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  • Day62

    Day 62: More beach

    August 16, 2016 in Thailand ⋅

    Today was our last full day on Koh Phang An, so we decided to make the most of it by, well, going to the beach. After our customary slow start, we arrived at the beach by 11:30 or so. Had a swim and a relax before heading for lunch at a Portuguese place we'd walked past a few days earlier that did promising sounding burgers. Shandos had a beef burger and I had grilled chicken burger - happy to report that they were both great.

    Back to the beach we went, and spent most of the afternoon swimming around, lying on the beach reading, and snoozing. I've started reading War and Peace for the third time, and I'm determined to finish it this time. Maybe not the most appropriate book for travelling around the tropics, but at least it fits on my phone pretty comfortably and has translations for the French passages etc.

    The only thing of note really at the beach was a large Husky dog coming over to visit us. First it sat nearby, then after a few minutes it plonked itself down on half of my towel and stretched out! I think it belonged to one of the nearby massage tent ladies; at least it responded to her when she called it over, but it was kind of funny. Obviously I'm fine with dogs, but this was a very large, very sandy dog and it smelt pretty wet too! Oh well.

    Back to the hotel and changed as we'd decided to visit one of the beach bars to watch the sun set and have some drinks. Arrived at exactly the right time as they were just putting out mats and cushions on the sand, which we eagerly grabbed. Longnecks were about 100 baht or $4 AUD which is a little expensive but manageable, and as the sun started to set a DJ kicked off with some pretty good tunes.

    There was a large group of drunken French fifty-somethings propping up the cocktail bar, dancing and making a lot of noise, but it all added to the atmosphere. And we all had a good laugh when a bunch of them went skinny-dipping just after dusk - particularly when a "friend" moved their clothes to the back of the beach! We had a bite to eat at this restaurant - a bit overpriced but still reasonable, and drank a little more than advisable before heading back to our room around 9pm.

    Checking out in the morning, and we're both definitely sad to leave Koh Phang An. It's definitely much less developed than Samui, and a bit more charming as well, though that might be in part to where we were staying. We both feel like we could stay here for a month or more before getting bored, but sadly that's not really in the plan! Let's see what Koh Tao brings!
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  • Day60

    Day 60: Beach Day

    August 14, 2016 in Thailand ⋅

    Another beach day, spent doing very little! We hit the beach quite early (around 10am), and stayed there chilling out and swimming for a few hours. Unfortunately it was low tide so there wasn't a whole lot of space for swimming, more just floating and paddling in shin-deep water. We were at the other beach this time, the larger beach in another cove to our north this time (and a slightly further walk).

    Early afternoon we retreated from the heat of the day to the hotel pool and the restaurant for lunch where again the food was good. Spent a couple of hours relaxing in the hammock on our balcony before heading to the sunset bar at yesterday's beach. It's a pretty amazing spot, out on a rocky point jutting into the sea. The structure is just bamboo and palm fronds on a base of concrete and rocks; the waves smash into the rocks and periodically shower the platform with spray. We had a few drinks and watched a group of girls stand at the end of the platform and get continually drenched, while others in their group took dramatic photos.

    No sunset unfortunately as a huge thunderstorm was drifting in (it passed well south but not without lighting up the sky constantly), but still a great environment to finish off the day. We ended up staying for dinner and more drinks before stumbling home in the dark. Easily our most expensive bill since we arrived in Thailand - 1100 baht all up for 4 rounds of drinks, 2 meals and some potato wedges! Read for a bit and I watched some of the Man United game before going to bed.
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  • Day59

    Day 59: North to Ko Pha Ngan

    August 13, 2016 in Thailand ⋅

    Time to move places again! We had a quick breakfast of takeaway croissants in our room before the bus pickup at 10:30. Fairly short drive to the pier where we waited an hour or so for the boat to arrive. This boat wasn't a ferry, instead a large catamaran type boat (similar to what they use for whale watching in Sydney) with three large decks and a capacity of several hundred people.

    We boarded with no problem and set off at about 12:50, around 20 minutes late. It's only about 20 minutes on the boat over to Koh Pha Ngan so the boat ride was over very quickly. We started off on the open-air upper deck, but it started raining about halfway across the strait so we beat a retreat downstairs and stood the rest of the way. Met someone from the hotel at the dock who drove us to the hotel (sitting in the back of a ute, Thai style) which of course cost us 300 baht or $12 AUD for a 15 minute ride.

    Ko Pha Ngan is known as a party island, and is home to the infamous Full Moon Party each month. Thankfully the full moon is a few days after we leave! It's a smaller and far less developed island than Samui, and once we left the dock behind it was only a minute or two before we were out in the countryside. Our resort is right up on the north-western coast in a very quiet area, situated between two nice beaches and with a few shops scattered around. It's very hilly though, as we were soon to discover.

    The accommodation itself is very rustic - we don't have air conditioning or a TV, no housekeeping either. It's basically just a clifftop shack with a bed, a hammock on the balcony and a wet bathroom. Comfortable enough I guess, though we weren't planning on spending much time there. We had a quick lunch at the hotel restaurant which was reasonable enough, and then headed out for a quick walk. We didn't get far over the hills before deciding that we'd probably prefer the beach, so we headed instead down to the hotel's private beach.

    Down a very steep set of stairs that brought to mind a Hardy Boys mystery or something, the beach itself was fairly small and with quite choppy surf. It was approaching low tide too so there wasn't much water that didn't have rocks, coral or seaweed underneath it. We persevered for a little while before retreating back up the enormous hill to the hotel and walking over to the beach in the next cove south.

    This beach is much much larger, and with far more water for swimming in. We relaxed, swam and chilled out here for a few hours until late in the afternoon. Briefly hit the hotel pool for a test run on the way back before a shower and freshening up, then we walked to the hotel next door to sample their restaurant. It was one of those "international" restaurants that had basically every country's cuisine on the menu - I went with a plate of nachos that turned out surprisingly well!

    Back to the hotel before crashing in bed around 9:30pm.
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  • Day61

    Day 61: Another beach day

    August 15, 2016 in Thailand ⋅

    Yet another beach day - strangely it doesn't seem to matter how many of them we have, they never get boring! Since we were spoiled for choice between two awesome beaches, we decided to head for the one that we hadn't been to the day before.

    Took a while to get going in the morning between lazing in the hammock, sleeping in and getting breakfast, and it was almost midday by the time we left the hotel. Decided that our first stop would be a Foursquare recommended lunch place called Art Cafe, which turned out to be a great find. On the "main" road, it was a small cafe run by Westerners (mostly French I think) who basically offer board and a small stipend to anyone who wants to work 4 days per week.

    Food was excellent - I ordered a burrito with sweet potato, lentils and chickpeas, realising just in time that it was a vegan option and could they please add cheese. Dodged a bullet there! After eating we walked back to the beach which was a hard slog, the terrain is very hill around here and we (I) were soon puffing and sweating. Thankfully it wasn't long before we arrived at the beach, where we parked ourselves for the entire afternoon.

    Swimming, lazing, reading, snoozing. Tough life. Late in the afternoon we retreated back to the hotel pool for a quick swim, then back to our room for a shower and a laze in the hammock. Didn't want to venture too far for dinner so we went to the restaurant next door, where we both had set menu Thai dinners (pad thai and cashew nut stir fry). Alcohol free night after our libations the previous day.
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  • Day17

    Koh Phangan Tag 12-15

    August 18, 2016 in Thailand ⋅

    Die letzten Tage ging es ans Meer zum bräunen und ansonsten wurde nur gegessen und einfach nichts getan ,weshalb es keine Tagesblogs gab. Heute geht es zurück nach Koh Tao in die Tauchschule und die nächsten Tage wird der Tauchschein gemacht .

  • Day67

    Paradise in Ko Phangan

    May 20, 2017 in Thailand ⋅

    Nachdem es in den letzten Wochen von einem Ort zum Nächsten ging, um Land und Leute kennen zu lernen, ging es jetzt nach Ko Phangan, um ein bisschen die Seele baumeln zu lassen. Der Strand war malerisch schön und das einzige Augenmerk lag darauf, keine Kokosnuss auf den Kopf zu bekommen.
    Bei dem einzigen Tauchtag haben wir dann sogar einen faszinierenden Walhai gesehen. Wenn der auf einen zuschwimmt, bekommt man ein mulmiges Gefühl, auch wenn man weiß, dass es sich dabei um total friedliche Tiere handelt.Read more

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