugh and by the end we were really egging them on from the sideline to do well.

    After a while we jumped back on the bike and drove to Hengchun to see the old town in daylight. We wandered along the old city walls and along the cobbled streets but to be honest there wasn't much else to do. We sat in the main square and decided to do a bit of planning and booked another flight, super excited but I'll tell you where to when it happens! In celebration we went for an early dinner. Its only 5pm but we are starving, so eat we shall.

    We finished the day planning for the next day and drinking brown sugar bubble tea. Going to miss this stuff!
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  • Day19

    Just Keep Swimming...

    October 13, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ 🌬 28 °C

    Yesterday we were unsure what to do with our final 4 days, but decided to stay in Kenting one more day and then two nights in Hualien (in hope to get into the Taroko Gorge again).

    Today we decided to have a free day. The morning was spent finding and booking our accomodation for our last few days and then we jumped on the scooter and headed to South Beach. We went attempted to swim for a while but the waves got quite big so we decided to move on to see Baisha beach, also famous for starring in the Life of Pi. I can understand why, it was so beautiful.

    The sun was at its peak when we arrived so we sat amongst the huge coral rocks and ate our lunch in the tiniest bit of shade. Then we went for a cool and refreshing swim. It was a much better swim here as the waves weren't as big! We stayed for a while swimming, reading, swimming, reading and swimming. What a fab day! We decided to stay till sunset. Sunset was OK. Everyone always talks and shows pictures of incredible sunsets. I must admit we have now down a tonne of sunsets and still not had thee sunset that everyone shows in the pictures!

    We then went back to the main street in Kenting and picked up our luggage to take to Hengchun which is where we were staying that evening, about 20 mins scooter ride away. Now scooters aren't big and this particular one was pretty teeny. Fitting 2 people and two backpacks was not easy!! Will was on the front driving and I had to hold/ balance two backpacks on me. It was not a comfy journey but we got there in the end.

    For dinner I had Soy pork with rice, will had spare rib noodle soup and then we had some dumplings. Yum! As it was a Saturday it was impossible to find accomodation within our budget. The cheapest thing we could find was a dorm room. It was really odd... The room was basically a big shelf with a bed on each shelf... Let's see how we sleep tonight...
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  • Day18

    On the road again

    October 16, 2017 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Finally! The feeling of this vibrating 2-wheeled whatsoever transportation thing is what I missed the most. The country roads take me deeper and deeper into aboriginal land. Sometimes gravel and mud washed onto the road still block sections of the road. Eventually, the Pacific Ocean draws a deep blue line on the horizon. Now it's time to find a place to sleep. But wow, these backcountry villages don't even have a 7-11-store nor anything else that looks hospitable. Time to get creative.Read more

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