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    • Jan15

      Day 37 - Right Place, Wrong Time

      January 15 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

      After another decent sleep we went down to reception at 9am for a much needed breakfast before our scooter arrived at 9.30. The timing couldn’t have been better, because as soon as the scooter arrived and I was required to complete the paperwork & go & check the scooter for damage etc, our breakfast of eggs on toast were going the other way to our table. By the time I returned to breakfast, Jackie had finished her poached eggs & my scrambled eggs were just lukewarm. Not the start I had been hoping for!

      Our trip commenced by heading south to (not so) Secret Beach followed by Yao Beach. The tide was high so we couldn’t see the beaches at their best, but we decided they didn’t match up to our Salad Beach. On their plus side, they certainly had more eating options within walking distance of the beaches.

      We stopped fleetingly at several other beaches, including Ao Chao pao, before driving through the busy centre of Thong Sala. After stopping at a pharmacy for a couple of bits, we stopped at a 7-11 store for some snacks for our room. I bought several packets of Dewberry jammy dodgers at just 10 Baht each. Just saying!

      The roads on Ko Phangan are very hilly & steep with lots of potholes, which makes riding a scooter extremely treacherous, particularly when at the bottom of each slope you have to drive through what can only be described as a sandpit. Understandably there are frequent scooter accidents resulting in the loss of skin on limbs which is known as a ‘Ko Phangan tattoo’. We have seen plenty of evidence of this with many people walking around with bandaged limbs, including one poor sod who had all 4 limbs & his chin bandaged! For these reasons, it is the law to wear a crash helmet & I had read that it is strictly enforced by the local police.

      The roads from Thong Sala to the south of the island were the trickiest to navigate, due to large cracks & potholes in the road, but we arrived safely at Hat Rin Nok Beach, better known as the famous Full Moon Party Beach. The next Full Moon Party is scheduled for two days time on Monday 17th January. We parked up & walked most of the length of the beach. Despite being deemed to be a beautiful beach it didn’t particularly do much for either of us. The beach front resorts were a mixture of nice to damn right awful & the town behind it was run down & soulless.

      We didn’t stay long & instead rode back to Ban Tai, just south of Thong Sala, then headed into the mountainous jungly heart of the island. This provided an exhilarating ride which took us to Than Sadet-Ko Pha-Ngan National Park, where we were forced to pay 100 Baht each entry fee. The road took us down to Hat Sadet Beach, which is highly rated in my guidebook. The beach was very pleasing on the eye with large boulders at either end & large waves crashing on to the beach. On the downside, the beach faced east & the tall palm trees behind the beach were shading it from the sun. After a quick beer in the beach restaurant, we sat on the beach for 30 minutes in a small sunny spot & snacked.

      As were were helmeting up back at the scooter, two wild boar sauntered past, but true to form they had virtually disappeared before I could lay my hands on the camera.

      We rode back up the road & parked up to walk a 100 metres to a waterfall. Halfway along the rocky path, we decided to stop because we could see in the distance that the waterfall didn’t look that impressive & there were Thai families & kids playing in & around it. Instead I leapt from rock to rock over a couple of raging torrents (streams) to get a better photo of it, when to my amazement a stark naked western man & woman emerged from the water where the kids were playing & started drying off on the rocks. I’m not a prude but that was seriously taking the piss in a country where even topless sunbathing is seriously frowned upon.

      We continued up the east coast to Thong Nai Pan Yai Beach, then to Thong Nai Pan Noi Beach, which was decidedly more upmarket. We parked our scooter up alongside Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villas & walked to the beach. As we did so I became aware of a security guard blatantly watching our every move. We walked up & down the beach & declared it the best beach we had visited today, but it also suffered with the afternoon sun disappearing behind the palm trees. I later checked the starting cost to stay in a room at Anantara with a sea view which turned out to be £494 per night.

      Still under the scrutiny of the security guard, we left the beach & headed home. We passed an afternoon rave in the jungle north of Thong Sala, then we stopped at a Lotus (Tesco) store to buy masks & snorkels but 30 minutes later emerged with enough wine & Hong Thong to sink a battleship. We passed another pool party rave with lots of bright red, pissed-up kids & we made up our mind there & then that we wouldn’t bother with the Full Moon Party.

      Heading home we chanced upon a Police roadblock & they were stopping everyone, presumably to fine them for not having a crash helmet or a face mask or both. At least 8 people had been detained at the side of the road, but after we had stopped we were waved on. It felt good & justified us wearing our uncomfortable helmets all day.

      We rode to KC Kitchens, a roadside restaurant we had spotted when we first returned arrived on Ko Phangan, because it was heaving with diners mid-afternoon. It was rough & ready, but the food was fantastic & plenty of it. I had a pineapple curry with chicken & rice, whilst Jackie ordered a crispy pork dish. We had also ordered a starter of spring rolls which arrived after the main course & we struggled, but managed to eat.

      After being out & about for around 11 hours, the evening ended with a much needed shower, several large glasses of passable white wine & 2 more episodes of Afterlife.

      Song of the Day: Right Place, Wrong Time by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.
      Karma Police by Radiohead.
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    • Jan17

      Day 39 - The Oldest Swingers NOT in Town

      January 17 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

      The alarm was set for 8.30am & at 9am, I was laying out towels & sarongs on OUR sun beds. I then went into the restaurant to write up my blog & wait for Jackie. I returned the bike key which was collected without incident.

      We had an iced coffee & returned to our sun beds to find a Russian girl had moved her sun bed to within 2” of mine so she could also share the sunshine. I moved my bed a couple of inches away from her while she pretended to be asleep.

      We sunbathed all morning & noticed that all the Russian women around us resembled floor mops, a big head of hair & stick thin bodies, unlike us. We headed to Dubble Duke for lunch for a cheap beer. Jackie had a fried squid salad, whilst I had an Indian chicken curry.

      The afternoon was much of the same, but there were noticeably more young children around, mainly Russian. If that wasn’t bad enough, the Russian families all talk so incredibly loudly & I struggled to concentrate on reading my book.

      Sunset was a cracker that evening & warranted a couple of photos. Around the same time I also checked my emails & felt obliged to make more of an effort to complete a vetting form that had been sent to me that couldn’t be opened & completed on any Apple products or phones or tablets.

      With new determination, I popped down to reception to enquire with Pat if she had a computer or laptop I could borrow. She didn’t. She even rang another hotel, but they couldn’t help. I then knocked on Mandi & Jude, who had an Apple laptop that they were happy to lend me & Jude downloaded Google Chrome on to it for me. I took it away then had a touch of the seconds, because they were leaving the following morning. Mandi then introduced me to a Swedish family who had been staying at the resort for the last month, which ultimately resulted in the mum, Julia, agreeing to lend me her currently not working non Apple work laptop once IT had remotely fixed it. Hopefully this will be the following day.

      After all this running around, l relaxed with a chilled white wine on our balcony & we watched the full moon make it’s first appearance over a mountain. We tried to take photos of it, but it didn’t like it.

      We returned to the restaurant on the beach, where I ordered for both of us, a large Chang, a starter of No Name (vegetable tempura) & a Pad Thai. The waiter then turned to Jackie & asked what she would like. He was incredulous that we were sharing. He obviously thought that I looked like a greedy bastard!!

      After we’d finished dinner, we discovered that there was hardly anyone about & certainly no raving going on. We were definitely in the wrong place at the right time!

      We finished the evening with a quick nightcap on the balcony.

      Song of the Day: The Oldest Swinger in Town by Foster & Allen.
      Full Moon by The Kinks.
      Wrong Place, Right Time - No 2 by The Fall.
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    • Jan25

      Day 47 - Highs & Lows

      January 25 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      Jackie tried to wake me at 2.30am to inform me that I was literally pouring with sweat. I could hardly wake up, but I felt trickles of sweat running off my body & head. I slept through to the alarm, whilst Jackie was apparently googling my new symptoms.

      I got a coffee from the German owner & Silly Ninny returned my passport in exchange for the scooter keys. We walked down to the pier & boarded the catamaran at 9am & got what we considered the prime seats on the top deck. At 9.30am sharp, the catamaran pulled out of Koh Tao.

      An hour and a quarter later after a calm crossing, we docked at Thong Sala on Ko Phangan. We never know what to expect, because each time the entry requirements are totally different. On this occasion we were met by 2 police officers with Go-Pros on their helmets who demanded to see our passports, they photographed them with their phones & then took a 2nd photo of each of us holding our passports.

      Jackie had emailed Salad Beach Resort to arrange a pick up, but she hadn’t received a reply & there was no one there to meet us, so we had to resort to using a taxi. We were told it would be 200 Baht each & we had to wait 5 minutes for another boat to come in. Other taxis were full, but it seems we were the only taxi heading north. The driver then told us that because it was just us we would have to pay an extra 100 Baht each, but if he picked up any passengers along the way he would refund the extra money. I advised him that I was extremely unhappy with a volley of choice expletives. He just smiled back at me like a grinning idiot.

      The taxi ride was sedate compared to our last ride, but unsurprisingly enough we didn’t pick up any other fares. Upon arrival at Salad Beach Resort, we were met with a heroes welcome. All the staff came over to welcome us back. Pat told us that our cottage 205 was ready and escorted us over to it. We had previously selected this cottage as being in the best position & Pat was giving it to us at a good discounted price as loyal customers.

      Our cottage is so lovely & fresh with a large bed with white sheets. The balcony is large with a view of the sea and the pool. We were both have high hopes for a relaxing last week & are so glad we had made the decision to return here.

      After unpacking, we took a walk along the beach for a couple of beers at Dubble Duke, before returning at Jackie’s request to Crystal for their toasted rye bread pastrami sandwich we had enjoyed so much last time. When it arrived it was with white bread & when I bit into it the pastrami & bacon were limp. It was just what I didn’t want or need. I removed the offending meat & ate basically a cheese sandwich. I checked the menu intending to complain, but there was no mention of type of bread or crispy bacon etc, so we were left high & dry on that score.

      We sat by the pool during the afternoon & my queasiness returned, as well as a headache from reading with the wrong strength glasses. Jackie left to get me a banana shake & returned to tell me she had seen a laptop in reception. I had also been tracking Swedish Julia all afternoon, because I had seen her using her ‘broken’ computer.

      At 5.30pm, I saw my chance to innocently ask Julia if her computer was fixed. It wasn’t, she could still only access ‘Teams’ on it. We then went to reception & I asked Pat about the laptop Jackie had seen. Apparently it was a laptop lent to the resort, so that they could play music into the restaurant. Pat said I could borrow the laptop but only after the restaurant closed for the night. I explained that I needed to firstly email a link to the computer.

      For the next 45 minutes it was like the blind leading the blind. The laptop was all in Thai & Pat had never sent an email before in her life, but we managed to eventually get the link on to her phone.

      She suggested we return at 7pm, but upon our arrival a group of Scandinavians with unruly kids had just sat down for dinner. We would have to wait, so we ordered dinner. Jackie ordered a lamb mok, a spicy lamb salad & a Chang, whilst I ordered a cheese baguette & a banana shake. I couldn’t face anything else.

      Around 8pm, Pat brought the laptop over & she sent her very 1st email. After several attempts the link appeared on the laptop - hallelujah. I clicked on the laptop & it whirred round, before telling me it couldn’t open it. I tried several more times with the same result. It would seem that the link can’t be opened from Thailand!

      It was definitely a day of highs & lows, unfortunately more lows than highs!

      Song of the Day: High Hopes by Pink Floyd.
      High & Dry by Radiohead.
      Low by REM.
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    • Jan28

      Day 50 - Back in the Game

      January 28 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      I had the night sweats or more accurately sleep sweats for a 4th night in a row, but because I hadn’t slept that much the bed was damp more than saturated. I did however feel perfectly fine.

      At 10am we popped down to reception to await the arrival of our scooter & to get an iced coffee. Pat had forgotten to order our scooter & hurriedly ordered one for us.

      We were on the road by 10.30am & heading to Thong Sala for some retail therapy. We spent the morning hunting around for souvenirs with limited success.

      For a bit of culture, we visited Wat Phu Khao Noi, one of the smallest temples in the country, but the oldest on Ko Phangan. The hill upon which it sits has been designated a historic site. Jackie was not sufficiently modestly dressed, so she guarded the scooter, whilst I wandered around & snapped away.

      We then stopped at Lotus for provisions, mainly alcohol & snacks & headed back towards the resort. We stopped at What’s Cup, a cafe for a bowl of smoothie & an Hawaiian sandwich which were excellent & with a pleasant vista.

      It was then back to our place for an afternoon around the pool & with no side effects from lunch. So that evening we went back out on the scooter & headed south. We found a Thai restaurant called Zak. I ordered chicken & cashew nuts, whilst Jackie showed Zak a photo on her phone of the dish she would like. It was spicy prawns with rice & egg on top. Zak said he could do that & by god could he. He returned with a virtual replica of the photo which was apparently very tasty. With my appetite restored, I ate all my dinner & even managed some snacks when we got home.

      I feel that I am now back to my normal self which is a blessed relief. The ultimate test will be whether I do or don’t have sleep sweats tonight.

      Song of the Day: Part Two - In My Own Way by Ray LaMontagne
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      Wunderschön war ich auch einmal

    • Day11

      Meine ersten 3 Tage im Casa Shambala

      September 25 in Thailand ⋅ 🌧 27 °C

      Da musst man erst mal ankommen! Ich bin jetzt schon zwei Tage im Casa Shambala. Ich wurde mega herzlich empfangen. Hier finden Yoga Teacher Trainings statt. Und ich habe jetzt gerade den Abschluss einer Klasse mitgemacht. Ich arbeite hier als Freiwilliger, heisst ein bisschen Poolreinigen und Frühstück zubereiten.
      Die erste Nacht habe ich nahe zu nicht geschlafen. Weil Gecko "Charlie" die ganze Nacht seine Wohnung in meiner Decke umbaut. Und man sich halt daran gewöhnen muss dass Tiere in deinem Zimmer umher watscheln oder schlängeln. Das Bungalow ist auch nicht besonders dicht. Zuerst habe ich gedacht ich kann das nicht 😄 da ich ja jetzt nicht der mega Fan bin von Schlangen, aber irgendwie nach viel Überlegen, habe ich mich dann dazu entschieden die Komfortzone zu verlassen. Yoga hab ich bis jetzt noch nicht gemacht, aber bereits erste Teile daraus, helfen mir ich mich zu kehren und zur Ruhe zu kommen.
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      mega lässig dini erlebniss en liebe gruess Kurt


      danke :)

    • Day42

      Thailand/Koh Phangan

      March 26, 2021 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

      🛕 Tempelbesuch -Wat Maduea Wan-.Einige der Tempel bieten sich auch für mehr an als nur einen kurzen Besuch. z.b bieten manche Tempel auch eine Teilnahme an einem Meditationsretreat an oder man kann eine traditionellen Massage genießen 💆‍♀️ sowie ein Kräuterheilbad nehmen.

      Zu den Gräbern:Es gibt in Thailand keinen Friedhof in unserem Sinne, denn thailändische Buddhisten lassen sich verbrennen. Die Asche wird oft ins Meer oder einen Fluss gestreut.
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      Klingt das doof, wenn ich die richtig schön finde?


      😂finde die auch schöner als die in Deutschland 🙂

    • Day141

      צרפתים ועוד תמונות

      August 22 in Thailand ⋅ ☁️ 27 °C

      לא המדינה, לא ביחיד.
      הכוונה היא לצרפתים רבים.

      נסענו לחוף שאפשר להגיע אליו רק עם מונית סירה, הייתה שם מסיבה מטורפת ואווירה קסומה.
      זה חוף שכבר ביקרתי בו, אי שם לפני 4 שנים. תהיתי איפה הוא, חשבתי עליו הרבה והתגעגעתי אליו.
      אז, רציתי להשאר לעבוד בחוף כמלש״בית.

      חזרנו אליו הפעם עם אבא, לא אמא. עם שרון והילדים שלו, לא חגית והילדים שלה.
      ככה זה, כשיש הורים גרושים חווים דברים פעמיים, חיים בדה ז׳ה וו (אין תלונות כשזה נוגע לחו״ל שתדעו לכם).

      החוף באמת יפיפה, מסיבת טכנו של צהריים מטורפת.
      הכל נראה קטן יותר עכשיו, כשגדלתי בארבע שנים. מעניין איך זה יראה אם אחזור לשם שוב עוד כמה שנים. זהו, יש גיל שממנו הדברים תמיד מתכווצים? אני מקווה שלא.

      כסיימנו את השהות על החוף, ניסינו לתפוס מונית סירה. היינו חמישה, סירה לא יוצאת חזרה אם אין עשרה אנשים.
      לאט לאט חברו אלינו זוגות ובודדים והיה חסר אדם אחד לסירה.

      קבוצת צרפתים במקום, באזור ה16 צרפתים שזופים ועוד שניים שקצת פחות, הזמינה גם היא סירה.
      דקה וחצי עברה, ואנחנו מוצאים את עצמנו על סירה של עשר, יחד עם אותם תיירים ומשפחת הצרפתים הענקית.

      כל הדרך חזרה, הרגשתי כאילו מישהו שם ביוטיוב ׳רעשי רקע בבית קפה בפריז 10 שעות ברצף׳.
      הגענו בשלום והכל היה בסדר, או רוואר!
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      כתבת מהמם. הצחקת את אמא


      חחחח גם את ענבל




      חחחחח. ענבלוש המתוקה

    • Day233

      Fullmoon Party & Christmas - Koh Phangan

      December 24, 2021 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

      For the first nights we stayed at famous Haad Rin Beach, where the legendary Fullmoonparties take place. For the second time since Covid the Fullmoonparty was planned for December 19th. In normal times more than 30,000 people dancing and drinking at the beach. For the upcoming party about 3,000 were expected.
      We already planned to go to the party with another German couple we met on Findpinguins. Majorlein and Rainer started their long term travels in Thailand and from the beginning we enjoyed hanging out with them. Even when the party was not as crowded as usually we had a lot of fun.
      We were able to experience a few of the fullmoon traditions like body paintings or fire-rope jumping.

      After our time in Haad Rin we moved to the jungle bungalows where Majorlein and Rainer were staying. We explored the island, ate good food and relaxed a lot.

      Because of Christmas we had to manage our mixed feelings between thinking about our beloved ones back home and enjoying ourselves. To be honest it felt a bit strange to celebrate under palmtrees at the beach, while everyone in Germany is sitting under the Christmas tree.
      And maybe there were a few little tears on our faces during the video calls with families and friends on Christmas Eve.
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    • Day61


      December 26, 2021 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

      Unsere Tage hier auf Koh Phangan sind geprägt von Entspannung, gutem Essen, Tiere streicheln, Sport, Meditation und nichts tun.
      Es tut so gut, stundenlang in der Hängematte zu liegen, den Geräuschen des Dschungels zu lauschen und die Gedanken schweifen zu lassen.Read more

    • Day15

      Haad Chao Phao Beach

      November 17, 2019 in Thailand ⋅ 🌙 29 °C

      Heute ist zur Abwechslung mal echt nicht viel passiert.

      Zuerst unsere übliche Morgenroutine, dann am Strand liegen, dem Schatten nachwandern und viel lesen. Dazwischen sind wir natürlich immer wieder ins Meer gehüpft. Mehr haben wir heute nicht gemacht.

      Morgen geht es nach Ko Samui und dann wird sich wieder mehr tun. Versprochen 😉

      Flo‘s persönlicher Thailandzähler
      Kokosnüsse: 14
      Mango Sticky Rice: 10
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      Der persönliche Florian Zähler fehlt 😢


      Wie konnten wir nur, ist nachgeholt🥺


      Hat sich nicht verändert zu gestern? Keine Kokosnüsse oder so?

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