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  • Day16

    Taipei 101

    December 9, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ 🌧 18 °C

    Our last day in Taipei together, so we made an early start (9am is early for Taiwan - nothing usually opens until 11am, but then goes late into the night). We booked online last night to visit Taipei 101, the second tallest building in the world (with the second fastest lift in the world... both thanks to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai!).

    Coming early was a good move as we were up very quickly with plenty of room to move around, but the weather wasn't on our side and visibility was rated as poor (non-existent was closer most of the time!). But the star of the show is the Tuned Mass Damper, a 660 ton ball of steel which is suspended over 5 floors between levels 82 to 87. It's designed to absorb and counteract the buildings movement during high winds and moves up to 1m during a typhoon.

    It had started to rain lightly as we walked to a local craft market, but they were still setting up... at 11.30am... so we had a bagel, found a cache, and caught the MRT back to our hotel.

    KT, DC and Chris are flying home tonight so we finalised bag packing (DC had plenty of space which KT was pleased to fill!), and we escorted them to the MRT station to catch the airport train.

    We continued via a couple of caches toward Ningxia Night Market, which was mostly food stalls, and very busy, then wound our way back to the hotel via a decent coffee at Starbucks (which says something about the quality of coffee in Taiwan!)
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  • Day254

    Taipei 101 !!

    June 17, 2020 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Le coucher de soleil depuis Taipei 101 ❤️

    Taipei 101 est la tour emblématique de Taïwan. Elle mesure + de 400m de hauteur, a en son centre un système pour contrer les rafales de vent, et a un des ascenceurs les plus rapides du monde 🚀!

    La vue de l'observatoire est juste magnifique. On se rend compte à quel point on est entouré de forêt et de montagne partout. Et surtout à quel point la ville est grande et aérée ! De la verdure partout 🏞️🤩

    Bref, pour un de nos derniers couchers de soleil à l'autre bout du monde, on est plutôt gâté ! 🌇
    Le retour approche, on a hâte de vous revoir ❤️
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    julie crouquet


    Julien Baessens

    La classe les photos :) La bonne journée pour y aller !


    Magnifique et impressionnant, on dirait que les photos sont prises par un drone tellement c'est haut! [Olivier]

  • Day12

    Nǐ hǎo Taipei

    January 4, 2020 in Taiwan ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Flew into Taipei this morning; a bustling Asian megopolis that feels like a cross between Siagon and Tokyo. Has all the crazy traffic, scooters and street vendors of a Saigon but also is very modern and glitzy like Tokyo.

    Took in the street markets (day and night) and Art Museum, a Temple at night and visited Taipei 101 for the 360 degree views of the city at sunset.

    I like the buzz of Taipei and I'm staying a place called Bee House which is totally Bee themed and very cool. Peace and tranquility in the heart of the bustling streets.

    Everything mingles and merges here. Street vendors outside a hardware store and next door to an up market gift store and all around the garish red and gold of the Chinese New Year themed stores... the smells of food... and neon and noise!

    Looking forward to my three days here, the life the sights and the food. Speaking if which I found an amazing Burger joint and enjoyed a brilliant burger and fries, which was really yummy after the last 10 days of Asian food.
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  • Day404

    Zwischenstopp in Taipei

    December 5, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Heute ging es in drei Stunden⌚ mit EVA Air, der taiwanesischen Fluglinie 🛫die zu den 10 besten der Welt gehört, nach Taiwan oder auch Republik China.
    Taiwan wird von den meisten Ländern nicht als eigenständiges Land anerkannt, aufgrund der Ein China Politik, wonach es nur ein "China" gibt, wozu auch Macau, Hongkong und Taiwan gehören.🤔 Somit ist Taiwan seit 1971 auch nicht mehr Mitglied der UNO. Legitime Vertreterin ist die Volksrepublik China. Wie die Volksrepublik China das wohl hinbekommen hat?🤔 So etwas nennt man wohl Weltpolitik...🤔🤔🤔

    Die gut neun Stunden Zwischenstopp nutzten wir, um in die Hauptstadt Taipeh zu fahren. Normal gibt es einen MRT Express Zug, mit dem man in 35 Minuten dort ist.🚆 Irgendwie haben wir wohl den falschen Abzweig genommen, haben den "Bummelzug" erwischt und brauchten mehr als eine Stunde bis zum Hauptbahnhof.
    Und dort kamen wir raus und sahen Geschäfte, Geschäfte Geschäfte.....ohne Ende....😏 Einmal aus dem Untergrund an die Oberfläche geschaut....und Geschäfte über Geschäfte...😏 Unser Ziel ist der 101 Taipeh Tower und nach diesem ersten Eindruck beschlossen wir, direkt mit der MRT dorthin zu fahren. Mit unserer Moovit App war es auch kein Problem uns in dem Gewirr zurechtzufinden.
    Angekommen am Tower mussten wir feststellen, dass man wenn man direkt davor steht nicht unbedingt die beste Perspektive auf den Schachtelhalm-Turm hat.
    Der 508 m hohe Turm, der von 2004 bis 2007 das höchste Gebäude der Welt war, ist schon sehr beeindruckend. Beim Hochschauen wird einem fast schwindelig.😇
    Direkt am 101 Tower gibt es ein Riesen Shopping Center der Nobelmarken, aber mit einem normalen Foodcourt. Unser letztes Abendessen in Asien liessen wir uns am Sushi Karussell schmecken.🍣🍣🍣😋
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    Thomas Schilling

    Hey, man könnte meinen, der Turm fällt gleich um.

    489days Reise um die Welt

    Ja, das war das Ding mit der Perspektive...😂😀😉

  • Day49

    Taiwan - Taipeh 101

    June 22, 2017 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    An unserem letzten Tag in Taipeh sind wir gleich zweimal auf den Elephant Mountain gewandert - von da aus hat man eine tolle Sicht auf die Stadt und den Taipeh 101. Und das wollten wir natürlich bei Tag und Nacht sehen 😉
    Zum Sonnenuntergang waren wir dann noch beim Starbucks im Taipeh 101 im 35. Stock ☕️🍰
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    Nicole S.

    Tolle Fotos!! Wünsche euch eine gute Weiterreise 😘

    Elina B.

    Wie cool 😎

  • Day1

    Bye bye Singapore, Hello Country No. 8!

    September 25, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ 🌧 30 °C

    5am...ring ring ring... Ahhhh!! I've not missed this feeling... Up we get for country number eight, Taiwan! Upon booking our trip we didn't have Taiwan on the cards but after finding very cheap flights it quickly became our top destination and after a bit more research we got more and more excited. Taiwan is an island with great food, beaches, mountains and affordable. Tick, tick, tick.

    Definitely got the hang of our airport efficiency, Grab taxi setup, breakfast (leftover biryani), packed, clothes laid out, all we had to do was roll out of bed, check-in, and find a seat. So, I'm not sure if other people play the game "Let's see what we can get with the leftover currency", but it is always a highlight of our early morning airport trips (we are pretty tired so need some excitement!). Today we were able to get two coffees (£1.50 total) and two mentos tubes (£1.10 total), bargain!! You couldn't even get that in a normal shop in the UK never mind an airport. Singapore is such an affordable, yet established country, we really love it here.

    Now on our flight waiting to jet off. Taipei here we come!

    Of course we do the majority of our research for Taipei on the plane over. First panic... after being in Singapore for a while I forgot that actually everything here will be in Mandarin. Well downloading Google translate offline will be the first job when I get WiFi! Many people have said 2 weeks is more than enough time but from reading more about it I don't think 3 weeks is enough, let's see.

    On arrival everything went pretty smoothly, immigration was straightforward, grabbed a Sim card, got out cash, jumped on the MRT, walked for a bit and checked into our hostel.

    The hostel is very modern inside and seems pretty quiet so far but it is the middle of the day. Our "room" is pretty cute. We booked a double bed in a dorm room. There are 4 doubles and 4 singles each with their own compartment. Of course ours is the tiny hatch in the corner on the bottom, we literally have to crawl in 😂 Inside it is super roomy though so overall its looking good.

    By the time we got in it was dinner time as we hadn't had lunch so we headed to one of the largest night markets in Taiwan, Shilin Night Market. It absolutely chucked it downWe tried Peppered Pork Bun (really yummy), Chargrilled Spring Onions Wrapped in Bacon (way too oniony), King Oyster Mushrooms in a lemon, pepper and seaweed rub(number 1 of the night), Long Xao Bao (tasty) and "Small cake wrapped in large cake" (the lady smashes up a crunchy sugary thing into a pancake and sprinkles coconut on but it was tasteless and a waste of calories). All in all a success 😊
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  • Day2

    Wandering the streets of a rainy Taipei

    September 26, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ 🌧 25 °C

    I think my worst nightmare of sleeping in a dorm room is to have someone snore like a foghorn the whole night and guess what that just happened. If people are party animals and being annoying you always have the power to tell them to stop and worse case get the hostel to shut them up. However, if people are horrific snorers you are completely powerless. It's not actually their fault so I can't get angry but at the same time I wanted to die after the first 20 mins never mind the next 8 hours.

    Ah well, after a 20 min nap at 9am when they left I felt refreshed enough to get on with the day. Not sure if you've seen in the news but Japan is taking quite a hit from Typhoon Trami which is creating quite a lot of rain here in Taiwan. Rain coats on and off we go. Today we visited Bo'an Temple, Confusious Temple, Elephant Mountain (why we thought this was a good idea I will never know) and then to Taipei 101 the tallest tower in Taiwan. As the weather was pretty dreary it wasn't really worth going up but we did attempt to get in the highest Starbucks in the world. Well we attempted... Unfortunately we were rather unsuccessful as you have to book a day in advance, so instead we wandered round the mall tried a lot of pineapple cake tasters and then sat down to rest our feet with a Bubble Tea.

    For dinner we went to Tonghua Night Market and ate Stinky Tofu (very stinky but tasted fine) and pork dumpling noodle in a chilli sauce with a green bean/okra side dish. Happily full and a bit sick of the rain we headed back.
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  • Day60


    November 8, 2019 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    We took a great free walking tour of Taipei, taking in Longshan Temple (every kind of ancestor here to grant your wishes), Bopiliao Historical Block, Ximen Red House, Presidential Office, 228 Peace Memorial Park and the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. We had a student take us around and she taught us about the history of Taiwan, about modern culture and (importantly) took us to a traditional ice-cream store. We spent the afternoon looking round a unique shopping centre selling handcrafted goods and workshops to make them.Read more

  • Day35


    October 8, 2014 in Taiwan ⋅ 🌬 25 °C

    My first trip out of Hong Kong to see more of Asia - together with a group of other international students, we visited the capital city of Taiwan. It was a great trip, i found out a lot about what i liked and did not like to do during travelling with friends, and i learned a lot about how different each Asian culture could be.. A first taste to what was awaiting me the coming year when i would travel more and more more around Asia!!!Read more

  • Day73

    Taiwan - Taipei, Jiufen en Shifen

    November 12, 2016 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Na overleg met Simon in KL hadden we besloten om naar Taiwan te gaan. We zijn een paar dagen in Taipei geweest en hebben uitstapjes gemaakt naar Jiufen en Shifen. Taipei is een hele leuke stad, modern, netjes, schoon en de infrastructuur is top. Daarnaast kun je er ook heel goed stappen. We hebben Dumplings gegeten bij een sterren restaurant, heel veel heerlijk streetfood, de elephant mountain beklommen voor een uitzicht over de stad en we hebben wat historische plekken en gebouwen bezocht. In Shifen hebben we de watervallen bezocht, deze keer wél de moeite waard en we hebben een wensballon opgelaten op het spoor (cliché). In Jiufen is een authentiek Chinees/Taiwanees dorp, erg leuk om een keer heen te gaan. Samen met Simon en zijn huisgenoten hebben we echt een top week gehad. We hadden het niet verwacht maar Taiwan is super vet.Read more

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