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  • Day16

    Haad Yuan, my home away from home!

    December 28, 2018 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Woke up today at 6, packing and off to speed boat to Thong Sala. Thought Marie is going on same bay, but mixed Haad Tian with Haad Yao 😃 So, taxi, long-tail and... HERE I AM! So nice, hot, beach, sea, good food, chilled around during the day, some nap a now it's Guy's Bar time 🕺 See you on the other side 🙃Read more

  • Day26

    Haad Yuan & 360 Bar

    June 13, 2017 in Thailand ⋅

    Having done very little exploring of the island due to late nights we decided to stay extra few days and see what the place had to offer and it did not disappoint.

    With Corrie not feeling well, me and Luisa decided to go on an adventure to a small bay around the corner of the main Haad Rin beach, known as Haad Yuan bay. We had the place pretty much to ourselves apart from some others wondering through the beach. It was a stunning location, hidden away from the main beach and a lovely place to spend the day. Having brought a little picnic with us, it was the set up for a relaxing day.

    Having spent most the day there, we made it back in time to watch the sunset at a bar called Three Sixty, which gave you a full 360 degree view (kind of in the name) of the island and islands off the coast of it. It was so beautiful and one of the best sunsets I've on my travels. It was certainly a perfect setting to enjoy a drink and meal.
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  • Day22

    Full Moon build up

    June 9, 2017 in Thailand ⋅

    3 days prior to the Full Moon Party we excitedly boarded the ferry from Koh Tao to Koh Phanghan with the crowds of others heading over to Koh Phanghan for the same reason. You could sense the excitement in the air, everyone buzzed for the few days ahead. Despite being low season the ferry was still rammed with people.

    We got to our hostel called Dancing Elephant, which is renowned party hostel close to the full moon beach. Our dorm was the biggest I've stayed in yet, sleeping 41 people in just one room. I presumed sleeping was an unlikely acitivity in the next few days. Nevertheless the vibe was very cool and buzzed for event if the month. With the lead up to full moon there are events on each night, the first night we arrived was the waterfall party which was lots of fun and set in the scene of a waterfall. We bumped into friends from home; Alex, Ollie, Tom and Giancomo who we would be with for the next few days. They were an absolute laugh and really good company, making the few days all the more interesting.

    With the late nights or should I say early mornings, not much happened in the day, only having time to recover then start to get ready for the next night ahead. The jungle party was up next, which was so much fun and set in the jungle, hence the name. This was a heaving event, with lots of people and had a very festival vibe. Personally, I preferred this to the actual full moon party because it was less spread out and more confined.

    The big day of the full moon party arrived and the island was buzzing. Everyone was out and about buying their paint and luminous outfits for the night ahead. At 8pm the drinking started, and being happy hour it meant one thing, lots of buckets. The pre's at Dancing Elephant was lots of fun, meeting new people from all over the place getting ready to head to the beach. At 12am it was time to go and hit up the beach. The whole beach was flooded with people with bars all along the beach, it was certainly a sight.
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  • Day19

    Yes, still alive

    December 31, 2018 in Thailand ⋅ 🌧 31 °C

    Nothing much to update, just chilling, relaxing and partying at Haad Yuan :) It's New Year's night tonight so... food, drinks, amazing people and hours of dancing to great music ❤️

  • Day233

    Island 's calling

    March 9, 2018 in Thailand ⋅

    Freundschaften muss man pflegen & so hab ich mich auf nach Kho Phangan gemacht um Andrew zu besuchen. Nachdem wir uns vor über 2 Monaten in Kambodscha kennengelernt haben, wird es Zeit für eine Reunion.

    So einfach wie gedacht, ist es dann aber nicht. Er lebt natürlich in einer der unzugänglichsten Buchten und so hab ich gestern einen halbtages-Dschungeltrek auf mich genommen. Mit dem Backpack auf dem Rücken konnte man danach meine Klamotten auswringen 😅.

    Aber die Mühe hat sich gelohnt. Wunderschönes Fleckchen Erde!

    Andrew lebt zwar schon einige Wochen hier, aber leider ist der Boden seines Bungalows eingebrochen und er schläft selbst bei Freunden auf dem Boden ihres Bungalows. Da es aber warm genug ist und hier in der Bucht nicht viel los ist, schlafen wir einfach am Strand unter den Sternen ☄.
    Belohnt werden wir mit Sternschnuppen, einem atemberaubenden Mondaufgang und natürlich dem Sonnenaufgang am nächsten Morgen.
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  • Day183

    Full Moon Party

    March 2, 2018 in Thailand ⋅

    Die wohl grösste und berüchtigste Strandparty der Welt und wir mittendrin. Über Silvester 2013/2014 waren 60'000 Leute am Strand Haad Rin, was Rekord bedeutete, bei uns waren es vielleicht etwa 10'000 und das waren schon eine Menge. Partywütige aus aller Welt tanzen und trinken sich teilweise bis ins Dilirium. Wir waren mit Bo, Julian und Danna unterwegs, welche wir in Krabi kennengelernt haben.
    Eine besondere Attraktion ist das Seilspringen mit einem brennenden Seil oder der Limbo unter einem brennenden Stab hindurch. Einem verrückten Japaner war dies noch etwas zu wenig crazy, er versuchte über die brennende Limbostange zu springen, was gründlich missriet und so zog er sich einige Verbrennungen zu. Aber ein Japaner gibt natürlich nie auf und durch meine Ermutigung versuchte er es mit einem lauten Kampfschrei noch einmal.... Fail, noch einmal voll auf die brennende Stange geknallt.
    Auch beim Seilspringen erwischte es einige....Dumm ist wer dummes tut, oder halt einfach ein bisschen besoffen ist. Alles auch schon erlebt.
    Von den verrückten Geschichten bzgl. Drogen, Raub und Überfällen haben wir nichts mitbekommen. Unser Fazit: eine Party am Strand, mehr aber auch nicht.
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  • Day16

    Koh Phangan

    March 16, 2017 in Thailand ⋅

    Nach 2 Tagen im Paradies voller relaxen und sonnenbaden, inkl. sportlichem Sonnenbrand, verabschieden wir uns vom wunderschönen Haad Rin alias "Sunrise Beach" und Koh Phangan mit einem weinenden und einem lachenden Auge. Uns wird die Atmosphäre hier fehlen aber wir freuen uns auf unser neues Ziel.

  • Day46

    Had rin nai beach

    October 17, 2016 in Thailand ⋅

    We arrived at our new digs for the next 2 nights. The full moon party is cancelled due to the Kings death. We think this is a good thing because apparently this party is really insane with literally thousands of people coming from other islands and other parts of koh pangnan. Were thinking it will be much more toned down without the loud sound stages and presumably less people.
    We had a great time diving. What a feeling! We loved our five instructor. His name was "Nischi" (I think) and he had the best hair I've ever seen. Also he was just a nice guy who has a passion for nature and lives a simple life. He was an excellent instructor and really wanted us to understand what we were doing and why so that we could be relaxed and confident under the water. We didn't have the best luck with the conditions. The visibility wasnt great at all. We went to sail rock for our last day of diving which usually has good visibility but of course the currents changed direction of the day that we went. It was still amazing and I really want to go again at some point. It was a great feeling to feel weightless and to be surrounded by animals! Swimming through schools of fish etc.
    Yesterday we just spent relaxing and did a bit of snorkelling. The bay where we were staying was famous for snorkelling. Tons of fish around he corals.
    Hope you are all well :)
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  • Day15

    Haad Yuan!

    December 22, 2017 in Thailand ⋅

    Yesterday was a transport day. Tuktuk - plane to Bangkok - plane to Koh Samui - bus to Big Buddha Pier - boat to Haad Rin on Koh Phangan and then finally a ride to Haad Yuan beach on a 4x4 and following a yellow path to Engage resort. Oh it was so amazing walking on a beach in waves again! I was the first customer in Engage this season, so it's just me, Hetty and dog Masi here. I missed this place :) Got my bungalow, had some spicy massaman curry and finally bed time. Had some slight fever whole day but fine in the morning.
    Waking up by sound of an ocean, I went to the balcony and just enjoyed a sunrise while trying to scare off monkey who tried to steal my water. Oh I love this place :) And tonight - it's Guy's Bar night!
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  • Day21

    Enjoying Haad Yuan

    December 28, 2017 in Thailand ⋅

    Oh it’s been an amazing time so far on Haad Yuan. All the parties, awesome food, sea, sun, beautiful people and all the smiles. A place I like to call home :) A huge storm should be above us today but only had couple of light showers with nice sunset (well sky was amazingly purple). Also had a nice thai massage - those ladies might be old but don’t let that fool you, they are strong! And they fix you in an hour. For 400thb. Any other comments about this place are ... nah, not saying more, it’s all just serenity and ❤️
    Tonight I also remembered I had an Christmas card from my niece Eva, I was forbid to open until xmas. See picture for details (for English speaking: “For Marko, have a good time, send photos. Eva. And don’t forget about me. We love you”. She’s the best :)
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