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  • Day7

    Ostrov Mak

    February 1 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Dvojhodinový výlet na veľkej drevenej lodi a sme na ostrove Maak. Vo fotkách si dobre všimnite nášho lodného stewarda a jeho opasok s trofejami, koľko žien mu už padlo za obeť...

    Ňaňo na ostrove nemá ubytovanie a ostrov je preplnený a drahý.
    S tým, aby býval u nás hoc aj na zemi, že za neho zaplatíme nesúhlasia, takže sa nám podarí nájsť pre neho nie lacné ubytovanie vo vedľajšom rezorte.
    Nakoniec však býva vo vlastnej chatke s hojdacou sieťou a takmer výhľadom na pláž, zatiaľ čo my máme trochu väčší komfort, ale v "radovej zástavbe". Máme však naviac vlastnú šnúru na prádlo a 7 štipcov - no to je komfort, čo nám tým chceli zhora naznačiť?
    Jo a ešte som zabudol, máme dokonca aj klímu, ale tú Tomčo zakázal používať. Je tu teplo na umretie, akýkoľvek pohyb je nad moje sily.

    Na pláž máme obaja zopár metrov a vyzerá, že to konečne bude ostrov, kde do 5-tej rána nebudeme počúvať diskobasy z miestnych barov, ale len zvuky morského príboja.
    Navyše je tu málo ľudí, takže preflákavame deň na pláži a skúmame blízke reštaurácie. V jednej z nich končíme večer na veľkej pečenej rybe na cesnaku s bohatým šalátom.
    Vyzerá to, že Ňaňo si tu dovolenku užíva aj gastronomicky a Tomčo to je proste permanentný hladoš.

    Blízko sú inak dva ostrovy. Keďže sa už dlho nikto nezranil a nedošlo ani k iným škodám čoskoro ich začnem lámať na kajak...
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  • Day1

    Big Easy Resort on Koh Maak

    October 4, 2016 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    15 minute taxi ride from Yotin guest house in Trat followed by an hour speed boat trip that left my body humming inside and out from the two huge outboard engines that were spooling up well past 10,000 rpm, or so it felt like that. The surf was calm which resulted in only getting moderate whiplash. Also it didn't rain which was a break from the previous nights massive constant downpour. We were greeted by Paul who is the owner of our next resort called Big Easy. Not sure where the name came from other than this place is really chill. Turns out that we are the only ones here and we have the whole place to ourselves! The busy (high) season doesn't start until oct 16th so we beat the rush and paid half the price, 1500$ baht a night. Approx 55$ cad. Wow is it worth it. Massive bed and epic heated shower with complimenting hammock and porch out front to lounge.

    We have been actively engaging local Thais and attempting to communicate with them in their native tongue. They appreciate effort with smiles/laughs and have been very friendly and helpful. I love the culture here, just the fact that you bow and place your hands together in front of your chest at the same time is an amazing show of respect just to say "hello" and "thank you." The tone of my voice becomes less harsh and more harmonious with the language, less hard consonants to punctuate the lack of patience that most of us Vancouverites have developed. Patience is such a virtue and something to actively practice and build the whole life. I feel the locals here practice it much more seriously than people back home. This is one of the reasons that I love Buddhism.

    The beach here is very quiet, nothing but the sounds of waves crashing and Desert Dwellers blasting from our portable Bose speaker while we snack on wine gums that my mum gave us before we left. Bethany instantly jumped into her favourite book whilst I immediately started to hydrate as I have been profusely sweating like a small rain cloud has been following me around. This will be our home for the next 4 days until we recover from the PTSD of uprooting our life in Kitsilano while working up until our departure.
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  • Day4

    Last full day at Big Easy on Koh Mak

    October 7, 2016 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    "This is the first time in my life that I have ever had to put DEET on my bum!" said Bethany after she counted 3 bites in the area. Mosquitos love her and she has the bumps to prove it. Sandflies have eaten away at my ankles and feet but with little annoyance. My feet have become more hardened and inflamed from all of the ground they have directly contacted. Beth has always poked fun at me for loving socks so much saying real hippies walk barefoot and connect to the earth directly. I wonder if it's the solution to all of my clients that I have been treating with plantar fasciitis....this I will have to investigate. That being said I've not worn socks and shoes for the past few days which is a big deal for me because I love the way fresh socks feel. I'll never forget the time I wore Toms to school and everyone made fun of me because I wore them with socks on. It did look pretty silly after all but deeply repressed my love for socks at the same time. Should we be wearing shoes or is it a man made thing? If the body has been made from an infinite sea of love and space dust from the cosmos should it not be perfect and functional by itself? Does wearing shoes make things worse? Is it like walking around all day with a back brace on and never taking it off, surely the body becomes reliant on its new crutch and compensates accordingly when the crutch isn't present. These are the things I think of after 2 cups of crumby coffee and a western style breakfast(free).

    Not much to report last few days. It has been raining a lot here off and on, the tropical kind which feels like small marbles pelting you and gets you soaking wet in 5 seconds of exposure. Still hot enough to make you sweat but cool enough to only make you shower at least 4 times a day. We have adopted a sleeping schedule similar to Seinfelds parents, up early and in bed by 7pm. We have been reading, swimming, sea kayaking, running on the beach, Beth beat me at crib(again) and have been doing yoga at which she is quite amazing at.

    We have maybe seen 4 or 5 other tourists on the stretch of beach that all the resorts share so this has been a very interesting process of unwinding our minds. Most days I wake up I have a set list of things/tasks to accomplish with nattering details swirling around each one, repeating or re analyzing. A giant green "go" button I push myself into with a cup of strong coffee full of adrenaline and hunger I burn for each task to be completed and finally cooled with chugging copious amounts of water. All for the vicious cycle to start again the very next day. Finally today I woke up without a said list and was able to flop around for a while actually allowing myself to validate my day without extreme, micro minutiae details surrounding my schedule. Ahh what a relief to experience...The food has been amazing and we have been indulging in pad Thais, pad see iw, curries, sweet chili with basil chicken and the most amazing French fries. Coffee has been the sub par packaged kind but what do you expect when you're on a small island in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand.

    The question of the day is what is your "swimology?"
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